2009-11-12: Illusion of Control



Date: November 12, 2009


After re-meeting mysterious, Gene recruits a woman who may be an important piece to his plans. But does her powers mean that the growing team is ready for the days ahead, or is this just an illusion of control?

"Illusion of Control"


The joint is jumping. The music is hot, and so is the act. Right now, the stage is all singing, all dancing, and really good special effects for a night club. No sign of smoke and wires, and costume changes. The audience oohs and ahhs as Quinn swaps over in as little time as dancing from one hot spot to another from Fred to Ginger singing, as you'd expect, 'Dancing in the Dark'.

This is usually not the sort of place that Gene would go to. But 'Being a Hero' calls him to all sorts of areas, and this would be no exception. Currently seated at a small table for two (but only by himself), he drinks his water, not yet old enough to drink. He doesn't seem too impressed with the number, but he's been in a sour mood for days. Despite the fact he doesn't seem amused, he does manage to watch careful attention to the act. He watches for how lighting hits the people, how the shadows fall… Details like that. While he doesn't expect to see anything here that would give him clues, he's seen a few rare Evolved being rather prideful of their gifts, perhaps this 'Quinn' is one of those exceptions.

The scene is flawless. Its just.. something that would be hard to reproduce with the sort of equipment you'd find in a small club. In the final scene, 'Ginger' twirls off in a gown, and Quinn returns in Fred's tux, and her own trademark red hair to take to the mike, to get her applause. She takes her bows, and heads toward the backstage, and her own dressing room.

Gene is not there when Quinn arrives at the back. A couple of roses are though, telling Quinn with an included note which table he expects to speak with her at. He requests that she 'go in disguise', though he doesn't ask how or why.

As he waits for Quinn, the young Geek God cuts into his steak seemingly without a care in the world.
Quinn looks at the roses, blinking. But she loves a challenge. So, she grabs the rose, and, well, let's say that a few minutes later there's a 6' tall blonde skater punk wearing over-sized black canvas shorts with a chain attached to the pocket, a pair of black vans and, probably an attempt to please his mother, a green plaid cotton shirt over a white tank, that appears at your table. A husky tenor male voice says, "Yo, the chick back there, she said to give this to you." handing over the rose.

"If this is part of the show, I am impressed… Please take a seat," the young genius nods as he motions toward the chair across from him, giving the man an awkward smile. After all, Gene isn't sure exactly who he is dealing with. "If it is not, I'll ask you to please ask the lady to come out here. Sadly don't have time to really play around much these days."

Quinn nods as the man sits down, saying in the same husky voice, "I thought about it." with a hint of humor, "But figured that I'd not pull the old switch like that."

"So, you can change voice as well as image. Huh and here I just thought I was just grasping for straws," the young man states as the man/woman/person seats themselves. Once Gene overcomes his shock, he gets into the QUESTIONS THAT MATTER. "So, um, you really a guy or a girl? Just so I can use right possessive nouns and all that." Okay, maybe not really matter, but kinda matter.

Quinn says, shrugging. "More than that, and, well, I could say 'does it matter'. Just say that usually female, but right now you might want to use male ones, or you're going to look a little weird." with a hint of a grin, "I answer to either, depending."

"I see…" There is an awkward pause, Gene clearly not knowing where to go for there. "Anyway, time to talk about the stuff that brought me here. You know there are other people in the world with various gifts and all that stuff, right?"

"I see…" There is an awkward pause, Gene clearly not knowing where to go for there. "Anyway, time to talk about the stuff that brought me here. You know there are other people in the world with various gifts and all that stuff, right?"

Quinn pauses, then nods. She says quietly, "Yes, I know about that. Lots of different things, it seems."

The Geek God takes a bite of steak as Quinn speaks, swallowing it before he asks his second important question. "You know the government is currently hunting down people like you, right?"

Quinn pauses, clearing her throat. "I.. I had heard rumors about something like that. Nothing specific, though."

