2007-10-09: Ice Queen Cometh


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Summary: A simple hospital visit turns into emofest! Benji visits Felix, Mariska gets pissed, Benji feels bad, Felix is on drugs and oblivious!

Date It Happened: October 9th, 2007

Log Title Ice Queen Cometh

Kirby Plaza - Hospital Facilities

When one agent goes down, word spreads. It's really no different than the camaraderie of troops, firemen and cops.. only Company agents have super powers. With things being insane, and Benjamin being on rest and light duty for over a week.. he's just finally able to poke around to see Felix. That, and Ben is still a coward at his core. The guy may not be happy about what happened with Sasha.. and if Mariska's there in the room? This might not go well. But here's to hoping Felix is a little loopy on happy fun drugs. So.. here goes nothing.


Felix is indeed on the happy fun drugs. Again. He almost got filleted like a fish, and thus he's all over bandages, though happily it mostly missed face and throat. They're going to need Bekah to work on him, considering, or he will never, ever be able to explain those scars. He's pale and drawn, though, and makes a wordless noise of acknowledgment to the knock.

For better or worse, Mariska has been a nigh permanent bedside fixture for Felix in recovery. At the moment, however, it appears as though sleep has claimed her, and she's currently drowsing with her head leaned all the way over to one side and her cheek pillowed in the palm of her right hand. The knock on the door rouses her with a little start, having not even realized she had fallen asleep, and she rubs at her face with the opposite hand while clutching at the inevitable krink in her neck with eyes on the door. Is it the healer? Uh… no. Hm.

Benjamin didn't come empty handed. Women laid up in the hospital are easier to buy for. But getting flowers, a plant or chocolates for a guy is just a little.. gay.. but.. in this case.. probably appropriate! Not that Ben is aware of Felix's preferences. That's just rude to ask. So instead of those other things, he's got a handheld video game. Nothing special or fancy like a Nintendo DS though. Thinking that he heard acknowledgment on the otherside of the door, Benjamin pokes his head into the room. "Hey Felix, I heard about what happened." And.. uhoh.. awkward! "Hi Mariska.."

"Hey," Fel says, or rather slurs, amiably enough. The pain is all about three feet to the right of him, at the moment, and thus it doesn't count, right? He offers Benjamin a smile that's a ghost of its usual self.

Mariska darts a little glance over to Felix, not quite courageous enough to look at him full on in the condition he's in. There's something just wholly unbelievable and terrifying about it and the less she reminds herself by staring, the more she's apt to avoid nightmares in the future. Benjamin, however, does not seem to offer a more favorable view and so instead of sending over a salutation, she opts to eye the wall instead.

Benjamin is almost.. okay.. he's a lot hesitant about getting closer. Russians are crazy just because they're Russian. Add pissed off mother to the mix? He approaches the bedside with caution and sets the electronic toy down on the table nearby. He notices the cold shoulder he's getting from Mariska, and it makes him blanch. "You resting okay Felix?" He glances sidelong at Mariska, as if expecting her to teleport at him with a scalpel.

Well, this Russian is about bled out. Not a lot of fight left in him at the moment. Usually, he'd be a bit more astute when it comes to such obvious frost from the Tsarina there, but he's still really out of it. "Yeah," he says, quietly. "Sorta out of it, but…"

Now is neither the time nor the place for Mariska to make a scene and she knows it. Instead of sitting on the sidelines and stewing, she edges out of the chair and takes up a place on the opposite side of Felix's hospital bunk as Benji and inquires quietly, «I'm going to go get some tea. Do you want anything?»

"If you want me to try and help with the rest.. Just get a message to me. I'll be happy to help." Benjamin did the same for Niel. It's at least a brief rest from the pain. And oh fudge. Ruskie speak. This just makes Ben even more paranoid. "Ah.. Mariska..? Can I talk to you outside?" He fidgets just a little, raising a hand to scratch at the back of his neck as he waits for a bomb to drop.

«Just soda, if they'll let me have it,» Felix says to Misha, with a faint smile. "Thank you, Benjamin," he replies to Benji, dropping back to faintly accented English. "I may have to."

