2008-03-11: In Search Of...


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Summary: Several things, really. A puppy. Whether Kory's difficulties are permanent. But most importantly, whether Peter Petrelli is missing of his own volition.

Date It Happened: March 11, 2008

Log Title In Search Of …

Lucky Joe's Diner

Sophie is seated at one of the booths. Quite obvious, given her stack of books and the plate of waffles in front of her.

Kory is walking in under the weight of a heavily loaded backpack, looking — well, 'death warmed over' is probably too harsh. So is 'a mile of bad road'. But suffice to say she probably looks like maybe a football field's length of bad road, yeah. Tired, disheveled, puffy-eyed, and trudging like the floor is all uphill.

Sophie looks up from her books, seeing Kory. Some concern flickers over her features, but a smile returns and she raises a hand, "Hey, Kory!" her cheery greeting heard over the murmur of conversation in the diner.

Kory looks up, and her face lights in a genuine smile at the sight of her friend. "Sophie, hi." She gets a little more energy in her step, even, and comes over. "Mind if I join ya?" Waffles look good, enticing, as always, but she really should eat something less carby — the wembling is visible on her face.

Sophie nods as she says, "Oh, please. Its never fun eating alone." she waves at the seat across from herself.

Kory removes the backpack and lets it drop heavily onto the seat, before she slides in after it. "Heh, it's not?" she asks, playfully. "I used to do it all the time. Comes with the bookworm territory."

Sophie chuckles, "I consider that as having some company." she admits. "But, so.. what've you been up to?" she peeks over, "I'd ask how you've been, but you do look like you are still recovering a little?"
You must stop gagging that channel to speak on it.

"Me too," Kory agrees. "And, yeah, I'm almost done with the meds. I've got about ten days supply left. I'm sleeping too much. Way too much. I won't miss it if it goes away afterward. I don't know how you do it!"

Sophie blinks and chuckles, 'Some of us don't, as much as we are supposed to. I guess I enjoy it, the rest. But I guess if I didn't feel any bad effects for not sleeping, I'd think of it as wasting time."

"Well, yeah. I haven't slept like a regular person before — well, ever." She smiles tautly, uneasily. "So I'm hoping my sleep patterns go back to normal. Well…normal for me. Soon." She smiles gratefully at the waitress, and asks for a double bacon cheeseburger platter, fries crispy, and a chocolate milkshake.

Sophie smiles, "At least it isn't affecting your appetite." she takes a bite of her waffles. She mms, "The food here is wonderful. Well, maybe you need it, extra rest just to heal up?"

"I hope so," Kory says. "Otherwise, this is gonna take some serious getting used to." She also orders a shrimp cocktail for starters while the food is cooking. "But enough about me, okay? What've you been up to?"

Sophie shrugs and says, "Things have settled down, I suppose. Just work, school, that kind of thing. I did meet some more interesting people. This guy named Hiro." she pronounces it like 'Hero', probably as most Americans do. "He has helped me sort of accept the kinds of things I can do."

Kory's smile returns at the mention of Hiro. "Isn't he just a darling?" she agrees. "He was very encouraging to me the other night, too. I owe him lunch or something. If Lee hadn't been such a …schmuck…" Kory isn't one for swearing, it'd appear. Even though she's a native New Yorker. "…I would've remembered my manners and thanked him properly."

Sophie nods, 'I need to, too. Maybe we can cook him a dinner or something.' she grins. 'I met that friend of his too. This /really/ big, strong woman named Rochelle.>"

Kory shudders. "Oh. Her. Yeah. We've met." The big woman apparently gives Kory a bit of the willies. "She's Leah's cousin. I dunno. I just didn't vibe with her."

Sophie hmms, "She has this.." she lowers her voice, "Really different ability. Its like.. stuff doesn't work around her. Like what I can do? But she can shut it off.":

Kory raises a brow with a shrimp halfway to her mouth. "She does?" She pops the shrimp into her mouth and chews thoughtfully for a moment before she speaks again. "Well, that's handy…and I wonder now if she's the one Peter had planned for me to meet."

Sophie hmms, "I don't know. Did you want to have someone's abilities turned off or something?"

"It didn't turn out that we did, but I wish we could have anyway," Kory sighs. "Things mostly worked out, but Peter…" she shakes her head. "I shouldn't get into it unless he says it's okay. It's …convoluted. It's complicated."

