Player Interviews!

Characters. We love 'em. Interesting characters are what make a piece of fiction like Heroes seem believable — if the setting is the canvas, the characters are the paint. We're certainly chock-full of colourful characters here on the game thanks to its players!

As players of these varied fictional people you've created, it can be fun to indulge in a little talking about yourself— or your character. Introducing, for fun: player interviews. I'm sure we've all read or watched interviews of actors and writers being asked about their characters. Well— we know characters! It's Heroes MUSH's turn.

Totally optional, and with no time limit, these fun questions about your (main) character(s) can be answered, by you (the OOC player), at your leisure — as succinctly or as long-windedly as you want!

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Marcus Lane III/Mark Scotts


"What drew you to creating/choosing this character in the beginning?"

Let me start at the beginning… My boys were watching TV one day and a commercial came on for a show called Destination Truth. They were like “Oooo! I wanna watch!”

I don't remember the episodes, cause at that point I wasn't hooked. Of course, I was already involved here on Charity (Kitty convinced me to try the place) and I thought… You know? Josh Gates would be the perfect type of person on a game where special people are hidden. He's physically not perfect — in fact he's balding – yet he continues to look sexy — his voice makes me melt — just like a play boy. But I didn't want him to be EXACTLY like Josh Gates, so I thought hey! Rich kid! I mean… he's gotta get his money somewhere. In the course of like… 2 hours, Mark was born! Hard to believe he was created so fast huh?

He is to blame for every person on Heroes MUSH that has been addicted to Destination Truth. If you haven't checked it out? DO IT!!!

"What do you love most about playing this character?"

I…. don't even know where to start. He's fun. FULL of plot hooks. Ton and tons of potential ones. He's silly and just… uber. With him I'm completely creative. The ideas keep coming to me! I just <3 him in so many damn ways! Plus I get so much good feedback about him!

"What is the hardest, most challenging thing about playing him/her?"

Keeping up the Josh Gates' humor, not to mention living up to the expectations of everyone that get involved with him! Finding new ways to surprise people and keep people interested in him and the plot that surrounds him.

"What is the most unexpected situation this character has gotten into so far?"

This whole Lane Industries thing. I never expected it to completely blow up like this! :D It's awesome. And it's all thanks to a scene in a cave when an evil terrorist asked about human weapons. The Lane Industries plot line continues to grow by leaps and bounds! It's becoming quite the epic adventure looking at my notes! I just hope that everyone continues to enjoy the stories that come from the involvement of this man in the Heroes World.

And I have all of Heroes MUSH to thank for who he is today!


"What drew you to creating/choosing this character in the beginning?"

I actually almost became a therapist in another version of my life. Sydney was born out of my almost-decision to follow that life path. I had just finished my MA, was juggling three jobs, and felt like I needed a character that had as busy a life as I had. Hence the reason she was insanely involved in so many different jobs at once (and not even implausibly so).

I actually ended up changing her a bunch mid-app because her original PB was taken (but not on the taken list) as was her ability (just before I finished her app); I almost didn’t finish her because of the changes I had to make, and had honestly considered not joining HeroesMUSH but my love for Anna Paquin kind of took over once I chose a new PB, and it was my birthday. So between these things she had to be made.

"What do you love most about playing this character?"

Syd surprises me. I think she’s one way and she continually shows that she’s not what I would expect. She kind of took on a life of her own. Her history was representative of every character I’d created up to that point; orphan (yes, I play A LOT of orphans), bad family situation, closed off, and the like.

She changed on me though.

"What is the hardest, most challenging thing about playing him/her?"

For the exact reasons I didn't become a therapist. She listens to people's problems, and doesn't interject too much… or I try to keep her from interjecting too much…

"What is the most unexpected situation this character has gotten into so far?"

