2008-02-18: It Really Is All About The Waffles


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Hippy the Wonder Goth, Waffles, DDR Dates, and plans for sparkly pink tutus? It isn't as surreal as it sounds - but there are definitely plans afoot…

February 18, 2008

It Really Is All About the Waffles

Lucky Joe's Diner, Midtown:

Ten PM - in New York? This puts you officially in the realm of either 'being' or 'experiencing' the Nightlife. 'Experiencers' are usually dressed for the club scene - mild-mannered stockbrokers or college students by day, mad Goth or Rave or Dance avengers by night. They're the ones that look selfconscious in victorian chic or metro Dockers, on their way to or from something more interesting and stopping in Joe's to grab a quick bite or fill the thirty minutes between show openings or club call-outs.

Then, there are the 'lifers' - like Ali there. The ones who aren't posing - who are grabbing a cup of coffee and a bad-for-you waffle at Joe's because they're the night shift in the City that Never Sleeps. And she's reading a trashy romance novel at the counter, to boot. The posturing group of Goths in the corner there don't get even a second glance.

It was a good turn. That's what Aloysius told her. Two hours on the train briefing her, and one hour of having dinner with his parents, deferentially speaking little until his father actually had the audacity to express a gusty sigh of relief that his son wasn't gay. At which point Kimi decided enough was enough. The demure facade got put away, and she told his father off in carefully chosen words she flung like shuriken. With an apology to her client, she caught the Metro North train back. And the phone is only just now ringing as she stalks into the diner with her garment bag, because she never did get to eat.

"Moshi-moshi?" Her tone is polite, clipped, professional, although she has an expression that indicates a detached concern that the call she's just received will not be a pleasant one.

Ali doesn't even look up from the book as she flags down the waitress - but she does smile. This is the good bit - it involves ripping shirts, heaving bosoms, and artfully constructed metaphors for explicit material. Thankfully, her voice has improved somewhat over the last few hours - less like grinding gravel, more like chewing glass. It's something - "Hey - can I get a little more coffee? Thanks."

Apparently, though, she talks to books - "Oh, don't /kiss/ him. Christ - he just wants you for the inheritance."

Kimi tucks the Bluetooth in her ear, and listens to her caller. "<I'm really sorry, Wish, I just lost my temper. I know it was unprofessional. I'll e-transfer your…what?>" She widens her eyes and laughs. "<Really? Well, I'm glad, then. But still, I'll — no. I couldn't…>"

… Japanese? Okay, that's worth looking up from. Ali looks past the book, curiously, across at the diner entrance- and just smiles, wryly. The almost visible filing of the newcomer under 'experiencer' happens with an instinctive speed.

The DJ does watch for a moment, though. It's a good outfit, the hello kitty is a nice touch. It's even long enough to get another good mouthful of waffle.

Kimi switches arms with the garment bag even as a waitress, staring openly and unabashedly, shows her to a booth not far from the counter where Ali perches with her waffle, since she's one of those people who have cellphone conversations in public. At least she's not shouting, and she's having it in a non-English language so the whole diner can't inadvertantly eavesdrop.

She does, however, catch Ali's eye and flash her a quick smile and nod of acknowledgement. "<Seriously? You did? Oh, Wish, that's wonderful!>"

Sophie has arrived.

Up at the counter, Ali .. well. What is a silent chuckle. A smirk? Something like that, but with no overtones of smarm. With an absent wave, the DJ goes back to reading - and snags more waffle. NOM.

Just another hipster bohemian sort and her waffle, yo.

The little pretension of Goths over there take notice themselves, mind you. A couple of them even actively stare, and of both sexes. One of the more prima-donna sorts even goes so far as to say something about 'that trampy outfit' - which. May lack punch, given her own fishnets and artificially 'antiqued' 'vintage' knock-off jacket.

Well, at least the piercings are probably genuine.

Sophie pushes open the door. She shivers from the chill, and hungry. Another 'oh, I was too busy studying and forgot to eat' day. So, late or not, she's here to eat.

Kimi rings off her call, and raises a brow at the one with the smart remark. "Of course it's trampy, dear," she says, in a voice with an accent that is all Upper West Side. "That is the point. That you're too flat-chested and too hippy to pull the look off properly — or, for that matter, the one you're wearing is no reason to hate. Maybe if you laid off the chili fries." She then snaps open her menu and begins perusing it, having dismissed the gothlings altogether. Though several people in the diner are snickering and chuckling at the laser-targeted smackdown.

