2007-04-21: In Good Company




Immediately after Too Many Heroes, Marilou is brought into Company custody and calmed down to stay under observation. Claudine and Orion discuss the ramifications of what just happened.

April 21st, 2007:

In Good Company


It has taken Orion most of the evening to get back to feeling warm. It has also taken the better part of the evening for him to stop vomitting water and hot dog bits. How many hot dogs did he have on that damned ferry ride anyhow? Granger is, for now, half-seated on a medical bed in the hospital portion of Primatech.

He still looks damp and a little unhappy to be laid up for the night, but at least he's not far from the other Salonga Sister. Claudine can see him from Marilou's room and Orion can leap out of bed and dart across the hall at a moment's notice if need be.

That was a long day, and now that Marilou is finally calm and asleep thanks to a bit of Nyquil to help with headaches from the manifestation of powers, Claudine lets out a sigh of relief. She waits for a few moments until the younger girl is totally asleep before heading over to Orion's room with an apologetic look on her face.

"Are you all right? You've been throwing up for a good bit now.." she says concerned while bringing over some ice water. "And drink something, I dont want you to get dehydrated from all the vomiting you've been doing.." she says softly before reaching out to take his hand.

Orion knows better than to talk before Claudine's done. He takes a small sip of the ice water with one hand, the other squeezing the Filipina's hands gently while they've got it in their grasp. He closes his eyes for a few moments, breathing deeply before he opens his eyes again.

"I'm alright. I don't think I've got anything left to spew, so… Y'know. For as long as I've lived in New York City, you'd think I'd either learn to know better than to eat those hot dogs or have built up an immunity to 'em."

Awww. He can talk when she's talking. She's probably keep on continuing, but she still listens. Kinda sorta.

Claudine lets out an impish giggle as she lets her fingers entwine with his own before giving his hand a gentle squeeze. "Well, it is New York City water. I just hope you dont get an infection or food poisoning of some sort.." she admits ruefully before pulling up a chair to sit down.

"So, it looks like your theory bout 'Lou was right.."

"Yeah. Looks that way. I was kind of hoping she'd turn out to just have the same rotten luck I do when it comes to timing."

Orion smiles thinly and takes another tiny, tiny sip of ice water. The tall man closes his eyes a moment, resting very thoughtfully as he keeps his fingers laced with Claudine's.

There's a slight hesitation there as it dawns on her. Dr. Suresh said there were genetic markers, and if two out of the eight children have powers, surely the other six will be tested. This causes her to frown a little as she mulls it over while bringing Orion's hand to her lips for a soft kiss.

"They're probably be going to look more closely at my older brothers now huh.." she whispers softly before she looks over to the room across the hall where Marilou is sleeping. "And they're going to keep her here for a bit as well?"

At first, Orion doesn't respond. He slowly opens his eyes on slits, staring up at Claudine quietly as he considers his response. He could crush her hopes and dreams or he could make something wild and amazing and wholly untrue up to save her the pain.

"Yeah. They'll probably obtain some discrete DNA samples of your various close relations, test them for markers, and keep an eye on those most likely to express an ability… And yes, your sister will have to stay here for a while. Just until she can learn to control her power. If she's anything like her older sister though, she should be back in the real world within a week."

Apparently Orion went for the crush hopes and dreams play with an endrun around the 'hopes' part.

At least she wasnt left with nothing. That would've just made her a sad panda. But, she's old enough and has had the experience to realize that these things happen, and her sister needs the help that Primatech has to offer.

"You're right. And I'll just try to explain her that we're here to help her.." Claudine admits in the end as she forces a smile to her lips. He would know that she's not happy about the situation, but what can she do?

Granger squeezes Claudine's hand gently, pulling it down and over to his face. He kisses the back of her hand lightly and smiles at her, squeezing her hand again. The tall man fixes his eyes on hers, watching her gaze intently for some signs of her inner most thoughts.

"We /ARE/ here to help her. We certainly don't want to hurt her. She's just a kid and she needs to know how to use her powers so they don't go off by accident like today. We will help her and we'll have her back out again with plenty of time for you and her to do all the fun stuff you two were planning on doing."

"I..I know we are, but it might take a while for her to believe that. She's always been hardheaded, but hopefully this experience will make her readily accept our help.."

Claudine genuinely smiles this time, seeming a bit more relaxed after the kiss on her hand as she takes a deep, calming breath. "And are you sure you're all right? Do you want me to get you anything?" she asks while looking over to see if his pillows need fluffing or if there might be any snacks or books laying around that he could want.

"I'm fine. Don't worry. I just need a good night's rest and some warm, flat cola in the morning. Maybe something easily digestible tomorrow afternoon."

Orion smiles warmly at Claudine and leans over to kiss the back of her hand again. He seems to be in fine order, for now, though he still looks faintly green around the gils. Granger lets out a long sigh, nestling comfortably on his bed.

"Now why don't you go take a nap in your sister's room? She'll probably want to see your angelic face when she wakes up. I can get by without having my guardian angel hovering over me for the evening," he murmurs, voice teasing.

"Why didnt they just have you both in the same room, it would've been easier?" Claudine admits ruefully with a soft chuckle of amusement as she eases on up. She leans forward to kiss him softly on the lips, before she places one on his forehead. "Sweet dreams, sweetie. And let me know if you need anything.." With that said, she lets go and starts to head back to the other room to collapse on one of the reclining chairs.

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