2007-09-10: Is It Too Much?


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Summary: Heidi's joking with Peter backfires a bit. She gets a sneak peek at what Pete intends to give to Elena, and Peter wonders if it's a good gift or not.

Date It Happened: 10 SEPTEMBER 2007

Is It Too Much

Petrelli House, Hyde Park

There's a rummaging in one of the many studies. Not Nathan's, but a different one. A door to a closet is opened, and there's a hint of movement from the inside. The dogs, the rottweiller brothers, have been attracted by the noise, looking at the person in the closet with 'is it play time? :D' faces. He's ignoring them. Peter's trying to find something. It shouldn't be too difficult. There's a ton of bags for presents— he just can't seem to find them. Is he going to have to go shopping for one? Possibly so. There's a sound, and suddenly something falls down from a top shelf and out of the closet. The dogs look at it skeptically. This isn't a toy, it's a box. But— we will take box and go play with it anyway! One of them bites down on it just as Peter turns around. The other one bites down on another side of it. Good thing the shoebox was empty, because they're going to do their best to pull it into two pieces. "No. No, let go. Come on— it's just a shoebox!"


Alerted by the sound of a box crunching into the floor, then the noise of two black and tan elephants gallumphing through the house, Heidi - with otherwise nothing else to do - makes her way through the house to the source of the noise.

At this age, the two dogs are quite large, and they'll get bigger before the year is up. They don't quite have the mass yet, but they will. Oh, they will. Despite that little hitch, they're still incredibly powerful creatures, and Heidi's learned to bend her knees in their presence, so they don't run backwards into them and create a disaster situation. It's almost happened more than once already.

Reaching around them, she, two, tries to take the box, while at the same time, trying not to fall over. "Give me that," she mutters. Like they need little bits of cardboard all over the house!



Peter can almost hear their enthusiastic thoughts— actually he's pretty sure he just did. When Heidi shows up, he's trying to grab one of them by the neck, but the dog takes it as playful handling and it's going to take more than that to discourage him! But, it does distract them long enough that she's able to retrieve the box, though it won't be able to hold shoes anymore— one of the sides rips in protest, but the dogs don't manage to run off with it.

"Down," he says with emphasis— and that's when they actually listen. Oh— hey. "Sit." That works too, they both seem to understand, and sit down, wagging their stumpy tails. Mmmm.

There's a pause, and a moment later two small treats are held out, one for each. Doggie treats he Jack'd from the kitchen. "Good boys." Then he smiles over at Heidi. Hey, abilities are working better!

"Thanks. Hey— do you know where the gift bags are kept? I— have a present I want to give to Elena, and I thought they were kept in here, but…"


The box is held high aloft, and she gives the two rottweilers a steel-eyed death glare. No box today. Soon they'll be chewing up more than they already do. But if they're good, she might give them one of Nathan's ties to have later. The box is set on top of a nearby book case. She'll have to throw it out later; fortunately, it was empty, but the family has learned to keep shoeboxes around for the fact that there are ALWAYS dioramas to do. Always. In fact, Monty probably has a diorama due tomorrow, that he'll tell Heidi about tonight.

"Well, they were in here," Heidi explains. "I moved them into the drawers of that dresser at the bottom of the basement stairs." She starts to turn around to head out of the room again, then she turns. "What do you need a gift bag for?" As if she doesn't know. But she does like to tease.


Poor Nathan's ties. So abused. Peter appreciates them now. When his taste in ties improve, that will be a dark day… but he's not told his sister-in-law all the details of his month and a half long vacation. There's just some things people are better off not knowing. By this point she would have been told that he was in the future, and that he doesn't seem to want to talk about it. Which isn't a lie at all… there's very little about that future he actually wants to talk about.

"I— bought Elena a present," he explains softly, looking a little embarassed, stepping out of the closet after shoving things back into place and turning out the light. "A bracelet. We're having a date this weekend and I wanted to get her something… just a token or— you know— something to mark it as more than just a date…" Because maybe it's a special date…


"Oh," Heidi says quietly, knowingly. Yes, she 'knows' already, or she is 'aware,' at least, of the relationship. She nods her head and takes a seat on one of the old chairs in the room. "Gifts for Elena. But you missed my birthday," she notes, though it doesn't seem like she's really all that upset about it. "Have a seat. I want to have a chat with you, and the gift bags aren't going anywhere."

One would think it would be a conversation about where Peter was all this time. Vague ideas are all Heidi has, even though she worried, even if she waited every day on the front porch for a few minutes at a time, hoping her brother-in-law would return safely. At least he's here now. Heidi, however, has something else in mind.


"Sorry— I totally forgot your birthday was in August…" Peter says, looking a little sheepish now. He honestly had forgotten. He was busy trying to save the world! And then he got back and was trying to save the world and date the woman of his dreams at the same time and… yeah… "I'll make it up to you sometime…" he says, not reminding her that she missed his last birthday— course he was locked up in a secret not-government facility at the time, so there it is.