I’m still surprised she takes in people like she does. It was hilarious that scene with Lena where she offered her house. I was like, “What?!” And all I could think was: WORST. THERAPIST. EVER. Especially boundary-wise. She’s pretty obviously not that good at her job. But it doesn’t seem to bother her that much which I also find interesting.


"What drew you to creating/choosing this character in the beginning?"

Well, first of all I wanted a character that had a power that made her more useful in plots. Something that could make people want to make use of her like Linderman made use of Micah. Then I added in a basic background from a character I loved playing on a MUSH that had died (and since closed down), giving her the circus girl background. I wasn't expecting how the power and background would combine to create an even more addicting-to-play character.

"What do you love most about playing this character?"

Jamie has been through extensive trauma in her life, but she never lets it stop her. She never, really, lets anything but her fear of guns stop her from doing anything she feels like doing. Which, in turn, leads to a chaotic but incredibly enjoyable life!

"What is the hardest, most challenging thing about playing him/her?"

I think the most difficult part of playing Jamie has to be showing that while she's an incredibly cheerful character, she's not one-dimensional. There's a very good reason she's almost always cheerful. (Or, at least, acting cheerful. Sometimes it isn't real.) There's a reason she's so brave, and it's not entirely linked to her power (though that is part of it). I think, of all players and characters I've encountered so far, Sydney (both player and character) is the only one who's really picked up just how damaged and fragile Jamie really is.

"What is the most unexpected situation this character has gotten into so far?"

This is a hard one. Half the situations she gets into are unexpected. I think I'd have to say the little family she's made with Sydney and Trent, even if they're separated for the time being, is the most surprising. Up until then she's gone from one family to another on a regular basis, and not really looked back except to her original parents. Sydney and Trent is the family she wants back now, second only to wanting her real mother back.

Jo Scott

"What drew you to creating/choosing this character in the beginning?"

I created Jo to be part of the AP. I wanted her to have this compelling backstory that made her hate evolved people for a good reason; not just fear, but something that hit home. And I like irony. I wanted to make her a tiny cute PB with a super badass attitude, someone who would outright deny their diminutive size and appearance and push for something more. I like that she’s complex and interesting and has a good reason to be the way she is.

Also, I love Evangeline Lilly and wanted to play someone who had reason to be that angry.

"What do you love most about playing this character?"

Early on, especially Jo was a bitch. On purpose. She was angry, and cut off from the world, and made decisions to make her life WORSE, not better. Worse. She was like Captain Ahab, determined for revenge and nothing more. That was her goal.

I never play the bitch. So I like that. I like giving myself the opportunity to play someone different than I normally would. And someone who reacts way more to things than any of my other characters. Jo has a real edge to her because she lets herself get angry rather than letting herself feel much else.
She’s actually shockingly damaged underneath her cold exterior, but it’s because she uses what’s happened to her as ammunition just to make her angry. So if she’s sad, she interprets and lives it out as anger.

I also love the way she’s grown and is softening this volume. She’s laughing some, but is still oddly guarded about everything. I think that she’s finding herself again, recognizing her issues are just that: her issues, and she can go beyond them.

"What is the hardest, most challenging thing about playing him/her?"

Jo is tough. I am not. Keeping her strong about things is challenge for me. Places where I would melt down into tears, I make her yell and get angry. But the tide is changing, I suspect she’s going to get a chink in that armor again in the not-distant-future.

"What is the most unexpected situation this character has gotten into so far?"

I’m still shocked she lived through last volume. Seriously. I can’t even wrap my brain around it still. I’m a firm believer in ICA = ICC so when she lived I was like, “Really?” except I think she’s sort of learned her lesson. Kind of. She agrees human weapons not good so that’s a good start, right?

Maggie Powers


"What drew you to creating/choosing this character in the beginning?"

Looking back, Maggie is one of the strangest cases of character creation for me, because I don't remember where she came from. It trips me out — it's like she just appeared one day, this fully formed multi-faceted character. I remember I wanted to make a character who was a detective or an FBI agent, something along those lines — it's funny now that I went with NYPD detective in the end, because Elizabeth Mitchell was later cast as an NY FBI agent in V. And then Maggie got all tangled up in FBI business for the Gangs plot.

