2007-08-01: Icemen, Bad Men, and Fugitives


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Summary: A cryokinetic Evolved meets an untimely end in a dark alleyway, thanks to Vasili and Giselle. Claudine and Felix show up to join the fun before the accomplices can gloat or lick wounds.

Dark Future Date: August 1st, 2009

Icemen, Bad Men, and Fugitives

Dark Future - An alleyway somewhere

The sound of booted feet sprinting down a soggy, rain-slicked alley falls dully in the fog of this particular evening. It's too dark to see very well, but the illumination of the lamps on the main street offer a glowing reflection thanks to the puddles in the alley. One man pursues another - a game of cat and mouse where the mouse has suddenly grown fangs. Vasili's legs thunder away beneath him while his former quarry lunges forward, and a moment later both men hit the ground with a crash. The following scuffle is not a normal one: ice is involved. Ice that begins to gather and grow along Vasili's arms, courtesy of the powers of the other combatant. Soon his teeth are chattering and he's looking rather blue in the face, but several sturdy punches hit the Evolved man about the face and neck.

“Giselle!" Comes Vasili's strangled shout.

The thrumming of a second, splattering set of footsteps close in behind Vasili’s; a long, waist-length, blonde ponytail whips in darkness. Giselle had had remained well out of the foreground until now, following alternately loosely and closely until the quarry had been spotted. The alley is not really physically suited for running side-by-side with another man, and the situation makes it even less so.

“/Vasili/—” The answering feminine call is perhaps even more strangled. Then: “I can’t shoot or I might hit you- /hold on/-”

The sound of struggles can be heard in the alleyway, and it seems to have caught the attention of a young Filipina woman walking on by. She had hoping to make herself bait once more, considering that a woman was kidnapped not too long ago, and perhaps this is the perp struggling with yet another victim.She runs towards the alleyway and the sounds of footsteps can be heard. Oh noes! It might be a cop! But it's not..

Well, there's not a cop to hand. But there's a Fed. Will that do? Felix is dressed….oddly, for him. Faded jeans, worn army parka, old t-shirt and sneakers. Not his usual sharply dressed self, by any means. The gun under the parka is the same old Walther, however. He's without his glasses, squinting warily around the corner of the alley, not announcing his presence.

Gloved hands seize the Evolved assailant about the shoulders, and Vasili might feel a sudden relief of weight as the attacker is partially pulled off with a violent wrench. Giselle is there, recovering from the staggering momentum of her grab and landing a heavy sideways blow to Iceman's jaw. She doesn't stop, but continues with a flurry of heavy blows and punches; more desperation than normal is in her eyes. Vasili is only at the side of her vision, but what is happening to him is familiar—too familiar. It's what happened to /her/ body the very first time she fought one of the Evolved.

But Vasili simply ignores the burning chill eating its way through his arms. As soon as he's free he rolls to the side, one hand shooting down to his belt to retrieve a rather large hunting knife. The thing is soon out and drawn, gripped between fingers that feel almost too stiff to move. No matter - it'll just make his grip stronger. In no time at all he's up and on his feet; and since the Evolved victim is currently distracted by Giselle, it comes as a surprise when his shoulder is grabbed. It's even more surprising when the blade punches into the fleshy space beneath his ribs, soon ripping its way back. It's almost like carving a roast.

Time can be harsh on those that were once naive and idealistic. Time has been such a harsh, cruel mistress on Claudine and as she hears the struggles in the alley, she spies Felix. She wrinkles her nose a bit and motions towards the older man. "Should we help them? I'd help, but I dunno which one is the good guy.."

"I know for damn sure which one is the bad guy," Felix retorts, , glancing back over his shoulder at Claudine. He doesn't seem terribly surprised to see her there. "You're gonna have to make yourself scarce in a little, because I'm calling in backup. We gotta little time, though," he says, curtly, already flicking open his phone and calling it in. A brief moment of chatter, as he explains the situation, and describes the location. Then he's pulling his Walther from the shoulder holster, and stepping into full few at the mouth of the alley. "Drop your weapon!" he barks.

The shouting of Felix is faintly heard, but sound filters to Giselle’s pounding ears only through a muffled haze; her blood is hot. It is like tennis. While Vasili keeps the Evolved prey distracted by sculpting through soft skin and wads of muscle, the blonde Agent has time to unholster her gun. She does not shoot right away, though, but hisses something close to the opening-and-closing mouth, her gunpoint centered and pressing downwards into the skull.

/Then/ she shoots.


As the now-dead man drops to the ground Vasili complies with Felix's ever-so-polite request, letting his knife go down with the body. He can always get another one, and he'd recognize that voice anywhere. It's the voice of Trouble. Trouble that is potentially worse than his half-frozen arms. He spins in place, staring towards the mouth of the alley. A squinted glance confirms the shouter's identity, and the appearance of the gun brings his hands defensively up. "Giselle. /Giselle/. It's Ivanov." This may or may not include a subtext of 'shoot the bastard'. As he mutters to his partner Vasili starts backing up. Time to leave.

Her eyes widen a little as she recognizes the both of the them. "Muldoon and Babenkov. Felix, you're not going to be able to handle these two if they decide you're not worth the trouble. You do realize this, right?" Claudine sighs a little and rubs at her temples and grumbles something under her breath. She should've stuck to making volcanos.

"I know that," he says, tightly. "But I'm a fucking officer of the law. You can help, or you can get out of the way." It's only fractionally less suicidal than it seems, what he's doing. Which is advancing with his gun drawn. "Neither of you move," he orders, tightly.

