2009-12-09: It's a Mouse, It's a Bear, It's a Super Dog!



Date: December 9th, 2009


A random group of people in Central Park. Some old friends meet, some new people greet. And a giant dog by the name of Mouse scared a drunk Tiago.

"It's a Mouse, it's a Bear, it's a Super Dog! "

Central Park

Desperate times call for desperate measures. Like getting drunk off his behind and deciding to get a tattoo. Or, at the very least, that's how it works with Tiago DaSilva, resident thief and all around thug. He happens to be stumbling around the park, eyes wide and unfocused as he just barely manages to not trip over himself. As he passes by a couple, holding hands and keeping warm by snuggling close to one another. Given this sight, the man squints in their direction, pursing his lips tightly. "…It's a lie! Everythin's a lie!" He yells in their direction, helpfully looking to spread the existential despair that has taken over his life.

There are a lot of nutjobs in Central Park. Tonight, Tiago just happens to be one of them.

Kory is wandering aimlessly and while she's not drunk, she's not in the most clear and contented frame of mind, no. It's an anniversary, and one she doesn't like thinking of. She's wandering with her jacket open, her scarf flapping, and her eyes red-rimmed from having cried a bit. She's pretty much looking like a walking victim; an invitation to be mugged. The only thing that has prevented that is the enormous, furry dog walking sedately beside her on his leash.

Kory realizes, with a blink, upon hearing some male voice shouting nearby, that she's wound up near the pond. She gives a groan which peters out into a noise that is either laugh or sob - anybody's guess.

If every there was someone who could be happy right now, it's KeLyssa. She could possibly have a job with Nathan Petrelli. It's not certain yet, but it's hopeful. As such, her 'pie making' sense has much alluded her. A friend in need does deserve a homemade pie indeed. But she first needs to realize that such a friends is in need. As with Kory, KeLyssa hears the shouting voice nearby. She furrows her brow. Might as well check it out, right? She's near, anyway. And she can defend herself against most crazies with the flick of a wrist and an icing of the ground. So casually she walks to find the owner of said voice.

The couple gasp in horror as a drunk continues to spew loud noises at them, and the man tucks his wife into his arms and encourages her to hurry up. "Don't look him in the eye, honey…"

As soon as Tiago realizes he doesn't have an audience anymore, which comes almost a full minute later, the man blinks. Not once, but twice, before folding his legs beneath him and plopping down on the ground in the middle of the pathway indian-style, his brows furrowed in concentration. "Now, that aint very nice none, was it?" Beat. "…What was I doin' again?" Yes. He's at that stage of drunk that does not allow him to keep his inner dialogue 'inner' any longer. With a doleful sigh, he begins the epic struggle to get onto his feet again. It's, really, quite humorous.

Mouse (who is a Bernese Mountain Dog —an immense specimen of awesome doghood) is curious now at the twolegger that has interposed himself in the way of himself and his temporary mistress. He snuffles curiously at Tiago. Snufflesnufflesnufflesnuffle.

"Mouse," Kory scolds, halfheartedly. "Manners. 'Scuse him," she murmurs by way of apology to Tiago. "Are…are you okay?" Yes, distraction!

Why is there someone sitting in the middle of the walkway? And why is the a giant dog sniffing at him? And why does the back of the owner of the gian dog look so familiar to KeLyssa? So many questions and as yet so few answers! She trods along slowly to the little group. "Well, there ain't sight ya see everyday. A dog sniffin' at a guy sittin' on the ground." She tilts her head. "Everythin' goin' okay 'round here?" She has to ask, of course, before fully taking in who the owner of the dog is. She stops everything. EVERYTHING! "Boss lady?"

Tiago's second attempt to make it to his feet is foiled, and he ends up grumbling under his breath, expressing words that aren't even in English before he freezes. Something is at his back. And…sniffing him? With an exaggerated slowness, the likes of which are seen often in cartoons, the man cranes his head to the side before catching sight of the beast out of the corner of his eyes. And then, he lets out a squeak.
That's right. A squeak.

Falling backwards, away from the monster, he let's out an emphatic "Jesus Christ! Huh? Mouse? Y'mean bear, ma'am! I didn't know you could have one of 'em as a pet in New York! Man, this city is fuckin' great, aint it? So great…so so great…I done wish I aint never moved here." Slowly, he attempts to recapture his bearings and even makes it up on his knees.
"Am I okay? Fuck yeah, m'okay now, man…I had some happy juice earlier, chyeah? I gots a new tattoo!" And he's beaming, quite proud of this fact. "Arrrrrrre you okay?"

"No, Mouse," Kory says, with the faint sort of smile that indicates people say "No, it's a bear!" to her fairly often regarding the size of the dog. And before she can say anything else, a familiar southern twang has called her an equally familiar nickname. She turns to grin crookedly at KeLyssa. 'Well, hello there, stranger."

