2007-04-22: In The Blood


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Medical and law enforcement personnel discover something bizarre about Soma, the drug at the current core of the turf war.

Date It Happened:

April 22, 2007

In The Blood

Mt. Sinai Hospital

More and more people have been coming in as of late convulsing, spasming and having very little brain activity. They all look like they've been experiencing some sort of drug overdose, but as to what the actual drug is? No one knows or can identify it. It's nothing like the symptoms of more common drugs like heroin, cocaine, or other hard core drugs, as all the victims' bodies seem to produce a strange chemical found in their nervous systems which can only be seen through lumbar puncture aka the spinal tap.

Fortunately for the doctors, one of these victims was misdiagnosed as having bacterial meningitis and the lab results start spreading through the various doctors in the hospital about this strange chemical found in a patient's spinal fluid.

That patient? Boris Zukhov..

Bekah is near Boris's room chatting with one of the doctors treating him. Well, questioning is more like it. She did bring a bribe though, in the form of a cup of non-hospital coffee, which is worth its weight in gold around here. She's dressed in scrubs and sneakers with a hospital namebadge idetifying her as Dr. Morgan. "What treatments have you found effective? Did any of the meningitis procedures actually make a difference?"

Stan comes in with his FBI 'shoe' - that's 'badge' to civilians - hanging from his front pocket, up at the nurse's station. He is explaining, "Zukhov. Zukhov is who I am here to see. Boris Zukhov. Special Agent Crosetti. I know he's been moved, that's why I'm /here/ instead of /there/."

Justin Tannir is an older and handsome Indian gentleman in his early 40s. He seems to be head of neurology and is leaning against one of the signs that keeps Zukhov in isolation. They dont want it to spread afterall. "We started him on cipro with 2000 milligrams per hour. We've switched it to ceftrioxone and that seems to be working, but as to what was found in his LP..we stil dont know what it is. I've sent it off to one of the chemistry labs in Columbia to see if they can identify the compound.." he tells Bekah before quirking his brows as he looks at the spook.

"Agent Crosetti, if you want to go in there, you need to wear one of those gowns.." he says, motioning towards a bunch of blue plastic scrubs. "Though I dont know if you'll be able to get much out of him..he's not responsive to any stimuli. And many more patients are exhibiting the same symptoms, though I've just recently ordered a few more LPs."

Bekah nodsher head to the doctor. "I'm trying to establish a protocol for dealing with this when these patients are admitted to the ER. We can do LPs to diagnose." Because who doesn't love a good spinal tap? "There just doesn't seem to be a great treatment for this yet." She admits. "Hopefully Columbia can come up with something." Even if she is biased towards NYU. She turns to look at the F.B.I. Agent as she leans lazily against the wall. "Good luck. Especially if it leads to less of this shit coming in."

Stan says, looking at nametags, "Doctor Tannir, Doctor, ah, Morgan." He's no 'spook', unless, naturally, you're a racist, he's a good old fashioned brick agent, just ask him. "He's not responsive. I was told at the E.R. he'd be able to be questioned in a week. He's gotten worse?" So /he's/ the one that brought him in.

Dr. Tannir frowns at this news and rubs his fingers over his scruffy chin. "You brought him in? What exactly did he take? I know that in his file he had taken some sort of drug, but we never got a hold of it. May we have some for testing? I think all these other patients might be suffering from a similar condition."
Bekah gives the agent a closer look at that. "Any information you have on whatever he took would be so useful." She states nodding at what Dr. Tannir says. "He's not the only one who has presented with similar symptoms. It's not like any overdose I've ever treated." And as an ER doc, she's treated more than a few.
Stan says, "Street name of 'soma'. Quantico's analyzing some now, the rest's in evidence at Central Precinct. I'd be happy to bring some over if you're willing to share your results. Go on the stand if we need you." His normally sober look has a flash of a white-toothed smile there. "I'm fairly sure what Boris took was spiked. He stole it from the gang that has exclusive distribution of Soma in the greater New York area, and I'm 90 percent certain they knew he was stealing it and adulterated it."

"Soma. I definitely want to know what it is so we know how it's interacting with his immune system. But if it was spiked, then why are there so many others having similar symptoms?" Tannir muses to no one in particular as he just lets it all mull over for a few moments. "Oh, and if you need me on the stand, I would be more than willing to testify if it means bringing down whoever distributed this horrible drug."

Bekah nods her head. "I would be as well. I've treated several of these patients in the Emergency Room." Bekah crosses her arms, letting the wall hold her up. "It might have been spiked, but that can't be all of what's causing this." She agrees. "I think we could easily share results in return for a sample to analyze. This seems to have a strong central nervous influence, to be found so much in the spinal fluid."

Stan says, "Maybe what he got was a stronger version of what they got. Same symptoms. Just less for them? Or maybe there was a spiked shipment we missed." Or let out on the street so that they could trace who came to murder the dealers. "Any particular geographic area this hospital serves?"

"We serve the entire city. I take care of more extreme cases, but considering there are at least eight people, including your friend, Mr. Zukhov here with similar symptoms, I fear it may be a bigger problem." Tannir says with a shake of his head. His eyes widen as he gets paged and looks at his pager. "If you'll excuse me, I have to attend to another patient. She's having convulsions.." and with that he runs off..

