2008-03-10: Illusions of Grandeur


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March 10th, 2008

Illusions of Grandeur

Level Five Break Room. Yes, there really is one.

"I don't care what you think, Peter STAYS. Angela might have let him run amuk, but until she is returned safely and Mr. Petrelli is willing to understand his actions have consequences, he will remain in our care. If he can't be responsible with his power, he will be denied its use. That is all."
The man in his fifties frowns as he looks to Noah, clearly disagreeing. While the man is older than Noah, the Company Man rose above him due to effectiveness and skill. The Company doesn't reward people solely for loyalty. It is merely expected and those that betray disappear quickly. Thankfully the older man is no traitor and Noah is trying his best to keep the Company going… A hard thing to do consider he has never run it before. Sighing as the two part, Noah makes his way down the hallway, moving toward the break room to get himself some water.

Candice heard everything, don't kid yourself. She likes hearing everything - it's usually good to throw it back in someone's face later. They don't like it when you've heard something they aren't aware you heard. Or saw. But that being said, she may be on Level 5. She is sure as hell not going near Peter Petrelli. Her ability is hers, dammit, and even if he's drugged, all he needs is for her to walk past in one fluke moment of semi-conciousness…and that just isn't good. "Domestic troubles?" She asks as she sits on the table, one leg tucked underneath her as she pops peanut M&Ms from the vending machine. She has that same smile on that she always does - for Candice, it's legitimate, but it always looks slightly…creepy.

As usual, Noah is not creeped out, merely faintly annoyed at Candice's antics. "A few, but that's to be expected," he replies simply as he pours himself some water from the cooler. He doesn't say anything more for the time being, content with the silence.

Candice doesn't expect Noah to ever really like her. Not after - you know - everything. So she contents herself with what she can. Rolling up the yellow wrapper and tossing it into a wastebasket, she pushes off the walls and walks towards him a little. "Well, if it helps? I'm unhappy." Angela gone, Elle gone. Bob dead. And Niel looked like he was about to play a few rounds of Russian Roulette the other night. "Unhappy enough to want to put myself out there to make things the way they were." At least somewhat. What's she doing? Offering her services, though they're already his, she's offering them enthusiastically.

The Company Man nods as he sips his water, hrmming to himself as he thinks it over. After a few moments of thought, Mr. Bennet sets the cup down before he sits on the edge of the table, part of his upper leg resting on the surface. "I was hoping that you would say that… There are a couple of matters that I needed a woman of your skills to handle. One may be a bit personal, but I'm sure you can do it. The other is much more in line with your usual work."

Candice slides into a seat, crossing her legs as she takes a moment to check her nailpolish. "Well you know me." She points out, finding no chips in the color. "My personal boundaries are…slightly more skewed than most." She'll look like your best friend just to shoot you in the kneecaps. Arms cross as she leans on them, against the table, waiting to here what he has to say.

"Good" is all Noah states before he moves toward a locker at the far wall of the room. As he speaks, he enters in the combination and pulls out a briefcase. He doesn't look at Candice as he works. It's okay, she can get almost any man to look at her when she wants anyway. "The first request is simple. You are to re-establish contact with Elle Bishop and attempt to see what she knows as well as keep her from taking action against the Company. While she might be a horrible Agent, I don't want her becoming a thorn in our side later. She is also likely around her friend Gabriel Gray, is a 'reformed' Sylar. For obvious reasons, if Sylar is around, be sure to keep on your guard and leave the situation as quickly as you can without alerting them."

The briefcase is brought back to the table and he opens it after unlocking it from ITS combination. Surprise surprise, Noah is a man that prefers things that are very secure. "While you might have not known the actual Elle as well as the imposter, I am sure you can find some common ground even after all this time."

Whatever Candice expected, it wasn't Elle. Now here's some conflicting…feeling? Still - she left them. That holds sway too. "We have the potential to be coffee-buddies." She says by way of an explination. She was under the understanding that, under Angela, Elle was cut loose. She'd say as much, but Bennett is talking. Repartee vs. Bennett talking. Priorities are rather obvious.

