2007-12-24: If Holiday Wishes Were Horses


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Summary: Nathan collects his drunken, unconscious brother from a quiet night in with someone who isn't formerly a serial killer at all. That's the story, anyway, and he'll stick to it.

Date It Happened: December 24th, 2007

If Holiday Wishes Were Horses

A Warehouse!

Whatever Nathan is doing and wherever he is, he's about to get a phone call. When it comes through, he most likely won't recognize the number, as it's some weird area code in a different part of the city.

It's Christmas Eve, and not so far away, it will be Christmas. By rights, Nathan should have his cellphone turned off. Of course, he doesn't. It takes some ringing, perhaps he's assuring people - his wife, his sons - he'll be right back, and the unusual number gets some hesitation. But he picks up. "Petrelli."

"Is this Nathan?" comes the voice across the phone. There's a bit of static behind it, as if the phone the person is using doesn't function quite like it should. "Nathan Petrelli?" Nathan might recognize the voice, but the caller announces his name a moment later. "This is Gabriel Gray."

It's not exactly the name the killer is known for using to strike fear into the hearts of most people, but it does gain significant hesitation. There's the sound of a door closing. "Yes, this is Nathan," is the response, and even the tinny quality of the cellphone, the static on the other end, can't quite hide the wariness. "Why are you calling me?"

There's a bit of hesitation from Gabriel as well before he finally speaks. "It's Peter. He was at the warehouse with me, and he suddenly just… collapsed." There's a bit of shuffling carrying over the phone, and it's most likely Gabriel shaking Peter in an attempt to wake him up. "He won't respond to me, and he started bleeding from the nose."

There's enough silence for a long enough time that perhaps the phoneline died. Then, the sounds of walking, Nathan moving through a room, a drawer opening. "He just collapsed," Nathan says flatly. Quietly. "What was he doing?" That's code for: what did you do? Of course, it's not unlike Peter to just collapse, but…

"We were talking. I was telling him he didn't have to stay here, he got up, and the next thing I know he's on the floor." There's the sound of something hitting something else— most like Gabriel kicking the door to test it. "I'm locked in, and I have no idea where I am. He always teleports."

A muttered curse goes whispered by the phone's speaker. A short silence, before Nathan decides to share his dilemma. Hell, why not? No one else is around to hear it. "I have no way of knowing you're not lying to me," he points out. It could be a trap. It could be any number of things.

There's a sigh from Gabriel's end of the phone, and it sounds rather annoyed. "I've had plenty of opportunities to kill you. I've had plenty of opportunities to kill Peter. You have no way of knowing I'm lying, but do you really think I would call you and lie about this? If it isn't true, Peter is going to find out, and without my abilities, I have no way to stop him from taking care of me."

"You're locked in a room without your abilities," Nathan points out. "I know what I'da done in your position. If I wanted to get out." A beat of silence, decidedly not giving Gabriel any ideas. It's Christmas. The best time of year to take a leap of faith in people. That doesn't stop the fact a handgun is taken out of a locked desk drawer. He continues before Gabriel can sigh at him again. "I know where it is and I'll be there in a few minutes." What's he gonna do when he gets there? Who knows. He just has to go. It's Peter. "Just don't…" Don't do what? Don't kill anyone? Don't leave? Nathan rolls his eyes at himself and draws the phone away to hang up.

There's a small shake of Gabriel's head, even though Nathan can't see it. "I'm not going to do anything." He hangs up the phone and turns back to Peter, who he moved to the bed before making the phone call. He sets himself down on the foot of the other bed, eyes on the door, as he waits for Nathan to arrive.

You know what a bitch it is to fly during winter weather? Nathan does, now. How educational.

"Fuck. Fuck me. Jesus fucking Christ." Yeah, it's cold. And there is ice on his coat and this, Nathan brushes away with a visible shudder, standing just outside the warehouse. He'd not yet been here, but Peter had entrusted him with the address, and with access. Despite what happened last time Nathan had been called to "watch" Sylar. That's trust.

He calls for a car to come by as he moves for the room, other hand digging in his pockets for the solitary key he'd been given. A handgun is tucked away beneath his coat, and he's hyperaware of it by the time he's opening the door to Gabriel's room. Hesitates. Then finally opens it. He's windblown, dressed casually, and his eyes go straight to Peter. Then to Gabriel, wariness that will likely never go away evident. "Merry Christmas," is offered sardonically, the door clicking shut behind him.