Bekah turns to look after Tannir as he runs off. She doesn't follow though. It's not her place to run after the head of neurology after all, at least unless she's asked to. She turns to look over to Stan. "I don't know if the other hospitals in town are getting this influx of them. It could be that there was a spiked shipment, I suppose, if it was a big one."

Stan says, "Also may be something in common amongst the sufferers that your average soma-head doesn't have." He's wily for a brick agent, this one. "I don't guess you'd let me look at the charts?" Those are ridiculously confidential.

Inside the room, there's a young nurse, Lisa who was taking vitals on Boris as the conversation occured outside. All of a sudden, there's a blood curdling scream from inside the room…
Bekah shakse her head to Boris. "I can't…" She turns at the sound of the scream, quickly and rather automatically grabbing one of the gowns to pull it over her possibly contaminated with who knows what scrubs before she makes her way in to see what's going on.

Stan shoves the door open hard. He forgets about the gown for now, a scream means action and he doesn't need any other excuse to go in. Yes, this means an embarassing and painful quarantine later, but.

It seems whatever stupor Boris was in has ended. He's bleeding from multiple orifices. His eyes, his ears, his mouth, and probably there's an explanation as to why the bed is starting to become bloody red as well. Inside, he's grabbed Lisa by the neck, squeezing her tightly as she gasps for breath, "What the fuck is wrong with me!?!?" he says in a thick Russian accent.

Bekah cusses as she turns to the hallway and yells towards the nurse's station. "We need security in here!" She grabs for soft restraints, probably used in this ward to keep patients from hurting themselves, not others. She's putting herself in harms way as she grabs for one of Boris's arms to try to get the restraint on it. "Help me get her free and him restrained." She calls to Mr. FBI.

Stan also runs in to grab the guy, a bit rougher perhaps than Bekah. "Boris! It's me. Your old dancing partner Agent Crosetti. You best let her go now." he says.

GAME: Stan has rolled STRENGTH+BRAWL and got a result of AVERAGE.
GAME: Bekah has rolled STRENGTH+BRAWL and got a result of MEDIOCRE.

Slippery with his own blood, Stan and Bekah find it hard to pin down the angry Russian. His eyes continue to bleed as his blood is dripping all over Lisa now who whimpers with fear, but soon, that fear changes as she starts to have a euphoric expression on her features. It seems his blood now has similar euphoric effects…

GAME: Bekah has rolled STAMINA and got a result of GOOD.
GAME: Stan has rolled STAMINA and got a result of GOOD.

GAME: Stan has rolled STRENGTH+BRAWL and got a result of AVERAGE.
GAME: Bekah has rolled STRENGTH+BRAWL and got a result of POOR.

Stan gets the spastic, bleeding Russian into a hold around his back, caking his own shirt and coat in blood, but the many layers prevent him from either getting too slick or getting high. He yanks him back down on the bed, holds him firm. "Boris, you Russian asshole, you stop right now or I'll put you on the ground and not this bed." he snaps.

Bekah keeps trying to get that restraint on him, but it's just not working. She's a thinly built woman. While she's quite good at medicine, she's definately not strong. Stan gets ahold of him, and she moves instead to try and support the nurse. The FBI man should be better at this. It's his job after all.

Boris is struggling less now as he's pinned down in bed, his blood seeming to have a strange effect on Lisa. As he's pinned down, his body continues to convulse for a few moments… The young nurse falls onto the floor, just giggling impishly as she stares blankly at the ceiling..

Stan says, "What the /hell/ is going on here? Okay, I got him. I /got/ him! Doctor, come on, I need help here, can't hold him forever!"

Bekah gives the nurse a look then grabs for Boris's arm again. It's much easier now that Stan is holding him down. "I don't want to sedate him and mess up what Tannir is giving him." She tells Stan as she gets a restraint hooked in. The nurse may have a shot of sedative coming to her soon, though.

Stan says, "Boris, what the /hell/ you bleedin' on her?"

Lisa's still in happy little giggle fits as she starts to get up, beaming brightly the entire time. "This stuff…amazing.." she says while starting to lick the blood on Boris' face now. Ewwww. Gross..

Bekah gets Boris's other hand restrained and then steps to a drawer along the side. Opening it she looks through several small bottles before she finds the one she wants. She draws up a certain amount, glances to Lisa and draws up a bit more. "Lisa. I've got something here that will make you feel really good." Or really sleeply. Bekah steps closer to her, to hopefully hit home with the needle, making no sudden moves around the suddenly crazy nurse.

GAME: Bekah has rolled MEDICINE+PROFESSIONAL and got a result of GREAT.

Boris is still convulsing as he spasms every now and then, but it seems the bleeding has stopped. Soon enough, there are other screams heard throughout the wing of the hospital. Perhaps similar things are happening to other patients?

Stan moves back from the bed. "You think it's in his blood? Is it in his blood?" he asks Bekah. He's out of his depth, his eyes alight with the thrill of the chase. He must be getting close for things like this to happen.

Bekah nods her head. "I think so." She doesn't even wait for the nurse to pass out before she runs out the door to the nurse's station right outside. "Make sure everyone treating these patients are using full anti-contamination procedures. Don't even go in the door without gloves!" Though it might be too late for some.

Boris continues to bleed, but soon he stops convulsing though blood continues to be leaking from all his orifices. Lisa's now completely out as she fell with a thunk after being sedated, but it seems that everyone on the floor is scrambling to not be contaminated with the victim's blood..oh dear..this just got a bit more complicated..

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