Sophie nods, "He seems like such a nice guy. Well, what I met of him. I guess you could say it was twice." she chuckles, "Though I don't know if the first time counts. So, how's he been?"

Kory's face falls. "I …don't know. I can't get in touch with him. Not on his phone or through…my other method." She grabs for the shake as it arrives and takes a long slurp.

Sophie frowns a bit. "Most of the time, I would've said to not worry, I mean, most of the time that just means someone's busy. But lately.." she shakes her head, "with stuff that seems to happen.. maybe we should check up on him? I mean, if that's appropriate."

"Why wouldn't it be appropriate?" Kory asks. "You kind of met him — " she drops her voice to a whisper and continues " —inside of my head." I'm pretty sure you count as someone he can trust, because you could've done damage with what you found out, but you were just as nice as nice can be."

Sophie smiles a bit. "I meant with the regular world. You know, its hard to explain, 'I'm a friend, though he may have never talked about me or I never met any of you, because we were together in this other girl's head.'"

"Well, one afternoon talking in a hospital room notwithstanding?" Kory asks, tilting her head. "I'm sure he wouldn't mind. He's a great person. A true hero. In the cinematic sense. Like Neo."

Sophie nods, thoughtfully. "Well, it'd be nice to know he was just on vacation, or deep in work and that'd be one less thing to worry about. Do you have any way to contact him.. family, or work or anything where we wouldn't panic anyone by checking on him until, well, they should be panicked?"

"I guess I could try to contact his sister in law," Kory says, eyes brightening in obvious why-didn't-I-think-of-that reaction. "She might know where to find him. Or maybe his girlfriend, even." She seems a bit more relaxed at Sophie's suggestion. "Thanks, Sophie. You rock. You know that?"

Sophie blushes a little. "Oh, well, just glad I can help, really. He was really nice, the one time I met him. I'd like to know he's ok."

"Me too." Kory agrees, acknowledging the warning of how hot the plate is before asking for the mayo for her fries. "You want some before I defile them with mayo?"

Sophie blinks, "I never thought of mayo on fries. But naw, these waffles are going to probably fill me up." she grins, "But I might give them a try sometime when I hit McDonalds. But have ketchup on backup in case I don't like it."

"It's not as good on Mickey D's fries," Kory warns. "Only on proper diner fries. I don't know why. But it is." She blops on a generous dollop of mayo, and begins dipping contentedly. "I will have to see if Mrs. Petrelli is reachable. I never did get her number. And she's been out of the hospital for weeks now."

Sophie nods, "If they are one of those rich and powerful families, and he has a Senator in the family, so I guess that fits.. They don't usually have their number in the phonebook. So, I have no idea how you'd get through."

"Neither do I," Kory admits, "But maybe Rochelle knows. She knows Peter well enough that he was going to call on her. And …then there's one other person I can think of." She swallows, but sets her jaw, fear and determination jostling each other on her expression before the latter firmly settles.

Sophie notices the expressions. Guess that her talent breeds a bit of emotional sensitivity. It is with some trepidation she asks, "Who is the other person?"

"His name's Gabriel…" Kory says. "And last time I saw him, he was in a hotel room in Queens. Don't know if he's still there. But it's at least a place to start. And maybe he'd want to help Peter. Peter helped him."

Sophie nods, then she has to ask, "Is he.. dangerous, or is it dangerous trying to get ahold of him? I can come with you, if you like. Anything I can do to help.. I would like to try."

"He's not supposed to be dangerous," Kory muses thoughtfully. "But he was once. So no. I can't ask you to come with, in case he gets angry with me for bugging him if I can even find him." She sets to on one of the burgers with the fervor of someone who has been starving in the desert for six weeks.

Sophie digs into her waffles, then the eggs she got with them. "Alright, but at least keep in touch, so I know when to worry?" she asks, ruefully, "I will anyway, or when to stop, then?"

"Ok, fair enough. I'll keep you posted," Kory agrees. "If I'm able to accomplish anything at all."

Sophie nods, "Well, if you can't, that means something to, I imagine. I'd hate to have to reassemble some kind of team to deal with stuff, but we can if we have to." she says with determination.

"No, we shouldn't," Kory says, shaking her head. "If Peter's in trouble, I've got a fair idea who has him, and he wouldn't want us to try going up against them. You ever read the X-Men comic book?" It's a strange question, and Kory knows it, by the 'please indulge me for a minute' entreaty written all over her face.

