2010-05-24: In Good Faith



Date: March 24th, 2010


The tickets are now diamonds!

"In Good Faith"


"Your cranberry juice, sir," a waiter murmurs unobtrusively as he sets a tall glass down next to Porter's elbow. Without awaiting a reply, he bows and retreats.

Porter draws a neatly folded kerchief from the breast pocket of his suit, shakes it out, and dabs presperation from his brow. Then, with military precision, the square of cloth is folded back into a perfect triangle and tucked away. Mightly, the operative resists the urge to glance at his watch. Instead, he glances at the various patrons and employees that are scattered around the restaurant. Potential dangers are singled out, analyized, and filed away for later reference, all while he sips at his manly beverage.

They're fashionably late, by at least 20 minutes. Cool as a cucumber, Vasha leads Wheeler toward the host's podium and points toward the table for two by the window. "We will need another chair, please, something strong for my friends and a bottle of wine for myself. Something white." Vasha gives a cool smile across to Wheeler, standing nearly as tall as he is in her heels. "You are quite fortunate to have such a … doting caretaker. The settlement I am receiving is quite substantial."

The two of them are dressed in matching cabana wear. She in a bright orange and white print sundress and he in a matching gaudy top and white deck pants and canvas shoes. As they make their way into Porter's view, Vasha's hand dipts into her clutch and she gives the older man a nod of greeting. "Captain, I hope you were able to make the appropriate arrangements."

"Lucky you." comes the sarcastic response from Wheeler. He is, after all, not really caring about whatever 's happening except for the fact that it's probably going to be something that helps to get him the heck out of this craziness. He's been nothing but sarcastic… and apparently it continues.

He stays as close as possible to Vasha, making sure to not make any sudden moves or anything. He actually -wants- to get himself back to where he belongs. And surrounded by cheerleaders. Cheerleaders are awesome.

Though he doesn't stand, Porter immediately takes on a tense, wary posture when Vasha and Wheeler step into view. His eyes narrow, he sits up straighter, and the pads of his thumbs glide across his fingertips in a repetitive, anticipatory gesture. Slowly, he looks his asset over for signs of injury or abuse. "You okay, kid?" he queries, ignoring Vasha for the moment.

Leading the boy to the chair that is whisked over by the waitstaff, Vasha places him in the one opposite Porter while she takes the one between the two. Where there are no outward signs of abuse or neglect on his person, the brunette gives the young man a small smile through narrowed eyes. Her hand is still dipped into her clutch and she nods to Wheeler to answer. "He has been treated with … respect. Aside from the initial transport everything has been above par."

When the waiter returns with two mojitos and the bottle of white wine, she waits for her glass to be poured before plucking it up for a sip. "Captain, you have your proof of life. Where is my payment?"

"Okay? I'm in the middle of something I don't understand that includes the possibility of death in so many ways and you're asking me if I'm okay?" Wheeler's eyes are practically bugging out of his head as he's trying to keep himself from getting too damn upset. He doesn't want to cause a scene or anything like that. "News Flash. I'M NOT OKAY!" Okay, that's the last time he makes an outburst during this part of the exchangeae

"Relax, kid," Porter urges. "This'll all be over soon."

Famous last words.

Moving with slow, deliberate zeal, he reaches down the front of his suit trousers and pulls out a black velvet bag with a drawstring top. After tugging open the ties, he spills a generous number of uncut diamonds into his palm. The stones are only left on display for a few seconds, then they're replaced in the bag. "I imagine they'll cash out for far more than what you were asking. Fair?"

Ever so slowly, Vasha's expression changes from casual disdain to approval at the sight of the diamonds. She reaches toward hte middle of her table and places her wine glass into the middle of it and the extends her hand, palm up, toward Porter. "I would like to examine one of the stones. To ensure that it is a quality that I can be satisfied with." There's a slight glimmer in her eye as she clenches the hand in her clutch, wrapping her fingers around something small.

Supremely impassive, Porter nods and reaches into the sack to pluck out one of the gems. It has been polished, showing off a pale yellow hue that will only deepen once it's been properly cut. The sample is dropped unceremoniously into Vasha's palm. "Examine away," he says, shrugging. "That's the finest ice this city has to offer."

Rolling it from her palm to in between her finger and thumb, Vasha holds it up to the light. Seeing as her eye isn't quite sharp enough, the hand in her clutch withdraws, pulling with it a small jeweler's magnifying glass. "It is quite lovely, no major flaws… good color and clarity. Uncut which means no laser print… You impress me, Captain." Dropping the glass to the table, she extends her hand to him to give the diamond back. "I accept this payment."

Porter slips the stone back into the bag, cinches the top, and sets it down on the table. "I'm glad you approve," he murmurs blandly, his hands hovering over the gems as if reluctant to let them go. "One does try. Very well… You accept my stones, I accept the geek. Pleasure doing business with you."

Slipping her hand underneath Porter's, Vasha's fingers close over the bag. "I am certain you will be quite happy with the product you have purchased, do you have any questions before we bring the transaction to a close." Her manner is very business like, almost as if Porter was buying a car or a cellphone, not a person. Turning to Wheeler, she gives him a small smile and a slow wink. "You may keep the clothing, may it serve you well."

"… So then that's about the same time that I realized that nothing I was saying was even being listened to. That these two, whatever you want to call them, Mr. and Mrs. Smiths, I guess? Both of 'em were too busy playing Chess with their minds to even really pay any attention to the fact that I'm a prisoner and probably shouldn't be used as something to be bargained for. All I want to do is play video games. That's it. I never asked for anything else. Do I get that? Nooooooooo! Instead, I get to be kidnapped, tortured with horrible vampiric audiobooks and rescued in the most non-action/adventure way known to man. Far be it from me, though, to not find the silver lining in all of this craziness. Because I have! And that is, unlike most of the known world, I Archibald Anderson Wheeler know exactly how much I'm worth in uncut diamonds."

Wow. What a Rant. And the entire thing is said while Wheeler is not paying attention to whatever it is that Vasha and Porter are handling. He's just in his seat, rambling and raving to himself. Finally, though, he thinks he hears the end of all this negotiating.

"… Can I go home now? I need to feed my Gigapet…"

Porter sighs out a long breath and relinquishes the diamonds, but not before trailing his fingernails along Vasha's palm. "I think we're good," he murmurs, looking her in the eye and holding her gaze.

The spell is broken when he looks away. "C'mon, kid," he says to Wheeler. "We're oscar mike. There's a titty bar around the corner with our name on it. Then we'll get you to your megapet."

Vasha's eyes narrow a little at Porter as though trying to ascertain exactly what is on his mind. When he looks away, she sweeps the small bag off the table and turns to Wheeler, leaning foward to cup his jawline in her hand and place a kiss on his cheek. "My dearest Mister Wheeler, be assured that I asked for twice the amount that I was paid. You would have been well worth it."

Standing from her seat, she takes the mojito that was placed in front of Porter and takes a sip through the straw. "Have fun at your 'titty bar', gentlemen. I believe I am off to purchase a boat."

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