The young man considers the answer for a moment, tapping his fork on his plate. "Some people were already captured. Some deserved it, some didn't. Question of the day… Would you be interested in helping those people or others in the future? If not, that's fine. I'll commend your gift and your honesty despite your gift and be on my way. If you do, I might be in touch with you soon."

Quinn says, thoughtfully. "That's something I have asked myself, since I heard of this happening from.. let's say a reliable source." she takes a breath, "My.. ability, it lends itself to great escape and blending in. But, it might be useful for.. standing up and doing what's right." she takes a breath, smiling wryly. "Not my usual shtick. But.. I'll do it, if I can be a help."

"All gifts have their awesome. Even my gift of intelligence," Gene states with a small smirk. "Like instruments, powers can be amazing on their own, but when used in concert… Are able to bring nations to peace or tear them apart. It is my quest to make sure they do the first and not the second. For now, know that if you are with me that you are under my protection." His little speech given states up, throwing down some money to pay for food.

Even though Gene is standing now, his tone is hushed, clearly not wanting to be overheard. "I can't promise to keep track of the government, but if I can get in and figure out their movements, I'll inform you if you'll need to go into hiding… Which may be easier for you than most people. Do you have a number I can reach you at? If you want, I can also send a watch for you. It will act as something you can use in emergency that I or my allies can use to find you. If you do not wish it, you do not need it… But I find it is better to be safe than sorry."

Quinn pauses, and she says, "Well, here is my number." as she pulls out her card. She IS a performer, after all, she has business cards. Then she pauses, then adds, "Umm.. if it helps.. my ability? Some who have heard of others with it seemed to find it notable that, well, it works with surroundings, other peoples and.." she pauses, this seems to be a very distinctive point, "on camera. What do you mean by watch? Like.. a guard?"?

Taking the card, Gene puts it into his pocket before he gives Quinn an odd look. "No, I mean as in watch…." Gene holds up his wristwatch for example. "…And on camera? Hrmmm…." He looks around, getting a large grin. This opens up all sorts of windows for Gene. "Okay then, clearly I will need an example of this. Can you make me be unable to be seen or heard?"

Quinn shrugs and says, "A bit disconcerting, since you won't to yourself." she pauses, and then she says, "Far as I can tell, my thing.. works with light, not the brain." she notes. Then she glances around, making sure with some experience when they are least noticed. Then, to yourself, even, you seem to fade out of sight.

The young genius looks to his hands… To see they aren't there. IT'S WORKING. She isn't just crazy! Hopefully, this works with sound too, because Gene puts his hands into the air, giving a laugh as he looks like he's some sort of mad scientist. "…muhahahahahahahaha. Muhahahahahahahahaha. MUHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! IT IS ALL COMING TOGETHER! MY MASTER PLAN! Soon, the forces of evil will seem like merely the forces of inconvenience! LAUGH WITH ME, QUINN LAUGH!"

Maybe this is why it isn't good to have the comic geek in charge of recruitment.
It doesn't, but that's ok, she snaps you back into place. She grins a bit as she says, "Visual, not audio, guy." brows going up, still looking all skater punk. Quinn leans back, saying, "But guessing that means it'll be useful??"

There is a cough. "Oh," Gene states as he looks around. As Gene runs a hand through his hair, he gives a weak smile. "Very useful. Of course, it will have to be used at the right time or place. After all, no power is unstoppable and good guys never let their allies come to harm. I'll be back later with your watch and explain how it works… Unless you have any questions for me."

Quinn hmms, "Well, probably not until you have something specific." she says, "Like what the watch does, or what we're going to be doing. Oh, and..mm.. with what I do, the more information the better. If you want me to be a guard, I need to know something about what they look or sound like. Same goes for imitating a place, or changing the look of a room. And my stuff.. only works with me around."

"Trust me, when I have the job… Information will be provided for. If there is one thing that I do best, is over think things," Gene admits with a smirk and the tip of a hat that isn't there. "Time for me to head on out… But thank you for the show and I promise you… the real magic will be starting soon." That said, Gene turns and walks out toward the door, whistling the entire way. It's really off key, but he's so happy, he doesn't care.

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