2007-04-02: In Search Of Dark Matter


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Summary: Eric, after lying low after the incident in Mount Sinai, stops by the Gomez apartment to see Elena. Elena informs him of a new theory she has about his powers. Awkwardness ensues, until finally Eric asks her a question he's been wanting to ask for two months now.

Date It Happened: April 2, 2007

In Search of Dark Matter

The Gomez Apartment, Queens, New York

There are books, a lot of books, on astrophysics, piled up on her table. Again struck by a moment of eureka, Elena is working on a few other things diligently. A pair of cats eye glasses are perched on her nose, and she's highlighting and making notes in her laptop. Another day, another theory. Unfortunately she knows her progress is quite limited - after all, she still needs a brainwave monitor. Hopefully Jaden Cain's new facility can help with that. She looks tired, but working on this is the only way to keep her mind off her father. Given the doctors were swarming all over him when he finally woke up, they sent her home so they could run some tests on him.

Which of course, aggravated her to no end, but what can she do?

She's dressed in a comfy pair of pajama bottoms, a tank top, and fuzzy donkey slippers. Yes, Donkey. As in Donkey from Shrek. Her hair is pulled up in a messy twist, and there's a pen dangling from her mouth, the end chewed on quite a bit.

Knock. Knock. Knock.

That would be the door to the apartment, and it would be someone knocking softly on it. On the other side of that door would be one Eric Walker. Hale. Hearty. And feeling just fine after his amazing recovery from a pair of gunshot wounds. Dark soft leather jacket, blue jeans, and a black t-shirt make him look rather…casual…for once in his life. Not dressed in his usual spit and polish of the corporate world. Glancing around the hallway he hrmmms to himself as he waits for the door, thoughts rolling around in his head at a lazy pace.

"Hang on a second!" Elena calls, reluctantly pulling herself away from her work, and calling up the log-in screen in her laptop just in case. She unfolds herself from the chair and walks over to the door, and without looking through the peephole in a haze of preoccupation. "Can I help you with some—"


Eric dressed casually and without any gunshot holes whatsoever on his person. Eric dressed oh-so-casually like Dean Winchester from Supernatural.

Eric who's looking at her while she's dressed like a bum.

The door SLAMS back shut, Elena turning around and pressing her back against the door. Oh god! Oh god oh god oh god! What was he doing here? WHY DIDN'T HE CALL FIRST? "Eric! What are you doing here? I—oh god, hang on, okay? You can come in in like….ten seconds!" And with that, she runs for her bedroom door, slamming it shut so she can put on -something- that didn't make her look like a bum. Granted he's seen her dressed down, but things are DIFFERENT now. …right? Right. Maybe. She didn't know but she was wearing GLASSES.

"Elena sorry I didn't ca——" SLAM "…ll…first…" Eric had walked right into that one, and rebounds slightly as the door smacks him on the nose when she slams it, leaving the poor bewildered young man standing in the hallway rubbing his damaged nose with a rather confused look on is face. "Ow," He mutters to himself, managing to catch himself before falling right the heck over. "…was it something I said…" He adds after a moment, and if she opens the door up after that comment, she would see him making some rather odd faces as he tries to get feeling back into his nose.

After a few seconds, the door opens - and Elena's wearing a baby t-shirt and a pair of dark, hip-hugging jeans. Nothing she can do about her hair now, so it remains up in that loose twist, but when she sees him making those faces, she swallows a snicker. "I'm sorry, I wasn't dressed," she tells him with a sheepish look on her face. "Come in, I'm sorry about that. Um…..do you want anything to drink? What's up?" She turns away from the door so she could let him in, closing the door soon after. And then she'll make her way to the kitchen, opening the refrigerator and finding….barely anything. She groans under her breath. After everything else, she forgot to do groceries. But there's a pitcher of Sangria left over, as well as a few cans of Pepsi.