Still, he follows her over to the place where she's seated and settles down next to her, the dogs going off to play with each other— or possibly terrorize poor Spica. Either way, they're not following at the moment. "What's going on?" he asks, not understanding why she wants to chat just yet.


"It's okay. We put off the party for you." She wasn't about to do it without Peter there, that's for sure. "So you can make it up to me then." A day? She doesn't have one yet, but she will, eventually. Once things settle down with the kids going back to school and everything, they can plan a party on the beach, even though it'll be a lot colder. It'll still be nice!

For all external appearances, Heidi is grave. Her brows are drawn low, she's scowling. It's as if the light's gone from her eyes as she reaches over to take Peter's hand in her own. She did miss him a lot, and she's so glad he's home safe. And what she missed the most were moments like these.

"There comes a time in every young man's life when he starts to like girls," Heidi says somberly, still managing to keep a straight face.


"Oh, that's great then. I'll have to start thinking of a present."

It can become a campfire party, or… they have a house up in Vernon and Peter and Nathan just talked about making taking Heidi and the boys up there— they could have a party next to a campfire and all that other fun stuff… but that's neither here nor there just yet. He's sitting on the couch next to her, looking over and expecting some kind of serious talk.

And it is a serious talk.

What she says makes him blink and stare— and— part of him knows she's teasing him, because that's what Heidi does— she can be kind of a bratty older sister sometimes, but… "This— talk's about ten years too late, you realize that, right?"


Yeah, continuing to keep that serious face up is impossible as soon as Peter speaks. HOWEVER. To Heidi's credit, there's only the hint of a smile, just a hint, and maybe a barely audible chuckle. The reason Heidi's holding his hand becomes clear - now? He can't get away. TRAPPED is Peter, on the couch next to an evil, evil person. Who completely ignores what he says about being ten years too late.

"It's okay. I understand you're afraid, but love is a wonderful— " The smile reappears, eyes shining with mirthful tears that remain unshed. " —thing. And you're going through changes right now that might be confusing for you, but I'm here."

He's going to kill her. He's going to tear her apart and throw her out into the garden for the vultures. Wasn't she the one pushing them together? Wasn't she the one orchestrating a spin-the-bottle game that they didn't even need? "So you can talk to me, if you need to."


It is true. Peter's hand in hers means he's trapped. Trapped on the couch listening to what she has to say. But he has a second hand, and that hand raises up to press over his face, as he leans forward in a 'oh god what is she saying' posture. Yes. His body is going through confusing changes right now, but that has nothing to do with that. It's all the part of being a mutant of some kind that randomly absorbs the super powers of other mutants and exibits them in an uncontrolled fashion.

"Heidi… this…"


Love is a wonderful thing. And sex is a way of expressing love. And it's true, their relationship so far (…in this timeline at least) has been juvenile at best. He hasn't even gotten to second base yet— much less skipping straight to home.

"…I know that you're here, Heidi, it's just— I know what I'm doing, I just…" Actually, there is something about this he's scared about, but she's teasing him and he's not going to throw her a bone right now. NO SIR. "It hasn't happened with her yet— and it won't until she's comfortable with it."


She knows! SHE KNOWS. Late. Waaay too late. Which is why she reaches up to grab Peter's shoulders and give him a shake, this time, the smile appearing in earnest and remaining. "Peter. You know me better than to think I'm serious." Beat. "Right?" He hasn't been gone that long, has he? Even if he was living in a world where nothing was funny anymore, he has to know she's just teasing. Her expression falls a bit as she meets his eyes. He knows what he's doing - of course he does. Sighing, Heidi relaxes her grip on his shoulders.

Time to change the subject, it seems. He's been back for a few days now, but she hasn't really gotten any time to talk to him one on one yet, besides passing hellos, hugs, breakfast maybe, and random in-betweens. "I missed you. I know you've probably heard this from everyone already, but I'm glad you're home safe." But. "Next time you run off to the future, remember to bring your sense of humor back with you." :|


With his shoulders grabbed and shaken, Peter lets his hand drop away and looks at her— yeah, he knew she wasn't serious, but if he played along too much she'd just make fun of him more. "I knew you were joking," he assures. There's a pause. She changes the topic, and she says she missed him— which is good, because he missed her too, even if he hasn't been able to bring himself to tell her what happened in that crazy future. Though he's tempted to tell her part of it— if only because… well…

He moves to hug her, leaning against her and wrapping his arms around her tightly. "I missed you too, Heidi." Bring his sense of humor back with him? Really?

"You know, if you would have given me that talk ten years ago… I might have asked you for a demonstration." He's joking! … at least most the way. She probably was the source of some of his first fantasies during that interesting time in a young man's life.


Because her husband becomes a crazy dictator-like president, puppeted by a runaway alterego who can't be stopped and nearly destroys the world under the pretense of saving it? Probably better that Heidi doesn't know.

