2009-11-18: Not Quite Shakespeare in the Park



Date: November 18th, 2009


Three Geeks. Star Wars Costumes. Someone is touchy about a hoodie. Someone is confused with a sick dog. Good times, man, good times.

"Not Quite Shakespeare in the Park"

Manhattan, NYC - Battery Park

With afternoon quickly turning to evening the city is once again becoming away it seems. So of all places for Andra to be she isn't to sure why it would be here, other that perhaps it not all that crazy off in the park. Zorro it rather enjoying the time away from the cramped city. The large mostly white dog is settled down near a tree chewing on a bone while Andy is busily typing away at her laptop which is settled upon her lap of all places. Every now and then she does glance around the area to see if anyone else has wandered in while she wasn't paying attention, so far it seems rather quiet as only a few people are busying walking or sitting off some talking an the like.

"You wanted me in disguise… This was the only practical way. Now quit your complaining, beggars can't be choosers," Darth Vader replies, moving down the park, trailed by his good friend, R2-D2. "Though I suppose there isn't much of a point in getting out for a breath of fresh air wearing this, huh?" Cue a few Vader breathing noises.

Who is Darth Vader (Secretly Gene DRESSED as Vader) talking to? Clearly, people without much in the way of shame if they are willing to be next to him.

Keeping up with the Star Wars theme.. Bert's dressed like Princess Leia. No, not /that/ outfit, she's wearing the white hooded costume from A New Hope. It's very warm, like one of those Snuggies! "Shut up, 'dad'," Bert says, grinning from under her hood at Darth Gene. She even did the best she could at twisting her red locks into buns. Of course her hair keeps trying to escape, since it's not long enough. "This is fun, it's like being at a convention. More than just a weekend a year."

No one had warned Lena that it was going to be a geek convention in Battery Park today. If she'd known, she might've dressed up. Technically she is in full preppy costume but it isn't quite the same thing. For one, girls in argyle and knee-socks tend not to carry blasters. Which just sucks. A blaster would be totally sweet and it would even match her shoes.

The newly-dyed blonde is walking a path adjacent to the costume parade towards Andra, a cellphone tucked to her ear. Her expression is impatient; someone is not cooperating by picking up on the other end. Finally the phone is snapped shut and shoved roughly into her skirt's pocket, while her attention shifts more to surroundings than Stupid People Who Don't Answer When Called. It's right around then, around the time she reaches Andra's bench, that Darth Vader and his geek train are spotted. Forward progress stops and the teen's eyes blink owlishly at the procession. "…what? Am…do you see that?"

Could she finally be subject to her own hallucinogens? Sweet!

"God we look like Sci-Fi con rejects," Eric Lancaster just shakes his head as he strolls along next to the pair of Geeks. "…which, I don't mind in the least. I mean really who would look for us here." He says with a grin…and yes, he has also joined them in the 'disguises'. He even went with the New Hope theme. So Obi Wan Kenobi, full robe with his hood thrown back as he walks on one side of Darth Gene. "…and yeah…it /was/ your idea to get out like this." He adds towards Gene with a laugh in his voice. "Any specific reason why you decided on here?" He adds curiously.

Andra has no idea what is going on around her as she has went back to type against the keys, a faint mutter escapes her after a moment and she glances upwards slightly catching the movement. Zorro's attention is fully on the group that is moving down the path, the dog's ears perk forward and he lets out a few deep barks. The ever precting guarddog that he is. A faint erks escapes Andy as she has to grab hold of the dog's collar as he sits upwards. "No.. its alright, calm down." Great this isn't what she needs at the moment. While holding onto her dog she snaps her laptop closed and sets it upon her bag that is at her side. A glance is offered to Lena as she stops at her booth as well. "Ya.. See all things in New York I guess." She says with an amused tone, not seeming all that worried as Zorro finally calms down at her side.

"Central Park has too many freaks in it," Gene replies simply to the first question. "Since getting over my illness, I have learned that it is important to enjoy life for you never know what tomorrow may bring." For now, Gene doesn't notice the two people at the bench… Of course, wearing a helmet with tinted eyecoverings does make that harder. The next part is said a little softer, clearly not intending it for everyone in the park. "'Sides, after my time at Otisville, getting out helps with 'heebie jeebies'."