One last face before he is satisfied and turns to grin towards Elena. Eric just shakes his head for a moment. "My fault in just dropping by, guess I should have called…" He replies as he steps into the apartment, glancing around once before he adds. "What though I have to have a reason to check on a friend?" He asks with a smile towards her before he nods. "Drink would be good, anything really." He adds before he pauses, hands in his pockets as he leans against one of the sofas. "…I just…wanted to check on you is all really. I mean the last time we talked it wasn't for awhile, and I had a lot on my mind, and have been busy…so…I just got it into my mind to drop by is all."

"Yeah…." Friend. Friend was safe. Friend was not sweaty-palm inducing. Elena looks over her shoulder at him and smiles, walking up to deposit a can of Pepsi in one of his hands. "How are you feeling?" she asks. He looks…hale and hearty, and part of her sags in relief seeing it. "And I'm doing okay, just a little tired. Papa's in the hospital." She wrinkles her nose. "He had a heart attack - apparently after he found out about the raid about Peter." She rakes her hand through her hair and turns away from him so she could crack her can of Pepsi open, and take a swig. "And now Sylar's running around with his powers back. So I guess on top of everything else, you've got some sort of brain eater running around. I'm HOPING that fact is going to keep Drake from showing up around in his costume like he did at Cass's store last night—" Her voice trails off. She looks at him, and she sighs. "I'm sorry. These days I don't know how to be ….-normal- anymore. How was your vacation?"

No. Friend was not sweaty-palm inducing, it was safe. However its hard to forget those kisses, Eric is trying very hard to ignore his memory, and the fact that she looked damn good even when dressed down, and concentrate on things. The news that she delivers helps quite a bit. "Boss…er…Ramon? He's alright though? No complications?" He suddenly looks rather concerned, turning to face her with a worried look on his face, his hand automatically taking the drink and not opening it yet. A slight wince then. "…and…yeah, I'd ask how he took the news about that raid…but its rather obvious." A pause again before he just blinks once. "…Drake…has a costume?"

She groans, throwing her hands up and sloshing Pepsi in a slight shower against her hand. She steadies it a bit though, Elena taking another sip and collapsing on the couch. "YES. That -idiot-. I told her to be discreet about his powers, but he said that he's being discreet by GOING OUT THERE in disguise. And while I commend him for….helping people, it's….ugh. I'm afraid it'll only drag him closer to people who he really doesn't want to come across. I'm not his mother, I can't tell him what to do. He promised to tone it down but….his latest escapade made the papers." She sighs. "I'm hoping his new girlfriend will talk him out of this really." She hunches over, and looks up at him, blowing a lock of hair from her eyes. "And Papa's fine. He woke up today - the doctors kicked me out so they can run some tests on him."

"…oh my god…going out in disguise and…if those guys at the company /saw/ the way he moves and they have any suspicion on how he…" Eric just pauses in his rant, shakes his head once and pops the Pepsi before glaring down at the drink. "…I quit." He just shakes his head. "I mean…that’s it…I quit!" He gives Elena an amused smirk. "That’s two of us in the papers in as many weeks. Yes. Our Haitian friend is going to just /love/ the way we keep our heads down isn't he?" He says with a slight shake of his head as he finally takes a sip of his drink. "…and good. I'm glad he's looking better."

"…that's my line and you're stealing it. I demand royalties," Elena retorts at Eric dryly and smirks back. Taking another sip of her drink she leans back on her couch and grumbles. "And I know. I hope he hasn't washed his hands off of us. We need him," she says softly. She toys with the Pepsi can and she looks at him, then looks away. "…..you know I'm glad you stopped by, even if you didn't call first." She looks up at him and smiles ruefully. "I mean….I could be going to your funeral right now, instead of talking to you in the flesh. My abilities aren't exactly conducive to seeing dead people, you know."