Sophie pauses, "Umm.. no. Not really. I did watch the movies, though. Why?"

"Okay." The movies don't make the example nearly as pointedly, but Kory tries. "Do you remember the second one, when the bad guys came to the house, and they had to run because they were all kids up against bad guys who were trained and prepared to take them down?"

Sophie thinks a moment, then she nods. "Yeah, I remember that. The bad mutant guys, right?"

"Yeah. And the army guys." Kory explains. "If we assembled a team? We'd be Kitty and Bobby and Rogue and Piotr and they would be the guys on the other side of the ice wall. And we don't have a Logan."

Sophie whoas, eyes wide, and shivering. "There's really guys like that? Not just in movies? Are they.. are they after people like us, or only would be if we were trying to get to them?"

"They're like that now," Kory says. "They've tried to grab Peter more than once. They did grab his girlfriend once already. "And he has said he wants to keep me out of their sights." She shrugs. "But if he needs help…" She sighs.

Sophie frowns at that, then she blinks. "That.. Umm.. there's this girl, the one we used to help you. If that was the case, she could just… pop in and out, right? Or does she have to know exactly where he was?"

"Charlotte? She probably could, but if they have Peter…they probably have him guarded…" Kory worries her lower lip between her teeth. "I mean, yeah, it's a good idea. Maybe. It can't hurt."

"Charlotte? She probably could, but if they have Peter…they probably have him guarded…" Kory worries her lower lip between her teeth. "I mean, yeah, it's a good idea. Maybe. It can't hurt." She plucks her cellphone out of the backpack and quickly fires off a text message.

PHONE: You sent the following text to Charlotte: Kory here. Need to ask you something. call or text when you get this. TYVM.

Sophie nods, "Well, we first have to figure out if we need to. See if he's really, well, missing, and if that's where he is, or if he's just really busy, or something. But if he is, definitely. See what we can do." she frowns a bit, "He seems like he'd do that for other people."

"He would. I could start with his girlfriend." Kory checks her phone. "Don't think I got her number, though…and I'm not sure anybody we know knows Elena."

Sophie shakes her head, 'The name doesn't sound familiar. How about that sister in law? Is she the one married to the Senator?'

"Yes. Mrs. Petrelli. Don't have her number either. She was not in the position to give it to me when I saw her. I was helping Peter after she was injured." Kory sighs. "When did this all get so COMPLICATED?" She would drag her hands through her hair, but they're all greasy from the cheeseburger, and she has to grab a napkin to rectify that.

Sophie nods, 'But it'd likely be easier to find, or at least some way to get in contact. We have both names, and she's kind of a public figure.'

"Yeah. She is. And her husband is." If her husband is even still her husband. Kory leans back, leaving only a few lonely fries and a couple bites of burger on her plate. Worrying and strategizing is killing her appetite. "I can try her. Maybe Jane knows where she is." As much as Kory does not want to get in touch with Jane about anything, because the woman refuses to believe what Kory tells her.

Sophie sighs and nods. "Well, if we start with just trying to get in touch with Peter. Can we make up a reason why we would need him, so she'd tell us if he is available? Or is just being a friend enough? And if she hasn't seen him, and knows others haven't, well.. might get something started."

"Heidi…I think she knows enough that I could tell her 'I think he's in trouble' and leave it at that. She'd help," Kory sighs. "At least, I hope she will." She shakes her head, and bows it over the table. "And this is even if he's still in …" she trails off.

Sophie takes a breath. "Let's calm down a minute. He could be fine. Even if he isn't, it is one step to getting him fine to get solid information, right?"

Kory is probably a bit less in control of her emotions these days because of her own issues, and the meds, and the fact that she still technically lives in an apartment she was abducted from (which might explain the fact she has a heavy backpack and heavy eyelids). "Of course. Of course, you're right. He could just have taken off with Elena for a vacation."

Sophie reaches out a hand. "We will figure this all out. And we're not alone. You know we have a lot of people who can help out if it turns out we need it."

"No," Kory says, shaking her head and meeting Sophie's eyes. "It's not the same as it was coming after me. Leslie was just a guy who's a little screwed up. These guys are The Bad Guys." The way she says it, the initial caps are audible. "We can't put all those abilities in the hands of The Bad Guys if it turns out they have Peter."

