2010-07-01: In Sickness...



Date: July 01, 2010


Erin isn't doing well with the after-effects of the Eclipse, but Taine has a request and a question for her.

"In Sickness…"

Erin's Apartment

It's four days after the eclipse, after that woman fell from the sky onto the roof of the Shapiro building. Four days since that date with Taine. For some reason, every time they go out together, something seems to go wrong, and not just a little wrong, but catastrophically so!

The whole apartment smells like bleach, and everything is extremely clean. The day after the rooftop disaster, Erin started feeling sick with cold symptoms, which was very strange, because she hasn't been sick in years - save for the time her system was pumped full of the solution. Of course she's worried now, because without her ability, she'll die. And her ability is gone.

In an attempt to keep herself from getting sicker, she's been cleaning, but despite this, it's just getting worse. Sitting in the bathroom on the floor, leaning against the bathtub, Erin looks absolutely miserable. There's a kleenex pressed to her nose, and an icepack and ear thermometer are sitting next to her on the lid of the closed toilet.

There's a clickclick of a key in the lock, as Taine opens the door and steps inside. A shift is made to pull something out of a grocery bag, which happens to have alcohol wipes, other cleaning things, and face masks. He's actually wearing one already, and starts wiping his hand down with the 'Kills 99.9% of germs' stuff even as he gets in. The bag was already wiped down twice too, to avoid bringing too many germs in. "I'm back, with somemore supplies," he says, from behind said mask. Yes, he knows exactly why she's cleaning.

"Someone recommended these little… cough drop things. You're supposed to suck on them and they make colds not as bad. I guess they got some special bloody vitamins, or something." Will it help? He doesn't know, but he's going to try to do what he can, either way.

There's a loud, painful cough from Erin's place on the floor. She's too tired to get up, so she just sits there and lets Taine come to her. Her breathing has been wet-sounding since yesterday, and now, something new has developed.

She pulls the kleenex away from her nose. That is pretty bright red. But in addition to that, there's dried blood from her nose to her chin. "Been having nosebleeds," she explains, voice quiet as she holds her hand out for the bag.

At this point, she's not so sure she's going to be able to avoid anymore germs. Cleaning is useless, but it feels better to do it anyway, just to keep herself busy. "This is what happened when the AP had me," she says, voice shaking. Her eyes are so dull, even if they're teary from the effort of breathing.

She was scared the past couple days, but now she's really just too tired to care. Who the hell knows what this will be like tomorrow? Her eyes close, remain shut for awhile, and then she opens them again. After a long pause, she says, "I don't think they're gonna help at this point."

"You should stop cleaning," Taine says, moving up closer to her and kneeling down to look her in the eyes. "You're exhausted, and tiring yourself out isn't going to help either. You should get into bed and get lots of fluids and stuff…" What causes nose bleeds? He doesn't think that's usual of a common cold, so what is it that she picked up already? He feels okay, so he's not sick…

"Maybe we should take you to the hospital. They can put you in a clean enviroment and make sure you get lots of fluids, and maybe they'll have antibiotics you can take too. You're a star, they'll take good care of you."

What happened to her in AP included her nearly dying. And that's not something he's really wanting her to go through again. Especially not if it passes nearly.

Thus far, Erin's resisted going to the hospital, but it's time to admit that her ability probably isn't going to come back. She hoped it would, that it was just some sort of random event that would clear itself up over time, but… She's dying. She knows it, and doesn't need her ability to feel that. "…Got such a headache…" she mutters, looking down at the floor. Blood begins to pool just under her nose again, and she absently wipes it away.

"Yeah, maybe you should call, or…" She tries to get to her feet, pushing herself up with one hand, but after keeling over with dizzyness, Erin shakes her head. Just… Call an ambulance. I'll go. But Taine, don't be surprised if they can't do anything." Maybe that's unnecessarily harsh, but it's so enraging that she can't do anything. "Then just sit with me for awhile?"

"They deal with sick people every day. It's their job," Taine says, moving toward the phone that she's washed many times and beginning to dial the simpliest numbers once again. "You should have gone in earlier— I'll call your sister too, and… And Morgan. But I won't leave you, unless they make me. Not until you're ready to leave." Will they make him leave, since they're not related?

