2008-05-25: In The Hall Of Thought And Memory


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Summary: Aware that he might be leaving soon, a man makes plans to leave behind a living will in the form of his most precious— and terrible— memories.

Date It Happened: May 25th, 2008

In The Hall Of Thought And Memory

Sophie's Apartment

It is mid-evening. It has been a busy, if relatively ordinary day for Sophie, though she is still moping a bit over her futile conversation with Lee. The apartment is in great shape, but bare. There's a pull out cot, folding card table for combination dining room table and desk, and some foldin chairs. If there is a decorating theme, it appears to be 'folding'. She is seated on one of the less than comfortable chairs, books on the table as she reads, trying to get some homework done.

What one person considers ordinary tends to be vastly different to another person. Take the man who suddenly appears in the apartment unannounced and uninvited. To Peter Petrelli from two thousand and tweleve, this happens to be fairly ordinary. There's only the slightest sound of a shifting when he displaces the air to appear where he'd not been a moment ago. He's dressed more warmly than the room requires, a long coat with collar turned up behind his short cropped hair. A scar slashes across his face, revealing exactly which Peter has dropped in to visit. "Sophie, I need your help with something."

Sophie jumps up with a squeak that probably should've been a scream, hand reaching for her chest as the chair falls clattering behind her. She takes a longer breath, as she sees who it is. "Peter? You're out?" then peering, and realization, "Oh, wro.. different Peter. Wait.. MY help?" she looks puzzled, but she nods, "Of course, what can I help with?" as she automatically reaches for her discarded gloves, laying beside her books at the table.

"No, this involves your ability," Peter says, motioning towards the gloves she's reaching for before he moves closer. Not to touch her, but to pick up the chair and set it back upright. Once the chair is upright and back into place, he steps away a little, because he's not quite ready for the contact to happen. "I'm not sure how good you are with your ability at this point. I knew you better in later years than I do now." They had only briefly met before he got locked away. "Can you currently hold onto and transfer experiences from one person to another?"

Sophie nods at that. "Actually, yes. Weirdly, that was one of the first things I learned I could do." she tilts her head, "Did you have a sort of 'message' for someone?"

There's a look of hesitation that crosses his face, as if Peter isn't sure he's making the right decision with this… "I'm going to be attempting some very dangerous things soon— and even if I survive them, I'm going to need to leave this time eventually. When I left my own time, I didn't— there were things I should have said to people that I didn't. So I want to— I guess you could say I'm using you as an insurance policy. Or a living will. And there are things that I think I should know."

Sophie says, softly, "Mnemosyne." she chuckles, "Or Hugnin and Munin.. thought and memory, if you prefer Norse mythology." she then nods, "Kory, well, she figured out my ability would be really useful for things like that." she looks at you, nodding, "I would be fine with it, if you are."

"Luckily I still have both my eyes and didn't have to hang from a tree," Peter says softly, a hint of a smile tugging on the corner of his mouth as he moves in closer. Just a hint. "You're not the only insurance I'm leaving behind, but you're the only one I can count on for other people… Luckily I'm familiar enough with your ability— and similar ones— that I can guide you to the memories I want you to have. The're very personal, but… The only thing I'll ask is that you tell no one until I— until I'm gone. One way or the other."

Sophie smiles a bit, at the caught reference. She says, softly, "I wasn't exactly bad before, but my experience with my ability has made me very discreet. I know I'm dealing with things that are very personal."

"I know you're an extremely honest person, and sometimes you have a difficult time keeping things to yourself, so I'm going to plant a suggestion in your head when we're finished to keep what you see to yourself, until you give it to the people I want you to…" Peter looks hesitant again, but personal experiences are just that… personal. And he wants them to remain that way until they need to be transfered. "Is that okay?" Moving closer, he holds out his bare hand to her. "I know you usually get the most intense memory, but that is probably not the memory you want to get, so try to avoid it, if you can." He must have an idea what would be his most intense memory now.

Sophie nods as she says, "I can avoid that reaction if I'm braced for contact." she smiles a touch wryly and nods. "That's a good idea, by the way. Ok.." she takes a breath, preparing herself as she slips her hand into his.

As soon as contact is made, something different than she might be used to occurs. Suddenly they're no longer in the apartment, but standing in a tall and long room, that looks very much like a cathedral. From the row of unlit candles under a statue of Jesus, that very well might be what this place is. Peter's attire has changed instantly, shifting into something far more comfortable. It's almost like dream-walking instead of anything else. "I know this is a little different than you're used to, but I'm using other abilities to help move you along on this… Except the ones that are meant for myself, none of these memories will be unpleasant. We'll do those last." One by one the candles light up, and a memory moves by. The full sensory detail is even more vivid than most people, because he has abilities that enhance his own memory. Each memory gets a name and a face attached to it. Some people she knows, some people she doesn't.