The moment the door opens, Gabriel stands from the bed, moving out of the way so Nathan has clear access to Peter. "Yeah," he offers in response to the holiday wishes, deciding that Nathan doesn't get a merry Christmas because the last time he saw him he beat him up. So. That's your own fault, flying man. "I don't know what's wrong with him. He's just.. been lying there."

Nathan moves towards Peter, simply standing for a moment before crouching by the bed and a hand coming to tentatively rest on his younger brother's shoulder. There's hesitation, as if debating as to whether to bother addressing the third occupant of the room. He opts to. "Sometimes he passes out like this…" He trails off, perhaps not wishing to give away a revealing weakness. "It happens. Was he using— " And he pauses, hand moving to tilt Peter's face a little, observing it in the light. The bruise is obvious. Obviously unhealed. "…using powers?" he finally finishes.

"I don't think so," Gabriel says. He's placed himself between the outer wall of the room and the bed, so that there's a good amount of space between he and Nathan. "We were lying here," he continues, eyes moving to Peter, "then he got up, we were talking, and he… fell over." He didn't miss the fact that Nathan said sometimes this happens. "This has happened before?"

Nathan glances across at Gabriel and only shrugs at him. You heard me, the gesture says. No more elaboration than that. "I saw him just today," he says, clearly confused despite his affirmation that this shouldn't be unusual. It doesn't seem the same as the previous times, however. Little does he know, Peter shouldn't have been anywhere but here today. "He was fine."

"… You saw him today?" Gabriel looks over at Peter, then to Nathan, and then back to Peter again. Gabriel hasn't slept today, having woken up rather early in the morning, and Peter has been here with him all day. The majority of the day was spent in silence, but even then… he was here. Something isn't right. "But he's been here all day. He hasn't left… if he did, he managed to leave without me noticing, and arrive back in the same fashion."

Finally Gabriel gets a look from Nathan that isn't guarded fear or anger and loathing. It's confused incomprehension, this time. "No," he slowly corrects the other man. "I saw him just a few hours ago. Drunk off his ass but usually he can hold his liquor better than this." Barely. But. He doesn't not believe Gabriel, it seems, looking back at the unconscious Peter with a frown. "You know if this is some kind of time travel nonsense, I'll kill you myself," he tells coma boy, brushing Peter's hair back before standing up, digging out his phone from his pocket to check.

"I'm telling you, he's been here the whole day," Gabriel responds, letting out a sigh. No one ever believes serial killers. What's up with that? "He's barely moved from that spot on the bed. He seemed perfectly fine, then…" He trails off, as Nathan knows the rest. Gabriel doesn't seem to have anything else to say, so he simply watches Nathan dig out his phone.

"And I'm telling you," Nathan says, bringing up his phone to listen to, "that I saw him today. So obviously you're lying, or— " He holds up a hand as if to stop any possible objection from the once-killer. "Or he's done something. Teleporting… time travel, I don't know." The coma seems to hint at such, anyway. He pauses, looking away from Gabriel to listen to his phone before snapping it closed without a word. "Got a car coming around, it'll be here soon. I'll take him somewhere. Else." Then he looks down at Peter's unconscious form, then towards the door. Nng.

"So are you just going to leave me here, then?" Gabriel says, eyes moving back to Nathan. "Or can you not trust me? Afraid I might be lying, maybe I've done something to Peter, and now that he's going to be gone, I'll escape?" Gabriel's voice steadily becomes angrier, now that the main problem of dealing with Peter out of the way. He's kind of mad at Nathan. Okay, he's really mad at Nathan. "Or maybe since he's unconcious, do you want to beat up on me a little bit more?"

His back straightens a little, fixing Gabriel with a look as he slips the phone back into his pocket. To Nathan's credit, his gaze does dip down at that last part, as if not exactly proud of such a reminder, but it's a moment, and it passes quickly. "Don't tempt me," he says, through almost gritted teeth. "What do you propose I do with him, Sylar?" For all his Mara-induced training to call the man 'Gray', the name sort of just slips out.

"… My name is Gabriel," the man responds, standing up a little bit straighter himself as his eyes fix on Nathan's. "I'm… not that person anymore. You may think of me as a killer, the person who attacked Claire, attacked Mara, and ruined countless lives, and that may never change." He pauses for a moment to take a breath, and continues. "But you could at least give me the benefit of the doubt. I could have easily killed Peter. What did I do? I called you. His brother."

"You're looking for a medal? An apology?" Nathan fires back, spreading his arms a little, as if at a loss at what to do with this situation. A known killer, an unconscious brother, and a private car on its way. Best Christmas present ever. His arms drop back down at his sides and he flickers a glance again to Peter, keeping his attention mostly focused on Gabriel. A pause, then, he asks again. "What do you propose I do with him, Gabriel?"