As far as I can recall, that's as far as my thought process went initially: I want some kind of law enforcement! Other than that, I have no idea. Elizabeth Mitchell factored in somewhere, but I don't even know if my adoration for the actress really factored in before or after Maggie started to come into existence — either way, she has a tremendous influence. I wrote the character, made a lot of plot hooks and room to move around in, and I became drawn to the things I wrote (not that I even remember writing most of them now) — she just came into being and it worked more than I ever thought possible. You know, to say so dramatically.

"What do you love most about playing this character?"

I could write an essay. Seriously, Maggie unexpectedly became one of my favourite characters ever, so I can't say enough. I love her because she's such a strong character. She's so many things— she has a hard vs. soft thing that I appear to be drawn to in characters, she's very good-hearted but she could kick your ass, but that's just the TIP of the iceberg. I love to play her. She overtakes my brain. If I had to pick one thing, it's that there's always more to the story with Maggie, there's always something underneath everything she does. Because she tends to keep a lot of things just under the surface and doesn't talk about herself often, there's always so much more to explore.

Also, it practically goes without saying: Laurie.

"What is the hardest, most challenging thing about playing him/her?"

My answer for this could work for the previous question, too. She's always challenging me, but in a good way!

Maggie always has so much going on in her mind at any given time. She's very smart and incredibly observant, and I have to try to keep up with her. Pretty much everything she does has this reason or purpose to it — she has a certain way of going about things that creates all of these boundaries and sort of personal rules, and I have to keep track of it all. One variable will change and she'll completely turn around and do something different. So basically what happens is lots and lots of subtext. At least in my mind! I'm always trying to express that and trying to embody a fraction of the PB's ability to say so much without saying a word.

Because of the way she is, the hardest thing about Maggie is really that I'm … constantly editing and re-editing her poses — I'll want her to say or do something but she just won't let me. The amount of things that get cut is just massive.

Also, apparently, when she's in scenarios that are wildly out of her comfort zone, that's challenging to play out. And she usually rolls with the punches, she's so on top of things (haha I see you snickering Laurie) that when she's actually — or maybe more correctly, visibly out of her element, it's hard because it's rare. But fascinating!

"What is the most unexpected situation this character has gotten into so far?"

EVERY situation, in that I didn't expect — at the very beginning — to have such a vivid… world happening around her.

More specifically, going off the last question, the most obvious answer is this whole scene, when she went undercover in the most uncharacteristic way, but at the same time it wasn't unexpected because I knew OOCly that it was going to happen. Honestly, maybe her former fiancé Sam coming back and being a part of a major plot and turning out to be an FBI agent among other things — I wouldn't have guessed that early on. Oh, also, stalkers. And— wait, I'm failing at my own interview questions, this was supposed to be one answer. THE END!

I've Never Tellllll asks, "SO HOW ABOUT THAT STRIPPER SCENE HUH?!?"

There was no stripping in any scene! It can't be a stripper scene if there's no stripping! For real though, that part in Dirty Dancing where she had to "dance" involved the hardest Maggie pose I've ever written. I had such a mental block over it. I'd start to write and my inner Maggie would just punch me in the face. I couldn't wrap my head around it — it was so completely against everything that is Maggie, she was uncomfortable enough in things like a skirt as it was — it took me forever, plus it was about 5 AM IRL. Granted, it would have been easier to write if she had been any good at it. And I think the fact that it was for Roscoe Laurie made it harder. She hated that she had to do it (but it was sexy).

Alexandra Lambert


"What drew you to creating/choosing this character in the beginning?"