Sophie looks around, nodding, 'This is amazing.' she admits, smiling. 'Much nicer than I usually get.' Then she pauses, as she starts to absorb each of the memories, her abilities finding little niches for each one so she can access them later. Her own little file cabinet.

None of them are extremely long, but the intent seems clear behind all of them. After the first few moments, Peter must be fine-tuning the memory to make it a little more immersive than they should be, emotions tagging onto each of them. Not as intense as the most intense memory she gets from people, but enough to get the intent. Each memory has a specific theme. How he feels about the people in them. What they meant to him in the future and the present. What made them important to him, what made him proud of them. Each of them meant a lot to him. Each of them he loved in his own way.

The last candle lit, he closes his eyes briefly, and then pulls them back to the physical world. They're still standing exactly where they were. "For the next part you should probably sit down. These… won't be as pleasant to see. But I'll leave the emotions out of them. I want them to know what they meant to me. I want him… to know what he can't allow to happen."

Sophie nods as she takes a breath, the smile of the previous memories stilling. She settles cross legged on the floor, preparing for the likely onslaught.

As she settles down, Peter runs a hand through his hair and sits back down in front of her as well, feet folded under him so it's more like he's kneeling than sitting. Reaching out, he takes her hands again. The cathedral isn't quite the same anymore. Darker. The stained glass window is shattered, as if to hint at where his mind is going while he's tossing these memories at her. As he warned, what follows is far less pleasant.

An attack on a one armed woman, where he slammed her up against a wall. Requests for information are met with plans to destroy the world. By the end of the memory, he's the one who runs away, bleeding from multiple wounds that reopened. More attacks. Most far more brutal. Him taking down and killing people with abilities threatening others. The context is clear. None of them were outright murder, but each of them were farely brutal. Sometimes, it's easy to tell, he lost control of something and couldn't hold back when it came down to it.

The last one involves a watch shop. And one of the people he's leaving a message for. It must have been a nicer time that he gave her, because this time, they're fighting… and it ends with him slicing the man's skull open.

Sophie tenses. With this sort of memory storage, the feelings are at least somewhat muted than it is with her other abilities. But that doesn't make it easy, given her frankly naive, but goodhearted nature. Tears are streaking her face at the end of it.

As the memory transfer fades, Peter pulls a handkerchief out of thin air and holds it out to her. "I'm sorry you had to see me like that. I'm not proud of what I had to become in the future— which is why I want him to know what mistakes I made. There are always other ways to handle things… What I did, what I became… it made me what I am. It made me try to be stronger than what I was. And I don't want him to have to live through the same mistakes… if I can help it."

Sophie wipes her face, taking a shuddering breath. She nods. "It.. its good to know what you're fighting for, what you want to create, or to prevent." she says, "When its time to deliver these, do they all know you, I mean.. you now? I know a few people who hate the very idea of using these kinds of abilities. Delivering to them could be difficult."

"Everyone I've left a message for knows of me now— and the me of the future too," Peter explains, understanding what she might be concerned about. "Delivering them shouldn't be too difficult, as long as you can find all of them. It's all right if you can't." He hesitates a moment. "There's one last memory I want you to have, Sophie— it will be more pleasant then the last set, I assure you." Once again, he holds out his hands, both of them.

Sophie nods, looking grateful as she reaches out her hands trustingly.

A Shelter In The Bronx

Future Date: Early 2012

The memory that she gets is in progress. Already started. A coversation of sorts taking place in a run down room. A young man lays in a bed in obvious pain as he reaches down to touch him. "Sophie, I need you to find out who attacked him for me, so I can keep this from happening again. It was too close to the shelter— I can't let anyone else get hurt." Rather than dressed in black, Peter's actually wearing lighter clothes, something resembling scrubs. "It's okay, Daniel. I'm going to heal you in a minute, I just need to set the bone first," he explains to the boy, who has multiple burns and cuts.

Sophie looks confused, but then understands as she watches intently. It isn't often one gets that kind of view of themselves. Her own memories, they are just like everyone else's.. for her. But this is someone else's memory OF her.

Sophie , of the future, nods, frowning. "There's so many possibilities. Boost addicts, rival dealers, and.. the ones who don't like that we do what we do. We had to deal with that not too long ago." She looks at Daniel, wincing in empathy over his wounds.