"Take it up with my lawyers," Eric replies with a laugh as he watches her a moment, grumbling there on the couch. "…well I think it'll be alright, but then again my father always said I was an incurable optimist." He adds with a slight shrug. He pauses a moment to nurse his drink as she speaks though before he grins slightly towards her. "…you know, I think I'd much rather be here with you…" A pause before he hastily adds. "…I mean, more than at a funeral…MY funeral…because…you…know…I'd be dead…" There is a pause as his cool guy voice in his mind beats the living hell out of his geeky guy voice. Yeah. Really smooth Eric. Only could have made it better if he had stuttered. "…I don't think I've even heard of anyone that can see ghosts…but regardless yes. Much rather be here with you." Pause. "Alive. Here alive. Yes."

"Even if Carson'll probably throw you a giant kegger in honor of your death?" Elena teases, but when he fumbles, she watches him, blinking a little bit. She glances down on her Pepsi, a small smile quirking on her lips. Her cheeks look a little pink, but she shakes her head a little bit. "I am, too," she says simply. She's trying not to show that she hears that he's fumbling around with saying that. Standing up, she folds her arms behind her back and looks up at him, dark eyes sweeping over his handsome profile. And then, she smiles. "I want to show you something," she says suddenly, gesturing for him to follow her as she moves back to the kitchen and points to the stack of books. "I was working on your file," she says. "When you knocked on the door. I have another theory. About your powers. I remember…." She pauses, and she looks at him. "Remember one of the first times I managed to ….you know….touched a patch of darkness you created?"

"Especially if Carson would throw me a giant kegger, the huge bastard would cry too I bet, if he thought he would get laid out of it," Eric says with a smirk coming to his face. However he blinks then and manages to blush slightly himself. "Er…sorry…" He adds with a slight cough. However as she folds her arms and looks up at her he is taken once more at just how…pretty she looks. That she doesn’t even know it just adds to it all, unlike every other woman that has crossed his path. He almost says something else, catching himself at the last moment before he just shakes his head ever so slightly and blinks once as she moves back into the kitchen. "…yeah I remember. What about it?"

She laughs. "Like Will Ferrell in Wedding Crashers?" Elena says with a laugh, looking over at Eric as he follows her to the kitchen. She nods. "Well I was thinking….when I touched one of those dark spots you created, when you'd snuff out light. The last time I remember touching the actual, affected space it was a little cooler than the rest of the test space. And not just that…it also felt a little…" She chews on her bottom lip. "I'll…try to describe it, but it felt like…it even felt like it had -some- weight. Which is unusual considering tiny particles like that you're not supposed to feel it. But with yours, you can. So I got to thinking….maybe we got it wrong, Eric. Maybe it's -not- just light particles you're manipulating. Maybe you're also actually -producing- something scientifically valuable."

She picks up a book, and hands it to him. It has a black cover, with bold lettering:

In Search of Dark Matter
by: Ken Freeman and Geoff McNamara

After a pause, she murmurs. "If I'm right, NASA would probably be the people trying to kidnap you, not the Company," she jests softly.

"Exactly like Will Ferrell in Wedding Crashers," Eric says with a slight smirk. However he just listens quietly as she explains his theory. However as she pulls out the book, and he reaches over and glances at the cover of the book. Reading it makes him nearly spit his drink all over the place. "…you…can't be serious?" He says with a blink as he raises his opposite hand and glances down, a small sphere of darkness appearing in his palm as he just blinks for a moment. "…I'd have half the space industry after me if this is true…"

"Well it's just a theory. Meaning it's possible, but it has to be proven." Elena watches when Eric produces a globe of darkness in his hand, and she reaches out, watching her fingers disappear in the darkness and feel the chill engulf her hand. "See?" she murmurs. "It's a little cool in there. You can go and see for yourself." She withdraws her hand, and shows him the goosebumps that have risen on her skin at the slightest change of temperature. "Unfortunately I don't really have anything to -test- it. Even Dark Matter itself is theoretical. At least, right now it is. So…." She pauses, and she smiles faintly, shrugging. "I could be wrong, you know. No need to look like that just yet."

