2007-04-09: Informative


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Summary: Stan offers the NYPD an exchange of information for cover.

April 9th, 2007,


Police Station

The word came over the dispatch last night that a federal operation had identified three Soma dealers, and local police were dispatched to patrol and pick them up before they could put their product on the street. One is currently housed in this precinct, a Marco Chavarria well known as a repeat felon, as well as a Boris LNU who came much more recently after being discharged from the hospital, listed as 'accidental overdose'. And about ten hours later, here's a preppy-dressed, head-shaved black man with FBI credentials coming in to talk to the shift commander.

The shift commander for the evening would be one Viola Holcombe. Well, actually, the shift commander /should/ be the Captain, but as he's out for the evening, Lieutenant Holcombe will fill in for him. Already in her office, she's one what must be her hundredth cup of coffee and flipping through other files that she needs to briefed and caught up with. While, normally, Viola doesn't think much of Feds entering her territory, when the sheet is about drugs and not about murder, she's a whole lot less territorial.

Stan knocks on the doorframe to the office, entering. "Lieutenant? Stan Crosetti. FBI." He holds out his hand to her to shake, gives a charming white-toothed smile. "Organized Crime. Keeping busy, I see. Thanks for checking my new best friends in last night."

"You can thank Detective Marrows for that," Viola replies dryly as she had very little to do with it personally. "Come in, Stan Crosetti FBI." She gestures at a seat opposite of her desk. "You wanted to speak with me?"

Stan says, "I think we could help each other. I've chased a very nasty animal into your backyard. She's a boss for one of the Triads. Goes by a lot of names, Hua Pa, possibly Ling Po…I'm running a wire off of the District Court upstate, trying to roll her up. I almost had her on the West Coast. She almost had me back when I was on Harbor Patrol in Baltimore." Pronounced 'ballmer', so he's a native. "A big wiretap case like this tends to roll up a lot of small fish, but if the feds move in, she's going to know we're tapping her dealers and bolt again. If, by contrast, local PD snaps them up, they get off the street and the wire's not compromised. What say you?"

"Hm." Viola closes the folder that she was just studying. An interesting proposition to say the least. She's heard the name around the force here and there, but it's not exactly a case she's completely familiar with. "So what exactly are you saying? You want to run some DEA force through my squad? Is this one of those things where it's /actually/ the FBI who's gonna come and take all the credit or is this something my detectives are going to get a cut in? What've you got so far?"

Stan says, with a winning laugh: "Credit? Ha! The only way to get ahead in the Bureau these days is counterterror ops. I'm running the last drug organization case still cooking. I've got a few brick agents assigned to me but that's it." He leans in. "I know your budget problems. I can give your squad intel, help them build cases, keep the streets clean. What I need from you in return is cover. I don't want my target to know about the wire until we've got her on tape ordering the Kennedy assassination, the Lindbergh kidnapping, and Judge Crater's murder. Metaphorically speaking."

"Well, good to see that some things haven't changed." Viola doesn't give much in response to the charming laugh or smile. She's seen her share of charmers come and go in her job. "Sounds like a neat little trade off. And it makes me itchy. I'd have to run it by the Captain, but cover is something we can give. If we get her on tape ordering any of that, we've got more problems than the Bureau." She pauses. "And if us covering your ass makes us look bad, you're going to have a much bigger problem than the Kennedy Assassination on your hands."

Stan snickers. "If it could get the brass to see things my way, I wouldn't mind it. One war at a time, I suppose." He leans back in the chair, laces his fingers together. "This Soma stuff…have you had much contact with it so far?"

"I've heard of it," Viola admits. "But I mostly deal with murder cases. Update me, if you would. It's starting to get a lot more popular, isn't it?" While Stan may lean back in his chair, she leans forward and folds her arms on her desk.

Stan says, "The labs are nuts over it. They're sending samples all over the country trying to figure it out. Basically it's the most addictive street drug we've ever seen. Pills about so big…you've got a couple of evidence bags of them in from last night if you want to take a look. The good news is that the production methods aren't standardized yet - one batch can be a lot more powerful than another. The bad news is even a weak, diluted batch is exceptionally addictive. Like meth it goes right for the pleasure centers and the cognitive receptors. You start to want another hit almost right away."

Viola frowns. As if there weren't enough problems on the streets without there being /another/ highly addictive drug out there. "Maybe I'll do that. I'm sure someone in the labs will keep me updated." Namely, her husband. But, that's personal and she's not about to bring it up without provocation. "Sounds like bad news all around to me. And you're saying it's in New York now?"

Stan says, "Chavarria was going to deal what he had about nine blocks from here when your people picked him up. The Zhukarovs want a piece of the action, so they offed a Tong Chow courier and stole a hundred doses or so. I'm fairly sure the courier was set up by the Triad to plant bad pills with their enemies…this bunch of pills is a lot more dangerous than the ones we picked up before, it could maim or kill anyone who used. That's why Boris ended up in the hospital, he sampled some of his own merchandise. See how she operates - she's punishing customers for even thinking of going to other dealers. Potentially fatally." He explains calmly and coolly, and clearly is familiar with the operations of the gang.

Names and information are whizzing into Viola's head and she'd be lying if she said she knew everything that Stan said. However, she's not quite going to let him in on that fact, yet. She'll ask her own detectives for the important sounding names that she should know and bring up others with this Stan fellow should the need arise. "She. This is that woman you were talking about from before? So, you're saying we're having ourselves some potential drug gang violence in the making? Please tell me those pills are part of that evidence package."

Stan says, "All of them we could get. Four dealers, each assigned to a different borough, and Boris, their handler." That leaves one borough's dealer unaccounted for, but Stan doesn't explain. He instead says, "This is definitely her handiwork. She's even gotten police officers addicted in the past, so that she can control them. It happened to my partner in Baltimore." He says that with a somewhat final past tense, indicating that whatever happened to his partner was permanent, and his smile is gone when he says it.

No stranger to losing detectives to the good fight, Viola gives one affirmative nod to show that she's listening. "Sounds like a real bitch," is all she can think of saying to that. "And it's certainly not something I want on my streets. You say you've got the information that could put her away?" She frowns and thinks something over. "I'll be honest, I don't like working with Feds. You guys as a whole are full of yourselves and think you've got your own little yellow brick road. But, the last thing I want is a turf war in Manhattan."

Stan says, "If you did, you'd win. Like I say, counterterrorism is what the Bureau wants these days. My target's from the wrong part of Asia. Who among your detectives should I know?"

"I meant on the streets, Crosetti." Viola raises an eyebrow. "I'll get you some names. I'll have to talk to the Captain first and then see who's familiar with drug enforcement."

Stan says, "Understood." He fishes out a card and lays it on her desk. Even the low-end federal agents like Stan have super-nice business cards. "Anything else you need from me?"

Pulling the card closer, Viola gives it a cursory glance. It's nicer than hers. Of course. "Nope. I'll give you a call about who you should talk to." She grabs a card from her desk and holds it out to Stan. "It was quite informative, Agent Crosetti."

Stan takes her card and gets to his feet. "Very enlightening." he concurs. "Stay in touch."

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