There's a lot of snickering at that table - and a lot of commentary that equates roughly to the social equivalent of pirhana turning on their own. Of course, you lose that much face - you really have two choices.

Choice A: Play it off, laugh it off - preferably with some snide remark - and forget about it.

Choice B: Get all huffy and do something stupid.

This girl, apparently, is a 'choice B' kind of person. Huffy comes easy enough, and then comes the comment, "At /least/ I'm not selling it." ('As if anybody'd /buy it/', points out a 'friend', there) - and Hippy the Wonder Goth shoves back her chair. "Bitch." Who that's aimed at? Hard to tell.

At the counter - something's finally proved more interesting than bodiceripper romance. The blonde hipster-chick? Oh, she's watching now. With a /grin/.

Kimi looks up from her menu. "I'm sorry — were you talking to me?" Hippy was apparently off her radar altogether after the previous remark. "Green tea," she says to the waitress. "And, hmm, the chicken in pasta salad looks great." She sets the menu down and arches a brow as someone pipes up what Hippy said to her.

"Darling," she says to the other woman. "I do make quite a good living, but I don't have to sell this. I have actual skills." She gives the other woman a sweet smile and takes up her garment bag, turning to the restrooms with it.

Sophie moves, unfortunately, into the path of the girl who is arriving. She is pulling her jacket off, draping it over one arm, and tugging up her sleeve in the process. Which, exposes some skin in the process. The goth girl, so polite, elbows Sophie out of the way, putting her into direct contact..

Hippy starts to snarl at Sophie - "Look where you're…" And then?

Then, her expression is distant. And. Apparently. She's.. going to attack an empty booth with a pantomime sword. Awkwardly, overextended, abruptly breathing hard — "i can't.."

A backswing of a hand sends a pitcher (luckily plastic) flying. A plate on a nearby table, left from some other customer, is not quite as lucky. It wobbles, falls, shatters on the tile.

Up at the counter - Ali, who was already poised to offer a laughing, if rough, greeting to the newcomer? Well. She doesn't. She just stares, more than a bit incredulous.

Since she had barely left her booth, Kimi also watches the goth suddenly have some sort of — episode. However, she tosses the garment bag back to the booth and goes over to help her up. "Are you all right?" she asks, having completely abandoned the barb exchange.

Sophie scrambles back, after a very brief moment of feeling… something. This one is new, but she does have the presence of mind to tug her sleeve back down. She rises, quickly, but nonchalantly trying to reach the counter. Nothing to do with her, nope…

"Get away from me!" Panicked, scrambling - the woman flails at Kimi, slipping on the tile, working up to something akin to 'to her feet' and going for the door. Still she twitches, moves - two conflicting signals sending her in two different directions. The fight, apparently, rages on.

Her friends do follow her, but are keeping their distance, looking stunned - but she tries for the door, doing her best to shake Kimi off, trying to get out. Out of here. Into the street.

Ali, oddly enough, gives Sophie a vaguely helpless look - and a rather expansive sigh.

Kimi backs off, shaking her head in bewilderment. She does finish the trip to get her garment bag. She takes a sip of the green tea the waitress brought her in the course of the weirdness, and then vanishes into the restroom with it, shaking her head. Kids and their recreational pharmaceuticals, her expression seems to say.

Sophie sighs as she looks to Ali. "Do you mind if I sit down here?"

"Nope." Ali's voice remains a pale shadow of it's usual self, rough and somehow broken. "you okay?" She even sets her book aside, with a glance at her watch, then back. A simple enough question - but one that seems important to her, regardless.

Sophie says, 'Well, I am about to adopt wearing a burkha. But this time.. it wasn't me that had the problem. That's a new trick, I think." she sighs, "And even when I try to avoid it.. it bumps into me."

Ali offers, wryly - "Maybe you shouldn't avoid it then - trust me. Avoiding doesn't work." She reaches back for her coffee. "But it'll sort out - how come you're out this late? I didn't figure you for the night-owl sort."

Sophie looks over, saying, "Your voice sounds.. catching a cold?" she then shrugs and sighs, "I don't want it happening all the time. That's going to be like chaos. But.. I was studying, it got late, and I needed to eat."

