2007-11-07: In Any Way She Can


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Summary: Having intended to call Peter since he didn't call her the other night, scrolling through the directory of her jPhone reminds Elena to call Kitty. She does, and the two girls talk about the virus. Elena urges Kitty to help Peter and Ian, and something Kitty in the end sparks an idea.

Date It Happened: November 7th, 2007

In Any Way She Can

Over The Phone

Cooped up in the room because she didn't have the strength to leave it just yet, Elena's got her laptop on her….well, lap. Bundled up despite the room being already warm for normal people, she has on a sweatshirt, pajama bottoms, a blanket, a comforter… the whole nine yards. The weather looks positively dismal outside, dark with a smattering of icy rain…and it wasn't even two o'clock in the afternoon yet. She watches the window morosely, the pillows piled up behind her to keep her sitting up, because she was too weak to do so on her own at the moment.

She should get some food. Maybe it'll help.

She rubs her eyes a little, setting her book away from her and groping for her jPhone. Her intent honestly was to call Peter, to hear his voice and ask what he's been up to, but scrolling down the directory to get to his name, she pauses at a name and number that came before his.


She hasn't called her yet.

Pushing the call button, she sinks further into the pillows, closing her eyes as she hears the phone ring.

Kitty was just in the process of washing some clothes when her cellphone began to vibrate and ring on the kitchen counter. After throwing the last of the clothes in the washing machine, Kitty hops onto the counter with her legs dangling as Tiger prowls around underneath her and she answers, "Hello" her voice sounds tired, maybe Kitty hasn't been getting that much sleep lately or something? The young woman then looks at the caller id and her smile widens. "How ya doing girl?"

"Uggrgghrgghh," is Elena's comical answer. "Couldn't even get out of bed today. Peter said you wanted me to call you and see what's up. I'm sorry I didn't sooner, things got a little hectic." She hides a cough, burying her head in a pillow for a moment. "How are you? Healthy? Not getting sick or anything?" Oh, subtle, Elena. But she can't help it. She's asked the question to everyone who's called her and who she's called in the last few weeks.

"Aww hun you need to be staying in bed, not trying to get out of it" Kitty says in a friendly tone and then rearranges herself into a cross-legged sitting position on the counter. "I've just missed ya and the gang, and with this whole villain thing that was going on. I feel like I've lost contact with you guys" to the inquiry of being healthy? "I'm doing just fine, better actually because Peter healed my face of that burn, he's a real good guy Elena"

"I know," Elena sighs. "Worst patient ever, but I can't help it. Miss you and the gang too. I think the dance captain's about to kick my ass out because of this thing. I told everyone else it was mono, so hopefully Latisha understands. My professors do, too, but I don't know how long I'm going to be able to keep my scholarship." She rubs her face for the moment. "They caught them," she tells Kitty. "The people who did that to your face. A couple of weeks ago. I think they only caught two though…one's still roaming around free." The mention of Peter causes her to smile ruefully. "He does that. He snuck out to heal you. A couple of others too. I'm glad you're doing okay."

Kitty listens to all that Elena has to say and then looks upward when she says, "Don't worry about it, it'll all work out. If it doesn't then it just wasn't meant to be. That's my thoughts at least" Kitty hops down from the counter and begins to walk around her apartment, Tiger on her heels, "Yeah Peter told me and I haven't heard anything else about the last villain. Maybe he left the country?" that is wishful thinking of course. "Thanks, that was really nice of him and I really wish that you would get better soon. How is the getting better phase going anyhow?"

"Yeah…" Elena tells Kitty wistfully, looking at the dismal weather outside from the window across the side of her bed. "And maybe. I could only hope so, honestly. When we saw him in the dream, he was attacking this kid, so…don't need a person like that running around." She exhales softly, closing her eyes. "As for the getting better phase….found out a bit more about the virus. It was invented, apparently. Man-made. They're…working on a cure. Learning more about this thing." There's a pause. "Kitty listen to me… this… I was told a normal person managed to get it. He's dead now. When a normal person catches it, it's worse. They die. It affects them faster. So if you start…if you start finding people who are getting sick of all sudden, like really sick that you feel isn't normal, find Peter right away, okay? Ian visited me the other day, I told him the same thing."

"Oh! I met the kid in the dream! He goes to the school that I am a office assistant for. Kids call him Cam and he seemed just fine when I saw him last and I'm going to be keeping a much closer eye on him" Kitty says as she too now stands at her window overlooking the city. "Man-made? What sort of monsters would- oh" Kitty says as she realizes maybe the Company had something to do with this. "So it's mutating? That doesn't sound good and I will be on the look out. Let's hope they find a cure fast" After a moment of silence, "Is there anything I can do to help?"

"School…?" Elena says. "Yeah, Peter said he was taken in by a friend of his. I've never met him though. But…that's great. That means you can keep an eye out for the kid, right? The villain who attacked him…he's still running free, so…" She clamps her hand over her mouth as another coughing fit seizes her, turning away from the phone. She really needs to get to her cough suppressant today. But when she gets back on the phone she continues. "I don't know. Not a lot of people know about it…even people who knew it existed." At the last, she closes her eyes. "I asked Ian to keep an eye out, in case he sees anything, or hears anything. The guy…the guy who died. He worked at the meat packing district. I told him if he was ever around that area to keep a lookout. Maybe you guys can help each other, and Peter too."

Kitty nods her head, "Yeah I will be keeping an eye out for him and sure thing I will do everything I can to help Ian and Peter" Kitty says and then she frowns a little. "Let's hope that the virus doesn't mutate again. Because I so love to eat meat" Kitty chuckles softly as she makes a light joke. "You need to get some rest, hun"

She can't help but chuckle at the meat comment. "Yeah? Me too." Elena pauses for a moment, something nagging at her. She can't quite grasp it, however. Not right now. "Alright, Kitty. I will. You…you be careful out there, okay? I'll talk to you soon."

"I will and get better soon" Kitty says with a faint smile as she ends the call and she lays her head against the window.

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