2009-11-09: It's Complicated



Date: November 9, 2009


Some fugitives (and Sydney) meet up in the Starbucks of Destiny. Angst ensues.

"It's Complicated"

Starbucks of Destiny

It's in the late afternoon or the early evening… Depending on how one looks at it. However one calls it, one cannot deny the sinking of the sun, which casts the sky into dark blues and purples, jaded by all the air pollution that makes New York City the city that it is. At one point, Gene would drink his high priced coffee and sit around for a bit, but these days, he can't really afford to sit around. Not with recent events what they are. So he stands in line, dressed in his black peacoat, though he has the collar pulled up, obviously trying to hide as much of his face and still seem natural. He has messenger bag with him, his laptop tucked away safely as per usual.

It's been a harrowing day for Sydney. Between hearing about the pyrokinetic, strong man, and her own issues, Sydney hasn't had a good day. It should come as no shock that she's come to Starbucks to deal. Like Gene, she's wearing a black peacoat (over her pencil skirt and white blouse), but she doesn't have it pulled over her face. She's further along in the line though, her drink is being made and when the barista hands it to her, the sixteen year old spills it on the therapist. Normally Sydney is shockingly patient with such things. Normally she doesn't lose her temper. This time, she curses rather loudly when the extra hot chai tea latte hits her skin. Surprisingly though, the barista also loses her temper, "Eff you lady!" To which Sydney's eyes widen and her jaw tightens. Her face whitens. This is getting tedious. Sydney's tone is completely irritated, "You just spilled PIPING HOT tea on me!!"

The young man arches a brow. The name and the woman who seems annoyed is familiar to him. He debates getting involved for a time, and finally decides that he try and do what he often attempts: 'The Right Thing'. Giving a weak smile, Gene lays a gentle hand on Sydney's shoulder. "Hey… Just relax there, accidents happen," he offers with a soft tone.

The tone and hand on her shoulder followed by a couple of deep cleansing breaths are enough to calm Sydney down and oddly the barista seems to reflect similar behaviour. "I know accidents happen, but this is the second time in like two months —" she begins to say as she turns to face him. Immediate recognition. And goodbye guilty conscience. "Gene?! Y-you're alive?! I thought you were dead!!" This is likely the kind of attention Gene was trying to avoid.

A hand swiftly moves toward Sydney's mouth as she seems a little TOO loud for his liking. He whispers quietly still, moving in close to avoid unwanted ears from hearing. "I'm alive, but I couldn't contact you since the government might be able to trace me. It's complicated and I really can't get into all of it here. Just know I'm okay… And we can leave it at that," he states before he pulls away. He orders himself a chai tea and a coffee with a couple hits of expresso, though after he does he looks back toward Sydney. After all, he doubts she'll just leave him be with so little information.

Staring while frozen in utter shock, Sydney watches as Gene orders the beverages, but after he's ordered, she reanimates. "What? What's going on? The government is after you? Why? Seriously, where have you been? It's like been a month since you went after the blonde and that was ages ago…" her voice has been lowered, although perhaps not to Gene's liking. Her tea is in hand while she continues to stare.

"I have already put my hand on your mouth, but you are still loud enough to be heard. That leaves only two higher methods to keep you quiet… Kissing you and tasering you and I've already had to taser one friend within the last few days, I would like to not have the tally go to two so soon!" Gene whispers, his voice clearly showing his concern and and general fatigue. He turns around for half a second before turning his head to state the obvious once more. "It's complicated."

Mouth gapes open at the notion of Gene tasering someone, but the comment seems to have the desired effect. "Fine!" Sydney whispers back before arching an eyebrow, "Where have you been?" There's a pause before she nods her head, "Everything's complicated." And another pause, "Did you meet more non-nice evolved? Are they organizing?" She knows nothing of the government's efforts.

Twitchtwich. Gene's eyebrow seems ready to explode from the pent-up energy. If Sydney is able to tell what Gene is feeling, it is definately a Bruce Banner moment. "My complicated and YOUR complicated are a little different," he states before he pays for his stuff, taking the chai tea to hand to Sydney before taking his own drink.

