2007-04-27: It Keeps Stethoscopes Warm


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Namir arrives at the hospital with a present for Samantha after the news about her FDA findings being published. He and Bekah break off their non-existent affair, and Samantha's stethoscope warmer is not possessed.

Date It Happened: April 27th, 2007

It Keeps Stethoscopes Warm

Mount Sinai

It's a fine Spring day in New York with the afternoon sun doing its level best to peer into the city over the skyscrapers. Things are warmer than they have been, but there's still the slightest chill in the shadows. Making his way to Mount Sinai is Namir Dayan, dressed in his usual clean-cut, button-down shirt and slacks combination (this particular shirt is dark red). He's still suspended from work, however there's a wrapped package under one arm. One could argue that buying gifts whilst his job hangs in the balance wouldn't be the smartest of ideas, but he had ordered this before the commotion at Yankee Stadium. Can't be helped now. Upon reaching the doors to the emergency room, he draws one open to step inside. Nevermind that he's not injured or in need of assistance, really.

Also making her way towards the emergency room is Bekah, though she at least belongs here. She's eating a sub type sandwich as she goes, with a cup of coffee (not the hospital stuff!) in the other hand. Maybe she's just coming back froma late and quick lunch. She'll fit in well as soon as she steps inside since she's dressed in scrubs and a lab coat. She did leave her stethoscope behind at least. "Namir!" She calls as she sees him. She hurries a bit to catch up to the man.

Spring, and it's already starting to get warm. Samantha's in jeans and a MSF t-shirt, her labcoat over top of that as chats with elderly woman, seated off to the side of one of the beds. "And when you run out of samples, you'll want to call this number and your Medicare should be able to arrange for more. Here's your perscription, alright Mrs. Malloy?"

When his name is called, Namir pauses and glances over his shoulder. Hmm. Not exactly the doctor he was looking for, but he's not upset to see Bekah either. He steps to the side as she hurries up, holding the door open for her with a smile. "Lunch break?" he notes with a tilt of his head, eyeing the sandwich and coffee. "Sam didn't go with you, did she?" He brought her something, obviously.

Bekah nods her head. "Lunch, yep. Don't worry. I'll keep the ham away from you." She teases before she shakes her head as she steps inside. "Nope. She should be in here. Wouldn't want both of us to leave and there be no one to order people around."

Samantha signs a dismissal form for Mrs. Malloy after making sure she understood her medication requirements. Sighing, she looks at the board a bit ruefully, and then advises the desk clerk that she's taking a few minutes. She starts to walk to the inner entrance, apparently having a yen for really crappy coffee. Her brows go up when she sees Bekah and Namir. "Hey, you two. I've discovered your illicit affair. Don't even try to deny it."

"What a travesty that would be," Namir remarks with a grin as he steps in after Bekah. "Those poor minions — er, residents — wouldn't know what to do with themselves." And lo and behold! there is the doctor he originally came to see. Accusing him of an illicit affair. He glances at Bekah with a melodramatic sigh and a deep frown. "I told you she would find out sooner or later. Ah well!" He turns back toward the door. "I suppose I will take this gift elsewhere."

Bekah breaks out laughing at Namir's minion comment. It is what she calls them after all, just not usually to their faces. She gives Sam a smirky grin. "Damn. Found out already. I've been luring his away with forbidden pork products." She says, raising her ham sandwich a bit. She gives Namir's present a look and jokes, "Hey, if I'm stealing you away, that means I get the present, right?"

Samantha sighs. "He doesn't even deny it. I'm going to have to go have a good cry in ICU later. Hey!" She steps forward, and doesn't quite try to tackle Namir as reaches for the present like a basketball player trying to make the steal. "Gimme."

But having been expecting such a reaction, Namir easily and deftly pulls the present out from under his arm and holds it aloft. Muahaha! "You don't get this unless you promise to take me back despite my torrid affair with Bekah and her pork products," he snickers, even going up on his tiptoes to keep the wrapped box as high over Sam's head as he can manage.

Bekah steps out of the way and shakes her head. "You injure him, you get to treat him. I've done enough putting Namir back together." She states before she laughs. "Does this mean our torrid affair is over?" Bekah asks before biting into the sandwich.

"So over." This to Bekah, her emphasis bordering on adolescent and entirely in jest. "Alright, I accept you back, but I expect suitable groveling." Samantha informs Namir, settling down and not actually being so grabby about the gift as she kiddingly appeared. But she is still curious. "What is it?"