Bert delivers 'Vader' a play punch in the arm, "Stop sulking, or are you just upset that I didn't dress as Queen Amidala? Cause, I know you like putting your hand on my leg, and that's just wrong with this costume choice." Her voice is full of good-natured mirth as she messes with Darth Gene. "Tttthpt.. Shush Obi-wan. You're enjoying this and you know it. Fortunately for you two, I did some research and there is a late night showing at an old dollar theater of the trilogy, so we can always say we're going to that as a cover. Or we're just doing this because we can, and we look awesome doing it." She moves to link her arm through Gene's, then Eric's, "Yeah. It's kinda fun to get out and be anonymous, huh?"

It's subtle, the disappointment that flickers across Lena's face. Aww. Andra sees them too. That's less fun. She shrugs the strap of her purse higher onto her shoulder and shifts her weight onto one foot while keeping an idle eye on the geeks. Eventually though, she does think to look at the teenager who spoke to her. "I guess you do…oh. Hey. You're, uh…Andra, right?" And look, that dog again! After a minute hesitation, the older teen lowers her a hand to Zorro-level for sniffing. There is an almost clinical curiosity sparkling in those blue eyes. "I don't think I caught your dog's name, at the park the other day."

"…now that's something I haven't done in awhile. Caught a showing of the trilogy in the theater," Eric says with a shake of his head. "And that might be just what the doctor ordered there for you Vader." He adds with a wink towards his friend there. "As for enjoying it…well if I have to I guess I have too." He sighs dramatically as he links arm with 'Leia' and then shakes his head. "I wanted to do Clone Wars armored Obi-wan, but I wouldn't dream of ever forcing him to be Anakin." He adds with a grin towards Gene. Dark eyes then sweep the rest of the park, nothing the two girls on the bench along with the dog…but he doesn't know them so they just get a easy enough smile before he laughs softly. "Yeah, and I suppose we are enough freak for this Park right?"

Andra hums faintly and blinks while peering at Lena and just watches her curiously while tilting her head. She can't seem to recall who this person is, but she knows her name? It takes her a few moments and she ohs. "Lena?" A smile is offered. "Nice hair!" This said with a happy tone. Zorro keeps eyeing the three people and the robot before turning his attention over to Lena and wruffs out before niffing at the outstretched hand, which like any good dog he gives gives the hand a good wet slurp.

'Vader' raises a hand to comment on his hand being on Bert's leg, but thankfully (or tragically), he has other things to comment on as he walks with the people. He notices the girl with the dog and while he thinks he's seen the blonde before, he isn't close enough to confirm. Rubbing the punched arm, he notes, "I am not sulking. If I was sulking, I'd be in my room, watching reruns of Thomas the Train Engine and Bob the Builder. CAN WE BUILD IT? YES WE CAN." That's his childhood right there, don't rob him of it. "Anyway, we are being odd, but we aren't at least trying to ask for beer money or knife someone."

"A whiny bitch, Anakin was," Bert says in her best Yoda voice. "Augh, maybe I should have done the Amidala getup. This hood gets in the way. There's always a next time though," she mutters as she trips slightly on the hem of her robes. She glances over towards Lena and Andra, raising her hood juust enough, "oh hey, those girls again, the one with the dog.. Andy and Zorro.. didn't get the other one's name." Her voice is low enough for Vader and Obi Wan to hear her. There's a snort from under her hood, "We don't need a knife. You've got R2, and I'm sure you've managed to jury rig a taser-like light saber at some point. Or a working Star Trek phaser."

"Thanks! It was time for a change, you know? Hey puppy, hello pup pup." Even while conducting experiments on innocent animals, Lena coos at Zorro like a true animal lover. Care is taken not to overwhelm the unfortunate canine but in about a minute after that hand-lick, the dog's going to be having some balance issues. Fussing over Zorro is brought up short by the shouting of slogan's from children's programming, however. Especially when they're exiting from someone wearing a Darth Vader mask. The trio over there earn a look of pure amusement, complete with unrestrained grin. None of them are recognized; Eric is new, Gene is masked and she never got a good look at Bert. "You ever do that?" she asks Andra. "Dress up just for the hell of it?"

"…oooo. A working stun setting phaser would be nice," Eric replies slowly before he shakes his head to clear it of images of new toys and gadgets that fill his head. "…and its true. He /loves/ those shows when he's sulking." He adds towards Bert with a slow sage nod. "…and we are geeks, we don't try to get beer money. We spend it all on energy drinks and caffeinated coffee beans." A pause. "He was one wasn't he?" He adds before he hrmms slightly and glances towards the pair of girls on the bench. "…you guys know them?" He asks curiously as he looks towards them. The grin from the blonde brings an answering one to his face. Never hurts to be nice does it?

