2010-01-12: In Pursuit of Monica



Date: January 12, 2010


The small heroes plan to bust into Building 26 to retrieve Monica.

"In Pursuit of Monica"

Holiday Inn, Washington DC

Having created all of the necessary documentation, gotten the tickets (using Hallis' allowance), and flown to DC, the small Heroes are regrouping in a Holiday Inn hotel room. The trio had managed to sneak away, fly to DC, and check into a hotel room. Hopefully no one has noticed them missing yet, lest Charlotte would come after them by now.

Sitting on one of the two beds, Micah has the building schematics for Building 26 up on his laptop. He glances at the other bed to see Molly fast asleep — it really has been a long day of travel. In hushed tones he turns to Cam, "Alright, so… we know the location of the building, but how do we get in? I can control any security cameras, but the officers themselves —" He glances at Cam and then back at the screen.

Cam grabbed a chocolate bar the instant they had a chance, and is eating it now as he sits down by Micah to look at the screen. "Yeah, that'll be tough. I mean, with some newspapers I can make us bulletproof vests, but I'd rather not get shot at all. Can you trick them into deploying somewhere, and then lock them in?"

"Hmmm. Yeah, let's try to avoid getting shot. Somehow don't think Mom would've approved," Micah's eyes twinkle just a bit. "And that really is awesome, and I want one… maybe a decoy. I could flag something on their system maybe…" He hmmms quietly to himself. "What if there's a way we don't have to encounter the guards… I mean… none of us have really spurted yet," Micah smirks as he focuses on some particular schematics. "The ventilation system maybe?"

Cam considers that, and says, "Yeah, that'd probably work. You'd have to pick a good route though. Crawling around on metal can be noisy, even if we don't wear shoes. It's a government building too, they might have some kind of security in the vents."

"That makes sense. Let me see if I can tap into it." Micah closes his eyes as he connects with the system. "There seem to be trip wires and sensors throughout… they seem to be heat sensors," This causes the tech kid to beam at Cam. "Shouldn't be a problem for you to get around… maybe you can freeze the entire thing and we could slide around…?" He considers, "If we can avoid the trip wires that might work… otherwise we can try to tap into more help… I'm in contact with Peter now… I don't suggest we connect with Tracy, I don't think she'd let us carry out the plan…"

Cam nods a little and grins, "Yep, heat sensors won't see us with me around. Might be uncomfortable for you guys, though." He nods quickly then, "Yeah, no way she would. Same with Charlotte, probably Hiro, Kory, Kitty, and just about every other adult I can think of."

"Who would help us do you think? Man, Monica's going to kill me once we get her out of there. And Charlotte will never trust me again, but… Monica needs us…" Micah sighs and frowns. And in a way he needs her. "As far as feeling uncomfortable… is there a way to get used to it beforehand?" He lowers his voice further, "I can take a lot, but I don't want Molly to get frostbite…"

Little Molly has been tuckered out by all the flying and getting from Germany to DC. However, with all the talk of deployment and ventilation systems and whatnot, she's slowly started to wake up. There's a bit of a toss and turn and then when she thinks she hears her name, her eyes flutter open. "Why wouldn't they help us?" she says sleepily, rubbing at her eyes. Slowly, she pushes herself up to a sitting position, the blankets still wrapped around her.

Cam considers, then shakes his head to Micah, "I can't think of anybody." He looks to Molly and waves a little, "We're kids. Adults think we need protection, so no way they'd let us be involved. They'd just stop us, and then argue for weeks before getting around to doing it themselves."

"That's exactly it," Micah agrees with Cam. "They think we'll just get hurt. And while we got caught last time.. it's because we trusted the wrong person. And while I want help… maybe I'll contact Prometheus. That way someone knows if… the worst happens." He shrugs a little at Molly before he bites his bottom lip, "Maybe the socialite that contacted me in New York… I bet she could put up a distraction or maybe she knows someone who could create a diversion." He smirks.