Blink. Blink. Blink. Sydney takes her drink and then shakes her head, her tone borders on sarcasm, "I'm sure." She sips at the tea before shaking her head and noting, "This month was all around complicated." She frowns a bit as she sips her tea again. "Question: are any evolved types 'good guys'?" Except Alex. Alex is definitely one of the good guys.

Being on the run from the government can be a very tiring task. What with walking in the shadows and such (though not literally, that's Eric's thing after all).

And because it's so tiring, sometimes you just need to go and get some tea and that's exactly what Beatrix is doing here. Taking a break from gathering info and living in the Kitty Lair of DOOM. (Yes she named it that). The young fugitive with her light blonde hair with red highlights and her new tattoo, the cockatoo and vines peeking out from under the strap of her white tank top.

A pair of mirror like sunglasses cover her eyes and all this really makes Beatrix unrecognizable as Kitty Hanner the resident seer and crazy woman with a gun. Trix enters the Starbucks and she waits in line to order her drink, though she hasn't noticed Gene yet.

Unlike Kitty, Gene does not make with the get-up. After all, he doubts the government is after him as much as they are after the Evolved that escaped the train and as long as he avoids drawing upon their attention…

"It was a little. At least I don't have a mysterious spirit girl telling me how to live my life this time around." Gene lowers his head. "Rest in peace, Evie… But yeah, there are a lot of them. I know a few and in a short while, I'll know a hecka lot. But as I said, Starbucks is not meant for secrets." He moves to get hismelf a table, making sure to sit in the corner where he can keep his eye on the front door. Not noticing 'Beatrix', Gene merely speaks softly with Sydney. With a tone still lowered, he asks, "Why you ask?"

Sometimes one just needs some coffee, or chai, or those little crumbly-yet-awesome coffee cakes they sell. Sometimes one needs to meet at the coffee shop of destiny for any number of thease things. Such is the time as now as Eric Lancaster strolls into the place with his hands in his pockets and a easy half-smile on his face. He's looking around even as he steps past the mirror-shaded form of the girl that look slightly familiar…maybe…naaaaaaaah. Looking for someone familiar…

And there he is!

A smile comes to the young businessman's face as he raises a hand to wave towards his longtime friend, revealing the picture of Chibi-Chewbaca on his shirt over the caption of 'Let the Wookie Win'.

He doesn't call out though beyond that quick wave to get attention before starting to stroll across the shop towards Gene and his table-guest.

Sydney sighs as she wrinkles her nose and furrows her eyebrows as she keeps her voice to a whisper, "Because this green eyed man who could duplicate himself held multiple guns to my head… I ended up in this icky safehouse for like a week after being rescued by some guy that's a spy or something for some security company… a client met a pyro guy that controlled fire with his hands and he like lit some people on fire, burning them to death… AND I'm forever cursed." There's no expansion on her personal curse, instead she just sips at her tea. "And I thought blondie had —" Sydney clams up as Eric begins to walk towards them. Strange guy = distrust. Especially now.

"Eric?" Beatrix says softly and then when she notices that it is Eric and he's heading towards. "Gene." Oh my god, he's safe. Beatrix looks from the menu to the two friends she hasn't seen, to the menu.. FREAKIN TEA CAN WAIT.

She walks pretty fast and ends up shoulder to shoulder of Eric. "Well Shadowman, are you a sight for sore eyes." She says teasing and slaps his shoulder and then she remembers that she looks really different and so she raises her sunglasses to the top of her head so that Eric can see who she is.

Then she doesn't even wait for Eric response before she is walking fast again and hug tackling Gene while he's in his chair. "I was so worried and I couldn't come and help you and then I was in Maine and I was a fake prostitute and I've been worried sick about you!" she says and checks over Gene, as if she could see if there was anything wrong with him.

