2010-02-02: Interrogation



Date: February 2, 2010


Another little question and answer period that answers one burning question.


Building 27

Nathan has no idea how much time as passed. It feels like weeks, it may have been days, and then it could have been hours. He really has no idea. Time is flowing together now. There's no sun in this place, not for Nathan Petrelli, and he's been asked many questions and given many vague answers, yet here he is again, in the interrogation room. His eyes are closed as he sits in front of the table on his wooden chair once again, but as usual, he's smiling. It's a diplomatic smile. In fact, there's little he wouldn't give just to get outside and breathe, but he doesn't really think he's ever getting out of here; he'll probably suffocate in these tiny claustrophobic-inducing walls. But then this is the first, isn't it? The first protocol. Cody had at least implied there were others. Somehow this makes more sense, yet it means something else. Something that gnaws at Nathan's insides. He hates that feeling.

Fleetingly he glances at the camera before redirecting his attention to the door. Someone is always watching.

When Cody enters the room, she's dressed in the same black cargo pants (she must have a million of them) and a v-neck black t-shirt. Her dog tags hang loosely around her neck and instead of just her notebook, she is carrying a stack of files. The leather-bound old book is ever present, sitting at the top of the stack when she places them with a loud thump on the table. She gives the man a tight lipped, narrow eyed smile that's full of hostility for the benefit of the camera and then proceeds with her usual habit of closing the blind to the one way mirror.

"I trust you've been comfortable since our last talk?" She begins, the tone of her voice indicates that she doesn't really care either way, that this is just pleasant conversation to start his day. "And I hope you've thought about some things. We haven't been able to locate your head of security, but it's just a matter of time. Today though, we're going to work on all of those files and I hope you'll be as cooperative as last time and be able to tell me where each of those people are."

"Comfortable enough." Nathan smirks. "My mother wouldn't have recommended a man that would be easy to find. She has her ills, but stupidity isn't one of them." He offers her a more diplomatic-smile though as he leans forward. "I might be more cooperative if you had glasses. I've always had a thing for thick-framed glasses," at this he chuckles, yet he shoots Cody a rather knowing glance. "I'm kidding. I think I've been rather cooperative." He leans forward and cranes his neck, "Which files?"

"Men don't make passes at girls who wear glasses." The long haired blonde says simply. Maybe she's quoting an old adage, maybe she's just being as cryptic as he is. Cody picks the notebook up from the top of the stack of files and opens it much the same way that she did the other day, invisible to the camera. The pencil is still lodged in the spine but in a fresh page. Today she doesn't pick it up right away, instead she begins to lay some files in front of him, Petrelli Angela, Petrelli Peter, The "Haitian", Church Lawrence, Winters Benjamin, Willmer Candice. "We're going to start with these ones. Do you know what all of these people have in common, Senator?"

"Perhaps not passes, but certainly long term relationships," Nathan says with a hmmm before peering at the files in front of him. "I don't actually." He shakes his head. "Although I'm sure my mother or Peter has something to do with it. They know everyone." He clears his throat before adding, "Pete has a natural ability to make friends, and Ma? Well, she's got an innate ability to garner respect."

"Are you saying that I need to get a pair of glasses before I'll get a long term relationship?" Cody says, her eyebrows raised high before she shoves the first file his way. "Your mother, she ran an organization of hunters, I want to know everything about them and how I can find them. I'm sure that you have some information that's invaluable to your country." She's playing the patriot card on him, maybe he'll bite, maybe he won't. Opening his mother's file, the woman begins tapping at the picture. "We looked in Fiji for your mother, she's not there. I'm sure you can assume how thorough I can be and trust me, I was very thorough."

Nathan stifles a chuckle, "Or maybe look for a guy in ridiculously large frames? But then I guess glasses are an acquired taste." He shrugs again and then refocuses on what she's asking him about the Company. "You want to find some people from some organization that my mother works for and I can't remember? Hmmm." He leans back in his seat and frowns for several moments before leaning forward again. "I told you, I lost my memory." His gaze settles on Cody. "Well then I don't know where Ma is. She can be very elusive when she wants to be. But then, I guess you'd know that." He issues her another smile.

"Possibly, but I can't imagine that she'd be very far away if one of her sons disappeared the way you did. Your family has always been fairly close, haven't they? Or did she take Peter's side in your argument?" Cody gives the prisoner a pointed look, is she leading him somewhere with that gaze? It's a good thing that the cameras can't see it. She folds up Angela's file and pulls out Peter's flipping it open to his picture. "Your brother, he's got quite a few abilities. Ever feel… Oh… I don't know… a little inadequate compared to him?"

"I don't know what you think about my flight, Baker, but I certainly don't want to be in Pete's shoes," Nathan says openly. "I never wanted an ability. In fact, in a way I resent having it. It's like losing a genetic lottery. Not all of us live to show off what we can do or desire to be capable of something sub-human. Besides, if Pete had any sense of patriotism or loyalty to our nation he'd be harnessing his ability to help advance our country."

"As far as Ma is concerned she didn't exactly agree with the government's stance on any of this either. Frankly, I'd rather see people with abilities contained or at least helping advance their country. As it stands, they're a liability."

"Ma didn't like the idea of the government bagging and tagging everyone. I think it's necessary. And that's perhaps why I've been so cooperative." He shrugs again.

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