2007-11-26: Interwoven


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Summary: Two people who can see the future find meaning in connections.

Date It Happened: November 26th, 2007


Central Park

New York City

It's not as cold as it was earlier and Kitty is one of the few people who is celebrating the brief little warmth that the city has gotten today. Wearing a long wihte skirt and brown sandals, and a blue top, Kitty looks very bohemian because the skirt almost touches the ground. Kitty looks up at the sky and smiles softly. That dinner and movie with Eric was great, and she can't wait to return the favor and have dinner at her house with a movie. Kitty is still looking up at the sky as she walks, her messenger bag on her shoulder.

It may be warmer than it has been, but for this Southern import, it's cold enough. Desiree Eventually-to-be-Gomez Russo, bundled up in a long black coat and fluffy, rainbow-striped scarf looped several times around her neck and tucked over her chin, walks from a perpendicular direction to Kitty, carrying a couple of bags of groceries in paper bags from a natural food store, and a cup of something steaming in red-gloved hands, eventually coming to stop underneath a massive tree. She sets her bags down carefully. Dezi, too, has a somewhat Bohemian look today despite the coat being more dark and straight-lined than usual — a cream-coloured skirt with ruffles up on side is gathered up as she prepares to sit down, despite despite the light layer of snow around her.

When Kitty is done daydreaming she lowers her head and she notices a woman that she has been looking for. All she can think about is OMG ROACHES IN NOODLE HEAVEN. But instead of freaking the other woman out she walks up towards the woman and then smiles softly. "Heya Desiree." She says cheerfully and claims a seat next to the woman on a bench in the park.

The grocery bags rumple crisply, crackling, as Desiree arranges them on the ground so that nothing falls out — it looks to be mostly fruit on the top. Perched on the edge of the bench, leaning over the groceries, she looks up swiftly at Kitty's greeting, bright hazel eyes just peering blankly. Recognition does, eventually, set in. Sort of. "Heeeey… youuuu."

Kitty smiles softly. "Been awhile since you left me for the roaches." Kitty teases and relaxes slightly on the bench. "Then I saw you at that rave." Kitty runs a hand through her hair, "And now I run into at the park." Kitty grins.

"Ooh … yeah," Desiree answers with a hint of sheepishness. Just a hint. Warmth floods into her eyes all the same, her friendly self showing through. She smiles. "Sorry 'bout that. You— the pirate thing? That, uh— that ain't usually my kinda shindig. You sure got a sharp memory." She sits up fully and takes a sip from her cup; by the aroma, hot cocoa. "Is' Kitty, right?"

"Right. And you made an impression on me so I guess that I would remember the places I've seen you." Kitty smiles and then looks over to Dezi. "Sorry for acting so weird before in Noodle Heaven before we were attacked by the roaches. I've been meaning to say sorry for that, I don't usually go all saying things before they happen." Kitty looks sheepish. Though she has been using her ability more than she ever has before.

"Hmm?" As she sips from her cocoa, Desiree just regards the young woman with curiosity, bold eyebrows ever-so-slightly raised. Her memory of the day at Noodle Heaven is largely overshadowed by AHHHH COCKROACHES. "Whatever you said, I'm sure it couldn'a been too kooky."

Kitty grins, "It was a little kooky." She comments and then looks back up at the sky, "How are you?" she says. Kitty has been much mellower lately. Guess when you see a future that involves people getting blown up and being killed. You chill out some.

"Kooky ain't so bad," the Southerner comments with a lopsided grin as her paper cup lowers. "I'm alright," she answers, squinting up into the sky for a moment against the bright white clouds. When she looks back down, her focus resettles somewhere else: aa seemingly uninteresting patch of snow and grass in front of the bench. She scuffs it idly with the toe of her brown boot. "How 'bout you?"

"Yeah it ain't so bad." Kitty agrees with Desiree and then rubs her hands on the arm rest on the bench, "I don't know, some life changing things have been happening to me, special things. And I don't really know which direction to go in. I've seen some crazy stuff the past few months. Kitty tells Desiree as a bird comes flying past the two.

You'd think Desiree would give Kitty a stranger look for opening up about the oddities in her life — they are, after all, almost strangers — but it's not an uncommon occurrence. She just has one of those personalities, and when you factor in being able to see the future and having to tell other people things out of the blue … well, she's used to it. She looks up from the patch of snow and offers Kitty a warm, knowing smile. "You'n me both, sugar. I find the direction to take's the one feels right in your heart."

It looks like Desiree and Kitty are alike in so many ways. "It's just that I haven't found that direction yet. I've been using my skills to help people, and it's great but now I can't seem to figure out what is best. I want to help, but I don't think I'm able enough to." Kit looks down and she just looks at the snow at the ground. "I've been finding out so many new things about people. It's strange."

"Aw, honey." Desiree scooches closer to the younger woman on the bench. "I know what you mean. Is' like a riddle, tryin' to unravel it all," she admits, but her voice perks up as she adds, "But you will! Everyone helps in their own way."

Kitty nods her head, "It's like everything is connected." Kitty is in full ramble mode almost, "Everything I see connects to someone in a big way and I-" she stops realizing what she just said to Desiree.