"Right, I'll save the staring in awe for later you got it," Eric teases right back towards her as he shakes his head slightly, twisting with his mind just slightly and letting the ball of shadows disappear as he shakes his head slightly. He watches the goosebumps creep up her hand and her arm before he lets it dissipate before he sighs once and gives her a rueful little smile once again. "…you…" He pauses a moment before he adds. "…you never cease to amaze me Elena." He murmurs quietly before he glances up towards her once more, returning the smile.

She blinks a little bit at the last comment, Elena's head jerking up suddenly to look at him, blindsided. After a pause, she rubs the back of her neck, and smiles, her eyes turning away from him so she could control the heat she feels creeping up her neck. She laughs, and reaches out to knock her knuckle against his shoulder gently. "Well, I'm not right -yet-. I mean….I could be wrong. I was just nerding out in the library, is all…..I'm not an astrophysicist so I might not even know what I'm talking about…." She rocks back on her heels a bit. "Besides. I promised I'd help you out, right?" She pauses, her eyes fixed on the middle of his chest instead of his face, then reaches up with both hands to straighten up the front of his leather jacket. She's smiling though, a little one quirking on the corners of her mouth. "And I owe you." The last is said a little more quietly.

Eric just grins slightly towards her as she knuckles his shoulder before he laughs. "Well, you definitely went somewhere that I didn't think it would go…and somewhere that strangely makes it make all kinds of sense. I didn't even think about what the temperature change could mean. Besides, there isn't anything wrong with nerding out." He does it all the damn time. He pauses a moment though before he smiles. "Yes you did, and you have in a lot of ways…" Then a shake of his head as she stands there, fiddling with his jacket. Hesitantly his hand comes up for a moment to touch hers before he smiles once towards her. "You don't," He says quietly. "…I keep telling you don't, but you just don't listen well do you?"

"…." Elena blinks when callused fingers lift to slide over her knuckles. Well, sue her, she's stubborn! But she finally lifts her eyes to meet his, openly gaping at him before she speaks up again. "Eric….you…you took -bullets- for me," she points out. "I mean….aren't there rules about that sort of thing? You know, like….I don't know. Blood debts. You're into martial arts, you know all about that stuff, right? I just—" She exhales softly. "You know, I've been trying to figure out what to say to you over and over my head whenever I got to see you next and I just….it's just….there's no…" Her eyes drop away from him, though they gravitate back to the handsome face, and his dark, obsidian eyes. "….nothing I could ever say or do would be able to compare."

"I keep telling you, I couldn't just let you get shot," Eric replies with a wry smile towards her. "…yes I did, and I lived…and you lived, I'm just sorry I couldn't get the guy that tried to do it." He adds softly as he shakes his head slightly. "And you know I don't care much about all those rules…I just…acted. I mean…" He couldn't really explain it, he just…couldn't let her die. Not when he could do something about it. "…how bout just thank you?" He murmurs softly. "I think that would work."

"I know…" Elena murmurs. Thank you sounded hollow compared to everything. Risking one's life for another was one of the greatest sacrifices a person could ever make for someone else. Did thank you really cut it? Was he really -that nice-? She shakes her head a little bit but she does smile at him, a touch rueful around the edges. "I did," she says, with a laugh. "Many, many times but….I don't know. It doesn't seem enough." She closes her eyes momentarily. "But thank you, Eric Walker, for saving my life." Ugh. It was honestly against her own pride to owe someone huge but she didn't know what she could do to make up for it and he isn't exactly helping anything. She can't help but grumble inwardly about it, but she does tilt her head sideways, so she could peck his cheek lightly after saying the words.

Eric just laughs and shakes his head. "…what else is there?" He asks easily towards her as he watches her. "…your welcome." He adds softly, though at his name…something winces in his eyes. He's a terribly liar, even when its not really a lie. She deserves to know how he really is doesn’t she? I mean…she hasn't hidden anything from her. However something makes him stop for the moment, swallowing the words and instead shaking his head slightly as he forces a thoughtful look onto his face. "…well…" He finally says after the lengthy pause. "…I suppose there is something you can do for me…"

She lifts her brows. "……..it doesn't require me wearing like….a costume or anything, does it?" Elena says, suddenly wary, giving him a look as she takes a sip of her Pepsi. But at the bewildered expression she is definitely going to get, she laughs. "Long, long, LONG story. But I'll tell you sometime." She slides her hands in her pockets. "Alright, what is it that I could do for you?" she asks, quirking that same, slight smile on her lips. She was curious, but at the same time….oh god. Please let it not be another costume. She might have to hurt him if he even considered it.