Andra chuckles softly and shrugs while smiling. "Ya I suppose so." This said with smile while she watches Zorro and Lena before glancing back towards the three. "Well.. I've thought about it. My grandparents where never big on the whole Halloween thing so we never dressed up." Which gave her a rather boring childhood to say the least. "It always looked like fun.. I guess." Zorro wruffles out happly while leaning closer to Lena ands lurps at her cheek a few times. Though after a few moments of this the dog is starting to feel rather funny and he tilts his head looking off in the distance while he just flops right over onto his side, a forepaw batting out at the air as if trying to make something move. Andy peers down at her dog and blink some. "Zorro?.. His never done that before."

"There is a disturbance in the force." Yes, Gene actually says that, thankfully the voice changer in the helmet makes it sound cool instead of lame. "Obi-won, I request that you speak with the dog owner. She was promised a chance to speak with you. She is homeless, I figured you could point her in the right direction or offer her some sort of assistance. Leia, you are with me, we have a unique woman to talk to. Artoo, you will provide me with support should be required."

Gene turns toward Lena and begins to walk toward her, followed by the droid, who gives a chirps before continuing to follow Gene. It is clear that he has a plan or knows something the others do not. Once he gets to normal speaking distance, he states, "Excuse me… are you, Lena?"

It's easy for Lena to forget that she's more likely to get friendly reactions in this get-up, as opposed to the usual scowls or suspicion for going around dressed like an emo punk princess. Therefore, Eric's mirroring her own grin draws more surprise than not: she blinks at him and cuts her eyes away. Fortunately Zorro is there providing a convenient focus. "Uh…he looks fine to me? Maybe he wants to shake?" While laying down. Sure. Lena eases a step backwards, mild guilt overcoming curiosity over what would happen to the pup.

And then a very familiar strong of beeps and chirps approach from behind. She turns and stares at…Darth Vader. "Uh." Drawing herself up, Lena looks him right in the shiny black eye…piece…things and lies, "No, sorry. I'm Daria."

"Who died and made you Emperor," Eric mutters with a shake of his head and an amused smirk on his face. "…and just how am I supposed to bring you up. Wait…who promised her what?" He adds in a quiet mutter towards Gene…who…is…already off on a mission on his own. A shake of his head slightly before he just turns his attention towards Andra and her rather odd puppy.

"Pardon my friend, Dark Side of the force makes him rather direct." He quips towards the pair of women with a shake of his head.

Andra shakes her head as she hears Lena. "No.. He doesn't normally shake either. An why would he when his laying down anyway?" She questions while poking at her dog a few times. Zorro wiggles about, tongue hanging from his maw while his paws smack out at the air over and over. His whole body wiggles about while he barks out, jaws snapping at the air as if trying to get a bug. Andy glances towards the movement of the three and blinks as she sees them coming towards she and Lena. Hearing her dear blonde friend she peers up at Lena with a raised brow before looking back to Zorro who is attempting to stand up but can't seem to get his paws under him, and when it is able he just flops over onto the ground once more. "What the hell.." Andy mutters before glancing back to the costume trio, and Eric as his looking at her. "Ah.. Hi.." Is offered with a friendly tone after a moment.

"I am here to offer you aid. You were looking for it, if I am not mistaken," Vader states in his Vader voice. "I saved you once before, yesterday in fact. The fact that we ran into each other so soon… I would say there is a higher power at work." Vader looks up before he looks down. "If you wish answers, I can give them to you." There is a dramatic pause before Gene looks toward the dog and then back toward Lena. "And your hoodie too."

Bert steps out from behind Vader, hood still drawn down almost to the tip of her nose. A glance is shot towards R2, as she distractedly thinks about rigging him up with a projector for windows media files. Hmm.. wait.. not windows, why ruin such an invention with windows. Gawd. Oh, ahem. "Hello," she says, remaining by Vader, as if some weird role reversal as handler.