Desiree's smile starts to fade away,— only because she starts to regard Kitty in a new light. The warmth in her eyes doesn't fade, but her gaze becomes more searching, more serious, as she watches the woman's face. "Everythin' is connected," she says quietly, setting her hot cocoa down on the bench at her far side and reaching out with her fuzzy gloved hands to take Kitty's and clutch them. "Like strings— like a map. Ain't no one alone or without meanin', 'specially not… certain…" The older woman trails off and purses her lips, hesitating.

Kitty grips Desiree's hands back and smiles faintly, "I believe it." And then "Certain what?" her gaze lifts to watch the other woman.

"Certain … people," Desiree answers after a spell. "The special ones." She glances away, finally, into the open space of Central Park ahead of them, watching a flock of pigeons, and lets go of Kitty slowly. "Now who's kooky."

Kitty looks at the pigeons as well, "You don't sound kooky, I've been meeting those special people. I am one of those special people, I guess." Kitty says and she looks at Desiree differently now too. "Are you too?" she asks and she then returns to watching the pigeons, undisturbed, minding their own business. Free to fly away whenever they want to.

"See — strings, We're connected." That would be an affirmative, though her gaze stays on the plucky birds. A soft smile finds its way back to her face and she gives the younger 'special' woman a good-natured wink. "We're all over the place. I came to this city lookin' for us not knowin' what it was at the time."

"The things I see, have been growing darker and darker. It makes me want to fight for the good, I know that sounds corny." Kitty says softly and then chuckles. "I grew up here and I didn't know how many of us were here, it seems like we are all being drawn together to this city, but for what?"

"That's— that's what you can do? You can see things?" Desiree shifts around on the bench, facing Kitty all the more, her expressive face suddenly alight. "Like see the future, that's what you're gettin' at? Weeeell! I know what we're drawn together for, Miss Kitty. To stop those dark futures." Optimism, her area of expertise. "Why else?"

Kitty nods, "I touch something and I can see either the future or the past. Can you see things too?" Kitty becomes excited and then grins. "We can stop those dark futures, together." She says to Desiree. "I don't know why else, the strings are starting to come together." Kit comments.

"Mm, not like that, though. I just— I see things. In shapes, in… well. Just about anythin'. One day it'll be in a vase of flowers and the next flowered shoes at the K-Mart." Desiree smiles all the wider. "Things I've seen — the future can change, I've seen things that didn't happen. I think that's why we're all comin' together. I think we're meant for somethin' special," she drawls with the flair of someone who truly believes what they're saying. "Some higher purpose, you know?"

Kit's eyes widen, "Some of the things I have seen have been changed as well." Kitty nods and grins at Desiree. "I agree with you, things are changing and events are coming. Big ones, we have to be prepared Desi." Her gaze goes up to the sky, "If we aren't ready, bad things could happen to us."

"I gotta believe some of the bad stuff's already changed," Desiree says. "lately, I ain't been seein' all what I used to. Just the same thing over and over and I dunno what in the name of God it even means. Kitty," she implores, brows raised, "What do you see when you look in the future?"

"I see all sorts of things, but the most recent event I have seen that might effect us all is a vision centering right here in Central Park, there are sirens, bodies- /everywhere/ and the emotion from that vision, so much pain and sorrow." When she is done explaining she now asks Desiree the same question, "What is it that you keep seeing in the future?"

The depiction of Kitty's vision prompts Desiree to frown, reflective, and look around Central Park. It seem so innocuous, right this moment. Peaceful. "Just this doojiggy," she answers. "Uh. Lemme just… uhmm…" She gets up off the bench only to clamber onto her knees in her skirt, despite the snow. She sheds one glove, freeing her right hand with its burgundy-painted nails, and reaches down to draw in the dusting of snow. She draws a curved horizontal line in front of her, then another, opposite, through it; overlapping S curves. She links the two together with matching lines here and there.

Kitty blinks and then kneels down beside Desiree. "What is it?" she asks with curiosity in her voice. Kit brushes the hair out of her face and continues to watch as Dezi draws in the snow.

The design is vague, at best, imperfectly drawn under imperfect conditions in the light snow with dead grass underneath. It basically looks like blurry squiggles. Not exactly a map to the future. "Hell if I know," Desiree replies as she gets back up — a little awkwardly — and brushes her hand off on her coat. Fingers reddened from the cold of the snow, she slips them back into her glove and sits down on the corner of the bench, reclaiming her cocoa as she does. "It ain't always clear path, things we see."

"Who you telling?" Kitty says to Desiree and looks thoughtfully at the design on the ground as she reclaims her seat next to the woman. "Maybe I can help you try to figure it out?" Kit offers.

"Yeah. Maybe." Desiree smiles. She reaches out and runs a boot along the design, blurring the snowy symbol. "I gotta get these groceries home," she realizes outloud all of a sudden, biting onto the hot cocoa cup and holding it in her mouth even as she goes on to explain, gathering her bags, "S'long way, but nothin' beats this store, so it's worth comin' to the city for."

Kitty nods and then stands as well, "It was nice seeing you again Desiree. Hopefully I'll talk to you soon, and thanks." And there is deep gratitude in that voice of Kitty's. "You helped me a lot today."

Desiree tosses the mostly-empty cup into a nearby trashbin. "You be safe, Miss Kitty. Have no doubt we'll run into each other again," she says as she gets to her feet, grinning. "And you're welcome, but I just say it as I see it. Ain't some fount'a wisdom." With that, jostling her grocery bags under her arms as comfortably as possible, she starts to amble away, stepping over the swathe of smoothened snow she drew on a few moments ago.

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