2007-02-24: In Too Deep


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Summary: D.L. makes good on his delivery, only to end up getting himself more involved than even he truly knows.

Date It Happened: February 24th, 2007

In Too Deep

Upper West Side

A life of crime is not easy to get out of. Especially when you have more bills than a Cosby show. So. This is the reason why D.L. is parking his rental car along the streets of the Upper West Side. He's Micah-less, which is always a good thing when doing something that's less-than-Boston-Legal. There's some wait time that happens, while he checks the mirrors for anything even remotely looking like a police car. "Last job, D.L. Last job." The pep talk is for the person in the mirror. Who knows if it's going to actually work. He waits in the vehicle, eyes on the building from which the dangerous Hua Yan to come out of. Even if the big time crimebosslady doesn't show, her goons should.

And of course the boss dragonlady comes out. She can take care of herself afterall,and as of recent, she's been wanting to make her presence be known. Perhaps it'll make the rival families go after her,and then who knows what will happen, right? As such, Ling steps out of the Parkview Estates, dressed in a business suit with her stillettos clicking and clacking on the asphalt as she looks around for her contact..

Clicks and clacks are definitely a telltale sign of something evil coming towards the car. Not that D.L. is afraid of anything evil. But at least he knows that's the one he's looking for. He throws open the car door and gets out, keeping his head down in case there's a stakeout somewhere. But when you're big, black and bald, it's not that hard to pick him out, right? No words, just a nod is sent towards the Dragonlady as he moves to the back of the car to yank open the trunk. Inside, of course, is The Box. Dun Dun DUN!

"I trust you didnt have any problems after you procured the box?" Ling asks with cool and crisp tones as she raises her brows a little while peering towards him curiously. She did have the tong hire some scientists toreverse engiener a few illegal drugs afterall, and she wants to know this wasnt..tainted..

"It's fine." By this point, finger prints don't even matter. He's probably still wanted in a couple of states for whatever. Reaching in, he yanks the box up and holds it close. His eyes go over towards Ling and the suspicion creeps right onto his features, "You got the money, right?" It's more important than it was two weeks ago. He just got fired.

"You think I wouldnt have it?" Ling asks with a bit of annoyance in her tone as she motions for him to follow her towards the estates. "First, I want to make sure none of this was damaged.." she says firmly and resolutely and with that, she starts heading towards the building, nodding to the doorman.

"Man, I don't have time for this…" D.L.'s good with the muttering under his breath. But nevertheless, the trunk is slammed closed and he's off to follow Ling into the building. Probably better to make the exchange inside than out here where the FBI can't see him. Unless they're on the inside. Okay, so maybe he's a little paranoid. "This place got any vacancies?" is asked, as he looks around the building that he'll never be able to afford to live in.

"A couple, but it takes a while to get an apartment, unless of course, you have connections.." Ling quips with a wry waggle of her brows while she heads inside and makes her way towards the elevator. It's then that she puts her penthouse suite key inside and waits for DL to come on it before going up…

D.L. isn't far behind. He notices the waggle of brows and idly thumbs the wedding band on his finger. The box is held a bit closer, just in case this turns out to be a set up of the most major kind and he gets himself settled in the elevator. "Probably pretty steep of a price range, huh?" He looks around the elevator. Ooooo. No smudges on the marble. "How's the school system? They have books, don't they?"

"I dont have children, so I dont know. And dont worry, you're not my type.." Ling quips matter of factly as she lets out an amused chuckle at the motion towards the wedding band. "I am married to my business.." she says while waiting. It's then that the elevator suddenly stops on one of the floors inbetween, and this causes a bit of alarm..for Ling. Her brows quirk a little as the door opens and a couple of men in black suits stands right in front of the elevator.

They seem to be speaking Russian, and they both pull out guns, but instead of aiming them towards DL, they're aimed well, at Ling herself…uh oh?

Uh Oh is one of the phrases that can be used. Others involve more profane methods of speech. Which, for the record, D.L. is more prone to using in situations where there are people with guns and Russian words being flung around. "I'm going to assume these aren't friends." The inside of D.L.'s mind is rapidly trying to figure out what in the hell is going on right now. And why he got himself into this mess. He's going to need some sort of sign before he starts with the kicking of the ass.

If anything, Ling doesnt seem to be phased in the least. Instead she just starts laughing while she shakes her head as the two are still in the elevator while the two Russian men have guns pointed at them. "So this is what Boris sends..two hired goons with just guns." she says with an almost predatory grin curling onto her lips. "Well gentlemen..you have me..whatever am I going to do?" she says, trying to feign horror, but it's obvious she's just mocking them.

The two gentlemen just look at themselves, and mutter some unintelligible Russian under their breath as one of them heads towards DL, trying to shove him out of the way..or something like that.

As he's holding the box, D.L. allows himself to get shoved back against the wall. He's not about to start swinging, but there's just too much craziness going on in this elevator for things to get all violent. He can't let the merchandise get broken or he might not get paid. "Hey, just back off, guys." And this is where he's turning to set the box down on the floor. Where it'll be all nice and safe. He looks over at Ling, "You didn't tell me you were expecting company."

"I wasnt.." Ling says with a slight shrug of her shoulders as she just remains standing there for a few moments before the two men start to manhandle her. It's then, that her tone goes from jovial, to mighty pissed, and her eyes widen. "Gentlemen.." she says firmly and resolutely. "I suggest that you let me go. I am not in the mood for violence today, but you shall be disposed of nonetheless. Now, you can go back to Boris and just tell him that well..you didnt want to kill me because well..let's faceit..I'm too sexy." Damn. She's vain.