This is not a moment to go fangirl but dear god, Obi-Wan just said hi. Kind of. Even confronted with the (not entirely) looming presence of Vader, Lena cuts a look in Eric's direction. "Direct…right. No problem, I'd probably run around scaring the shit out of people too if I was dressed like that." Always with the mouth ruining things! And of course the antics of her latest victim. The blonde clasps her hands safely behind her back and retreats a step, pretending that Zorro isn't in a Very Happy Place right now.

"Wait, what?" Lena pauses and frowns at the pair who are not Obi-Wan.. "You…you're the dude from the…what? My hoodie?" Really, she should be leaping in glee but considering that the last time she saw that particular item of clothing, it was on a government spy disguised as a shallow celebutante. Therefore, they all get glared at. The hands come out. "Okay, you back the fuck up right now."

"Hi back," Obi-wan replies with a grin. "So…I'm apparently Someone promised me talking to you." He says with a flash of a grin. "The name is Eric, though I'll answer to Obi-wan as well." He says with a nod towards her before turning to look towards Lena. "Well its fun with the mask, but he's a bit short for Vader." He adds with a grin towards Gene. Then suddenly Gene is the object of the blonde's ire, and…Eric blinks for a long moment.

"…hoodie…" Pause. "Wait wait. No need to get mad!" He assures the girl before he lets a thoughtful look cross his face. "…a purple hoodie? Your not telling me that you own a purple hoodie." A pause before he runs a hand through his hair. "…if you do then it really /is/ a small world."

R2-D2 is positioned between Darth Gene and Princess Berta, but before Gene can likely make things worse, Eric comes into the picture. He'll let him try his hand at conversation. If that doesn't work, there is always Plan B. After reaching his hand toward his belt, Gene seems to be holding an object in his right hand. A remote of some sort. He does add in SOMETHING though. "Remember, we must be careful what we say. We do not wish for Big Brother to overhear us."

While Zorro /may/ be in a happy place he sure doesn't look like it. The dog growls out faintly when he can't stand up and snaps down at his own paw, well one of his paws seeing how at the moment he has like twelve paws it seems. Lucky the dog bites the air and thus his paw is free from getting chewed on. Andra eyes her dog a moment, wondering if he picked up someone stash, not like she does drugs, she's lucky to have money for coffee let alone that stuff! A faint sigh escapes Andy while she reaches out to grab hold of the dog's collar. "What the hell did you get into?" This is questioned with a worried tone, she also doesn't have money for vet bills at the moment. Her gaze goes back up to Eric, and she blinks before a faint oh escapes her and it soon dawns on her why she is suppose to know that name. "Oh.. wait there was this guy I met in the park the other night. Ah.. I think his name was Jean." She nods a moment as if reminding herself. "He gave me your number.. Though.. How did you know he talked to me?" A curious glance is offered around before she eyes Darth Vader talking to Lena and blinks at the outburst from the blonde which makes her slip quiet.

"Okay, easy now, I don't think there's any need for language," Bert says, holding up her hands in a placating gesture towards Lena. She looks between Lena, Vader and Obi-Wan with a slightly puzzled expression. Clearly, she's missed a few things being holed up. She drops a hand to rest on R2's domed head, and why not? It's so appropriate! Her eyes do roll a bit, this whole cloak and dagger business is fun, but gets a bit in the way. "Yeah, yeah, Darth, don't worry, the Force is strong with us."

"No, I don't own a fucking hoodie! I didn't //do/ anything to her, I swear to God!" When panicked, deny deny deny. Lena's backwards progress gets a little livelier when Gene goes for his belt; she mirrors him by reaching into her purse and pulling out…a phone. It's snapped open, a single button pressed for speed-dial. Her other hand is held out towards the geeks and the unfortunate Andra, warning them off. "I'll talk however the hell I want…don't you threaten me, asshole. Big Brother…I swear to god you lay one hand on me and I will drop you." She's as puffed up (and about as threatening) as a bird in a disturbed nest.

"Oh I just heard it from a friend of mine that you were wanting to talk to me…" Eric pauses for a moment. "…and right after I deal with this threat of violence and a bit of over-reaction from your friend I'll be happy to talk." He says with a wry smile before turning his gaze towards Lena. "Do anything to who? What are you talking about?" Now confusion is written all over his face as he looks towards the girl and shakes his head. "I just wanted to talk, he's not threatening you or anything! Really…I have no /clue/ what you are talking about to be honest." He adds with a vicious shake of his head. We aren't going to lie a hand on you…" Though…Gene might just shoot her with a taser. Its how he /normally/ deals with freaking out women.