"Kinda a long story - I'm just hoping it's alright before the show tonight." Ali nods - "So eat - I recommend the waffles." She grins. "But then, it's sort of breakfast for me anyway." The woman does, however, turn back to finish that breakfast. ".. tie-dye, right? Your burkha. It'd have to be - maybe embroidered with the PowerPuff girls or something. That could work." She's teasing - but it may be hard to tell, deadpanning as she is.

Sophie blinks, then breaks into a giggle. "I thought they were all in basic black. Sort of a new version of the little.. well, HUGE black dress. I can't even imagine that anywhere. How do you think I'd look in something like that?" then she turns, and orders.. Eggs, and waffles, and then some orange juice.

"Like a tent left over from Woodstock?" Ali gets hold of syrup. The artificial sort - the natural's getting rarer, the news says. "But in a sort of 'I go to NYU' kind of way."

Sophie chuckles, "Well, I suppose a full body suit would work as well. But.." she sighs, 'NO gaps. Maybe longer gloves, under the sleeves?"

Ali leans in - "Sophia?" It's a little wry, but pained, that low whisper - "You can't hide. Not forever. You'll slip, you'll forget, something. You're gonna have to - you know. Learn. "

Kimi returns, garment bag still in hand, and now dressed a good bit more normally. For certain values of 'normal'. She looks a little more relaxed, and indicates no sign that she changed out of embarrassment by the hippy goth chick. "Could I get a plate of hash browns too?" she asks the waitress as she resumes her seat and takes up her tea, which has gone cool. She grimaces, and shakes her head, then smiles as the waitress adds some hot water for her. "Thank you."

Sophie sighs as she nods, glancing to the other familiar person. She mutters, "But /how/? It involves other people." as she digs into her newly arrived plate of food.

"You're probably gonna have to find someone you trust, and go from there. I don't know." It's an honest answer. Kimi provides a welcome distraction, the DJ.. well. it's a call of sorts, even if it's rough.. calling over, "You okay?"

Kimi looks up. "Hmm? Me? I'm fine." She shakes her head, a bit bewildered. She didn't do XTC at the club, then pop the Bitchagra and freak out in front of a crowded diner full of people. "Thanks for asking. I'm just hungry." Her accent has diminished to nothing again. She was apparently playing up the uptown just to put down the gothling.

Sophie looks to Kimi, then smiles and says, "Hey, nice seeing you again." taking a moment from scarfing down food.

"Heh. Doesn't hurt to ask - she was kinda flailing around there." Ali sips at her coffee… and pushes back the now mostly empty plate. "Seriously. The waffles - worth every dime."

"Oh, not so troubling," Kimi assures Ali with a shake of her head. Then she laughs. "Sophie! We meet again!" Another sip of tea, then she adds, "Sorry, haven't been home yet to burn the CD. I went straight onto my next appointment. And it went — interestingly."

Sophie nods as she chuckles, "I can understand that kind of thing. No hurries, really. I'm just glad to get it. And yes, the waffles, they are /wonderful/." with a sigh of contentment.

"Hmph. Stealing music - shame shame." Ali /is/ teasing then, if the smile's any indication. "The RIAA's going to come for your firstborn, you watch. You horrible evil nasty piratepeople, you. I bet you /download movies/, too - what would your mother say?"

Kimi has a look at her plate as it arrives. "I shall have to try the waffles next time. I don't think I'll have room after all this." The chicken-in-pasta salad is apparently meant to feed a family of five from the same bowl. The home fries plate is also generous. "Maybe in a week…" And to get away from continuing a conversation about more food than she can reasonably eat in one sitting, she asks, "Who's your kind friend who jumps to conclusions?" Guileless expression. "My mother would say 'you spend too much money on Netflix, Kimiko!'" Complete with strange composite Southwestern-Latin accent, the quote comes.

Sophie has to giggle about that. "I think, in this case, it is fine." she chuckles, "But up to her to explain." to Kimi. She looks at her quickly diminishing plate. "I know, they feed armies. But, I'll have to work it off. I'm starving right now. Of course, I didn't eat all day. I really think I need to find some kind of active hobby, though."

"Hey, all I know is I'm supposed to shake my finger and go shame-shame-shame, you know? Company loyalty and all that." Ali rolls her eyes. "Meh. There. Contractual obligation over with." She pauses - turns to Sophie. "Raquetball?" Well, it amuses /her/ at least.