There's an odd moment of intimacy that transpires here, wherein Mariska bows her head to place a little kiss on Felix's forehead before she then resumes her rigid posture and blasts Benjamin with a hard stare — she just went from tender to tenderizer in less than about three seconds. If she's willing to conference with the other Agent at the moment, she doesn't express such verbally. Instead, she just heads for the door and then lingers outside for a moment, though her eyes are directed down the hall and not back into the room to see if she's been followed.

Benjamin offers up a tight smile over to Felix, "Just say the word.. and hey.. I might get a little crazy and put you in a coma. That way you'll really be out of it… I'll talk to you again in a bit." If there's anything left of him. He follows Mariska out into the hallway, steeling himself the best he can for a tongue lashing. Once outside the door, he starts in, "Mariska.. I'm /sorry/ about what happened with your daughter. I really am. I never wanted to be in the position I was put in, but I was."

Mariska's anger doesn't burn like fire so much as it freezes like frostbite. Her voice is cold and borders on brittle steel when she announces, "Unless you've come to tell me that you're bringing my daughter back, you and I have nothing to discuss. I go to get something for my husband to drink and, when I come back, you will not be here." And that, apparently, is that. She's got tea to go fetch and soda to sneak. With or without acknowledgment, she's proceeding down the hallway and away from the room at a relatively slow pace. If she's just going to the vending machines, he's probably got a short ten minutes. If she's going to import something from origins unknown, he might have a long twenty.

"Mariska.. You /saw/ what she did. I'm not blaming her. She doesn't know she has a power, let alone know how to control it. I wanted to bring you along with her, I didn't want to separate you two, but I was given an order." Benjamin's cowardice is slipping away little by little, and his resolve is growing. "Do you know how close we came to a disaster? I called it in while I had everyone asleep. You see how.. you see why she was taken? I told Bennet the teleporting with her wasn't your fault. It was accidental.. Now maybe at some point, they'll.." He doesn't continue his trail of thought as he puts his hands on his hips and looks down at the floor. "You may not know me very well.. but I assure you.. I did not enjoy taking a child from her mother, but it /had/ to be done. Not only because of the abilities that were going haywire.. but it was like an all you can eat buffet of powers to Sylar." Why else did the monster just show up like he did?

Oh, but if these walls could talk… surely, they would understand. However, they can't. And Mariska's long gone. Points for explaining motivation to the hallway, though. There's probably a nurse around the corner who's giving Benjamin the sympathy vote… and maybe - just maybe - she's inclined to crush on the curly-haired not-coward. Maybe. We'll call her, uh, Nurse… Chapel.

Bringing up both hands to rake through his hair, it's obvious that Mariska's just.. not going to listen or come back. Not that Benjamin can blame the woman for her attitude. He watches her walk away, wasting a few minutes that she generously granted to him.. then retreats back into Felix's room.

Fel looks up hopefully, and doesn't seem disappointed that it's not the Vodka fairy returning with treats. Ben gets another of those wavery smiles. Man. He's pretty far gone.

Benjamin gives Felix a pretty weak grin. It's a good thing the guy is so far gone with the drugs. "Maybe I'll sneak you some vodka when you're feeling better and off so many medications." If Felix doesn't hate him too, that is. "So.. learned your lesson about chasing down level 5's on your own?"

The Agent has never actually met his daughter. Sasha is a remote and mythical little mite, mostly of value to him thus far because Misha pines for her. That will change, in time. Fel lets his eyes close again. "It was random coincidence. Funnily enough, I caught another little Evolved sneaking around the Fiesta crime scene. Pete Petrelli," he explains. "But not one of the fish we wanted. We were just in there to pick up my meds…..I'd no idea they were in there. I know I botched it, but I didn't dare wait for backup or orders."