Alexandra is my second alt on the game. The first alt I created was (and continues to be) pretty alien to me. I wasn't very smart when making her, and so plots were either poor fits or elusive to get involved with. The goal in making Alexandra was, pretty directly, to make a character that had a lot more of "me" involved. I asked myself what sort of person would I be, and what sort of power I would have, if I were actually in Heroes. I combined that with my actual profession/academic interest, put the character in an 'ideal' employment situation for the field, and gave her a reason to be in NY, and there we go! Once that was done, I picked a face, and Alexandra was born!

As for the actress, well, I knew I wanted a brunette (since that's me, IRL), and I wanted someone pretty tiny. I really enjoyed the juxtaposition of such a (potentially) powerful…power with such a petite character. I'm weird like that! I think I had seen her in a few random films, and had attempted a character with her likeness before even apping here, so I had some pics saved, and it all just clicked in the end! The only other actress I considered was Anna Kendrick.

"What do you love most about playing this character?"

The thing I absolutely love the most is that she has so much of me in the character. I know some people would argue that you should make your alts totally different than your IRL self, but I really, really like it. It definitely helps me to connect more to the character and empathize with his or her situation on-grid.

In addition to that I love love love love love her ability. Trying not to get too pseudo-philosophical, anyone that knows me IRL could probably agree that of the elements, I'm totally earth (not fire, water, or air). It's fun to play that out, both in the character personality (she shares a lot of the same 'strengths' and phobias I actually have - like an acute fear of heights), and in the power sense…I love them both!

"What is the hardest, most challenging thing about playing him/her?"

Sometimes it's a challenge to not let the powers get out hand. In some of the Phantasm scenes, I tried to go 'overboard,' but not anything that hasn't been shown in Heroes canon…which is what makes it really scary. There's really scary potential there, as we've seen with Samuel (even if he did punk out and had a different set of skills), or with Sparrow in the comics. On one hand, I want to grow into that via RP; but on the other hand, the possibility of what happens if she decides (or is coerced) to not be 'good' anymore is wickedly appealing.

Since that's a pretty superficial answer, a more character-centric response is that Alex is definitely more bookish than I am. I have to play her smarter than I actually am! While we share the same basic knowledge and skillset, Alex has more specialized education and titles. What this means for RP is that she has to come off as more of a bookish geek (and less of a nerdy geek) than me. She definitely has a lot more on her plate to worry about than me, so it's a struggle to ask myself where she'd be, why she'd be there, does it fit with the time of day, etc.

"What is the most unexpected situation this character has gotten into so far?"

So far…it has to be the whole AP capture scenario. She wasn't raised to be a law-breaker, and is a genuinely good person. I really love that it all happened because of her helping break people out months earlier - she thought she was doing the right thing, and others didn't. I hope that in future scenes it will really help to shape her into something slightly different. Nasty consequences for those decisions are absolutely awesome RP. I love consistency in story that way.

I love that when I point out to people that I had a character remain in captivity for months OOC time, people are shocked. It totally gave it more of a sense of realism, even if it did lock my character to limited scenes for a while. The whole imprisonment and escape angle was really, really fun too! A lot of people teamed up to make that whole experience fun, while at the same time it was ICly terrifying.

Though, I have to talk about the Amazon! I never would've expected to see her there either, but when your boss goes, you go! She's sworn never to fly again after a plane crash, used her powers to make an earth elevator, and keep people from getting shot. In the end? She's decided to step up and keep a village of native peoples safe from technologically-superior foes who want to steal their tribal and spiritual leader for their own gain - awesome!



"What drew you to creating/choosing this character in the beginning?"

I didn’t choose Kitty in the beginning! I actually chose Melaine.. (SHE DOESN’T REALLY EXIST NOW!! THANKS STAFF!! (Jk jk) ). I had never heard of a Mush before I saw this place and so.. I went a little nuts. I wanted her to change into a cat.. and then I wanted her to have Astral Projection but staff hated and didn’t let me because I was so new. I agree though. I would have tried to make everyone’s brain’s fall out with Melanie’s ability (who doesn’t exist).