There's a voice….a voice he knows. Ian comes jogging along one of the paths, clearly oriented on Kory. He's in his army parka, fatigues, Clash t-shirt, and grinning hugely. "Wow, that is the biggest damn dog I have ever seen in my life," he says, admiringly, once he comes into range for easy speech.

KeLyssa lets out a little laugh. "I ain't seen ya in more'n a 'gators age, it feels like!" She turns her attention once more to the loud man. "Happy juice'll be the death of ya if ya have too much. Ya better be careful, ya hear me, boy?" Yes, she called him 'boy'. She holds out her hand to Mouse to let him sniff it before petting him. "These dogs, they ain't nothin' but pussy cats. They ain't gonna hurt ya. Ain't that right…Mouse?" She raises her eyebrow to state the fact even more.

Suddenly, Tiago is swarmed. Suddenly, there's three people hovering around his head, /three/ people. God, he is much too drunk for this. With a frown, he makes his way to his feet unsteadily, holding his arms out to keep as much of his balance as he can. "Whoa…m'kay. Hold up a secon' there, y'call me a boy? Shit, man, I aint no boy! I'm /all/ man." There is a slow, deliberate grin which splits his face as he grins blankly from Kelyssa, to Kory, and eventually even to Ian. "I can prove it too, I damn swear it."

Mouse is getting attention from a pretty human who's talking to him in a nice voice. He's in hog — er, dog heaven. "Yeah, sorry about that. Lee and I had a huge falling out after I quit the Lair, so I just hadn't been back over there in … a good while." And now she avoids the place for other reasons even though she and Lee have made up and mended fences. "So you got a tat, huh?" she says to the burly man, tugging Mouse gently back to heel. "Cong—" and she blinks, as another familiar voice speaks on the immensity of her canine companion. "Well, hello, Ian. It appears to be reunion week for this spot of the park." And to Tiago's complaint, "That's not necessary. We believe you, besides, it's very cold out for you to be proving things." KeLyssa gets a quick hug, then Ian, though they lack Kory's customary ebullience.

"You're really pretty, but you're not my type at all," Ian says, in all apparent seriousness, as a casual aside to Tiago. He returns Kory's hug with intense enthusiasm, and then holds her at arms' length to look her over. "How're things with you?" he wonders, shifting his weight from heels to toes and back again, like a child waiting impatiently in line. He flashes an apologetic look at Kelyssa, as if afraid he might've crashed a private meeting.

KeLyssa smiles as she hugs Kory. "Boss lady…I'm just glad ta see you. I had to go back home for a while m'self. Family issues an' all. Nothin' ta bore ya with, though." She smiles. "Tell ya what, we need ta have some pie." She says with a firm nod. She smiles at Ian, shaking her head to indicate that he's not being an intrusion. As she continues to pet the dog, as best is possible, she gives Tiago a look. "No, it's fine. I don't need ya ta prove nothin' ta me. But I do think ya need some rest. Sleep off the drink."

Tiago looks confused, if only for a second, before petulance crosses his features and his expression darkens slightly. "Then don't go sayin' shit y'don't mean or want. Shit. Ya'll're damn buzzkills, is what. I don' need /nothin'/, lady. Don' act like you're all better'n me since you're all like…damn…sober an' shit." He grumbles, brows furrows with distaste. Slowly, he backs away from the lot of them, nose into the air. "Damn. Fuckin' like…New Yorker's an' shit…"

Mouse parks himself. On KeLyssa's feet. So she can't leave him all alone and unpetted.

"Sure, pie sounds good," Kory admits with the sort of amused resignation that comes from knowing KeLyssa doesn't take no for an answer when she decides somebody needs looking after. As Ian gives her that earnest look, she shrugs at him. "Things are, well, okay, I guess, considering." Considering Peter's missing. Again. And she and Randall are over, and the government's hunting gifted, which she suddenly realizes she hasn't warned either of her friends about; the realization shows outwardly as a brief widening of her eyes, and a quick shake of her head. "'Scuse me a sec." She produces a smartphone of some stripe or other, and taps a quick text, then pockets it. "Awww, hey, don't go way mad," she offers to Tiago. "KeLyssa is just the motherly type. She didn't mean any unkindness, honest."

Ian looks over at Tiago, expression guileless. He doesn't seem particularly disgusted by the other man's apparent drunkenness, but nor does he seem inclined to try and tend him, or find out what's going on. He looks back at Kory, worry in the dark eyes.

