2009-12-07: Interview with a WHAMpire.



Special Guest: Caridee Smitts

Date: December 7, 2009


Sierra's bump on the head lands her an overnight stay in the hospital and an interview with People Magazine.

"Interview with a WHAMpire."

New York-Presbyterian Hospital

It's a few hours after the attempted kidnapping, poor Sierra was rushed to the hospital by ambulance while Hallis was detained by police officers for about a half an hour before getting rushed to the same ER in her own ambulance. Let it not be said that when a socialite in the city of New York gets hurt (or might be hurt) that the emergency crews don't respond. So after the confusion is over and the young blonde has been released with a clean bill of health, she makes her way up to Sierra's room. The other woman was admitted, the knock on the head warranted observation (at the very least).

"Hey Sierra…" Hallis says in a quiet voice, standing at the door with a large bouquet of flowers. It's a virtual rainbow of roses, at least the ones from the red/orange/yellow spectrum. Placing the massive vase on the night side table, she pulls up a chair and smiles at the other woman. "You passed out just before those guys got tased, you were brilliant…" The man in the helmet isn't mentioned and the look in Hallis' eyes suggests that he won't be at all. She pulls out the note from the flowers and hands it to the other woman. 'To the Hero of the day, Thank You, I Owe You My Life. Hallis' is how the card reads.

Having awoken shortly after being admitted to her own room, Sierra has just been laying in her bed, contemplating the events of the evening. While she has considered using her ability to make the nasty bump on her head disappear, she has stopped herself, feeling that her ability has gotten her into enough trouble for one evening. Tonight she stays in the hospital and when she gets out she has promised to have a full day of pampering herself with massages, pedicures, and manicures. Only the best for someone who was hit in the head with a gun, of course.

When Hallis arrives at her room, she smiles and props herself up, pressing the button to make the back of the bed fold up so she can lean on it. "Ah, Hallis, bonjour." She greets the young socialite. "Comment allez-vous?" Don't worry, she won't speak totally in French! Just more than usual. "Such beautiful flowers! Thank you, mon cherie." She winks. "Come now, I wasn't all that great. I was scared to my bones. And hey, I'm the one who got hit on the head!" Taking the note from Hallis, Sierra reads it over. "Awww, you're too sweet, mon cherie. I'm just glad we made it out…how did we make it out? The last thing I remember is…being hit in the head, I think."

Dressed in her red low-back calf-length dress, black jacket, and black pumps, Caridee Smitts doesn't look like what anyone would consider a serious reporter, but she takes her job seriously enough, and lives for reporting. Her heels clap down the hallway as she peers about for the girls in question: Hallis Van Cortlandt and Sierra LeBlanc.

Before entering the room she raps gently on the door and pokes her head in. "Miss Van Cortlandt, I'm Caridee Smitts, I work for People magazine… I was wondering if I could interview you regarding your near-kidnapping earlier today." She reaches into her purse and pulls out her tape recorder, "I mostly want to learn what happened and how you feel about it. I know that this just happened, and if this is a bad time I can come back later…" Pause. "And we won't take a photo until you can have an opportunity to freshen up." Grin. Yes, she's trying to prompt the socialite (and friend) to take the interview.

Hallis is already fresh, she'd taken the time before being released from her private room because there had already been reporters outside of her door. Giving a glance to Sierra, the blonde's eyebrows raise in a question and she shrugs. "It's up to my friend. She's the hero, if she wants to give an interview then we will." The young woman doesn't seem all that happy to see the tabloid reporter, mostly because she hasn't had the chance to get a story straight with her friend. But the sooner it can be made a matter of public record, the sooner she can get on with her life. Turning to Sierra, Hallis offers her a hand, "Do you want to do an interview? I can help you to the bathroom or get a nurse to help you?"

Sierra eyes the other writer as she enters the room, knocking. "Mon Dieu, a tabloid writer. They're on the bottom of the totem pole as far as media writers are concerned." She mutters, only loud enough for Hallis to hear her. She sighs. "I suppose we should get this over with. But the only make-up I have is some powder and a little bit of rouge." She says, frowning deeply. "I suppose it will have to do." She smiles at Hallis. "If you don't mind helping me to the washroom, mon cherie, it would be appreciated." She says to Hallis, swinging her legs over the side of the bed. "I should get my clothes as well, to at least look somewhat presentable. This hospital gown does absolutely nothing for me." She says in earnest. With the help of Hallis, she grabs her purse, which has her limited make-up in it, and goes around to grab her dress and such from the closet, before finally making it to the washroom.

Hallis gives the woman a little grin and takes her arm, allowing her to lean in for support as they make their way to the bathroom. While Sierra is freshening up, Hallis stands silently and rather awkwardly near the reporter and her photographer. She makes a few mental checkpoints of what to cover and what not. The taser was given to the police as evidence, the two thugs were carted away on kidnapping charges, amongst a list an arms length of other charges. Yes, kidnapping. Apparently forcing someone into an alley is exactly the same as forcing them into a car and driving them across the country.

After quite a few minutes, Sierra comes out of the washroom cleaned up and done up as possible, her hair done up as best she could do under the circumstances, as well as her face looking a little more colourful. She puts on the best smile she can. "So…shall we get this 'interview' underway?" No, she doesn't consider it a 'real' interview. Of course, that doesn't stop her from reading these articles, but reading them and writing them are two totally different things, of course. She slowly makes her way over to where Hallis is. Gotta play up the whole 'damsel in distress' thing for the time being, after all. What with the interview happening.