"I know it's going to be a hard assignment for you, but you're the one best suited to the task. If you feel you can't do the job, this is your time to say it," Noah states, merely opening the briefcase going through it for a short time.

"A girl's only as good as the work she does." Candice explains, uncrossing and recrossing her legs. The idea of a mission involving Elle does rub her the wrong way, but….a mission is a mission. And from the looks of things, the Company can't use any more hiccups. She doesn't let that out, however, just tosses her hair back and waits for him to go on.

The movement of the legs only gets a slight glances from Noah. He's a happily married man, after all. "The second mission is to merely get more information from the new threat Pinehearst, perhaps in the form of additional files than the ones we pulled. We know very little about them other than who is in the company. We don't know what they are trying to do exactly or how they plan to do it. You can imagine our concern since we believe an rouge Company Founder is behind this."

Well that is a little more mainstream…and a much easier task than the first. At least in appearances. "Will I be assigned anyone for this?" She asks, thinking that perhaps it sounds more like a single-girl job for the most part. But it's the same rule here - one of us, one of them. Though she's the opposite us, it seems. Already that smile of hers is growing a bit in thought: someone's already given her the perfect in.

"For now? No. Our manpower is pushed to the limited as it is Though if you find a person that you feel would compliment you in the field, be sure to pass the name along." Noah prefers the rules, but sadly, when things become desperate, the rules have to change. This would be one of those times.

Candice nods, placing her hands flat on the table as she moves to rise. "That's fair. Doesn't sound like something that another warm body would be able to help with anyway." A hand tosses back her hair - not trying to be seductive, just being her normal self with that creepy smile. "Anything in particular I'm looking for at Pinehearst, or just the…usual suspects, metaphorically speaking?"

HRG doesn't say a word on the warm body comment. Without even a brief pause, he continues on. "Anything and everything at this point, Candice. It's important to make sure that no one suspects you. Quiet in, quiet out. We alert people or if Arthur Petrelli steals your ability and this gets real ugly, real quick… We clear?"

"Crystal." She explains, pulling out a card - Pinehearst by the look of it - and twirling it between her fingers. "I already have my in." She says with a more mischevious smirk. "That or a janitor…haven't quite decided yet. But don't worry." She walks over to the vending machine, getting another M&M and tearing it open. "I'll behave."

The card's appearance causes Noah to smirk, as he reaches out to take a look at it. Not that it would help him know if it was real or not, but if the information seems to gel, he'll be content and hand it back. "Please keep the damage to a low," adds with his tone as dry as possible. "And I mean the psychological as well as the physical. Breaking the minds is to be done when we give the order, not because you feel the need. We clear?"

Candice takes the card back after he's seen the name of a Computer Systems fellow by the name of Bradley. She tucks it back into her skirt, and continues to munch. "I said I'd behave. You know you can count on me, Mr. Bennett. I'll let The Company decide to buy something before I break it." The M&M is swept to the left side of her mouth while she chews and grins at the same time.

"Good then… Unless you have anything else you need to talk about, then I think we're good. I expect some good information in the weeks to come. Do the work as quickly, but as safely as you can. If Mrs. Petrelli was right, time is not on our side." Noah drinks the rest of his water before closing his briefcase, clearly getting ready to go.

Candice does have one more question. "Nicole Sanders. Jessica, whatever." She waves a hand - names are not important really. "I heard she was brought in but haven't seen her around." Curiosity about the Sanders family is arisen in this…lets call her misundersood….woman. After her run-ins with them in the past anyway, via Micah.

The Company Man freezes right in front of the door, but doesn't turn around. "She and I came to an understanding and she was released. That happened a week or two ago. If you encounter her at Pinehearst, let her be. However, I'll be e-mailing you the personnel you should be looking into soon. They wil be the ones likely to have the information we want."

The second M&M wrapper is rolled up the exact same way, between ehr palms, before tossed in a sideways manner towards the trashbin. "Good to know." It is, after all, good to know that. "I'll let you know when I get something."

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