KeLyssa shakes her head at Tiago. "Honest ta goodness I didn' mean unkindness none, like the boss lady here says." She offers him a little smile. "D'ya like pie some? I think I still got some homemade pie…" She stops petting Mouse of for a moment as she starts digging through her purse and pulls out a paper plate with a slice of blueberry pie on it, covered in a plastic wrap. Who knew it could fit in there? "It's still good ifin ya want it. I don't need it. An' I kin promise ya it'd make ya feel better." She says, going back to petting the dog with her free hand and holding out the plate of pie with her other hand. She looks at Kory with a curious gaze, wondering what else could be wrong.

"Yeah…well…" Tiago is not a naturally grumpy guy. He is a very warm, enthusiastic kind of person. But alas, certain extrenuous circumstances have made it necessary for the man to drink away his sorrows, and considering the fact that he's trying to get happier. "S'okay, I guess. But…fuck, I aint always like this none. I - s'just been a real shit week for me, yea? An' pie? I love pie!" He reaches out to accept it with a broad smile, only stopping to fix the trio with suspicion afterwards. "…Wait…Y'aint poison it or nothin', right?" Ah, being paranoid and drunk is a beautiful combination.

"Look at her," Kory says to Tiago, scooping Kelyssa's cheeks into her gloved hand. "You see this face? Does this look like the face of a serial killer? And me. C'mon. I have a dog with me. I would tell you to let him smell it to prove it's safe, but then you wouldn't have any pie at all because Mouse is a greedy beast. Aren't you? Yes you are. You're a greedy beast." Her hand drops from KeLyssa's face to scruffle the dog's ears. He gives a doggy smile, and leans into the displayed affection. "And Ian? Ian doesn't do nasty unless you provoke him. Real hard." See, Ian? Kory's herself under the morosity. And there isn't anything provocative happening here, says Kory's expression. "So eat your pie. Maybe get some coffee or a cup of cocoa to go with it."

Ian nods, all solemnity. "I'm a really nice guy," he assures them all, collectively. "Man, take the pie. Someone just offered you homecooked food - not at all easy to find in New York."

KeLyssa smiles softly. "'Course ya ain't always like this, we ain't never gonna always be happy." She laughs when Kory so aptly cups her cheeks with her hands. "I wouldn't poison no food I'd meant to eat m'self!" She says through her gloved face…which, while Kory's hands are there, are about the only part of her that has anything season-related attached to it. She's wearing blue jeans and a long-sleeved shirt, neither of which scream winter clothing. She chuckles at Kory, petting the dog as well.

"Well…yeah, m'kay. Ya'll don' look like government assassins none…" Tiago mumbles under his breath, before struggling with his inner logic. Unfortunately, he's not in the proper state to really contemplate the situation correctly. Instead he sighs slightly, before giving into his pie-greed and reaching for it. "Gee, thanks. No, like, for /real/ man. I aint lyin' or nothin'. Or bein' that word…sarcastic. Thanks. It's real nice o' you, an' you don' see people like that no mores…At least, I don'." Beat. "Bu' I'm a good guy too, I swear. I don' poison pies."

"Good. Now that we've established none of us are pie poisoning people. I'm Kory, by the way," she adds as an afterthought since she's already introduced KeLyssa and Ian. She realizes her jacket is open and shivers, taking a moment to close it up. "Nice to meet you, enjoy the pie." This is such a strange conversation, and the quirk in her smile pretty much telegraphs this. "So — what've you been up to, Ian?" she asks, since things seem to have calmed down and she can resume catching up with her friends.

"School," Ian says, making a disgusted face. But he immediately brightens again. "Actually, no complaints. I am having a grand time, actually. Doing well in my major, which is biology," He swings a bewildered look at Tiago. "Are government assassins often a problem for you?" he asks. He's not teasing. "I mean, are you ex-Treadstone, or something?"

KeLyssa blinks. "Naw, you shouldn't be the one worryin' 'bout government assassins none, m'sure." She says, trying to smile. "Unlike people who're evolved." She mutters under her breath. "Well, I ain't exactly no New Yorker, ya know. I ain't from 'round here none. Where I'm from, ya show a li'l kindness when people are feelin' down an' out. Not b'cause ya have ta, but b'cause ya wanna, b'cause it's a nice thing ta do. An' if ya can't care fer your fellow person, what kinda person does that make ya?" She's just saying, is all. "B'sides, poisonin' people is no fun. Better ta get to know 'em." Or freeze them, if you're more inclined to hurt people.