Sophie stills, conflicting emotions on her face, "But we can't.. we can't just leave him with them, if they are like that, can we?"

"I don't want to, no. Of course not. But he wouldn't want us putting ourselves at risk for him. He wouldn't want us to end up in their little cages either, and if we try to go up against The Bad Guys unprepared and outgunned and outstrategized …that's what we'd be doing." Kory wipes at her eyes — whether because she's tired or fighting tears is not immediately obvious.

Sophie blinks and looks conflicted. "But.. we can't just leave him there? Is there anything we can do, if those people are involved? I mean, anything the regular police or something can do? Or the news?"

"Where abilities are concerned, how much use do you think the authorities would be?" Kory asks, shoving at her plate, disconsolately. "Or the news. What happens in the movies when people like us go public?"

Sophie sighs, "Bad things." she looks at Kory. "Well, I can't go crazy on this until I know for sure. So, let's find out first." she decides, "Then, we decide what to do, I think. Sound good?"

"Yeah, bad things," Kory has to confirm. "But you're right. Let's start out with simple and see what comes of it. Maybe it won't be anything serious or crazy." She clasps Sophie's hand. "And thanks, Sophie. You're level-headed. And a good friend. I don't know what I'd do without you."

Kory is leafing through a big — no, really big, coffee table edition big — book of dogs. Slowly. The table is clear except for a cup of tea she's sipping from absent-mindedly as she reads each page intently.

As he walks in, Randall is fiddling with the back of his hair; it's not the horrible buzz cut from last year, but it's been trimmed a bit, at least. "Still shopping for assistants?" he offers, wandering over and making a sour face at the choice of beverage.

It's regular tea, with lemon, not pomegranate. She hasn't touched anything made of/from/with pomagranate since the entire ordeal ended. "And yeah. I have it narrowed down, I think. But I have to check with Lachlan when I see him." She seems a little distracted; she has a smile for Randall, but it's not that usual blinding radiant one.

Randall leans over, offering Kory a kiss on the forehead - toning things down in public, as usual - and settles into the seat opposite. He doesn't bat an eye at the reduced perkiness, attributing it to the simple matter of recovery. "He's been pretty busy, or you have, or both? Do dog trainers get a busy season?" No great deal of knowledge of the subject himself, but he's interested in hearing more.

Kory warms visibly at the kiss on the forehead, and watches Randall as he settles down across. "He has, I have," she confirms. Avoiding nightmares and worrying is very busy work, yep. "And I imagine spring is the busy season. When all the puppies are born. Which is why I kind of wanna act soon." A beat. Then she adds, "Peter's missing, Randall."

Halfway through reaching for a napkin, Randall stops and frowns. "For how long? Does Charlotte know yet?" Of course he quickly thinks of her. He gestures as if he's going to ramble on further, but catches himself and waits for her to lay out more of what she knows so far.

"It's been at least a few days now," Kory says. "Haven't gotten a call back or a text from him. And …I don't know if Charlotte knows. Sophie suggested her too." She sighs. "We batted around ideas. I'm gonna see if his sister in law knows where he is. Maybe he's just vacationing with Elena. Or in the future again."

Sophie comes back from the ladies room. She walks back to the table, and smiles as she notices the new arrival while she was gone. "Oh, hey there!" having taken the time to try and calm down.

Kory is holding a huge book about dogs now, but crams it back into her heavily stuffed backpack (how did it fit in the first place? The world may never know.). "Just catching Randall up to speed on how awesome you are, and how great minds think alike. Charlotte was his first thought, too."

Sophie goes a little red, but also smiles brightly. "Well, I really hope it isn't necessary, but her ability.." her voice lower, of course, "It is so.. handy for this kind of thing.'

Randall inclines his head to Sophie, scooting back to make sure she has room to sit down if she's going to. "Is he the sort who'd drop off the grid randomly like this?" Kory mentioned 'in the future again', which sort of suggests a yes there.

"Not so much randomly," Kory admits, "Which is what worries me. He usually lets me know if he's got something that's going to keep him off the grid like that. He'd have left word. A note. Something." She takes a breath, refusing to get all worked up about it again. "I'm just hoping he decided to run off with Elena. But…I couldn't reach him my way when I tried." She meets Randall's eyes, leaving the actual detail unspoken.

Sophie does take the offer, settling down at the booth. "I hope so too." she says, "I just want to find out for sure."