"When I agreed to start working here…" Peter trails off quietly, reaching to hold onto the leg. He focuses a moment, and much of the pain on the boy's face vanishes as if morphine suddenly kicked in, and a snap can be heard as the leg sets. Almost immediately the burns and the cuts start to knit over. It takes time, and the strain is obvious for him, healing and stopping the pain all at once. When it's done, he lets go of the boy and looks back up at the older Sophie. Some of the emotion filters through. He respects her. "I'm done healing him. Do you think you can get the face of the person responsible for me? I don't want him to come back and hurt— anyone else."

Sophie smiles at Peter gently, nodding, "Of course." she takes a breath, looking at Daniel. "Don't worry, this won't hurt, and you don't have to feel what happened to you." she strips the glove off one hand, wiping it off on her pants and reaching to the boy's cheek. She closes her eyes, frowning as she retrieves the information for Peter.

As she takes the information, that part isn't visible, but Peter holds out his hand to take the memory, and that part is. It's not an unknown face, though. It's one of the people that he'll end up hunting down and losing control with. But that's a story for another day. When the memory transfer is complete, he nods. "We'll make sure he doesn't hurt you again, Daniel," he adds, before touching the boy one last time… and he falls asleep. Almost instantly. "He deserves some rest after what he's been through." There's a moment of quiet from him, before he adds, "I never did thank you— you've been here helping for a lot longer than I have. I know Niki relies on you…"

Sophie looks up at Peter, putting the glove back on. She nods as she says, blushing a little. "I only do what I can. I wish it could be more. Don't worry, Daniel will be helped, we'll get him back to health again."

"Don't short change yourself," Peter says, reaching to touch her arm briefly, where she has clothing. "What you do here is important. You take care of people. Niki says I'm trying to save the whole world… but here you are saving the world for a few people. You're doing a better job of it than I am."

Sophie says, 'I try to, we all do. Niki, everyone here. It doesn't always work. But..' she looks up at you, 'If you could stop this, that would be worth so much.

"It works for them," Peter says, glancing to the sleeping boy again, before focusing his eyes once more on the young woman. There's few people he can't hide his mission from, and she's one of them. "One day I'm not going to come back. I don't think Niki realizes that yet— and I'm afraid to tell her." He glances down at his hands briefly for some reason, before looking up. "What you do here is more important than what I'm trying to do, Sophie. You're making the world a little better for a few people here… And when I go I'm glad that Niki will have you to keep helping her."

Sophie says, "If you do what you do, then maybe this.." she looks around, 'Won't be necessary.' she sighs, 'I can only hope.'

"Then keep hoping. But if not— keep fighting. This place needs you, and what you do here really is important. Don't forget that, Sophie," Peter says, squeezing her arm once. The pride can briefly be felt, as well as a sense of regret that he can't quite mask from the memory. Part of him doesn't want to leave at all. But she's one of the few people who has hope for what he's doing. One of the few people supporting him in his idea.

Sophie's Apartment

Current Date

As the memory fades, Peter lets his hands pull back.

Sophie , the current one, blinks in surprise. She blushes a bit, murmuring, 'That was me.. but not now. I do something good in the future?"

"It's you four years from— well, a few months ago to me," Peter says, a hint of a laugh coming out in the form of a snort at his own mini-joke. "But yes, the you I knew… you worked at a shelter in the future. You helped people. With both your ability and just by being compassionate and caring. And strong. You stood up to a lot of things most people ended up falling to."

Sophie shakes her head, "Its hard to believe. It isn't at all what I am going to school to do. But, I guess, in that world its needed more."

"It was needed, and you did what was needed," Peter says, finally moving to stand up. It's a slow breath. Reliving each of those memories was difficult for him. "Until you hear that I'm gone— the me from the future— and not coming back… you won't tell of or share these memories with anyone except me." It's a quiet command, something she'll hear and register, a suggestion that burrows in and plants. "That last one was for you, though… you can keep that. And remember that when things got dark— you stayed strong. Unlike so many."

Sophie's dark wide eyes look up at you, here in this dreamscape. The instructions remain, unconscious and unattainable even to her until needed. There is a soft smile at the last reminder, something that might help keep her strong, in a hopefully new future where strength might still be needed.

"Thank you, Sophie," Peter adds, before the dreamscape dissolves entirely, leaving them back in her own apartment, before he takes one step back and vanishes much as he appeared. A better future is what he came here to create. And in her he's leaving behind his closest and dearest memories… And his most horrible.

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