But anywho, after being denied on Melanie like.. five times I think. Ouch embarrassing. I had to wait a few months.. and then I came back and the thought of a heiress to a fortune that wanted nothing to do with the glam life and money and who only wanted to work on cars and write novels graced my brainz.

It was like heaven came down to earth and then.. Kitty was born. I wanted to play a young person, because I’m only 19 so I wanted someone close to my age, also I really really wanted to play someone that naïve about the Evolved world as well as the regular world seeing as I’m young and don’t know everything and ever since I was little I really really loved the idea of being able to see the future, like in the all the books I read. So, Kitty’s ability of Psychometry was brought about and the gun-blazing, car-loving girl was born. Boy has she changed. I feel like I’m Kitty at times, it’s awesome. Awesome.. if you like crazy people..

"What do you love most about playing this character?"

The fact that I really don’t know what Kitty is going to do next. She might be blaming everything on the Shaman, (who actually does exist). Or if she’s wearing cowboy boots and shooting bad guys. Kitty is a joy to play. I love being able to do whatever I want with her because she’s so crazy. So.. why is Kitty running in Times Square with only her underwear on.. BECAUSE SHE’S CRAZY THAT’S WHY! AND I KNOW YOU LIKE THE VIEW YOU PERV! (Jaden.)

Also.. yeah nevermind that’s all I love about Kitty. EVEN THOUGH SHE’S DEAD.

"What is the hardest, most challenging thing about playing him/her?"

The hardest thing about playing Kitty would have had to be her different moods. Because Kitty isn’t someone that stays sad.. for too long.. or happy for too long.. or pensive for too long.. I think she has ADD. But anywho, playing her different moods was hard and definitely playing out that she was an high society princess, though not really. Because I’m not upper class.. at all. Yep.

"What is the most unexpected situation this character has gotten into so far?"

Well I’d have to say one of the most unexpected would have to be.. Kitty joining the Company who mind raped her and left her crazy. As in actually crazy for a while. Ask Jamie, she witnessed it. The bike scene when she shot the man man!

But the biggest thing.. that was unexpected is the whole Hanner plot. Something I had no idea would take off and something I didn’t think would ever really happen. I just had this thought.. Kitty’s daddy has a lot of baby momma’s but then it turned into this huge thing that’s like snowballed into other things and.. I can’t keep talking or I’ll give secrets away and Syd might get mad at me! But yes! Kitty is awesome! And I wish she was my sister!




"What drew you to creating/choosing this character in the beginning?"

What can I say? Elle is electric. She's one of my favourite characters in the show, and when I popped into the game to see she was open for app, I was so excited to app her. Elle has so many personality aspects; she's batshit and kind and flirtatious and catty and calculating and so many other things!

"What do you love most about playing this character?"

Elle is really different from my other characters that I've played. She's much more dysfunctional, for one, and that just makes her more fun. I usually play the upbeat, bouncy type, and steering away from my usual 'box' is a fun experience.

"What is the hardest, most challenging thing about playing him/her?"

She's so different from what I usually play! I have a lot of 'what would Elle do?' moments with this character, and it's hard sometimes to separate what I, or my character norm would do, and what Elle Bishop would do. It's a crazy ride, for sure! That's fitting, because she's surely a crazy character. ;)

"What is the most unexpected situation this character has gotten into so far?"

BOYS. No, seriously. While Elle has no real concept of social boundaries, which makes her more touchy-feely and such, she's not an amazing flirt. However, I've had male characters flock to Elle, which makes me laugh because the male:female ratio is so different on this game. Maybe it's her pheremones? Whatever it is, there've been many more flirtatious scenes with Elle than I ever expected!

Daphne Millbrook the 2nd

"What drew you to creating/choosing this character in the beginning?"