Andra really has /no/ clue what is going on here, other then her dog is sick and that the one person she met here is freaking out. She peers from Eric to Darth and the Princess before looking back to Lena. "I.. Really don't think there gonna hurt you.. I mean, they would have by now right?" There goes her idea of reason, if it was going to happen it should have happened already, right? At least that is how things have always happened to her! Zorro on the other hand is grumbling, which comes out in little growls and whines while his jaws snap at the air, his forepaws swat out at something around his head while he starts to roll about on his back and kicks his paws up into the air. This of course gets Andy's attention, though she still listions to the others.

Thankfully, being Vader means that when you arch a brow, no one sees it. For now, Gene doesn't do anything, just standing quietly since he doesn't seem to be helping matters much. And HEY, shooting people with tasers is ensure you get the final word, that's for sure!

Bert rubs a hand across her face under the hood. "Please.. just.. calm down? No one's going to hurt.. augh.. no one's threatening anyone. Please.." What did she just miss? This is what happens when you're stuck under the thumb of a Senator and you get buried in Washington. She resists the urge to ask just what has she missed. "I think I am really missing something here." She has no weapon on her, or a blaster under her skirts. *sigh* Leaving the men with mad Jedi skills to deal with Lena, she moves around R2 to see Zorro. "Poor Zorro.." She kneels down to get a better look at the dog. She has no vet training, but something's not right with the pooch.

Please don't shoot Lena with a taser. Really, she's only scared. All of that talk about committing violence upon their person is (probably, maybe, not really) only talk. "How the hell do you know about my hoodie then, if that junkie cow didn't give it to you? Don't you touch her! Andra, you don't even know," Lena splutters. "They're goddamned Nazis…they're…" Government? In Star Wars costumes? The bottle-blonde trails off, both confused and frightened as she presses the phone to her ear. And continues to point at Vader and Leia. "Don't come near me. Chi? Chi, p-people in the park…like freaks…"

"…look," Eric sighs and shakes his head slightly. "I don't even /know/ who you are talking about. Junkie cow? I got it from a therapist friend of mine…" He glances at the pair of them. "…do we really /look/ like some kind of government Nazi squad?" Pause. "We are Star Wars geeks! Not some weird governmental hit squad. Freaks? Geeks maybe but not quite freaks." He gives the woman a lopsided smile. "Just calm down and we can work this out. Really. Promise."

Andra chews on her lip while dragging her bag closer and nearly dumps stuff out trying to find her bottle of water. One she finds it the top is taken off and she pours some water into her hand to try and get Zorro to drink it. "You thirsty?.. Its alright boy really." Zorro smacks his head against the hand with water on it spilling it over him and the ground while he scrambles to sit upwards. The raised voices and the stress levels in the area not helping him on his little 'trip' it seems. As soon as Zorro is sitting up he falls over onto his other side and lays there panting hard while staring at the ground. "I don't know what's wrong with him.. He was fine and then all this." This is said to Bert once she is near her. A glance is offered towards Lena. "Know.. what should I know? Other then someone said hoodie and then all hell broke lose." Andy is rather confused at the moment it would seem.

There is silence as Gene continues to let Eric try and work his 'We're not bad people mojo'. Because if that doesn't work, there are two options that lay ahead… And letting Lena go off is not one of them in Gene's mind. Thankfully for the young woman, Gene is part of a team, which means he can be vetoed (in theory).

Bert blanches at Lena's words. "Nazis.. c'mon now. We aren't going to lay a hand on you!," she snaps over her shoulder before turning her attention to the dog. "Sssh boy, it's okay," she says, running a hand over his head and ears. "I think there's an emergency vet nearby." Tearing her gaze from Zorro, she glances back to Eric, Gene and Lena. What the heck is going on here.. Beyond Lena being touchy touchy.

"I dunno," the blonde says into the phone. "I dunno what they are but they got the hoodie we…wait. Therapist?" Lena's eyes, which had been flitting from face to face to mask, now snap back to Eric. "Blonde therapist? Brown eyes? Why the hell did she have it?" Pause. "Chi? They're not grabbing me. Yet. If I don't call you back in ten minutes, you go to the guy we talked to." There's a muted roar from the phone but she's already closed it in order to reward the gentlemen in costumes with a hard stare. "The dog'll be okay, half an hour or so. He's not in any pain or anything. Now you explain what's going on." Aggression has become bossiness. But at least now she's minding her mouth.