"It's my brother's band," Kimi explains. "They're unsigned. So you work for the RIAA?" If Kimi finds that horrible and oppressive, she gives no sign. "I was going to suggest Dance Dance Revolution," she pipes up in response to Sophie's concern about active hobbies.

Sophie chuckles, "Well, definitely not contact sports. But.. I don't know how comfortable I am in one with high speed projectiles."

"No. WYRK - but hey, we have bread that's buttered a certain way, you know?" Ali shrugs. "Even picking my own playlists they get grousy if I don't at least hit some high points. The worst part about the biz is that airplay's bought." Nope. She doesn't sound happy with it, but hey - she goes on with a smile. "What's your brother's band?"

And she blinks. "Wait. DDR has high-speed projectiles? Since when?"

"Oh. You work for the radio station?" Kimi's eyes brighten, and then settle, as she files that info away. Useful info for said brother. "Ah, right. Everything for the sponsors. This is why I'm self-epmloyed," she adds, not without sympathy. And at the high-speed projectile remark, she laughs. "I think she was referring to racquetball."

Sophie blinks, then laughs, "I meant the racquetball. That other one? Never tried it. But it sounds like it could be fun… and played alone." a touch meaningfully.

"Nah. There's a great machine in the arcade - I stink, but it's fun, yeah. Yell at me if you want to try it." Ali nods to Kimi - "Yup. and, sadly, I go on in a little less than a half-hour. Tune in! You'll triple my ratings." She grins, then - "If you want to broadcast, trust me, self-employed is a quick ticket to sleeping on park benches." She shrugs.

"I adore DDR," Kimi tells Sophie. "More fun than jogging, and you get great music with it." She extends a leg out from the table. Not as obvious with regular people clothing on, but that's one muscular leg. "Okay, that and martial arts classes." She quirks a brow at Ali. "Oh, no, I don't broadcast. The outfit? That was for a client. Guys hire me to look sexy, and to learn how to behave around a woman without boring her to sleep or getting slapped. Sometimes they ask for things that don't work out like they were planned, as happened this evening before I got here."

Sophie pauses, 'Well.. umm.. sometime I will have to try that, but.. maybe later. I think, though, the DDR sounds good."

"… wait. So. You're sort of .. what. An etiquette escort?" Ali blinks at that, glances at Sophie, then back to Kimi. "When they fire me? I want your job." She grins, then.

"Yes, that's right… an etiquette and social teaching escort, plus a translator. I don't mind playing to the fetish since the ground rules indicate nothing beyond PG rated is going to happen between me and the client." Kimi shrugs, and has a bite of home fries. After chewing and swallowing, she continues. "I hated seeing the boys in high school get shredded up one side and down the other by the Barbie Bitch girls, and figured if someone would just show them what they're doing wrong, it'd make things easier all around."

Sophie nods, "That sounds kind of admirable. Like training in dating and such. Most have to learn, kind of, on the job."

"… hopefully they pick it up quickly. I mean - I've had some /bad/ dates in the AV club circuit, you know?" Ali does seem interested, though. "Not that I /get/ dates - now. If I could pull off that outfit? Probably." She grins, then, and hops down from that stool, offering Kimi a hand. "Alyssa McAlister. Ali."

"Some do, some don't. Some are just content to be seen walking down the street with me, and that helps them build up the confidence to work things out on their own." Kimi grins. "Either way, it pays good, and it works out for the guys, even in tonight's case when I lost my temper and acted unforgivably unprofessionally." She takes Ali's hand. "Kimiko Zakuro. Kimi." A firm shake and a bright smile accompanies it; the sort of smile that would not look out of place on the typical anime sex comedy.

Ali's handshake is firm - and her laugh, though rough, inclusive - "Good knowin' ya." She blinks, and looks back to Sophie. "Just means you're getting in with the new york nightlife. Careful - next thing you know you'll be hitting a rave and going glam."

"I'm happy to see you too, Sophie," Kimi chuckles. And her attention returns to Ali. "I haven't been to a rave in weeks, I'll have you know. My schedule doesn't really allow. Because of the time difference between here and Japan. But I should make time at some point. I could use a day of just cutting loose for fun." She ruffles the end of her ponytail and stops picking at her salad, asking for a to-go box. And a slice of mile high pie.