"But if you couldn't trust the person the last time, how do you know you can trust these other people?" Molly isn't normally skeptical, but she also doesn't want to be captured again. Max may not be able to get her and the others out. "They might think we're not able to do it, but they trust us to do things complicated all the time. Everyone asks us to use our powers to help them. They should do the same for us."

Cam shakes his head to Molly, and says, "Last time was different. We could trust everybody I mentioned, but I still don't think any of them would let us do this. They don't trust us, that's the problem. They think we need to be sheltered and everything. I mean, I like being safe, but we need to help Monica."

"Prometheus helped take down Pinehearst although I don't know who he really is. And the socialite has been shuttling money to us… $1000 a week…" Micah still hasn't determined what to do with said funds. "Actually if we need it we have about $17000 we can use… maybe $18000. That's what's paying for this room. In cash." He nods at Cam, "They don't trust us. They think we're dumb kids or something incapable of handling anything." He sighs. "I wish it was easier. But honestly, do you think Matt or Mohinder would be happy with what we're trying to do?"

That's a lot of money. And money talks, apparently. "I think they'd be worried," Molly admits. She nibbles at the corner of her lips and thinks about that. "I just don't like sneaking behind their back like this. I mean, the ones we're supposed to be sneaking about are those bad guys in the Building." She doesn't have a useful ability like Micah or Cam in getting inside of a building. All she can do is be their GPS and let them know where to go. "I don't think they think we're dumb. Peter doesn't think so."

Cam shakes his head to Molly, "Peter'd trust us, I think. But Charlotte sure doesn't. She'd be here already and teleporting us back if she knew we were missing. We'll easily have her help getting out, though, I'm sure. But still, not sure who else would trust us. Kory *maybe*, and maybe Kitty, but I still doubt it."

"Kitty would probably scold us," Micah observes as he too shakes his head. "Kory might not and Peter would probably trust us… if he could remember us. He doesn't remember anything after that time he battled Sylar on Kirby Plaza… well and now he remembers stuff." He shrugs a bit, "So… question is, do we call Peter or not?"

"…But, we met him at Kirby Plaza. He'd remember us." With a frown, Molly wants to trust Peter. It's in her gut. He's a friend. But, she's also a trusting person. "I think we should. We don't have to tell him everything, I guess. But we need to find Monica, and I think Peter would really help."
Cam, of course, wasn't there, but he knows the whole story thanks to a certain comic book. He nods quickly and says, "Yeah, he might remember you guys. Not me, but anyway, that shouldn't matter. He still might try to protect us, but at least there's a chance he'd help us."

"I helped him get a new identity and he remembered who I was. And my mom. Not dad though, I don't think." Micah frowns a bit. That's a bit strange to him, but whatever. "Alright, I'll text Peter. I already know his phone number and how to get ahold of him. And then we can move on this."
That said, Micah reaches for his phone and closes his eyes.

Rebel texts:




Maybe they could do this alone, but maybe they can't. Molly isn't sure. "I don't know. Do you think we should?" She feels weird about basically making them text someone if they don't want to. But she doesn't know how they're going to make it in without some help. "Then, he would, wouldn't he?" He may not remember her giving him her ability, but that doesn't mean that she can't still think of him as her friend. "What else do we need to do?"

Cam grins, "Well, we need some newspapers. Thick ones. So I can make bulletproof vests for each of us. Besides that, we'll all need a shower I think, no scented soaps. And we might want to buy you guys some warm clothes, something without too many loose fabrics, so they're quiet too. Going to be cold wearing ice-vests, and there's the whole vent system that we'll need to worry about keeping you guys warm in too, if we need to go that way."