"This isn't exactly the place to explain," Eric mutters under his breath. Standing out in the middle of the park in daylight. His eyes dart from side to side as she converses into the phone. "Blonde therapist, brown eyes, dimples just above her…" Pause. Right. CONTINUING ON. "She had the hoodie, said she got it from a client when she was cold. It did something to her and I, and then she left it with me. I was /trying/ to find out who owned it so I could get it back to them…and I take it its yours." A person doesn't get that worried when they aren't guilty in his experience. A blink of surprise before he nods. "Explaining whats going on is going to take longer than ten and if you want to know then I'd like to at least go somewhere a little less public than the park." He grumbles slightly before he shakes his head. He glances then towards the dog, then back to her hand and slowly pieces start to fall into place. Just an idea right now. Sighing just slightly he glances with an apologetic smile back to Bert and Andra before glancing towards Gene and turning his gaze back to Lena.

Andra leans closer to her dog and wraps her arms around him, Zorro calms down somewhat while he just leans back against his owner. "Maybe I should get him there.." She has no idea how to pay for it but she would do anything for the dog to make sure his alright. This is what she's thinking when Lena voices her thought on it. "How do you know he'll be alright? Look at /him/." She says with a faint tone. It hasn't seemed to have dawn on her that someone could have caused this to her doggie. A unsure glance is offered from Lena, to Eric then Gene and then finally to Bert. "Explain what?" Is questioned with a faint tone to the dear princess.

At the mention of dimples, Gene just gives a growl. He is becoming more annoyed by the moment it would seem. Maybe he was in a bad mood before all of this and now the snowball is rolling. Maybe wearing the Vader outfit only encourages his secret inner jerk. Whatever the case is, Gene turns to go, the cape flowing behind him. "…I say we just let her go about her business. If she wants to live in fear of the government and bite the hand trying to help her to stand, I say let her fall. I have other people in need of my aid that actually requested it."

Bert frowns and looks sharply to Lena when she says Zorro will be okay, "Wait.. what.. how do you know he'll be okay? Explain that first, please, then we'll answer your questions. I can't abide cruelty to other living beings." Just seeing an animal suffering is more heart wrenching than a human to her. "If she doesn't tell us how she knows, I'll help you get Zorro to the vet and don't you worry about the cost," she says to Andra in a tone that brooks no argument. Then.. "OI! Darth Grouchy! ARGH. Fine, stalk off, cape all swishy!" A look is fixed at Lena, "Now see what you did? It's going to take hours to get the grump off. He just wanted to help and sure we're unconventional about it, and we have to be. But fine, you'll get your wish, we'll leave you alone, but on the condition you tell us about this poor dog."

Lena stares at them. Stares at all of them. Even the one walking away in a snit. "You…came up to me. In this place. You came up to me. And…and…shit." A hand is raked back through her hair, making it stand up all spiky. "He's just stoned, jesus. It'll wear off in a few minutes and he'll be fine. I can't turn it off but he only got a little bit. I'm sorry I got your dog high, Andra," the teenager admits, made grouchy as well by having to admit even reluctantly to any wrongdoing. "You guys are with that Sydney chick? The shrink. She said she had friends."

Did he really say dimples? Yes. Yes Eric did. There is a slight blush before he turns to look towards Gene. "I…Vader man let me explain!" Then a wince at the growl and he shakes his head. "Lovely…" Then a sigh. "Yes that Sydney chick. Look if you do want to know whats happening, and you do want help then here…" And he reaches into a concealed pocket on the robe to pull out a small white business card. "Take this, I need to go explain to Darth Grouch before he explodes. He's been having a really bad month." Pause. "…and if you can do that, then that purple thing is defintially your hoodie." He grumbles before Obi-wan turns and starts off after Gene.

Andra peers after Darth as he wanders of, she can't help but think someone needs a timeout! A faint sigh escapes her and she looks to Bert, about to say something but the tone keeps her quiet and she just nods while swallowing a moment as she looks Zorro. The dog has calmed down enough that his not trying to get up and is rather content to just being held, his paws and muscles still jerk as if there trying to move on there own. As Lena speaks Andy just blinks while glancing to her and is suddenly very quiet while she clings to her dog a moment. "If.. his going to be alright.. Its ok.." Not like she can blame Lena if she can't turn it off, she can turn her ability off and on to some degree at least.