"You do whatever you want to do," Gabriel responds. He turns away from Nathan, looking out the window (which, he's sure, is barred over), and speaks to the window rather than Nathan himself. "If you can trust me to stay here by myself- which you can- you can take him. I'm not going anywhere. I don't have anywhere to go."

There's a pause, a long silence that either enhances the tension in the room or defuses it, then Gabriel will hear Nathan moving towards the door, the key fitting into the lock and undoing. The door swings open, then, "Gimme a hand getting him out. We can pretend he's had one too many Christmas sherries. Then I'll see you back inside." Should Gabriel look back at him, Nathan doesn't seem particularly happy about this arrangement, but he shrugs at the other man.

The ex-killer falls silent after his little speech to Nathan, but when the other man addresses him to help out, he slowly turns around. His eyes fall on Peter, and it's with a quick glance at Nathan that he moves across the room, heading to the other bed. Once close enough, he drapes an arm of Peter's around his shoulder, attempting to lift him up. "Aren't your.. whoever is in the car, going to wonder when they see me?"

"I don't pay them to ask questions," Nathan says, moving to help. This proximity is not ideal and he somehow manages not to look at Gabriel as they both lever his brother off the bed and head awkwardly for the door. Team work! "Somehow I don't think they'll suspect even a fraction of the truth. God he weighs a lot when he wants to."

"He doesn't weigh that much," Gabriel responds, although whether this is true or just some way to argue with Nathan is up in the air. He does seem to be having a bit of trouble carrying the man, but it seems to be more due to the awkward position he and Nathan are in. The team work manages to get Peter through the door, and once outside, Gabriel closes his eyes, taking in a deep breath. It's nice to get a breath of fresh air every once in a while. Opening his eyes, he looks around for the car, before looking over to Nathan. "Well?"

Nathan mutters something when Gabriel argues with him, but he manages not to let it go heard, clearing his throat instead. When the car purrs up, the driver only hesitates a fraction before he's out and opening the door for the two men and their— luggage. "Mr. Petrelli," the driver greets, looking at Peter with raised eyebrows, then Gabriel, then back at his boss who gives him a narrowed eyed look. Not a word. None is given. At the head tilt from Nathan, the young man quickly moves back to the drivers seat.

Getting Peter into the car is an effort, Nathan relatively careful not to injure him on the way in, but it's done. "Wait here," he instructs the driver, then looks back at Gabriel, opening his mouth and 'thanks' is on the tip of his mouth. Teeth clack shut instead, and a silence settles for a moment, weighted only by the falling snow. Gabriel's first touch of Christmas of the season, probably. Nathan glances up at the sky for a moment, before taking a step back to the warehouse. "Come on," he says, instead. "Let's get you…" Yeah. Locking someone in a room is awkward for Nathan, turns out.

Gabriel ignores the driver, and whatever Nathan muttered is ignored as well. He focuses on getting Peter into the back of the car, and when that task is finally accomplished, he takes a step back, drawing in another deep breath of fresh, winter air. He then turns to Nathan when he's addressed, and without a word, begins the walk back to the warehouse. He crosses his arms over his chest, as he's without a jacket, and shivers slightly as he makes his way towards the door.

Hawk-like. That's a good description for the way Nathan at first watches Gabriel simply turn and move back towards the warehouse, and he relaxes the tension he didn't even know he had. The last thing he wants to do is drag a man kicking and screaming into a room and lock him in. Scratching the back of his neck, he moves to follow, not entering the room once Gabriel is inside, simply reaching for the door. "If he's not awake by the morning, I guess I'll come and. Check. Who else knows you're here?"

Once inside, Gabriel shakes himself a bit, getting rid of the cold as he sits down on the foot of the bed. He looks up at Nathan, through the door, and he gives a small shrug. "I don't know. You're the only person I know of that knows I'm here, aside from Peter himself.

Wonderful. An impatient sigh leaves Nathan. He didn't figure he'd be spending his holidays doing this, of all things, and his fingertips rap impatiently against the door. "Right," he says. "Well you're gonna be on your own for tonight, at least." After that, he'll. Think of something. "Try to behave." And he goes to close the door. He didn't get a Merry Christmas so Gabriel gets no real goodbye or reasurance. It's a vicious cycle.

Gabriel doesn't even so much as look up to the departing Nathan, but rather keeps his eyes on the floor. Behave. Well, considering he's locked up and all he has to do here is read, watch TV, and think, he imagines he'll be doing a good job of behaving.

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