Randall bites his lip and studies Kory, brimming with some more questions, thinking through them slowly so that he doesn't say too much out loud. "Maybe he's just too far away, especially if he did just run off with—" Wait, Peter's dating Elena? Huh. Small world. Not that Randall has been in touch her very often lately, work and school being respectively as busy as ever. "Anyway, have you been able to reach anyone else lately?"

"No. I promised I'd check in on Gabriel too, now and again, but I can't reach him either. Nor the police officer on the F train," Kory says, dropping her gaze to the few lonely fries and bite or two of burger she left on her plate.

Sophie looks more worried. "There's more people who might be missing?"

"Not necessarily— she was meeting the police officer in person. Well, while he was napping, I mean." Randall does pull out that napkin now, folding it this way and that as a means of keeping his hands occupied. "Maybe your medication's still messing with you some?" The mention of Gabriel is met with a blank look; he doesn't know to connect that name with his infamous alias.

"Oh, no, no, Sophie," Kory explains. "It's that I can't reach them my way that's the issue. Not that they might be missing too. I…" She doesn't know? Kory smiles, amused somehow that Sophie wasn't aware. "I visit people's dreams."

"And yeah, Randall, Lee thinks the same thing. I hope that's all it is. My meds run out in ten days, so we'll see what happens then. It's just weird being without it. I've had it half my life, y'know?"

Sophie nods as she says, "Wow, that is a long time. I mean.. I could only do things for a month.. maybe less." she hmms, "But medications have side effects, and not like they'd even know it'd stop something they don't even think exists."

Randall rolls his eyes. "'We had to remove a small portion of your frontal lobe— but don't worry, it's a part we never use anyway.' And I think I'm somewhere in between, as far as timing goes… been noticing little things here and there for a few years now. Anyway, the guy on the train sounded like he was coming along pretty well, I figure he can hold out for a week or two."

"I hope so," Kory says, genuinely worried. "I guess now's as good a time as any to check NYU's psych program. I can start taking classes for my degree and license in case it doesn't return."

Sophie nods, thoughtfully. "So, we find out if we're worried over nothing or not, first. Do you.." she glances to Randall, "know anything about these really bad guys?"

Randall frowns. Could Leslie have caused permanent damage? But before he can dwell on that, he blinks and looks back to Sophie. "Which bad guys? You mean the— well, we don't know if Peter's been snatched or not, do we? Do we know anyone specific who'd want to?"

"Yes," Kory says, "We do. He always called them the Company, and said he wanted to keep them and me as far apart as possible because they snatch people with abilities and …they're more or less never seen again. Like The Shop from Stephen King, kind of." Which is not a remotely comforting thought to anyone who's read Stephen King, let alone seen the films. "He's tangled with them before. A couple months ago when he was having problems with his abilities." When he killed someone due to not realizing what a new ability did in time. "They wanted to lock him up then."

Sophie shivers at that. But she says, "But if he does turn out to be captured by them.. we can't just LEAVE him there. Both for him, but also.. what they might do with him."

The Company. Oh, great. The phrase 'soulless corporation' is batted around for a reason. "Let me guess," says Randall, "they thought he was dangerous?" Well, killing someone is, not that he meant it to turn out that way. "Kind of like some policemen— you spend enough long days working with rough crowds, you start seeing everyone in that light."

"That's the long and the short of it, yeah," Kory says, sliding out from the booth. "They also kidnapped Peter's girlfriend to try and force him to come turn himself over to them. Which means they play dirty." She struggles getting the book-laden backpack onto one shoulder, and then drops money onto the table to cover her dinner and a decently generous tip. "I'm gonna be staying at the Chrises again tonight," Kory informs Randall. "If you wanna swing by after your shift, I'll let the doorman know to expect you." She kisses his cheek, taking after his cue to keep the PDAs mild-mannered.

Sophie sighs and nods, "That sounds horrible. I don't even know if I'm going to be any use for this, though."

Randall reaches up, giving Kory's waist a quick squeeze before she heads off, then turns back and leans into his seat. "Me neither. Hopefully they wouldn't target us while they're at it, but even if not… 'company' implies numbers, organization. Different beast. We'd need all the information we can get, things like where exactly their real motives lie."

Sophie nods, 'We need someone, I don't know.. either inside, or good at research. Boy, I am SO not any kind of super spy or hacker or anything.' she sighs.

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