2007-09-16: Insurance Policy


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Summary: Cyprus Donovan approaches the head of the Board of Directors for EvoSoft about insurance plans.

Date It Happened: September 16th, 2007

Insurance Policy

EvoSoft Headquarters

Ramon has put aside everything for a meeting: seems only polite. When the time comes Cyprus is buzzed into his office with a minimum of wait. He was offered the standard things: cup of coffee, bottled water, Diet Coke, the things every office seems to have in abundance. And then when Cyprus is buzzed in, Ramon stands up and motions him to a seat.

Cyprus strides into the office with his steady, eager pace, and smiles when he sees Ramon. He nods his head in an acknowledgment, and carries his briefcase towards the seat with no undue haste. He is relaxed and confident, and perhaps just a little underdressed than most lawyers who'd approach the situation. He's lacking the typical three piece suit common to his profession, and seems to have gone with the more business relaxed look. "Mr. Gomez, thank you for meeting with me," he says as he reaches the chair. He extends his hand towards Ramon, palm open and honest. "It is a pleasure to finally make your acquaintance."

Ramon shakes Cyprus' hand. It's just a regular shake, not limpwristed, not firm and overbearing. "It's nice to meet you as well," he rumbles. "Thank you for taking the time to come see me today." He sits down on the other side of the desk, but more because - that's where he sits - than because it is the 'power seat.'

Cyprus remains smiling as the pleasantries are exchanged, and takes his own seat once Ramon has done so on the opposite side. He sets his briefcase down alongside the chair. "No, thank you, Mr. Gomez," says Cyprus easily. "A man of your position must have a very busy schedule, especially considering your interest in the upcoming election. I hope, however, that you were not too busy to read through the preliminary documents I sent to your company? In regards to your current legal staff?" There is a pause. "And my interests in an arrangement to which your company can stand to greatly benefit?"

"I read them," Ramon says, nodding gravely. His eye meets one of Cyprus', as he leans back. "I'm ready to hear more about it, of course." One might stand to question how much of i the actually comprehended out of everything he read.

"Your company has quite the reputation, and no small amount of sway, Mr. Gomez," begins Cyprus easily. He does not flinch from the gaze, and almost seems to welcome it. There is confidence there, but that is hardly an uncommon trait in lawyers. "Evolution Software is on the rise, in a market of giants and monsters. There is hardly a division of modern computer software that does not contain a product of yours. While this is a sign of your success, it is also a danger to the established powers. It is only a matter of time before subjects like copyright infringement, and intellectual property damages become commonplace. And while your current legal staff has so far been adequate, it is only a matter of time before something big comes along and decides to throw its full weight at you." It would seem Cyprus has done his homework. And the smile deepens. "And that is where I would come in, Mr. Gomez. Your company's insurance policy."

To the first, Cyprus will get the sensation that Ramon is cynical and annoyed. He is not the kind of man that responds to flattery, and he's instantly suspicious. The second is merely facts, and that's where he gets more comfortable. The next part interests him as something he has never thought of, and an eyebrow quirks to support it. "Insurance policy?" His face and voice remain neutral, inviting Cyprus to say more, but so far—he's listening.

A hint of an edge comes to Cyprus' smile. "I am a leading partner in one of the most successful law firms in the greater metropolitan area," he states simply. "We specialize, particularly, in the defense of organizations such as your company." He opens up his briefcase, and pulls out a small folder. He places it on the desk in front of Ramon. "Our record, I feel, speaks for itself. We may have lost Mr. Petrelli, but rest assured, Mr. Gomez, we are still strong. And I intend to keep us this way."

Ramon lets out a soft grunt and reads over the record, then nods. "Alright. Let me see your retainer contract or whatever it is you bring to these things." Now /he/ opens up and starts to 'listen'. If this man is out to cheat Jaden, Ramon wants to know about it.

Reaching into his briefcase, Cyprus pauses again. He hesitates a moment, then shakes his head as if to clear it. He pulls out a small file with a see-through green cover, and places it on the table alongside the folder. It has a business card paper-clipped to it, with the Symbol on it. Petrelli & Assoc is the name of the law firm. Cyprus smiles. "It is a draft, of course," he states. "We will be more than willing to negotiate the specifics of the contract, once your people have reviewed it." He remains studying Ramon mentally, noting the minute reactions.

Ramon has never actually seen 'The Symbol' before. So he kind of grunts at it, eyeing Cyprus as he reads through the contract. Well. What is a lawyer if he's not ruthless, hyper-ambitious, and a damn bulldog? Besides, he's linked to the Petrelli family. Something itches at him, some sense of something not being right, and he hesitates. He taps the pen over the contract as he reads through it. "There's someone I want to discuss this with first. A wise man seeks council. Therefore I will have your answer to you in seven days. Is that acceptable?"

Cyprus nods swiftly. "More than acceptable, Mr. Gomez," he says easily. "You have my information when you have weighed the matter sufficiently. I look forward to further business with you and your company." Very confident. He stands, and once more extends his hand. "Thank you very much for your time, Mr. Gomez."

Ramon rises and shakes his, eying him one more time. "Sir," he says respectfully, nodding once. He pulls out a business card and offers it over. He walks Cyprus politely to the door and then steps back. Never one to offer more words than he feels are needed, he leaves it at that.

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