Her arms go around him, patting his back gently as she leans. The worst part is, if something had happened to him, no one ever would have known what. There wouldn't have been any investigation because he would have been impossible to find… A paradox, of sorts, essentially a person who never existed by the technicality of having never died. Even if events happened exactly like they did where Peter went, he still wouldn't exist as far as anyone in this timeline was concerned. That would be sad.

Despite the Moment between them, though, Heidi pulls back, momentarily offended by the comment, though not taking it too much to heart. "You're lucky I don't slug you again."


And her youngest son was dead? And— all kinds of other things. Like Peter being married to the woman who her husband cheated on her with… and really being Sylar— and all that other stuff. Yeah, better not to mention it. Only things he would bring up also are embarassing in a more personal capacity.

It's a good thing they'll never have to deal with that, because he's right here— and he's going to make sure certain things don't ever happen. Like the above.

"Ow," he says, pulling away to rub his face in memory of that slug. "No thanks— you pack a pretty mean punch when you want to." She'd broken his jaw— but luckily his abilities fixed it. "I was kidding— I'd given up on my childhood crush with you when I was about thirteen." But he's still admiting he had one— Nathan would've killed him anyway, right? She's to blame for it anyway— she started it.

"So— about those bags?"


Right. Well. She's a mature woman, she can deal with the tables being turned on her, sure! Without a clue what to say to that - she had to have known about the crush at some point. After all, boys are pretty damn obvious sometimes - she blinks, looking toward the door. Well, that's not what she expected. She was supposed to be the mean older sister and embarrass him, not the other way around.

He's just… Never outright stated it like that.

BAGS! Right. "Basement," is the one word answer. He'll obviously forgive her if she doesn't follow to help him look. Thankfully, by the time dinner rolls around, Heidi will have gotten over this little shock, and will have something else to tease Peter over in the future. Dammit!


Reaching over, Peter touches her shoulder briefly, a very Petrelli-gesture, and stands up finally. "Thanks. I'll try to think of something good to get you for your birthday— but…" He glances towards the cat that's asleep on something high and out of the way of the dogs, who are in the next room playfighting in a way that could threaten to knock something down eventually… "I think you have enough animals, so I'll have to find something else." No more pets— they have plenty.

There's a smile, and he finally moves towards the basement, to find those bags. But— he's left a small box that's supposed to contain a bracelet meant for Elena on the table in the room— it has a jewelry store's name printed on it, a logo—

And he's left her alone with it while he goes to find a bag.


She sighs as he gets up, and it about to stand herself when she notes that he's left the box here in the room with her! It occurs to Heidi that she could Do Something with it, but she's either learned her lesson for the day, or she's hesitant to do anything that might otherwise damage something that might have a rather significant value - sentimental if not monetary. Reaching for the box, she opens it, just to see — likely, she's see it later, after it's been given, but she can't just leave the box there and stare at it. It does cross her mind that she could do any number of things that Peter wouldn't know about. Replace the bracelet with a note that says, 'I'm sorry, but your gift is in another castle!' for Elena to find, but she doesn't.

When Peter returns, Heidi will still be looking into the box. Spica has come down onto the couch next to her since Peter left for the basement, and the blue-eyed Petrelli has one arm draped around the Russian Blue.


And here comes Peter, with a bag. It's a plain bag, really, red, with some silver trim. The reason he took so long is because he needed to find the right color— luckily she had one. "Thanks, Heidi— it was a…" Oh hey, she's looking at his bracelet. "Oh— uh— do you think it's appropriate for— you know— This isn't too much, is it?" She said he could talk to her about anything, right?

Still, he walks over to the bracelet and the box, and starts to put it all back into place so he can shove it into the bag he picked out. He loves the girl, wants to get her things. That's… not bad, is it?


With another look, Heidi closes the box and allows Peter to take it. "It's pretty," Heidi says. "And it's not too much. Just remember, though, you don't have to do something like this. Sometimes a couple roses sent to where she works says more than something like this." Sure, jewelry is awesome in its own right, but… it's hard on the pocket book, plus… Too much of a good thing and all that. Some girls only want gifts, but Heidi doesn't think Elena's like that. She doesn't doubt that the bracelet will be well-received and well-liked, though! "But she'll love it, Pete. She really will."


"I know," Peter says, putting the box into the bag and leaving it like that. He'll get some tissue to fill it up with later— that's not really something people reuse. But… "I know she doesn't really want presents like this, but… I wanted to get her something. Just a… token, I guess. But— I've been leaving her notes everywhere. I bet she found the one I slipped into her scooter helmet this morning— or at least I hope she did." Else some poor guy who lives near where she parks her scooter might wonder who's in love with them and hoping they have a wonderful and safe trip… "I'm going to head back to my place now. Maybe I can stop by and we can talk about birthday party plans tomorrow, or something."

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