2008-02-05: It's All Fun and Games


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Summary: Jamie shows off her skills as a traceuse.

Date It Happened: February 5, 2008

It's All Fun and Games

New York City

Late afternoon, and it is a chilly late winter day. Sophie has on her overcoat, muffler, and gloves. Hands are shoved in her pockets, and she wanders idly down the street. Just another person playing tourist.

Speaking of tourists, several of them are lined up at a get-your-portrait-made booth on the corner. The artist in residence (Randall), recently hired back after his replacement used twice as many sick days to go off and toke, has a heavy blanket draped across his shoulders in the style of a serape. The canvases are weighted down to make sure they don't blow away if the wind picks up.

Jamie is also wearing a thick winter coat, over her hoodie. The girl can be spotted running down the street. She ducks under a couple of guys carrying a used TV from a pawn shop, coming between them and under the TV. Then she's spinning around a hot dog stand, not losing much in the way of speed. Right near where Randall's setup she tries to do a handflip over a bench… only the bench is slippery with snow and she ends up landing on her back on the bench. She doesn't look hurt, though, taking a moment to catch her breath and pick herself up, looking a little frustrated. Only for a moment, though, as curiosity soon distracts her as she sees Randall painting, and she steps closer.

Sophie tries to avoid the slush and puddles, like most. She has just turned toward the street artist, in curiosity, just in time to see the little girl fall onto her back. She gasps, rushing over quickly before realizing the kid is just fine.

Acting on instinct, Randall reacts to the shifting of shadows by picking up a plastic bucket with some materials in it, only then turning to see what was going on in the first place. "Oh, wow, are you okay?" he calls out, mouthing a silent 'hang on' as he sets his latest commission aside and starts walking over. "You don't have a tingling sensation like your legs fell asleep, do you?" Oh, great, let's mix up paralysis and simple winter chill. Hopefully someone else knows this stuff more accurately.

Jamie looks to Sophie and up to Randall, and nods with a grin, "I'm ok! This coat's really thick, couldn't feel much." Then she blinks and shrugs a little to the question, looking down at her legs, "Guess a little."

Sophie takes a quick breath, moving back as she shakes her head. Apparently realizing that there was nothing wrong. She gives an abashed smile.

Randall crouches down and offers Jamie a hand up, glancing down to make sure his own footing is solid enough. "That might be a problem— you should probably stay off them for a while, just to be on the safe side." As he heads back over toward his easel - can't leave it behind for too long - his attention drifts to Sophie. "Are you okay?" he asks. After all, she's been reacting to events, but not speaking - not even sign language - and usually the defining characteristic of New Yorkers is that you can't hardly shut them up.

Jamie accepts the help with a smile, but then wrinkles her nose at the suggestion, "That'd be boring." She follows Randall curiously, about to ask a question, but then he's talking to Sophie and the girl's attention turns back to her. Not much to add to Randall's question, she just says, "Hi."

Sophie nods, saying in an accept that confirms she isn't a native of NYC. "Yeah, yeah, I'm fine. I mean, I'm not the one who fell." she takes a few more breaths, "Scared the life out of me, of course."

Randall inclines his head to Sophie, glancing back toward Jamie. The kid clearly wants to live life dangerously… but after all, she's not his kid to worry about. "That's twenty for the picture," he adds for the benefit of the balding customer who's been waiting through all this, "you want a frame to go with? Ten extra."

Jamie grins to Sophie and says, "I'm ok, really! I think, anyway," she adds, a little unsure still after Randall's earlier question. But then she says, "I've fallen lots worse than that before." She moves then to try to get a look at Randall's painting.

Sophie nods, taking the kid's word on it. Then she notices what Randall was doing. "You can do portraits?" she asks,curiously, trying to get her own look.

The customer declines the frame, handing over a grimy twenty in return for the picture. "That's right," Randall replies to Sophie, turning around a couple of demo pictures that were tilted the other way. "Did you two want to get one?" Unspoken subtext: he doesn't expect the kid to necessarily have pocket money to cover one on her own.

The look on Jamie's face shows just that, the instant of excitement and then disappointment as she realizes she can't afford it. She shakes her head then and says, "Guess not. But they're really cool paintings. That last guy you painted was kinda ugly, but you made it look lots like him." Still within earshot of said customer. Yeah, tact is not her thing.

Sophie starts digging through her purse, then she says, "I think I would like, to have one of those." then she decides, "If its ok with your parents.." to the kid, "You could have one too."

While the newcomers work out details, Randall turns and shoots a pre-emptive glare toward the last customer, as if to say: no, you do not need to come over here and bitch out a little kid. Fortunately, he doesn't seem to have heard anything anyway, already occupied with hailing a cab with the picture tucked under one (tragically sweat-stained) arm.

Jamie blinks, looking up to Sophie in surprise and then lighting up, "Really? Thanks! Joe won't mind. He lets me do whatever I want, long as I'm home on time so he don't start worrying."

Sophie nods and she smiles, 'Then if she could get a picture done first?' she offers, 'I have time to wait for mine.'

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