2007-07-18: It's A Surprise


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Summary: Nadia has a surprise for her clueless boyfriend.

Date It Happened: July 18th, 2007

It's A Surprise

Brooklyn - The Moretti Household

Nadia all but dances her way up the walk to Leo's house.. well his mom's house.. but that's a technicality. Because this is his mother's house, she is dressed more respectably than for a typical meetup with Leo. Simple black dress, not whorey in cut or length. Hoisting her matching purse up a little when it slips on her shoulder, she raps her fist on the door. Hopefully, her daddy doesn't have any henchmen lurking nearby doing surveillance.

It is indeed his mom's house, but the matriarch is taking her usual nap, door and curtains sealed off. Leo doesn't appear to be taking a lot of precautions not to interrupt her rest, even playing the radio in the loungeroom as he dries dishes and puts them away. It doesn't seem to bother her - Valium'll do that to ya! At the knock to the door, Leo slings the dish towel over his shoulder and peers out the side window to see who it is. He gives a wave and bright smile to Nadia before moving to let her in, arms opening to embrace. "Hey, how you doing?"

Nadia practically flings herself upon Leo once he lets her in, kissing each cheek in turn before planting one on him. "Oh just fine, better now that I'm with you!" Beaming, she looks Leo over, and decides to not give him a hard time about doing chores for his ma. It's sweet!

Chores indeed. It's just the two of 'em and Leo doesn't wanna get kicked out just yet! Dressed in loose-fitting jeans and appropriate T-shirt, it's clear he wasn't planning on going anywhere or seeing anyone today… not that he wouldn't wear this for that anyway, but he's also barefoot. He kisses her forehead once the smooches are over, letting her in and shutting the door. "So to what do I owe this occasion?" he says - a little carefully because that's a clever phrase that can easily get confused - as he moves back to the kitchen to more hurriedly finish his task.

Nadia traaaaails on after Leo as he returns to the kitchen. "Ooooh.. since when do I need an excuse to see you?" She hops up to park her backside on a clear portion of the counter. Maybe she didn't plan on going anywhere. She really doesn't need an excuse to dress up or to just look good. Her fashion sense is a bit higher than Leo's. She crooks a finger in a c'mere manner, "I have something to show you.. but only when you've been a good boy and finished your chores!"

It's true, and Leo has long since stop questioning as to why Nadia might dress up - because sometime she actually isn't and it's hard to tell the difference. He's not picky. He has a hot girlfriend. That's all that matters when it comes down to clothing. "You got something to show me?" Leo says, abandoning the coffee mug he was drying in favour of stepping closer, right up to her knees. "Does it have anything to do with me missing you for the past week?" He has no idea, actually, but he just wanted to find a segue way so he could point out that their regular dates have been less regular.

Purse removed from her shoulder, it's set aside on the counter. As Leo moves in close enough, Nadia slips her arms around his neck and leans in to murmur against his ear, "Just maybe." Although the less regular dating could also be a side effect of her father wanting to flatten Leo against a wall. "It's a surprise," she says slyly, a hand raising to toy with the hair at the nape of his neck.

It's not hard to grab Leo's limited attention span, and Nadia pretty much has the trick down. He settles his arms about her waist, and raises his eyebrows at her. "A surprise, huh?" he repeats, a slightly lopsided smile tugging at his mouth, because he can never just smile suavely, even (or especially) when he tries. "That because I'm the best boyfriend ever?"

Nadia is talented that way. What can we say? Fingers still twirling in Leo's hair, she pulls back enough for him to see the smile on her face. "How'd you ever guess?" It must be a rhetorical question as she moves in to place a lengthy kiss on his lips. Oh she could just hike up her skirt and show the surprise, but it's more fun to make him work for it.

Surprise or not… it's been like a week! His smile is cut short by the kiss and he happily lets himself get distracted, pulling her closer towards the edge of the counter to press closer. It tapes off when he chuckles and Leo gives her a slightly more natural grin. "C'mon, you're killin' me here, what is it?" He tugs at the tips of her hair lightly, like one might tug on the sleeve to nag.

Nadia teasingly nibbles at Leo's lips before pulling back. She's easily led forward on the counter, leaning comfortably against the man. Leaving one arm hooked around his neck, her free slides down his arm, only to let her fingers 'walk' over his chest. "You get to look for it." That's either an ominious statement, or one to make him excited. This could go either way.

Leo squints. This is getting more complicated than he realised. Then, his eyes go wide in alarm. "Waitaminute," he says, leaning back. "You didn't go and do that photoshoot you kept threatening your dad about, right? Because he'll kill me. It'll be my fault for absolutely no reason, and then he'll kill you. Or house arrest you, or something."

Nadia grins widely, "You're so cute when you're freaking out. No. I didn't do the photoshoot." Leo's not the brightest, but damn she loves him. Looks like she's gotta spell this out for him. Sort of nudging him away so she can get off the counter, she says, "Let's take this to your room. Don't want your ma walking in." Which could go badly. Depends on how high on valium she is.

"Oh, good," Leo says, visibly relieved that he won't have to explain that he didn't have anything to do with turning Daddy's Little Girl into an underwear model. At least he thinks it was underwear. With a quick kiss, he considers, before moving to pushing his arm under her legs and another supporting her back. Not the brightest, no, but he's got some strength in him as he easily picks her up off the counter and heads towards his room. "Sounds like a great plan to me," he says. "I even straightened it out this morning and everything." Ish.

Nadia wraps her arms around Leo's neck again, this time to hang on. She giggles against his neck, letting herself be carried. "I'm such a lucky girl," she says with mild sarcasm about the room cleaning. Silly bachelor boys! Taking advantage of the situation, and her position, nibbling kisses are placed along Leo's neck in between teasing, "I can still do the photoshoot if you want.. juuust for you."

The door is mostly kicked open, and inside… well the bed is mostly made and save for a few things littering the floor, it's not too bad, probably better than usual when he's not expecting her to come by. "Get that for me?" he says of the door still swinging open, and once she reaches to close it, he sets her down on the bed and crawls after, retaliating the nibbling kisses with his own on her neck. "Killin' me," he says again.

Nadia grins widely, reaching over Leo's shoulders to shove the door closed. Her heels are kicked off before she's on the bed, then her hands are busy trying to rid Leo of that pesky shirt he's wearing. "I'm sure you'll make it a little longer," she teases, "Start looking." And if she has to spell it out further.. the boy needs some serious help.

The shirt is rid of easily, Leo pitching it carelessly across the room. He goes in for another kiss, but stops short at that instruction. Welcome back, confused expression, but before we have to start considering professional help, it clicks. Somewhat. "Man, where's the zipper on this— nevermind." He goes the more direct route, which is pushing the hem of Nadia's skirt up so she could possibly drag the dress up over her head.

Well. That's certainly the easy way of doing things! Unless Leo's blind, the surprise is winking right up at him from behind the stringy bikini panties Nadia's wearing. (Or unless he's simply not looking southbound.) Helping the clueless wonder out some, she assists in pulling her dress off. Grinning knowingly, she just waits for it.

Oh no, he sees it. And stares. Then points at her. "You— you did— is that— " Leo stammers a bit, eyes widening. "Is it real? Wow." Then he breaks into a grin. "Okay, you're right," he says, touching the image, which is deceptively cute, considering its location. "That is a surprise. And way better than a photoshoot." It will occur to him later that this means someone had to actually do this to his girlfriend for this to happen, but for now! He has more important things on his mind.

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