"No, she hadn't" is all Gene states before waving toward Eric. As the man takes a seat, he nods toward Sydney. "This is the woman that got me the information on that girl I was hunting down with Elena. Sydney, this is Eric, childhood friend of mine. One of those, his dad knew my grandfather thi-" Suddenly strange woman is coming toward him. Instinctively his hand goes to his hip, but thankfully for the easily excited woman, Gene doesn't reach his weapon in time.

"If you all get me caught and thrown back into federal prison, I am going evil and killing you all," Gene states in a grumby gus tone, despite the hugs and the concern. "My back still is in the process of scarring," he adds. It would seem being grumpy overrides pain.

Familiar voice as Eric pauses and starts to turn, she's already past him though and…throwing herself at Gene…in a good way it seems. There is a deep breath taken and then slooowly released. "…if you are who I think you are…don't DO that." He hisses towards the easily exciteable woman, his own hands resting easily on the tabletop. "…and I don't think you /need/ anymore coffee." He adds as he looks towards the very easily exciteable woman. "He's /trying/ to keep a low-ish profile." He adds with a wry smile. "And complaining of course, your back isn't that bad G-Dude."

Glancing then towards his tablemate the young man just shakes his head towards Gene. "…he asked me to meet him here. Pleasure to meet a friend of Gene's." He adds towards Sydney as he settles back in his chair trying to relax after the scare that Kitty just gave them all.

"Hi Eric," Sydney smiles weakly following the quick introduction. As Beatrix tackle hugs Gene, however, Sydney's eyes widen, but they return to their normal state moments later. More friends that thought he was dead, maybe? Maybe everyone thought Gene's been dead all of this time. At least Sydney's in good company then and then Gene's words register, "Federal prison?" Yes, she's really out of the loop.

"Oh I'm sorry that I thought all of you were dead." Beatrix- Kitty says and then claims a chair as well. "And I was coming for some tea, thank you very much. I don't have any in the Kitty Lair of DOOM." She says and then her hands are placed on the table, the flowers that blossom on the back of her hand facing the three people. "I've been very worried and.. I'm sorry where are my manners." She holds a hand out to Sydney. "I'm Kitty, but just refer to me as Beatrix for a while, ok?" she says this to the other two men as well. "Federal prison? Pssh I had a baby." She says to the table and grins widely at the people. "Where's Elena, I have a lot to tell you guys."

"If we keep this up, I might as well be!" Gene exclaims, his hushed tone starting to falter for something a little more dramatic as his arms flare up. "You all have a nice share about your past few weeks, I am going to go to my car and stew with barely contained rage and torment. Like Ghost Rider, but without the flaming skull." With that, Gene gets up, clearly preparing to head out.

"Gene, Gene comes on man sit and finish your coffee in quiet disapproval instead. Like Cap would." Eric replies as his friend starts to get up. "…and Kitty, come on and calm /down/. If you draw any more attention to people here it could be bad, so please eh?" He says quietly, calmly. Then a sigh and a shake of his head. "Yes. That, its a story for another /place/ at least." He adds towards Sydney is soft undertones. "And I haven't been dead, I've just been in England."

Sydney shakes Kitty's hand, "I'm Sydney. Nice to meet you… Beatrix? You had a baby? You don't look at all like you had a baby…" Eyebrows are furrowed as Gene stands up. "Where are you going? You just got here." She wrinkles her nose, but manages a few calming breaths and that eerie calm comes over her. Her lips twitch upwards into an almost smile. An eyebrow is arched at Eric, "So… things have been complicated for everyone here then?"

Kitty's hand snatches out and she puts it on Gene's wrist. "Hold on there He-Man." She says and gives Gene a stare. "What's up?" she tilts her head and then stares at Eric. "I'm trying to not get excited that my friends are ok, and of course I wouldn't tell you the story here. What do you think I am stupid." Beatrix's eyes narrow and she doesn't look back at Eric as she looks back up to Gene, but first a word to Sydney. "Yeah, I gave him back to his daddy. Poor guy, I hope I see him soon." Then back to Gene. "I'm sorry, for being so excitable and I'm sure you've been through a rough, even rougher weeks than I have been, even though I was called a devil by a old woman with a gun and had a baby. But still, we're in this together.. all of us." She says and gives Gene an innocent smile before her eyes cloud over from their normal brown to a white eerie color, a quite look since she's like.. smiling also.