"I don't blame you. I probably would have done the same too. Heck.. I guess I did when they escaped. It didn't work so well for me either." Weak stab (harhar) at humor there. So yeah. Benjamin would have called things in and tried to detain. "Peter Petrelli.. probably isn't anything to worry about. He's a nice guy. I've met him before." Coming from Ben however, this means little. Most anyone is a nice guy to him. "What were you going to do anyway? Just stand there?"

"Exactly," Fel says, glad of the sympathy. "I originally thought it was only the one, Lukas, so I went for him. HAd he been alone, we mighta had him," he says, voice rueful. "But they were all three there and working together. I was lucky that first time, with the pyrokine."

Benjamin nods his head. "They're probably sticking together, since it might be easier to take them individually. I mean, even alone they're strong." Strength in numbers baby. "They were taken in once, they'll get taken in again."

Felix asks, voice gone flat, "Why aren't they killed? What possible use can the Company have for them alive?"

That.. is a good question. "Maybe there's a no execution policy, unless it's necessary. That's not been something I've been privy to," Benjamin says, sounding just as flat as Felix with a note of bewilderment.

"I should've killed him," Felix says, with real and evident regret. "I didn't dare fire the piece in the middle of a crowded store. I wasn't packing glazers."

"I'm not much of a fan of killing people, but I think I'd sleep pretty darn easy at night if they went to meet their maker," Benjamin announces with a matter of fact tone. It's like watching the news about a terrorist or mass murderer getting executed. Maybe you're not happy with the death penalty, but you won't cry in your pillow about it either. "Since we're under bring them in alive orders.. I'm going to pretend this is the drugs talking. Okay?"

Felix cracks an eyelid, and rolls it to peer at Benj. There's something of a chill there. IT's not personal, not aimed at the poor CPA, at least. "I understand," he says, calmly.

Benjamin should have buggered off by now.. Yet maybe in a way he's kind of daring Mariska to do her worst upon return. He doesn't make himself comfortable though. Maybe he's not feeling /that/ brave tonight. "Hey..look on the bright side though.. when you get out of here? You meet them again, you just might have an accident with using too much force."

That has Felix making a creaking noise, like a rusted gate being blown in the wind. It's what passes for a laugh, at the moment. "You are starting to think like a cop," he approves.

"I don't know if that's a good thing or a bad thing. Heck.. I'm starting to wonder what's right and wrong sometimes and I had such a clear picture a few months ago." Don't mind Benjamin, he's now rambling a little, thoughts still more than a little preoccupied about Mariska and Sasha. "Easy with the laughing. I think you've been sliced more than the sandwiches at a samurai deli. Jeez, laughing with one stab wound is hard enough."

"He didn't so much stab me as he cut me up a bit. More of a razor fight," Fel explains, almost clinically. "Well, that's the joy of being a spook. You get a funhouse mirror view of morality."

"Oh.. well that's an interesting way of looking at it. You're lucky. You came pre-jaded." Benjamin says as he casts a brief look around the hospital room. "So, other than vodka, do you want me to bring you anything?"

There's more of that tentative wheezing from Felix. Benji is a barrel of laughs. "No. I'm good," he says, quietly. "And I suppose I did. Being a cop will do that to you."

"Poor pay, little thanks in general and a warped world view. Nice package deal to sign on for." Benjamin may or may not be deliberately funny right this moment. At the very least, he doesn't seem to be saying anything intentionally humorous. "And I thought cops got a raw deal based on pay alone."

"You have to be pretty bent to consider the NYPD as a long term career," Fel allows, without an iota of hesitation. "And cops do."

"Then my respect goes up even higher for them," Ben says with all honesty. The man glances quickly to the door.. maybe he really doesn't want to test Mariska at this moment. "I should get back to work. Maybe have a few drinks later, and knock back a few for you. How's that sound?"

Felix smiles at that. "Sure," he says, quietly. "Vodka, neat."

Benjamin laughs and catches himself before acting on clapping a hand to Felix's shoulder. That might end badly. "Vodka, neat. Done. I was thinking of tequila shooters, but vodka will do the trick. See you later Felix." He looks both ways down the hall as he exits the room, and promptly scoots himself out of this particular wing.. before the Ice Queen returneth.

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