As far as Giselle is concerned, /nothing/ can be worse than half-frozen—anything, really. The gun glimmers dully as it flashes to the ground, but not really because of Felix’s order. Her eyes harden with irritated rage as they swivel; her concern is for Vasili, and not for some half-baked federal friend messing with them at precisely the wrong time. Nevertheless, she does not move.

Giselle might not be moving, but Vasili is. He keeps moving back until he's standing even with her, shivering rather badly. Augh. /Cold/. Too cold for any sort of comfort. "Piss off and die, Ivanov. You don't want to mess with us - you want to live to see tomorrow." Big words from a man with his arms frozen, but odds are good that he's prepared to back them up as best as he can. Out of the corner of his mouth and at a much quieter volume: "Any ideas?"

"They can take you out. And they're former agents like I was. Hell, she was my partner for two weeks.." as to why they only lasted that long, she isnt going to say anything and just shakes her head once more. She wrinkles her nose and stays, not really wanting to see Felix get beatup.


"You take another step, I shoot you, Babenkov," Felix's voice is nearly as chill as the effects of the Evolved whose body lies cooling on the alley pavement. He's levelled the pistol. Again? Well, yes. There are bruises underneath that jacket, though his movement is somewhat stiff.

Right after a sideways glance is cast at Vasili as Felix talks, silent to his question, Giselle snaps her gaze to the federal official and holds it there angrily. “Um. We /really/ don’t have time to deal with you right now. Shoot Mister Babenkov, here, and I’ll shoot /you/.” True to her word, the woman has slowly been inching her fingers to her left hip; it is black gloves moving against black clothing, and hard to see. What? She never carries around a single gun.

And that's why Vasili loves her. Giselle is /always prepared/. He's not big on firearms, but there's no way he'll discount their usefulness in this sort of situation - and if Giselle has more than one, that makes him a happy man. Vasili gestures clumsily at Felix when he edges his way to a stop, the worn soles of his boots squeaking their protest on the damp pavement. "Maybe if you stopped waving your fake dick around and fought me like a real man, I'd respect you a little more. God. Are guns your answer to everything? I think my mother needs to have a conversation with your mother about how to raise a good son."

Would Claudine say something clever at this point to defend Felix? Nah. Best to stay out of situations like this, as she really has no problems with them shooting Felix as long as she isnt shot, so she decides to make that point across. "If you shoot him, then I'll make sure he doesnt die..I guess.." she says with a dismissive wave towards the two human agents, shaking her head a little. "Then I'll disappear once the feds come cause ya know..terrorist and all." giggling impishly at the end. Really, she wouldnt giggle, but she knows how Giselle hates her giggling.

"Not to everything. But enough," Felix says, calmly. "Down on the ground, hands on your head, both of you. Lady, don't even bother to try it. You can't hit me. I don't want to kill him," he adds, to Claudine, though his gaze doesn't waver from Vasili. This is, by the way, a blatant falsehood. "I want to bring him in." Welcome to an impromptu episode of the Fugitive.

Oh no. Oh no no no no. There is no way Giselle's temper will let her comply with that order, and hence, her hand immediately slides into action. The gun jolts through a path into the air, steadying for a crucial second before the trigger is tugged. Following a second BLAM, the bullet fwips off towards Felix's hand.

"/Shit/-" Yeah, it's pretty unnerving to have firearms going off right next to you. However, if he knew Giselle's reason for firing he'd agree with her completely. There's no way come hell or high waters that he'd go down without one nasty drag-out fight, and the moment he figures out exactly why his ears are ringing the man reaches over to grip at Giselle's shoulder, tugging it backwards. Time to run. RUN. No point in sticking around to see if Ivanov's dead or not.

The young earthshaper knows he isnt your average FBI agent. She yawns and figures he'll do something to make the bullet stop in midair or something like that. He didnt get crushed by her waves of earth afterall, and so he's something special..at least he should be. If not, it's only his hand anyway and this isnt her fight. "See, I told you they'd shoot you."

With that she just shakes her head and moves from the side. They are badguys and Vasili pissed her off from before, so she'll make it at least more difficult for them. Moving behind the wall of the alley, she closes her eyes and presses her hands against the concrete. Soon enough, rising walls of concrete can be seen. If they're fast enough to dodge, they just might not get caught…

Well, Felix's power works. Just not as well as he might have hoped, it seems. There's the distinctive sound of a bullet caroming off the walls, but Felix is snarling in pain, and there's blood on his off arm. Since it's Giselle who's the one firing, it's her he aims at next, teeth bared in a grimace.

Giselle does not need prompting, turning her back and /running like the goddamned wind/, assuming Vasili will follow. Her early start allows her to dodge both Claudine's triggered power and Felix's shot, and the woman's back can be seen twisting and retreating through the darkened corridor of the alleyway. Bye, folks.

Vasili's first instinct is to try to block the bullet from ever hitting Giselle, but - well. She's gone, and he stumbles for a few paces before sprinting right on after her, jumping over the rising obstacles as they come into his view. It's a good thing he keeps himself in such good shape, otherwise this would be /really hard/. As it is, he's gonna have one hell of a nasty case of frostbite.

Claudine peeks from the alleyway and shrugs her shoulders, sighing a little while wrinkling her nose. "Oh well. They got away. Good job!" she beams brightly before making a little hole into the ground. "You should get that checked out.." she says referring to the wound,and with that she hops in the hidey hole.

And Felix is left, wounded, with a corpse in front of him, and no fugitives. Oh, this is gonna go down beautifully at the office tomorrow, isn't it? He slumps against the alley wall, after tucking away his gun, and settles to examine the wound, breath hissing between his teeth.

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