Caridee waited patiently (or not so, but faking it?) in the hallway, anxiously tapping her toe, but once Sierra emerges from the bathroom, she peeks back into the room and pads up to the two women. She places her tape recorder on the beside table and promptly clicks the red button to record.

"Alright ladies. I know very few details about the incident in question, so let's start with an easy one: what happened?" She grins wickedly.

A quick look is given to Sierra before Hallis begins the story. "We were having coffee at this little place in Midtown, Common Ground." She begins, settling down into one of the chairs beside her friend's bed. "When we left this man asked us if we could help him. Of course we stopped to see what we could do." Then the socialite looks to her brunette counterpart to continue the story, this was her moment to shine after all.

Sierra's moment to shine? Well, some might see it as such. She takes the seat beside Hallis, as opposed to sitting on the bed. "Oui, that is certainly what happened. When we then asked him what we could do to help, he told us he needed directions to…to…Kirby Plaza." She recounts. It's times like this when being a reporter herself comes in handy, as she's practiced many memory recall techniques. "It was then that his friend sneaked up behind us, and help a gun to Hallis' back. We were then ushered into the alley way near the coffee shop." There's a pause while she looks at Hallis as if to say, 'Do you want to tell her what happened next, or shall I make something up?'

Caridee looks from one girl to the next, incredulously nodding her head, awaiting the rest of the story.

The petite blonde crosses one of her legs over the other, flicking her foot out in front of her in a nervous twitch. "Sierra was absolutely brilliant then, she distracted them by trying to convince them to let me go. She came up with this story that she was my cousin from France and she would give them more money than they could dream of. It allowed me enough time to get the taser out of my bag without them noticing." She turns to give the other woman a smile of gratitude. "I was amazed, they were practically enthralled with her and they just couldn't keep their eyes off her." Well most of that part was true.

Sierra smiles at Hallis, nodding. "I could not have said it better myself." She says, content with young woman's words. "Of course, being able to bewilder and befuddle them with mon Francais parfait helped me a little bit." She says with a wide, seemingly genuine smile. "Hallis, of course, was able to disable them before they could get away or do any harm…well, serious harm anyway." She says with a little chuckle, indicating the bump on her head.

Caridee nods as both girls tell their story, explaining the small details. "Did you see your attackers then? Or were they masked the whole time? Did the police apprehend both suspects?" She tilts her head a bit as another question pops in. Details make articles interesting, "And how do you ladies actually know each other?"

"We definitely saw them. They didn't have masks on. The police told me that we're going to be key witnesses at their trial." Hallis purses her lips a little then and gives a concerned glance to her friend. "We can't really talk about too many of the little details, of course, because we don't want to compromise the investigation or anything. Saying too much could really damage the police's chances of getting them put behind bars. You know?" The question of how they met though, that is received with a large smile from the blonde. "Actually, we met at Starbuck's one day. I think it was fate or something."

Sierra nods a little bit along with Hallis. "Oui, we saw them as sure as the day is light." She affirms. She smiles sweetly then, "I'm sure a…magazine as, um…as prestigious as People understands the need for keeping information confidential." She's being nice, honestly! "Ah, yes, our meeting. We did indeed meet at le Starbucks. We hit it off, what can I say? We are both quite the fashion lovers."

Caridee nods a little with a tight smile, "Well, I'll try to keep the questions on the up and up then." Griiiin. "So you have a mutual love of clothes? And now you're bonded by trauma? Are there any other unusual connections you have?" She hmmms as she considers another question, "How did all of this make you feel? Will you ladies be walking through New York alone again soon?"

The last question is something that the young celebutante hadn't even thought about yet. Needless to say it puts a small frown on her face, "I— I hadn't really thought much about that, you know? I mean walking around New York City alone has always been kind of dangerous. But we weren't exactly alone, we were together. What does it say when two women can't take a walk from a coffee shop to the subway without an attempt at kidnapping? It's scary."

Sierra smiles softly. "Unusual connections can be found in even the most menial of relationships." She responds. "We could perhaps both know a fashion designer, or a member of the government. You just don't know." She tilts her head, curiously. "How did this make us feel? Well, we've been shaken, but certainly lives are shaken everyday. War, famine, poverty and homelessness. These things shake people's very foundations all the time. We, in retrospect, are rather fortunate."

Caridee nods again at both of the responses and then hits the stop button on her tape recorder. "Well, that's all of the questions I have for now. If you think of anything else you can add, please don't hesitate to contact my office." At this she reaches into her purse and extracts two business cards.

Taking the card, Hallis gives the reporter a small smile and tucks it into her pocket without so much as a glance. She's familiar with the office the woman operates out of, having been called by them on multiple occasions for little tidbits about the lives of her and her friends. "Thank you very much Miss Smitts, I'll make sure you're the first person we call if there's anything else we're allowed to talk about." It's a great concession, being promised a full story before any of the other tabloids.

Sierra takes the card offered to her and nods. "Thank you, I shall." She, however, doesn't bother to look at it either. They've got the number for People magazine at her office, should she feel the…urgency to call and inform Caridee of any more information. "It was a pleasure to speak with you today, Mademoiselle Smitts. I do hope we get a chance to meet once more again soon."

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