With that..the two gentlemen just look confused and start laughing.

D.L. slides himself a bit closer to Ling, but only because he's pretty sure these guys will be shooting soon and he's the one that's going to have to save them from being pumped full of lead. "Provoking the men with guns may not be such a good idea. What with us being trapped in an elevator and all." He keeps his hands up where they can see them, just in case.

As the two men go to her sides, Ling simply giggles impishly and flutters her eyelashes, "Oh..these men are just cranky because Boris is an oaf.." she says matter of factly. Her fingers brush up against their skin, and suddenly the two men's eyes open wide. "They're just puppies. Once you find the right spot, they're utterly and completely harmless.." she explains while continue to brush her fingers against the back of their necks. They both start to salivate as their eyes roll back, as if they're in utter and complete bliss. "Now..if you would please press the penthouse suite button again, we can make our way up.."

D.L. just blinks. "Ooookay. That was…" He can't even say weird. Considering what he can do himself. He just turns his attention back to the box and picks it back up. "Let's just make the exchange so I can get outta' here. I gotta' pick my kid up in an hour." Likely excuse. It could work because it could be true. And he doesn't want to have to run into any more Russians for no reason at all.

"I'm sure your wife has her own little special way with you. I have a special effect on men.." Ling quips with a wry waggle of her brows as she continues to brush her fingers up and down the two men's necks. Eventually the penthouse suite is reached with a ding and well, it's huge. It's an entire floor of the building, and well, no one can say that crime doesnt pay after seeing just how well it pays her. "Now, to keep this little thing quiet, I'll give you a hush-hush bonus of course.." she says matter of factly as she struts into her suite with the two men.

Once inside, she lets her fingers move back from their necks and they both fall face on the floor with two loud thuds as she goes into her kitchen to pick up a suitcase. "Here's the fifteen thousand as promised..and an extra five. Go get your child one of those video games or something.." she says before handing it to him.

"I wasn't gonna' talk. I just really need the cash." D.L. doesn't step too far inside the penthouse. Just enough that he gets himself somewhere he can set the box down. He looks around the place, admiring the expensive tastes and then looks back at Ling as she brings in the suitcase. "Not that I don't trust you but I don't trust you." And there he goes with the popping open of the suitcase to look inside and check the money.

"It's understandable. I dont exactly trust you either.." Ling admits ruefully as she opens her own box to make sure the contents were delivered safe and sound. And they are. Several boxes of blue little pills. Once she's satisfied,she dusts her hands off and says, "I'm going to need to have you come back in a few days. I want you to deliver something to Boris Zukhov for me. Is that amenable? With the standard courier rate?"

Blink. D.L. closes the suitcase and picks it up. He's already starting towards the elevator. "Uh…" He's at a crossroads here. He just wanted to do that one last job. "I really don't think that's such a good idea. I only really brought that cuz I was headed this direction." He offers a helpless shrug as he mounts his very weak defense. "I think I'm getting out of the business."

"Well, it would be safer, but I can make it worth your while.." Ling says with a silght shrug of her shoulders. "Either way, do have a pleasant evening. I have a few things I need to tend to.." and it's obvious she's referring to the two unconscious men in her penthouse suite. "Do take care.." she says with a suggary saccharine sweetness. It's definitely fake as it has the whole, 'if you cross me, I'll do the same thing to you' sort of tone. In the end, she gives a respectful bow. "And like I said, do buy your child something nice. Go and spoil him or her.."

Great. Just great. Using the ol' Your Child Is Going To Need You To Make Money Any Way You Can So You Have To Do This One More Thing For Me So They Can Be Taken Care Of Trick. D.L. was so not prepared for this. Not at all. But at the elevator he finds himself lowering his head and turning back around. He's really going to regret this decision, isn't he? He's supposed to be getting -out- of this business, not deeper in. Especially, well, considering Boris is the one that sent those dudes to take her out in the first place. Oy. "How much worth my while?" Hooked. Lined. Sunk.

"How about..I double the standard courier fee?" Ling says with her brows raised, crossing her arms across her chest. It's a good thing that she likes him doing his job, or she'd just force him to do it..without pay. But alas, underneath that sociopathic exterior is a sweet little lady afterall. "I mean..keep on working for me, and I'll make sure that you and your family are well taken care of. I can easily buy admission into any college or university that you wish your child to be enrolled in. Same goes to the more expensive private schools here in New York. Now, like all parents, dont you want what is the best for your child?"

D.L. just stands there. All these things are floating through his head. It all sounds good. But then there's the part where it's, well, illegal. Not to mention the fact that jail time is not exactly not a good thing to be having when there are children to be raised. He sighs, though, feeling more drawn to the money now than ever. What with the whole losing his job and the unable to pay rent and Niki being in the hospital. "… I'm in."

"Wonderful!" Ling chirps brightly as she puts her hands together. "Do a good job and I shall make sure that you and your family are well taken care off. Do pass by tomorrow? Things will be ready to deliver to Boris then.." she says with a wry grin curling onto her lips..

"I'll be here." D.L. says, before just turning himself and sliding into the elevator. Hopefully, he doesn't need a key or anything and he presses the button to take himself back downstairs. "Night. I'll be here tomorrow night." He wants to have -some- say in this, after all.

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