"We have lots of money to get supplies," Micah adds to what Cam was saying. "We can go to the store and get what we need without anyone tracing us." Pause. "Do I need to build something in case they corner us and try to shoot us up with that stuff again… we'll be defenceless unless we have weapons of some kind… nothing that will kill anyone, but maybe something that could stun them. I bet I could make a taser with some work…"

Though Molly knows that her ability is going to be more use when they're inside the building and need to find Monica, she feels useless right now. "Just…let me know what I can do to help." Because right now it kind of just seems like there won't be much. "I can do the shopping that we need." That way they can focus on more of the planning work that seem to be better at than Molly.

Cam nods to Molly and grins, "Yeah, that'd be great. You do the shopping, and won't be recognized. Me and Micah? Everybody knows we've been reported missing, what with that whole press conference after the last time we were rescued." Then he looks up to Micah, "What about Ivory?"

"Yeah, Molly! That'd be great! It's true, Cam and I were on the news back when Ivory was still looking for us…" Micah tilts his head at Cam. "Maybe Ivory would help us… but can he help us anymore? He's all like not doing his job anymore, right? Aunt Tracy said he stepped down…"

Ivory is the one that let Molly out the first time, and Molly nods her head. "I don't know if anyone we know works there any more. It may just be better to rely on Peter." As for the shopping, she nods. At least she's unknown here. "I'll spread it out over a bunch of stores so no one takes notice of me. Just give me a list of what we all need."

Cam blinks at that, "He did? Oh, yeah, I saw that on the news, I forgot." He frowns again and says, "Yeah, don't think we know anybody on the inside then. Which means we have to be extra careful this time too." He looks to Molly and nods quickly. He hops up, running to get a notepad that can always be found in hotel rooms, and a pen. He starts writing things out. "Too bad we're not in New York, I know a guy who can get us a good bump-key in case we ran into any old-fashioned locks. But this stuff should do us. Micah, what stuff will you need to make tazers?"

"Alright. Peter it is. And for the tasers I need wire, a power source — likely battery. Some kind of plastic casing… I need to be able to work with live electrodes." Micah agrees with both Molly and Cam. "And yeah, we have to be really really careful. If we get caught… we might not be getting out until this all gets resolved." He glances between his friends seriously. "I hate asking you both to risk so much… we still have time right now to get out of this… a text to Charlotte and it's over. If either of you are having second thoughts. I just ask that you don't contact Charlotte until after I go in —"

"…I don't know if I'm going to be able to get a taser without—" Then Micah continues and Molly nods. "Right." That's something she can do without raising suspicions. "You're not asking us. Or at least me. I volunteered to come with you, Micah. And I'm not having second thoughts." Not yet, at least. But, Molly knows danger - she's lived with it for four years.

Cam shakes his head to Micah and says, "Nope, no way. Not getting split up from you again. We go together." He writes the new stuff on the list, pauses, then writes again. "Adding snack bars to the list too. In case we have to wait inside somewhere between shifts or something." Taking the paper off of the pad, he steps back to hand it to Molly.

Micah gives his two best friends in the world a large smile. "Thanks guys. I…" he chokes a bit on the words in his mouth before he finally says them "…I love you guys. You're my family. We need each other. I did this alone before and… I can't. I need you. Both of you. Thank you." He swallows uncomfortably as he rolls off the bed with his laptop in hand. "I'm sorry to do this, but… I need to focus on getting some plans for these tasers. We'll each need one. I think I can build them relatively quickly — it's not that complicated."

"Snack bars." Molly takes the list and looks it over again. "You're welcome, Micah. And we couldn't just leave you here by yourself. Anyway, we wouldn't be able to get home without you." She gives him a smile, showing that she's joking. "Go focus. I'm going to find out where to get all this stuff."

Cam smiles too and says, "I've always said, we're brothers. Maybe not genetically, but every way that counts." He then says, "I'll… um… watch TV I guess, while you work on that. Not much for me to do until you're done those and Molly's done shopping and we hear back from Peter, I guess. Oh, maybe can I look over those schematics some more while you work?"

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