2007-07-03: In The Wrong Place


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Summary: On the job training takes a whoooole new meaning with the Company

Date It Happened: July 3rd, 2007

Log Title In The Wrong Place

Hartsdale - Primatech Facility

"You don't have to follow me, and look, well, scary with that gun. I'm going to do what I was told." Because people know what buttons to push with Benjamin to get him to do what they want. Of course, he is very much a newbie, partly working in the accounting department and partly working on training.. okay so mostly training as he's pretty much a useless lump. Not that he realizes at all what it is the Company will want him doing.. even with this trip to Hartsdale today. The person he's speaking to? Someone sent along to make sure he follows orders. Scary, run of the mill human with no powers, save for that of using a gun. Being oh so very new to the abilities game, it's a difficult concept to grasp of powers over weaponry in most cases. "So.. you sure this is right? I'm supposed to be doing more training.. and.. fine.. quit glaring. This door right?" The door in question would be the one leading into Max's cell. "There's someone already in …" Then he stares through the window. He knows the look of a person held against their will. (If the utilitarian pj's didn't give it away.) Something begins to dawn on the man and it's not pretty. He looks to Scary Man With Gun, stares incredulously, then is prodded into opening the door.

On the other side of the door, Max has resumed what is his most common position. Ass on his cot, hands on his thighs, and eyes closed. Meditatively lost in thought, he doesn't notice the arrival until someone peeks into his cell. His blue eyes flicker open, and he quirks a brow curiously as he stares at the other man. The armed guard doesn't even get a first glance, much less a second. They've become commonplace for him.

Benjamin knocks at the door as he opens it. "Uhm.. hi.. sorry.." And that's the wrong way to begin. The guy with the gun rolls his eyes and just can't believe the new recruit. Nothing scary about this one at all. He tries to put on a friendly and light expression. Before he takes two steps in, Guy With Gun yanks him back out into the hallway, and thrusts puzzle books and Sudoku games at Ben.. who only gives a blank look in return.. and has to have the duplicity explained. It's difficult to hide the distaste he's feeling, and disgust at himself when he turns back around for the room. "So.. Hi again," he says as he walks towards Max.

"Greetings," Max replies. He continues to stare, sizing up his newest visitor for several uncomfortably long seconds before he stands and extends a hand for shaking. "What brings you to such a dismal place, Mr… ?" He smiles disarmingly as the question trails off.

Benjamin clears his throat, trying to think of ways to weasel out of this and failing miserably. He stares at the offered hand before he 'ohs' and shakes, "Sorry, Winters.. Benjamin Winters." There's an ID tag clipped to his suit jacket. It labels him as an employee, but visitor to the Hartsdale facility. Offering a forced smile, he then holds out the books for Max to take. "I was.. asked to give these to you." Not really.

"Mmmm," Max agrees neutrally. He squeezes Benjamin's hand just a fraction harder than is strictly necessary before he lets it go to accept the books. He pads across the room on slippered feet to set them on his desk next to Mohinder's textbooks and reports. After carefully aligning each cover so it's straight and even, he turns back to the jittery Mr. Winters. "And why, pray tell, was such a beautifully nervous man like yourself asked to make this delivery?"

Benjamin gives a slight wince out of reflex at the tighter than necessary grip. Yay. "No reason.. that I know of.." Or at least one that he was aware of until a few moments before. This deal is now officially beginning to suck. "I'm just an accounting consultant." Keep telling yourself that, Ben. As he struggles to make small talk, he also struggles with doing what he was told, and just how wrong it feels to be making the attempt.

Max stifles a yawn into his fist. "Pardon me," he murmurs. "So, Mr. Winters, you come bearing gifts for no apparent reason. I think you're either incredibly clever, or very much in the wrong place." Far from being a threat, he borders on sympathetic. "Sir, you look as if you got lost on your way to the office. Are you being hazed?"

Benjamin sees the yawn, and backs towards the door a step. This is not what he wanted to do. This is not helping. This is making some man a guinea pig. "It's okay.. I .. I know how boring it is, all locked up." Granted he was allowed a little more freedom to roam around in the hospital. "I'm starting to think I'm in the wrong place," he admits and quite truthfully. "And that I'm in the middle of some hazing prank." A wrong turn was definitely made at some point.

"I…" Max blinks once, then again. "Intriguing." For some reason, he's looking at the ceiling. What he doesn't realize is that it's because he collapsed backward onto his cot. Then he doesn't see anything. He's busy taking an unscheduled nap.

Benjamin watches Max silently until the man falls over and passes out. It's several moments before he looks over his shoulder at the window and gives an ugly expression. "It worked. I actually put someone out after two tries. Happy now? Can I just go back to working in an accountaing office now? Practicing on lab rats is one thing, but this is a human!" He seems to be shouting at no one in particular, but it makes him feel better. Maybe he should really be having it out at Bob.. who will then make a winning argument.. and.. then he's right back to where he was. With a pained look, he glances back to Max, "I'm sorry. I really am. I didn't want to do this… I don't have much of a choice.. not that you can hear me or anything right now.." Instead of staying put to practice some more as per instructions, he bolts from the room and once he's safe on the other side of the door, he tries to wake up Mr. Swan.

Being abruptly awakened after being abruptly put to sleep is double-disorienting. When Max sits up on his cot, his eyes are unfocused and he licks his lips absently. Though it's mostly working on instinct, the scientific portion of his mind is already attacking and dissembling the issue of what the hell just happened to him. Forgoing his usual, carefully chosen words, he instead phrases his thoughts succinctly. "What the hell just happened to me?"

Benjamin has it first and foremost on his mind to walk the hell away.. but is more or less told in no uncertain terms. Stay put, practice s'more and deal with it. "I'm really sorry… I.. have to do this.. I don't have a choice," Benjamin says through the intercom system that allows him to be heard inside Max's room. There's a pleading sort of tone to his voice, along with that bitter defeatism. Ignoring the forcing force there in the hallway with him, Ben stays at the window, staring into the cell, and continuing with practicing his ability.

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