2007-03-11: Interdepartmental Cooperation


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Summary: Lieutenant Viola meets the latest pain in her neck: Edward Boone, FBI.

Date It Happened: March 11, 2007

Police Department

It's early afternoon at the police station when a knock comes at Viola's ofice door. Once he pops open, there's a beat cop. A beat cop with an irritated sort of look on his face. "Lieutenant? You're not gonna believe this. There's an FBI agent here to see you. Says he's on the Gray Case."

"Come in," Viola growls at the knock on her door. It's not been a good couple of two days and she's not in the mood for distractions or interruptions. "A Fed, huh? Well, you can tell him that NYPD Detectives Parkman and Demsky are on the Gray case and if he wants whatever's left after they're done, he's gonna have to wait in line."

"I didn't come here to step on your toes, Lieutenant." That's a smooth, confident voice that steps out from behind the officer almost immediately. A man with sandy blond hair flashes an FBI badge. "Special Agent Edward Boone, FBI. Please, call me 'Ed'. I'm not here to take your investigation from your officers. I'm here to help. The Bureau thinks that Gabriel Gray is Sylar. We want to help you pull him back into the net before he goes to ground and kills again."

Viola doesn't stand up immediately when Ed steps into the room. She raises an eyebrow at his little speech before she gets out of her chair, resting her hands easily on her desk. She doesn't smile in greeting at the FBI agent. "Well, Special Agent Ed, thank you for that information. We'll be sure to put it to good use. But you can understand I get a little twitchy when an FBI agent comes down to my precinct and thinks he can help us poor little city folk out. You can be sure to tell your superior that we've got our best people working on this."

"Lieutenant, I'm from Fort Hamilton." He does have a bit of a Brooklyn accent. "May I sit down?" Ed does so, almost immediately. "We've got hours of surveillance data. I've personally been following the Sylar case since it broke. I know him as well as anybody, and I don't /have/ to ask your permission to work within your jurisdiction." The country is his jurisdiction, after all. "But I respect your turf, and I'd like to keep you appraised and not violate your boundaries. I'd like to work in an advisor capacity to the agents you have working the case. What's most important to the FBI is that we get this guy off the streets as soon as the law will allow."

"You'll to excuse me if I'm not going to curtsey, Ed." Viola remains standing for now. Despite the fact that she's run ragged on this, she manages to look mostly relaxed. "We've had to fight for every inch of this case and your department hasn't exactly been forthcoming with it's information. And, you'll have to pardon me again, but you coming to be some advisor to keep an eye on us doesn't really seem so much friendly as political cover." She doesn't actually sound sorry. Her voice is mostly monotone, with a bit of an edge to it. "The Gray murder happened in New York, Agent, and that makes it still part of our jurisdiction."

Ed stares at Viola. Or, rather, he stares at a spot somewhere behind Viola, into the wall. His brain sort of tick, tick, ticks away before he finally speaks. "Okay, Lieutenant. I'm going to level with you. I've been chasing Sylar for almost a year. I almost had him in Odessa, but he slipped through my fingers. It never got out to the press, but he killed a good agent in Odessa." Ed reaches into his pocket and puts a picture of a spritely sort of short-haired girl. "Agent McCain was the best. Since then, he's killed at least four other people. I gave it a rest when you guys put him behind bars, and I'm /real/ sorry you lost him on a technicality. I told my boss I'd resign if he didn't let me follow up. I'm here to see this guy put in a real tiny cell for the rest of his hopefully brief life, and I'm not going to let office politics get in the way of that. I'll jump through as many hoops as you want. I'll do the whole investigation wearing a dunce cap, if it puts your heart at ease. But if you want to catch this guy, my fancy club and your fancy club need to work together."

Viola looks down at the picture of the Agent that Ed holds out. She doesn't take it, but she sure is studying it. The expression on her face doesn't change nor does she get all buddy with Ed now that he's shared his story. But, part of her defensiveness is lowered once he lets her know he doesn't want to take the case away from them. "You want justice, we want justice. He assaulted one of my detectives and put her in the hospital. I'm all about department cooperation, but we've been screwed by you guys before and I'm not about to let that happen again." Bringing up the release makes her lips form a tight, thin line. "Sorry doesn't begin to cover my feelings on technicalities and Gray's case. If getting this guy in a cell takes dealing with your fancy pants, then I'll see what I can do. You get those FBI files unsealed for us and I'll put you in touch with my detectives about that advice you want to give."
Ed puts the picture of McCain back in his pocket. For a guy to carry a picture of a woman around? It's not hard for someone to fill in the blanks of Ed's story. "I'll get your files for you, Lieutenant. I'll have them faxed from the Bureau in Washington tonight, even if I have to drive down there and start pulling teeth out. Thank you," he says.

Not really caring about Ed's blanks or his back story if it doesn't concern getting Gray behind bars again, Viola nods at the agent. "Good. I'll be waiting for those, then." Even if Ed might have more authority than her, he's still in her office and she's not about to start kissing up. Just because he's working with them doesn't make her trust him.

Ed stands immediately. "Thanks again, Lieutenant," he says. He'll find the fax number for the station. He's the FBI. Of course he'll find the fax number. He doesn't waste any more of her time; he's heading for the door, and right out.

Not bothering for the pleasantries, Viola watches Ed leave her office with a distinct frown on her face. "Agent," she nods at him as her way of a goodbye. Once the door is closed, she goes right for the phone.

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