Once the phone connects, he gives the address and says he needs an ambulance. She's bleeding from the nose and really sick—

They keep him on the phone, but he doesn't keep it near his ear, and instead walks back over to kneel in front of her, as he clicks the mute button. "Erin— when this is all over will you marry me?" Bad timing? Perhaps. But they can't kick him out if they're engaged!

As Taine goes for the phone, Erin reaches for the icepack again, which she lays on the back of her neck. She's so hot; honestly, there's no need for a thermometer for her to know just how much she's burning up. And with how dizzy and confused she is, she imagines that all of her brain cells are already dead. Not a pretty picture.

Closing her eyes and leaning back as far as she can with the icepack there, she tries to get a couple moments of sleep while Taine is calling. Everything hurts. Everything.

Out of all the things she thought Taine would say when he came back, it wasn't that. Tired eyes stare blankly at him. God, they've been through so much together, they fall into this beautiful rhythm together. And here he is, asking if she'll marry him, when she looks her worst and they both know that this isn't going to ever be 'over.' Without her ability, she has no way to fight the disease.

Her expression never changes. She just stares. Really, she tries. Her lips move, but there's no sound. It's like there's this ball of rocks in her stomach that's…

… breakfast coming back up to haunt her. Unfortunately for Taine, this is the moment that Erin chooses to manifest a new symptom: Vomiting.

And to think, he hasn't even said the 'in sickness…' part yet. Taine looks down at the bile and other things that have spilled onto his shirt and pants, luckily missing his face and hands, and he reaches to touch her cheek. "You didn't shake your head at least." It's a good sign for him.

"Can you make them hurry? She's started throwing up now, too," he adds into the phone, before putting it down so he can have both of his hands, and push back her hair, so he can angle her toward the floor for a bit, but also still hold on to her. He'd love to look into her eyes, but if he does that the odds she'll puke in his face are greater.

"I'm not asking you because I think you're going to die," he adds, as he pushes her hair back. "I'm asking you cause I want you to live— and I want to be by your side as long as you do."

Coughing, making the classic 'yucky' face when said vomiting is over with, she looks back up at Taine. "M'sorry," she says. It's also not a yes. She's afraid to say yes, because— What if he changes his mind? What if she changes her mind? What if— what if!

She kept people away for so long, on purpose, because she didn't want friends. And this guy, the guy who's holding back her hair while she's the sickest she's ever been in her life, is the same guy who's hurt her more than anyone ever has. Somehow, that's forgivable.

Leaning against him again, still too tired - or too out of it - to smile, she nods. There's so much she wants to say, but he must have already considered it. She is a danger to be around, not only because of her ability, but because of the people who hate her for having it. "Yes- yes, I will," she squeaks out. And a moment later, she makes an attempt at humour. "Where's the ring?"

"They'd just take it away when you get there," Taine says, keeping his hands on her face. "And unfortunately this is your apartment, not mine— I hadn't intended to ask now." But he'd been thinking about it, and he'd not bought one yet— cause he thinks she'd be the picky type, who would want to choose her own, or have a say in it. He looks down at his hands, one of the fingers has a ring, one he often wears— a class ring, in fact. It's a boyish ring, thick and heavy, with a dark stone in the center.

He pulls it off, and holds it out to her, but it's so big it will only fit on her thumb, most likely— "This will do for a stand in, and we can pick the real one out together."

Erin does manage a weak smile at that. Reaching up, she takes Taine's hand, but not the ring. She's afraid she'll lose it. "Hold onto it for now," she says, bloodshot eyes looking down at it as cold fingers trace the patterns. This is so not romantic, but she can deal with it. Maybe being happy will help her get over this… Even though it's not likely.

"Stay with me," she mutters. Darkness is closing in, her head is feeling heavy, and she can barely keep her eyes open. "I'm just gonna…"

Either she falls asleep or passes out, but either way, she'll be unresponsive for hours.

At least she said yes though, right?

At least she said yes.

"The ambulance will be here soon," Taine says as she passes out— and like he said he would, he'll stay by her side as much as he can, as long as he can, and only leave her side to call two people and let them know.

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