Sophie notes, casually, "I've never been to one."

Ali … grins, then. "So. Here." And she bounds back to the counter - it's odd, but notable, that her voice is.. better. Not whole, but better than it was. Rummaging, she goes through that bag of hers. "Me and Chris - a buddy of mine - are plotting something. So you two give me numbers, and I'll make sure you get invites. Fair?" Out comes a card, and a pen - proffered first to Sophie. She's closest.

Kimi doesn't do pen and paper. You can /lose/ paper. Her PDA is on a lanyard around her neck and she produces it. "Just shout out your number. I'll text you my digits." She beams at the waitress, who has been keeping her green tea coming for her. That woman is getting an awesome tip; as if she wasn't already for the earlier disruption due to bitchiness.

Sophie takes down the paper and pen, jotting down her number. its 283-9373. "Ooh, umm.. I probably don't have anything that'll really fit in, to wear. Its mostly all like this."

"So we go shopping, too. Oh darn. What a chore." Ali calls over - "Triple-five, 283-7753." And she tucks Sophie's away in that bag. "I figure.. maybe a week? Maybe two? Sort of sorting out the last details." She stage-whispers - "We're even getting /permits/ this time. Official, right?"

"Shopping trip!" Kimi chirps, cheerfully, almost simultaneously with Ali. She texts the digits as promised to both of them." She looks over at Ali. "Permits. Edgy." Wink.

Sophie chuckles at that, and she says, "Absolutely, I would LOVE to go on one."

"Last time, I got arrested. This time? Not gonna happen, damnit." Ali snorts, and slings the bag over her shoulder. "But we're.. well. You'll see. It'll be plenty edgy, thankyouverymuch." SHe pauses, eyes Sophie. "PVC corset, glow necklaces, and a blue dye job. It'll be /perfect/."

Sophie blinks, 'You think I can pull this off? I mean, sounds so fun!"

"Arrested. I think I like you better the more I know," Kimi quips at Ali. "Sure, Sophie. You're plenty cute. Why wouldn't you be able to pull it off? Glowsticks are a dime a dozen. A little glitter and a pink tutu and you'll be fine."

"no - we gotta do better than a pink tutu." Ali dissaproves. "Gold lame'. Or silver. At /least/. " But she grins still - "Arrested, but a really good friend sort of saved me. It worked out. This time? No broken arms or crazy explosions, right?"

Sophie blinks, "I certainly hope not. Ow."

"It depends on the tutu," Kimi insists. "With pink sequins and a train in the back, matching glowbys in the hair. And artfully ripped stockings with the garters showing. Trust me. I have to stay on top of these things for my work."

Sophie blinks, "Well, I guess I'd have to see it." she grins a bit. "But, well, I'm usually not so daring." she then adds, 'Umm.. gloves, too..'

"Benefit of the doubt - sure. You dress better 'n me anyway." Ali laughs still - "Nobody ever watches the DJ - not after the start of the show. Gloves would /work/, you know? Long ones, up past the elbow - I know where you can get a pair of decent ones."

"Opera gloves? You can get a good pair of white ones in the Village, and then dye them to match your outfit," Kimi suggests.

Sophie ohhhs, 'Ok, then I'm definitely in.' she grins, "Hmm, you guys do hair and makeup too?' she laughs, 'I think I need a 'I came from the boonies' makeover.'

"Don't look at me, Sophia - I'm sort of an ambiance and rhythm chick." Ali points at Kimi - "She's probably the one you want to talk to. I bow to superior skill, you know?" She glances again at her watch. "I have to book - I still need to make the southside. You two stay out of trouble, right?"

"I got you covered with the hair and the makeup," Kimi assures Sophie. "I know a guy uptown who can give you any look you want, or we can just do the giggly pajama party thing and try various looks until we find one you like." She raises a hand after Ali. "You take care too, Ali. Good meeting you."

Sophie grins, 'I like either one. I really need it. Mom was really conservative, and my sister.." she shakes her head, "Only sis, well, she was too much older than me. She was already married by the time I would've needed the help."
"Good meeting you, too - I'll be in touch." Ali bounds for the door, again glancing at her watch.

Late. Typical.

"Well, we'll work something out," Kimi assures Sophie. "I should get going too. I have a teleconference in three hours."

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