You say, "So who is awesome and open now? God, I am so behind."
Pierce says, "EVERYONE"
Pierce says, "Candice."
Nathan says, "Mr. Muggles."
Pierce says, "Daphne M."
Pierce says, "West."
Desiree says, "Maya still."
You say, "Daphne!"
You say, "Mr. Muggles!!"
Gregory says, "who is this mysterious Guesty fellow?"
Pierce says, "My one true love."
Pierce says, "…"
Pierce says, "That was."
Pierce says, "Meant in response of 'Mr. Muggles'."

My epic return to MUSHing after what I can only describe as 'the saddest and most terrible — yet likely most productive' time of life is a chronicle of sandwiches, explosions, and becoming friendly with the stripper pole for the first time. I remember it quite specifically because I was allowing myself to log on for the first time in a long time due to how fantastically boring it was to wait seven+ hours for your flight. Also, because I logged it.

Being drawn to Daphne was part peer pressure and partly a fast love (ahaha…) for characters who always have something sarcastic to say. I don't think I could play without a sense of humor, and snarky just happens to be my most used flavor. I'm thinking I also enjoyed how her ability was used; at first glance, it seemed rather simple: "Okay, she can go really fast. Now what." But the options with that…

"What do you love most about playing this character?"

The fact that I got to steal someone else's name.

No, but. Stealing does have to do with it.

"As for the files," there they are, in her hand, "If you wanted 'em bad enough, you would've gotten here sooner." Oops! Shrug. And then - zip! - there goes Daphne, the unapologetic blur of thievery out into the night.

Daphne's as quick with her wit as she is with her vanishing act, and, like I mentioned, I'd die without a sense of humor injection but, in the end, it's really about how blunt she is. It's this kind of unforgiving truthfulness that she feels she owes the world after it's been so cynical to her first. She's not necessarily right about eye-for-a-badmouthed-eye, but she does have grains of wisdom to the way she doesn't let herself see anything all flowery and rose-colored. She sees a lot of truth in people and the way they behave, and she's not afraid to call them out on it; in fact, she will very nearly always call them out.

Also, she's, like, five shades of adorable. Who can argue with that?

"What is the hardest, most challenging thing about playing him/her?"

It's not even the wit, or the snark, or even the fact that she's a canon character — which does give me the creepies sometimes, like it does almost everyone taking up someone else's role — it's her speed. The fact that she can be out of there whenever she'd like — and she'd like! There were times when I would have to really push myself, and her, to find ways to be invested enough in a scene to stick around. With no regard for showing off her ability, she has so little motivation to linger, really, anywhere.


She's softened a bit around the edges now; she's made friends, and is inclined to be social more. But in the beginning, when it was all about the Pinehearst missions and being this stand-offish lone ranger, I would sometimes get into quite the situational pickle where she wanted to run off, but I wanted to keep roleplaying!

"What is the most unexpected situation this character has gotten into so far?"

As far as unexpected goes, I think she's thus far kept to a pretty parallel path to a lot of the issues and shenanigans she got up to on the show. Working for Pinehearst, deciding to be a hero, getting a boyfriend who's too gentle for his own good, losing her ability and feeling her own blame — all things that I could mine the show for hints around. So probably the most unexpected is a tie between everything she's done with Gabriel. That she showed up at his place and helped him perform superpowered brain surgery on her friend… yeah, not your ordinary every day thought! The further development of the relationship with Gabriel might have been expected as far as 'hey, this is a neat circular revenge considering what happened with Zelda', but it resulted in some stranger consequences! — and… 'in bed with Sylar' is not really one of the places a girl expects to end up.

Randall has left.
Nima says, "Daphne stole Randall, didn't she?"
You say, "I-"
Kitty grins at Nima.
Daphne has no defense.
GAME: Daphne has rolled STEALIN' and got a result of WHATEVER YOU JUST GOT.
Matt has arrived.
Nima rules that court is adjourned.
Daphne steals the gavel. :(

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