2009-11-16: In For Change



Date: November 16th, 2009


Two seers meet because they saw themselves doing so; psychic paradox or fate? Surrounded by change, Angela gives "Beatrix" something to do.

"In for Change"

New York City

The church is silent, morning pray has just ended and many of the people have left already to start their day. For the fugitives on the run, their day never seems to stop. Beatrix has been a busy woman as of late, going around the city. Trying to find out what she can about what has been happening. It was in the dead of night when she received a vision of a particular meeting to come that she put all she had to do on pause, hence Beatrix sitting in one of the back rows of the pews.

Her blonde hair is pulled back into a tight ponytail, though a few strands do hang loose and fall into her face. Black sunglasses cover her eyes from view and she is just staring ahead. Legs crossed, expression one of waiting and content.

Dressed in a pair of black jeans, high heeled boots and a nice dark purple blouse, these are the nicest clothes that Beatrix has worn in a while. Her head tilts and the sunlight catches her lens and her dark brown eyes become visible. A hand that is curled around the back of the pew is the one with the new tattoo she has received. Only the vines and flowers visible and the tail of the cockatoo.

"Have any visions lately?" An aging hand lays upon the shoulder of the blonde woman at the back of the pew. The grip is one of comfort, not threat, but it's also meant to garner attention. Its owner has a faint smile on, almost motherly; she knows the answer to her own question, else she wouldn't be here herself. "I would've barely recognized you," Angela Petrelli states as she looks around the church. She doesn't blink at the locale. Though this particular church is not one she has stepped in before, it's familiar for reasons beyond the physical. Instead, the gaze she gives the church is one of searching — of making absolutely sure none of the parishioners are secretly government agents and that the clergy are not men in black of another kind.

"Angela." Beatrix's cool and calm demeanor she has been giving off the past few days slides away as her mentor of sorts arrives, she smiles softly up at Angela and nods her head. "I had.. a little adventure after helping with the train job. Many things have changed for me.. and for others as well."

The blonde haired seer looks down at her hands and then back to Angela. "So much has been happening.. I.." Beatrix looks down. "I failed.. I couldn't save Peter." Why would she beat herself up over that? She had no idea, maybe.. she thinks she should have had an idea. "And I've seen Nathan.. he's," she looks up at the stained glass windows and then folds her hands in front of her. "Changed, something's happened to him."

Angela looks to the front of the church as "Beatrix" speaks, listening with calm. Eventually, she moves into the pew, whisking past the young woman to sit on the other side of her, smoothing the length of her heavy, wool coat beneath her as she does so. "Yes, I saw Nathan yesterday. He has a troubled path ahead of him, but he'll be alright." Only now does the Company Director — inasmuch as it has a Director with barely a direction at all these days — look again at the psychometer beside her. "What happened to Peter wasn't your fault." The words themselves ought to be comforting, but they are not. Chastisement replaces reassurance. "Not that going after the train without alerting the other agents, when they could have assisted you, was a good idea by anyone's terms."

"It was.. a very rookie and stupid mistake." Beatrix admits as she looks back at the precognitive dreamer. Her sunglasses are pushed back to reveal her eyes and she places them on top of her head. "I was trying to play hero.. I won't make that mistake twice." She tells the older woman, the guilt behind the whole affair is finally coming to the forefront of Beatrix's mind, she is finally forgiving herself. "They've hurt all of us, they aren't finished."

Of this much, Beatrix is certain. They didn't do all of this just to stop, there must be a final plan, terror in the works. "I've been contacted to help with the effort to rescue Peter, Cass is going to be heading it." Not that Angela knows Cass, or does she? "Do we have any resources that we can lend Cass for this? The Hatian maybe.. or a few agents that are skilled in these sort of things?"

"I've been wondering how we will get in there, but I'm sure that is being discussed and planned." Probably as they speak.

"It's being taken care of. Cass and the others have more resources on their own than they know. The Haitian will be where he needs to be when he's needed." Angela folds her hands on her lap, atop the knotted belt of her coat, and leans back against the unyielding wooden seat to stare out past the rows of pews. "There is no 'this sort of thing' anymore. The game has changed. Do you know if Cass has found Matt Parkman yet?"

Beatrix nods her head at Angela's words, the game has indeed changed. "I do not know yet, but I plan on meeting with her again soon. So I'll find out then." Bea says and looks up towards where the organ is in the church. "What.. is going to become of the Company now? Are we finished?" her head tilts and she closes her eyes briefly. She's felt as if the organization was over and done with lately. Maybe because of a lack of center of control and focus. They can't afford to be all together in one place right now though.. nobody can.

"Until we can come together again… this is what we are now." Fugitives, trying to make it through like everyone else like them, agent or Company associate or man on the street. "But I'm not sure we should be what we were. Even with the changes we've made, everything has shifted." Angela turns to regard Kitty, her dark eyes taking in the appearance of the young woman; how she's changed. "We have to be what the world needs." Needs change.

"Maybe this is why this happened.. it's our destiny to change." Be what the world needs as Angela says, Kitty smiles softly and looks back at Angela. "We can do it, I believe it.. and whatever we do decide to be.." The much changed young woman's eyebrows furrow as she thinks, "I'm in." as long as it doesn't involve being totally evil and crazy and killing people. Yep, those are the conditions.

Beatrix straightens her back and adds. "I've spoken to Benji, he and Meryl are safe. For now." She dips her head.

Angela is silent. Her silence may read as acceptance; or not. Either way, she says nothing, shifting and settling against the seat. She's deep in thought, but when isn't she; when she speaks again, her voice holds the command Kitty would be familiar with from inside the walls of the headquarters below Yamagato's New York branch. Somewhere they can no longer go. Here, in the mostly empty place of worship, its sharp tone takes a hollow quality. "The train. I assume you remember where it stopped."

"Yes, I remember very well where the train was stopped." Her head tilts as Angela addresses her. What's this? Beatrix sits calmly in wait for Angela to speak further, her legs are uncrossed and then crossed again. What is the older seer getting at?

"I want to know what happened to Peter." Angela is straight to the point, this time; there is nothing cryptic in her direction. "I heard there was a crash with a helicopter, but I need to know for sure. There might be some wreckage. With your ability, you might be able to see what no one else could, save perhaps for Rebel. Don't go alone."

Standing, the young woman slips her glasses back on and nods her head curtly. "Will do, I'll get back to you as soon as possible." She says and then she turns to walk away before turning back and leaning down.. to give Angela a hug. "I'm glad you're safe." Beatrix says softly to the mom figure and then she backs away and begins to walk out of the church, with a new mission and something for her to ultimately focus on.

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