"See to the woman first, Eric!" Gene calls off as he storms away. Of course, R2-D2 is following. Figuring that Eric won't yield so easily, Gene turns to him. His voice is terse and harsh, with arm gestures to match. Considering it's still in Vader's voice, it could almost be comical. Almost. "I promise I will not do anything rash and I already know about what happened. I have taken precautions to avoid making things worse for everyone, but I need some time alone. It is clear that my emotions are hurting this situation and not helping. I just need…" Gene sighs, able to get out enough tension to calm his voice back to its normal level. I just need some time to collect myself. I'll talk to you later."

That said, Vader and his droid contine on. It's okay, Gene's still using the Buddy System! …If you count R2.

"You got the dog high?!" Bert says shrilly as she looks at Lena again. "Wh.. that's animal cruelty!" Wait.. back up.. "You.. can't turn this off.. then that means.. wait.. I don't even know what that means." She glances as Obi Wanderer chases off after Vader.. and grumble. Travel in a pack when dressed like this. She smoothes her hand over Zorro's head before getting up. A hand dips into a compartment in her belt and pulls out a few bills, $100 total and shoves it at Andra, "Take it. In case he's not better." Picking up her skirts, she takes off after Eric and Gene, "OI. Jawa brains! Wait up!" She skids to a stop alongside Eric and drops her hands to her hips. "If we go back and he's hugging a stuffed Ewok.. I'm beating someone with a lightsaber hilt."

"Hell yeah it's my hoodie! The spy had it, the one fucking the government man who knows all about us," Lena growls, giving Eric a very dark look indeed. But not so dark that she doesn't accept the card after an initial hesitation. "She tracked me down, she threatened me." That explanation falls on deaf ears, however, as Vader's costumed buddies scramble after him. And he seemed so nice the other day. But! Time to go! She waits only long enough to direct another apology at Andra. "I'm really really really sorry, I promise he's okay, I wasn't trying to mess him up!" Then it's off down another path, casting a still-suspicious look over her shoulder as she goes.

Skidding to a halt Eric glares at Gene's back a moment and then helplessly looks towards Bert. "…this…lovely. Well at least he didn't kill me." He mutters as he sighs and shakes his head. "…right then. Fine! I'll see you back then!" He reaches up to massage his temples. "I'm getting a headache from this. If we get back and he's hugging a stuffed Ewok I'll hold him down for you." Eric returns with a shake of his head before he looks back towards the retreating Lena. "…well lets go after her…" He says towards Bert before glancing towards Andra. "…you can come too if you like, if you can get your dog to move."

"Hey Hoodie girl! Wait up!" A pause. "And I don't know about any spy or government man, if you can describe then maybe I would." A smirk then. "I'd go after Vader, but he reminded me when I'm dressed like this I'm supposed to be the hero. He can be the dark and broody one."

Andra blinks as she looks after Lena, and would tell her that it is really alright! Though the girl is sprinting off at the moment and a faint mutter escapes her. As Bert gives her the money she ers a moment about to object but then she goes running off. "Um.. /Thanks/!" She chews on her lip a moment before putting the money into her pocket and goes about grabbing her computer and stuffs it into her bag which she pulls the strap over her neck and shoulder. Go after Lena, well not why didn't she think of that? Zorro seems to be a little better as his not twitching anymore and his paws are resting curled up against him. "Come on.. Get on up." Andy offers softly to the dog while petting his head.

"Why would he kill you and would it be with a Force choke?" Bert quips as she looks up at Eric, her expression mildly put out. "Yeah, let's go after her," she grumps at Eric. What an outing this turned out to be.. then again.. there has been some inkling as to Gene's moodiness. Not that she can blame him. Her nerves are jumpy too, although she's not really wanted.. that she's aware of. Skirts lifted again, she takes off after Lena.

"Uh uh!" Lena whirls at the sound of pursuit and gives them the hand once again. "I'm going home, not with you! Mr. Lightning back there is creepy and you guys…" She isn't quite certain of what they are yet but an adjective will surely come to her. "You wanna know what's going on, you check out that anorexic little person and her congressman boyfriend, okay? He knows all about people like me and she found out where I lived for him somehow. I'm a fucking blonde now because of her!"

Truly, that is the unkindest cut of all.

And with that, Lena darts off to catch a cab before crazy Star Wars people turn out to be kidnappers just like the government!

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