Now that he is no longer being assaulted by a grabby Sam (like that's something he minds), Namir settles once again flatly on his feet and lowers the box back to waist-level. He stares regretfully at Bekah. "I am sorry, Bekah, but at least we will always have ham." Then, the grin has returned and he hands the box over to Sam. "It is wrapping paper affixed around a cardboard box, which contains something for you," he states the obvious. "Honestly, Sam, haven't you ever gotten a present before?"

Bekah cracks up, enjoying the late lunch entertainment. She stops laughing to give an overly dramatic sigh. "Ah, Namir. I will remember our love forever." She says, as if she's some lovesick fool. "What's in it?" She asks, moving from fool to another kind of fool, leaning towards Sam like a curious kid.

It's…very purple. A piece of cloth, with one of those tiny tubby naked trolls with a wild tuft of bright purple hair attatched to it. Sam stares. "Is that a stethescope warmer?" she asks in faint disbelief.

Namir just watches the reactions with a broad grin. "Mm-hmm. With a troll on it." As if she could miss it. "There are warming packs in there too: three months' worth. Now your stethoscope doesn't have to be cold." Wink.

Bekah grins over to Namir. "I'm not even going to ask about the naked hairy thing." She jokes before she steps closer to see the stethoscope warmer. "I hope this doesn't mean Namir is planning to come into the ER again as a patient soon. Though really, what you do with your stethoscope at home is strictly between the two of you."

Samantha snorts. "Perv." she accords to Bekah, and then steps close again to Namir to give him a quick kiss. "I love it. It's adorable, and hopefully Social Services won't penalize me for potentially traumatizing children with the naked little troll thing."

"I'm glad you love it. And I would think that Social Services would be more concerned with your traumatizing children with a stethoscope that is akin to the arctic than with a naked little troll thing. Otherwise, Social Services has the wrong priorities." Indeed. Namir looks quite pleased that the gift was so well-received. He turns his attention to Bekah with a deadpan expression. "I'll tell you what we do with her stethoscope at home— " he trails off, allowing for some sort of interruption.

Bekah gives Namir a joking curious look. "Oh really? Well, maybe I would be curious to know." She jokes before she rolls her eyes at Sam. "Those were originally made for kids. Besides, I think they have a few more worries on their hands than your toy."

Samantha puts a hand over Namir's mouth accordingly, but says, "I don't know, that thing looks a little demonic to me, if well intentioned."

"— mmnmm mmm mmngh mm mmph." If Bekah can speak fluent Hand-Over-Mouth, she might be able to pick up that answer. Otherwise she's just plain out of luck. In order to free himself from the bonds of Sam's hand, Namir snakes out a hand to assault her belly with a tickling motion.

Bekah laughs at that muffled whatever and then looks closer at the troll. "Well, if you bring it home for lots of fun times, I wouldn't leave it by your bed. It may be posessed and come after you with it's troll-like strength." She teases.

"Can't have that." Sam nods firmly and lets go of Namir's mouth while scooting back to also avoid his fingers. Straghtening, she fiddles with one of the heat packs, and somehow manages to get the warmer activated and onto her stethoscope. Hooray. "Fetching, ain't it?"

"I had the option of buying the possessed model, but it was too expensive, so I just went with the regular plastic one." Namir sounds appropriately regretful about this. Clearly, he should have gone with the possessed one. He takes a step back to admire the warmer now that it's all set up the way it's supposed to be. "Perfect. It even goes with your outfit."

Bekah looks over to Sam and shrugs. "Everything goes with jeans." She states, sounding as if it's a serious opinion. "Ah well, I guess she'll have to make do with the plastic version. Watch out, Sam. With that you might take over my place as patients' favorite attending around here."

"Too late." Sam says, smirking at Bekah before looking to Namir. "My occaisional desire for pea soup thanks you. Bekah, were you in the middle of lunch, or coming off of?"

"She is certainly /my/ favorite attending," pipes up Namir helpfully, because his opinion is totally not biased at all. He grins at the gratitude, then glances between the two doctors at the question. "If she's just coming off of and if you haven't been out to lunch yet, I'm carrying you out of this hospital to eat." It is non-negotiable.

Bekah gives Namir a mock pout. "Sure. Hurt my feelings." She says, before looking to Sam. "Middle of lunch. But if you want to go, I can scarf down the sandwich and you can owe it to me." It's not like she's not used to cutting lunch short if it's really busy.

"Well that settles it, then." Just as he promised, Namir unhesitatingly stoops to heft Sam into his arms. Up she goes! And out the door they go, bidding farewells to Bekah as they head out.

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