Identity Woods
Identity Woods
Portrayed By Asia Argento
Gender Female
Date of Birth January 25,
Age 23
Zodiac Sign Aquarius
Aliases Cherish
Place of Birth Podunk, IN, USA
Current Location New York City, NY, USA
Occupation Enforcer for the Company
Known Relatives Too Many To List
Significant Other What's the first rule of Fight Club?
Known Abilities Kung Fu, Betch
First Appearance Coffee, Digits, Stab

Identity Woods is a non-powered human working as an agent of the Company. She specializes in retrieval and suppression by any means necessary. She's not above using drugs, guns, crowbars, IEDs or the business end of a high heeled shoe to get the job done. She is not yet widely known to be an agent of the Company.


Identity Cherish Woods was born in a small backwater town in Indiana, and she's still pissed off about it. The corn, the cows, the farmers, and tractors—she despised them all from the very beginning. Mostly because there wasn't much else around to despise.

The only thing she liked about her home town was a tendency toward juvenile destruction and guns. Guns everywhere. And monster truck rallies. What? Don't judge. You haven't lived until you've seen the Burninator crush his enemies before him.

Her family? Huge. Her relationship with said family? Distant. She lived with her father and step mother until she was seventeen, then went abroad to seek her fortune after graduating from high school—barely. It wasn't the brain power that was lacking, it was her general hate-on for all things mainstream. And that whole never doing homework thing. Who has time for that when there's exciting crime to be done?

What's a girl to do with only a high school education and a proficiency with small arms to do, you ask? Crime. Crime is the answer. Boosting cars, and even a few pieces of heavy farm equipment, as well as thievery of other kinds became a staple. What? It takes cajones to drive one of those tractors with a freakin' orange triangle across town in the middle of the night and not get caught by the Sheriff. And it's not like you can just file off the vin and sell it to a chop shop. Really, the only thing to be done with those is to park them in a lake for S&Gs, so be discovered in the Spring with the ice melts.

That was only the first little bit after she left her folks, though. Petty theft gets old. Bikers. Bikers are much more amusing, and, if you find the right ones, they have friends that can lead you up the chain of thievery from petty to grand. There's a difference between thievery and larceny, you see. Goals are what a girl needs. She spent the next four years moving up the ladder, meeting people, learning the trade, getting into scrapes and getting out of them again. Along the way she picked up some martial arts skills, self defense, learned to improvise weapons, and fight with knives. Guns, though, guns are always her favorite—she grew up with them, you know. You can take the girl out of Indiana, but…

By the time she turned 21, Cherish had gained a reputation, and migrated through Indiana, and Ohio, with a brief layover of about six months in Philly. Eventually she made her way across to New York City, where she started taking body-guarding gigs for those that prefer a discreet security force to back up their hulking man-thugs. Who suspect the girl at the bar of packing a set of knives, throwing knives, 9mm, and a telescopic steel baton? It was by word of mouth that her reputation filtered back to somebody who knew somebody who knew somebody who worked for the company. Two years in New York City, and, at 23, she'd established herself as a mercenary, and people actually paid her stacks of cash to do mean nasty things for them. Could life be better? Could there ever be a greater purpose? Oh, but wait. One day Cherish realized she'd run out of things to really, truly despise. Conveniently, along came the Company. That's when she learned about people with abilities. Thusly, at long last, she had something to hate again.

Fuck with her at your own risk.



  • 18 February: Over coffee at the spawn of an evil corporate empire (Starbucks), Identity meets Max. Knives and sketches. Sketches and coffee. Coffee and belt buckles. Kinda like a blind date featuring death threats and sharp objects. Oh, wait. That's like a regular blind date. Nevermind.
  • 20 February: Max rings up Identity and the two meet up for animosity and noodles. After lunch, he has the audacity to follow her home. Is it all part of the Master Plan? Is there a Master Plan? Hey, man, where are the cheetos?
  • 21 February: On the way to pick up a sandwich from the shop down the street, Identity runs smack into Max and friend at Noodle Heaven. Elle shows up a few moments later, with Orion on her tail, after slipping out of the Company's HQ. Lo and behold, a fight club sandwich ensues. There is much injury and crispy meat.
  • 22 February: Identity chucks the all black ensemble and goes incognito to the hospital to check on Max's mental state, to see if he remembers anything. After a bit of an odd exchange, it's clear that he doesn't. She leaves, and returns to her apartment to brood. She doesn't run into Max again for a few days.
  • 27 February: The dreaded morning after. It was going well until Id wandered out to make coffee, and found Max in possession of the drawing he'd given her when they first met. So, yeah, the morning was as pleasant as 6am can get… for about thirty seconds. Though Mr. Swan still remembers nothing of the Company, he and Identity are once again on rocky terms.
  • 11 March: Id runs into Richard, much to her annoyance. He does his irritating stalker thing, steals her phone, discovers her abode. Shortly after, whilst still annoyed, Id gets a visit from Max. That doesn't go so well. Id ends up with a cracked rib, a bottle of pain pills, and a vow of seriously less than amicable future ties with Mr. Swan. She submits a report on him to the Company.
  • 12 March: Richard shows up again. And talks. At length. This gets on Identity's nerves. Afterward, doped on pain pills and half crocked, she takes her keys and exits the building, headed out for a cheap motel. A detour for tequila takes her to the Den of Iniquity. Max is there, well on his way to tanked. Shaken, not stirred.
  • 14 March: Id discovers that her dog, Troll, and Elle's dog, Goblin, have gone missing from her apartment. Process of elimination leads her to believe they are in the possession of Richard. She is not, as they say, amused. Notifications are made, and the hunt begins.
  • Sometime in mid to late March, Identity went, for all intents and purposes, off the grid. Any information that is known by the Company stays with the company. She didn't have a lot of friends, so it's unlikely she was missed.
  • In mid to late July, she re-appeared in New York City, living in Brooklyn, blonde, and a little… different. Rumors fly over where she has been, and who might have died there.
  • Less than 2 weeks later, she runs into [[Max]] in the middle of Central Park. They do what they usually do when they end up alone in the same room together. Yep, Scrabble.
  • 20 July: Identity, still off Company radar (so it seems), meets up with her sometime paramour at a sweaty, dirty kickboxing gym in brooklyn. Guess who gets his ass handed to him. There are few things in life to be treasured so much as affection in the form of a shot to the kidney.
  • 31 July : There's a point in the day where Id almost reports to the offices in Manhattan, but then that goes awry for obvious reasons. You just can't find good help these days! As far as (most of) the Company employees know, Id's either dead or on assignment elsewhere.


  • "You must like me. You chose the liver. The liver is the only organ that regenerates." (to Max after he threatened to cut out her liver with his belt buckle.)


  • Identity is dyslexic, though no one at work knows this. She is always slow to turn in reports and review dossiers. It's generally assumed that her paperwork turnaround time is but a small price to pay for her other skills.
  • Had a Min Pin named Troll. Briefly. No one knows what happened to the little guy, at least not for sure. Troll disappeared at the hands of a fugitive, Richard, and hasn't been seen since. He went missing in the company of Elle's Min Pin, Goblin. Identity doesn't talk about it with anything other than knives.
  • Id has a huge knife collection. She collects knives like some people collect tattoos, or stamps, or those annoying little ceramic piece of shit 'sculptures' with the big eyes.
  • She stopped carrying her gun sometime in mid-2008, though if anyone knows why, they aren't talking.
  • Since returning to the city in July '08, she's moved from the Lower East Side to a small brownstone in Brooklyn. Hope the new tenant of her old place has renter's insurance.
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