2007-08-14: DF: If You Want Something Done Right...


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Summary: After a productive day, Elena ventures out by herself in an effort to find Lachlan. Jack has already left for his secret operation, and there's no one else to tell the Scotsman the news regarding his sister.

Dark Future Date: August 14th, 2009

If You Want Something Done Right…

Ruins of Bat Country, Somewhere in New York

Bat Country was ruined. While she didn't intend to be here, she didn't know where Lachlan had gone after talking to him about Cass in the Battle Shell. But while he's out, and she's running around, hopefully she'll find him. He'll be restless, ready to kill. He might be poking around where they've last heard from Cass. So this is where she goes, in hopes to find him and talk to him - not just about Cass. Perhaps to reassure him further that they're doing the best they can to find her, but there's something else. Jack was gone in an op he wouldn't speak to her about - so not only did it mean it was dangerous, it was most probably suicidal. Still, she doesn't want to think about that.

She exhales a quiet breath, and she parks the Honda EVO6 on the far sidewalk. She shucks off her helmet, setting it on the bike, and looks around to try and see if she can spot someone tall, broad-shouldered, and Scottish. Clad in a snug, baby t-shirt, a leather jacket, and jeans, her clothing was dark, but nondescript this evening. It made her a little more difficult to see at night, and considering nights are dangerous, she'll take every advantage she can get.

Sure nights are dangerous. They're more dangerous when there are two Dobermans crawling about the ruins of what was once Bat Country Labs. They're large and mean-looking, but not nearly as large or mean-looking as the Scotsman who owns them. He stands within the lab area itself, chawing roughly on another square of nicotine gum. Since Cass went missing, he's been addicted to the things, but at least they keep him from smoking. For now. When he hears the bike outside, Lachlan puts a hand on the pistol holstered at his hip, but one of the dogs identifies a familiar saintly scent and he relaxes again. There's nothing spoken to Elena — he just crosses his arms over his chest and focuses again on the dogs busily sniffing about the area.

"Hey," Elena says. "For someone so big you're a hard guy to track when you don't wanna be found." She stops at a companionable distance, her hands sliding into her pockets. She doesn't sense anything with her Ping ability so far - save for Lachlan and two animal signatures. Oftimes it was better than actually seeing. "No word yet, but we have a plan set, if everything goes according to it, all we have to do is pick her up. It's just….I thought it'd be better this way. You know how we are, when we go in hot, people die. I didn't want to risk Cass like that. Plus if we just jumped right into their turf, they can kill us all. We're pretty good at what we do, but they've got us in sheer numbers. In the open road, though, that's another story." She looks at him then…in her own way she's trying to reassure him, but he can get pretty obstinate when Cass is concerned. She exhales a breath. "Also…." She closes her eyes. God, she hated this part of the job. "….do you remember….when you talked to your sister last?"

Everything that Elena is saying pretty much goes in one ear and out the other. It doesn't matter to him. He is obstinate when it comes to Cass. The only thing keeping him from busting down the door of the White House, guns blazing, and demanding of the President himself where his fiancee is the fact that he knows he wouldn't get far. They do have him in sheer numbers. He needs a plan of attack — and Nathan's scent. Which is what has brought him here.

The last bit, however, clicks in his brain and he narrows his eyes at Elena a moment. What's that question about? He pauses, then shrugs and turns his gaze elsewhere again. "Dunno. Why?"

"….." Elena glances away, and a stubborn set to her jaw can be seen if he looks at her hard enough. The pictures she has burns in her pocket. Finally, she glances down on the ground. "I didn't want to put this on you, but I heard about this right after I heard about Cass being taken. I….was hoping Jack would've talked to you about it already but he left for an op and he couldn't tell me a damned thing about it." Another bout of silence. "…..they found Megan, Lachlan. She was killed."

There's no change in Lachlan's demeanor, no sign that the news has impacted him at all. Not outwardly, anyway. Inwardly, his stomach has dropped and his heart skipped a beat. Megan's dead? Killed? His kid sister? There's nothing from the Scot for several long, dead seconds before he finally rolls his shoulders and mutters, "So?" It doesn't sound as flat and emotionless as he'd want.

Cass was the foremost expert when it comes to the Scot, but Elena's known him for a while and she's seen how he acted with his sister before. She knows deep down he cares on some level, so she continues. "I was given crime scene photographs. They were delivered to Ali. Sylar killed her. He's alive. Petrelli…" Not the Peter from the past, but from the one in this time. "He lied about killing him. The bastard only sealed him away and he came back. That was how…" She sighs. "I don't know where they took her body but if you want the information, I can try and find it."

Lachlan's eyes narrow just slightly. Petrelli didn't kill him. Petrelli just sealed him away. And if there's one thing Lachlan dislikes, it's half-assed jobs. When someone does something — says they do something — they better have damn well done it. He, at least, likes to do things right. And now Megan's dead because Petrelli did a half-assed job. And Lachlan wasn't there to protect her. Hell, he hasn't even talked to her for months … maybe longer. They weren't exactly on the best of terms in the end. That doesn't mean he doesn't regret it, though. Lachlan was there for her throughout their lives except the one time that he really, really needed to be.

He clears his throat softly and adjusts his weight on his feet. "Doesna matter. She picked 'er side." Besides, he's got all the information he needs.

She didn't believe that for a second - she was no mind reader but despite his brusqueness, the Scot had a big heart…..it's just that big guns, big dogs, and big pain just got in the way of all of it. Elena doesn't say anything, but she does lift a hand hesitantly, before she reaches over to rest her fingers lightly on his shoulderblade. She doesn't want to intrude on his personal space, but she does try to offer some comfort. They were friends, even though they've been so busy they've hardly talked, but Lachlan wasn't the talking sort anyway and these days, neither was she. She's quiet for a while.

When she speaks up again though… "You know how to get in touch with us, yeah? Just in case?" she says, keeping her voice low. Because the shadows, these days, tend to have eyes.

Lachlan doesn't move when he's touched. His only response to the questions is a grunted, "Sure." Life sure has a funny way of making him feel totally worthless all in one fell swoop. First Cass is kidnapped, now Megan is dead. Two people he would lay his life down to protect, and he failed them. Still, his expression remains stony and cold. He'll just have to fix both of these things.

She nods, slipping away and turning around. Elena doesn't linger longer than she has to - one it was dangerous, and two, she didn't want to intrude any further than she has to. She already bore bad news, and while Lachlan didn't kill the messenger (this time), she doesn't find it wise to keep imposing her presence on him. That - and it would just be plain rude to. So she works the helmet back on her head, and starts the engine of her bike.

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