Tiago smiles weakly, a fairly tired expression on his face. "Tiago. Chi-ah-go. Nice t'meetcha." This is offered over to Kory as the drunk leers at his food stuff, quite pleased. However as Ian continues on, he opens his mouth, as if about to speak, only to suddenly cut himself off with wide eyes. He needs to be quiet. He needs to NOT tell everyone about the secret project he's involved in. Though, he can't help but be slightly offended by KeLyssa's words. "Oy! How d'you know? You don', you don' know me none…" He pauses, before furrowing his brows slightly. "I'm special, man. I'm special too. I could be, if I wanted ta…"

Kory's expression softens into a more relaxed state at Ian and KeLyssa's reaction to Tiago's mention of government assassins. They know already, or at least have the sense to have cultivated a healthy bit of paranoia on the topic. She's spent so much time hiding in the Batcave, simply marshalling mundane financial resources that she's neglected looking after the people who matter in her life. A flicker of guilt crosses her face, quickly quashed by something more akin to Kory's usual determination. "I should get Mouse back uptown to his master, you guys. KeLyssa, I should be home rest of the week if you wanna drop by with that pie. And you — Sith boy — don't be such a stranger, huh?" The woman gets a one-armed hug. Ian gets a mock-ruffle of his hair, Kory's hand a full inch away from that watchcap he usually wears in the winter. "Thanks for jollying me out of my holiday blues, you guys." Even Tiago is included in the smile this time. "Maybe next time you can show me your ink."

But Ian doesn't know, and he slowly tenses, watching Tiago as if he might be dangerously insane, instead of just drunk. And then he flicks a look at KeLyssa, expression sealing over into something meant to conceal nervousness. "I'll come see you soon," he assures Kory, gently.

A quick wave to the group, and Kory breaks into a run, letting the dog trot along ahead of her. She is soon lost to the naked trees and the cobblestones.

KeLyssa shakes her head. "O' course. I don' know ya one bit. But o' course yer special. I ain't doubtin' that none. Certainly government assassins could be after ya." She says with a small nod. "Ain't meanin' ta say otherwise. My mistake." She catches Ian's look and nods slightly, hopefully both of them understanding the meaning of their glances to each other. She hugs Kory. "Sure thing Boss Lady, I'll be 'round later this week an' we can have a nice visit o'er a pie or three." She grins, watching Kory go before turning back to the others.

"Y'know…y'know, maybe I should jus' bounce, yeah? Thanks for the pie…" This isn't exactly the note Tiago wanted to head off with, confused, still unhappy…but, hell, at least he has pie, right? To the nameless face/flesh-colored blurs, he offers a faint nod before backing away. "I hope you're good, an' you aint bein' hunted by the government none…Bye." And with that, the drunk begins to stumble away.

"Are you really?" Ian looks entirely bewildered, both by Tiago's behavior and KeLyssa's assumption of some sort of in on the conspiracy. He doesn't seem upset or afraid….but he fixes his gaze on KeLyssa as if she might explain further.

KeLyssa smiles softly. "Yer welcome. Jus' be careful now, ya hear?" She nods firmly. Turning to Ian, she smiles softly. "He seems like an interestin' fella, wouldn't ya say?" She says with a small sigh. She blinks. "Yer probably wonderin' about all his government assassin stuff. I wouldn't worry 'bout it none, really. I think it's just the ramblin's of a drunk."

Ian looks faintly embarassed, but a little mollified. "Oh, of course," he agrees, smoothly, though his grin is weak.

If this young man is evolved, KeLyssa would prefer he didn't have to worry, really. But still…she could always venture testing the waters to see if he is, anyway. She doesn't have to go into details about rounding their kind up. "Here's a strange question fer ya…an' I know it's gonna sound strange. Have ya ever seen anythin' strange happen?" She says, bobbing her head, indicating a move to a nearby bench.

"All the damn time," Ian says, wryly, even as he settles himself on the indicated bench.

KeLyssa furrows her brow. "Like…what kinda things ya seen?" She asks cautiously, taking a seat. "Like…guys eatin' a hundred packets o' ketchup or…some other kinda strange?"

"Like….this." And with that last monosyllable, he draws off his glove and lifts his hand - which is abruptly crawling with blue-white arcs of electricity.

KeLyssa doesn't seem as surprised as one might think. She's seen fire shoot out of her brother's hands, she knows of Kory, she has seen another like her, and she has dealt with telepathy (she thinks). She nods and smiles. "Or maybe…kinda like this?" She asks, holding out her own hand, out of it coming a little ice sculpture of her.

Ian pauses, for a moment utterly nonplussed. And then he laughs - not hysterically, but a full-throated guffaw, like KeLyssa has just made the best joke ever. "Yeah, like that," he says, when he can speak again.
KeLyssa takes the mini sculpture of her between both hands and squishes it and forms it into a little ball, throwing it behind them. "Well, birds of a feather, we are, it'd seem, wouldn't it?"

"So it seems," he says, chuckling, and amused.

KeLyssa pats Ian on the shoulder. "Well, it has been an interestin' an' curious day if there ever was one." She says with a smile. "But, I'm afraid I gotta be goin' now. Got somethin' that needs doin', ya know." She smiles, standing. "But I do hope we meet again. And…do be careful. The government is after our kind." She murmurs the last part quietly before turning and leaving.

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