2007-03-21: Inevitable


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Summary: Lachlan and a half-drunk Riya bump into each other at the Den of Inquity. Randomness, and fun ensues.

Date It Happened: March 21, 2007


Den of Inquity

Pool isn't a game in which Lachlan indulges often, but he was feeling ambitious tonight. Then again, anyone will start to feel ambitious after knocking back a bit of scotch, right? Having since been established as a semi-regular to the dive bar, it's become well-known that he's allowed to bring dogs into the Den. Bonnie therefore lays quietly near the pool table, fed a steady stream of calming signals to aid her in suppressing her natural puppy instincts of "Love And Slobber On Everything". The Scotsman himself bends over the table, lining up a shot to sink the 10, though his aim is not exactly sure thanks to aforementioned scotch. He's dressed in an ash-gray T-shirt and rather worn-out blue jeans; his leather jacket is draped over a nearby chair.

Having been a pool ball before; (Yellow, number 7); Riya has gotten into poll before, except the dogs have the girl surprised as she does a bit of a dance in. "Heya, puppies." She coos, kneeling on the floor. "Hey, cuties!" Nope, she's not talking to Lachlan, but Bonnie.

CLACK! The cue-ball hits 10, kissing it into the hip pocket before spinning away toward the 7. The outcome is pleasing to Lachlan, who smirks a bit and straightens — only to find his dog being sweet-talked by something /very very sweet/. He grins and leans up against the pool table, stick held by his side. "Name's Bonnie," he grunts, giving a nod toward the blonde, wiry haired and large Irish wolfhound mixed-breed. "She'll no' bite." As if Riya needed such assurances, really. The pup wags her long tail enthusiastically and bounces onto her paws. She immediately belly-wobbles over to the Rockette and proceeds to lick hands and arms and anything else that might be in reach, really.

"Hey Bonnie. Aren't you a cutie." Riya continues to sweettalk the cute puppy dog, even as the Rockette laughingly gets a bath from Bonnie, mostly on her long, bare legs. She looks up from the sweet pup only to find it's, mmmm, master, and the woman slowly unfolds herself from the floor to stand. "Tis a good name for a dog."

"Aye. Friend gave 'er ta me, an' I liked the name, so it stuck." Those long bare legs are given a long bare stare, and the face attached to that stare doesn't stop grinning. "M'name's Lachlan, by the way. Ye can call me Lach — 'r anythin' ye wanna call me, actually. Canna say I'd be inclined ta say 'no' ta someone as pretty as ye."

Riya grins broadly. "I like your friend, and I like you. It's a bonny name, and it's great for her. I take it you must be her trainer, no?" She asks, grinning up at him, long shapely legs probably drawing many, many stares. "Nice to meetcha Lach- I'm Riya." She says, grinning, half-drunk.

Half-drunk, grinning, and sexy is just how Lachlan likes women to be. Yes indeed. He extends a hand towards the Rockette in the offer of a shake and winks. "Nah, the pleasure's /definitely/ mine, Riya. Ye play pool? Can I buy ye a drink?"

Riya had no idea Lachlan would be so acceptable! She wouldv'e brought a friend(or two.) The girl shakes her head, thne wobbles a bit on her heels. "I promised the barkeep I'd go home without any other drinks." She says, stumbling to one side. "Whoops… might need some help getting there." Definite invitation, there.

Let it not be said that Lachlan isn't noble! Why, only a nobleman would offer to help such a woman home! "Well, hell, wouldna want ye ta hurt yerself 'r anythin' on the way home." He half-steps to the side to place his cue on a nearby rack and then clicks his tongue at Bonnie, who rises to come to his side. "Lemme walk ye home." Because his intentions are truly honorable, of course. He grabs his jacket and pulls it on before attaching Bonnie's leash to her harness and moving to wrap an arm around Riya's waist. To prop her up. Of course.

Riya thinks that Lachlan is very noble. Far, far too noble for this particualr point in time, however, she is still naive enough at this point, that she's not sure why he's offering. "Thank you, Lach." She says, leaning into his propping arm. "My apartment is… thataway." Which is, ironically, not that far away from the Den. Ahaha.

Riya's Apartment

An apartment. In the city of New York. How… normal. Riya's is, of course, littered with stuff about the Rockettes, a variety of costumes,a nd even, shockingly, regular clothing. The girl giggles softly as they enter the studio, which is compact but homey, and smells vaguely of jasmine. "Mmm. Home sweet home." She says. "You want anything, Lach?"

The truthful response would be "yes". There's hardly a need to elaborate on just what that "anything" is, either. With Bonnie in tow, he follows after the Rockette into the studio and gives a quick glance around the place. Hmm. Couch? Bed? Floor? All of these options work for him. Once they're in the door, it's time to put on The Moves. He reaches out an arm to snag Riya around the waist again, grinning suggestively. "Yeah," he responds, "could think o' a few things."

Riya suddenly gets it, and the Rockette gives a rougish giggle that belays the whole drunkeness, even as he's pulled back into his arms. "Hmmmm…" She drawls, looking at Lachlan. "Like what?" She almost purrs. Hey, pick a spot.

All things considered, Lachlan /shouldn't/ be picking a spot /anywhere/ in this apartment for /anything/ of the sort that he's thinking about. But hey, what Cass doesn't know, right? Right. He glances up over Riya's shoulder at the rest of the apartment again before returning his attention to her. "'M thinkin' you, me, on tha' couch there, an' both o' us're a bit over-dressed fer the occasion, eh?" Such a nobleman.

All things considered, Riya shouldn't even be drunk, so at this point, what other people don't know, it's safe about. Riya then smirks up slightly at Lachlan. "The couch sounds wonderful…" She murmurs. there's that purring edge again. "As for over-dressed… we can change that right quick."

That is precisely what Lachlan intends to do. He wastes no time in dipping his head to kiss Riya, simultaneously attempting to pressure her backward toward the couch. It really doesn't take long to rectify the issue of overdressing, and it doesn't take too terribly long to get to the occasion either. Couches are perfect for such things.

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