"…a…costume? What the heck kind of question is that?" Eric says with a laugh and a shake of his head. "That…must be a hell of a story. Are there pictures?" He asks with a smirk towards her before he shakes his head. "No, no I promise no costumes or anything…" He just pauses a moment, unsure of himself for a moment before he looks down…and then grins slightly, to himself almost. Why is he being so hesitant?! "…I know this nice little Italian place." He finally says. "Come to dinner with me?"

"I told you, it's a long story!" Elena laughs, setting the can of Pepsi aside now that it's empty. She'll have to toss it to the recycling bin again later. And then she groans. "And I HOPE there aren't any pictures," she grumbles. "See….I might've landed this job at some…giant company that…." She pauses, and she laughs. "I told you, it's a long story." She looks over at him and smiles - and then his words sink in. She pauses for a moment, letting it drift into her subconscious, percolate a bit, and then…. "….dinner?" she repeats, as if she didn't hear him right. And Italian? When she realizes what's happening, her face turns a bright red. "Oh…you mean….oh. -Oh-!" She laughs, it's a little nervously but she can't help the smile curling on her mouth. "I'm sorry! It's just that…I've…never—" Omgwhatareyoudoing? You're not supposed to let it out that you've never had a date in your life you gigantic loser! "I mean…" She coughs. "I'd love to." And then, she beams. "So does that mean I get to pay for it?"

…okay. This might need a little bit of work.

"…your going to have to tell me all about it," Eric replies with a laugh. Of course…he'll laugh even harder when he finds out just /who/ hired him. His old friend Jaden Cain. Oh the humor there. "…well…regardless though, I'm glad you got this new job." He adds after a moment with a grin. He hopes it pays well. "…yes…dinner…I mean you don't have to if you don't want to and…" He pauses and blinks. "…you will?" Then he just grins. "Good! Good!" And then after a moment he just blinks, eyes widening slightly. "…I…what? Wait…you pay for it? But…that’s not how it works!" He protests with a laugh.

"….oh god. I don't think I'll have the stomach to," Elena says with a grumble. "See, the guy I'm working for. He's a little insane. I'm starting to wonder if he actually meant it, but…." She laughs. "I guess I'll save it for dinner. When did you want to go?" She looks up at him and smiles. And when he says the last, a bewildered look casts on her face. "It's….not…? But…..I thought when you said that I thought you meant you wanted -me- to take you out for…." And then she laughs, rubbing her cheek lightly. "I'm sorry. It's just…..I mean, I haven't gone on a date-" EVER. "-in a while." Eyeshift. Yeah. That's right. God. She's such a bad liar.

"Crazy businessmen? I know a few of those…" Eric says with a laugh as he shakes his head slightly. He hrmms though a moment before he just shakes his head. "It'll make good business conversation you know!" Then a laugh and a shake of his head. "…and lets see…tomorrow work for you?" He asks with a smile towards her. "…and yeah…in a long time eh?" He asks with a wink towards her before he grins. "…and no, I just wanted you to agree to go with me!" He says with a laugh. "…it must be a good paying new job if your already offering to catch dinner."

She blushes full-on at that, and shoves him gently at the shoulder. Elena laughs. "I'm -trying- not to show what a big of a loser I really am, okay?" she protests defensively with an open grin. "And sure….tomorrow is fine. I don't work tomorrow, so….yeah. So….I can be here or meet you at seven." At the last, she laughs again. "Well…..I don't know -yet- how serious the guy is but…I guess we'll work on those details later. But….yeah. Tomorrow." Cloud nine. She feels like she's standing on air. "And then I'll tell you about the costume story."

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