2011-02-18: Initium



Date: February 18th, 2011


Every journey has one..



There she stands on the hill of a barren land, her toes sinking down into the dry earth. Though there isn’t a plant or flower in sight the smell of lilies flint under her nostrils, making her close her doe brown eyes to better concentrate on sniffing at the scent in the air. The scorching heat of the sun beating down on her head.

The white dress she wears flows out behind her as a stronger gust of wind blows at her, long dark hair flying back from Kitty’s face as well. Her hand comes up as if reaching for the very rays of the sun itself but she stops herself mid-raise of arm because she hears someone move behind her.

“What are you doing, little one?”

The sound of that voice causes Kitty to bow her head, tears already falling down her face. Unable to reply for a few moments, the man behind her waits. Wiping some of the moisture away from her eyes, she risks a look over her shoulder and though she knows who the voice belongs too a light gasps escapes from her lips.

Her stepfather, Luke Sanchez stands there with a warm smile on his face dimples poking out. He looks happy, something that Kitty hasn’t been able to imagine since he died in the fire set to her childhood home all that time ago.

“Trying to catch some rays.” A laugh erupts from within her at the ridiculousness of that statement. Though Luke just nods his head and moves forward, apparently her statement isn’t all that ridiculous. His sandaled feet scrapping against the dead grass and hard ground surrounding him. “There’s nothing wrong with getting a little light.” He comments as he comes to stand right next to Kitty, who sinks to the ground overlooking the valley below her. Luke follows suit right after Kitty. “It’s better than being swallowed by the dark.”

“Can’t get too distracted though,” hugging her knees Kitty rocks back and forth a couple of times. “Always something to look at.” She says this bitterly, smacking a bit of dead grass away from hand, it’s whipped away by the wind and the young woman watches as the wind seems to get stronger.

“Your aunt Libby was right.. you can do this.” Luke’s big hand comes to rest on Kitty’s shoulder and she instantly closes her eyes to curl up against her father. Just like when she was little and he would tell her stories of his life before he met and married her mother and came into their lives. “You were the best thing that ever happened to us..” the oracle says slowly, having trouble getting the words out.

The sun shines behind Luke’s head, making it hard for her to see his face. Instead she goes back to looking over the area around her. Noticing for the first time that what seems to be a violent storm is brewing at the edge of the valley. Kitty’s eyes widen but she doesn’t pull away from Luke.

“Storm’s coming little one.” His deep voice rumbling out of him, Kit dips her head and closes her eyes again. To hide from the storm, to hide from reality.

The feeling of something landing on one of Kitty’s bare legs causes her to jump and peer down to find a multi colored butterfly. One that she’s never seen before, it’s quite beautiful though. She reaches down to attempt to touch it but much like real life it flies away before she can get to close.

Luke doesn’t say a word, just there when she needs him. Like always. Kitty notices around her, butterflies materializing all around the hill. Soon the hill is full of them, every once in a while they flap their wings in a synchronized way. Giving the illusion of a multi colored wave on the otherwise yellow and dead hill.

“What if I fall down?” she peers down over the edge of the hill, the point where rolling could become possible. It seems to be calling her in a way, calling her to just forget everything and tumble down there. Shaking his head, Luke chuckles, “We’re all destined to fall but then after we’re suppose to get back up.” Ruffling a bit of her hair, he smiles over at his daughter who has slowly climbed to her feet, watching the storm move closer.

When she moves all the butterflies take flight, surrounding Kitty and he as they fly around and create a tornado of such pretty colors and nice scents.


Soon the butterflies dissipate into nothing, their coloring glimmering in the sky before fading all together. Kitty smiles to herself as the butterflies are gone and she turns, her back to the storm to face her stepfather who nods his head, before he can speak again something behind him calls for Kit’s attention.

A light flashes in the distance and it begs for Kitty’s attention, the young oracle peering the opposite direction of the storm that is approaching, thunder rumbling and lightning beginning to strike in the valley, setting fire to the dead and withered grass.

“You’ll need to reach the light if you want to make it. But I know you can do it.” Luke says in a warm voice to his daughter. Kitty’s gaze goes to survey the valley that lay before the flashing light. The ground is cracked and desolate, different than the other side of the hill.

“I love you daddy.” Comes the soft spoken statement from the Ms. Hanner and Mr. Sanchez nods his head and embraces her warmly, whispering in her ear. “Love you too.”

Then a gentle push is all it takes for Kitty to be thrown back and tumbling down the hill, towards the part of the valley which leads to the light. As she falls, images flash by her of her friends of her family. Tears glisten in her eyes as she shuts them and lets the fall take her.

With a barely audible gasp, Kitty awakes in her room light tears wetting her face as they trail down. She lays in bed, staring up at the early morning light reflecting on the ceiling before long turning on her side to stare at a picture on her bedside table.

One of she, her mother Malori and of Luke.

A sweet smile quirks one side of her mouth and she closes her eyes again.

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