"You. Don't. Understand." is all Gene says to all gathered as he still plans on leaving. Then his hand gets grabbed and Kitty and Gene take a trip down memory lane.

* * *

"So, the little guy still isn't talking, are we? It's okay. You don't need to say a word, just scream when I've made you my little bi-" The convict's words are interrupted as a orange jumpsuit clad Gene leaps for the man, breaking his nose with the first contact. He tries to leap upon the injuried man, but finds himself punched right in the eye by another man. After a brief, but bloody struggle, Gene is pinned to the floor.

In the distance, there is the sound of a guard yelling, "We are supposed to keep an eye on him!" And soon there is the sound of sprinting.

As one convict holds Gene down to the cold floor, the other grins. "I'm gunna make you sqe-Shit, the guards!" The pair orange clad men back away, the two prison guards moving in picking up the silent and bloodied Gene, taking him toward the infirmary.
* * *

As the flashback comes to a close, the young man glares toward Beatrix. Tears are in his eyes, but there is more rage than sorrow, no words escaping his gritted teeth.

"Oh Gene.." Bea says softly as her eyes fade back to normal and her body hurts as if she was Gene. "Oh my god.." she says softly and then she looks down as tears well up in her eyes and she looks down, the tears dropping into her lap. "I had no idea.." she says and then her doe brown eyes look towards Gene and then the others before she stands up and lets go of Gene's arm.

A hand going to wipe her tears away, Beatrix shakes her head and then begins to walk off. "I'm sorry I bothered you guys." Said softly and then she's off to leave the place, retreat back to the Kitty Lair of DOOM. Her head is hanging and her sunglasses are slipped back on. Moments later, a black motorcycle can be seen driving past, from the window.

"For the love of Odi— don't do th—-" And its too late, Eric's reaching hands too late to stop Kitty's powered ones. "Stupid," Eric growls as he slowly stands as well. Joining his friend before shaking his head. "Come on then, lets go somewhere else." He says lowly with a more-than-slightly annoyed look on his face towards the bemirrored woman's back as she turns and runs off as she just realised what she's done. A slightly concerned look is shot towards Gene at the raidiating waves of Hulk-like anger coming from the man.

"In what together, exactly?" Sydney asks as she peers from Kitty to Gene to Eric and back again. Clearly she's missing something. That same eerie calm continues to dominate her features and seems to spread to other people (near the group) in the coffee shop. But confusion strikes as Beatrix touches Gene, her eyes go foggy, and then Gene and Eric's reaction. The same confusion spills into other patrons although they appear to be confused about other strange things. "What… what's going on?" it's not demanding. In fact, it's a tone of utter and complete concern.

As Beatrix begins to cry, Gene's rage takes a hit. After all, even while this mad, it would seem that Gene doesn't want to hurt anyone with good intentions. "Kitty…" he states, stopping himself to see that she is already racing out. "Yeah, I feel almost as bad as I did after I watched Wolverine Origins," the Geek God notes in a tired tone before looking toward Sydney. He doesn't notice the reactions of other people, not enough to figure out Sydney might be behind it. Gene is a genius, but he's still getting used to the world of the Evolved. "I'll call you from a payphone tonight… We'll work out a place and time and we'll talk about it more then, okay?"

"Oh, okay," Sydney nods a bit. She forces a weak smile as she raises her cup to her lips to sip her tea. "Gene… be careful, okay?" She's still concerned. She's still confused, but at least she's been promised a call. "Thanks." She offers another very weak smile.

"You got it." Gene returns the smile in size and strength before he turns around. "Stay safe… I promise this time around, I'll be able to call." And with that, the young man makes his way with Eric and the two head out.

An apologetic smile is launched back over his shoulder towards Sydney by Eric for a moment before he leans down towards Gene. "…you know man if you want we can just go someplace now to talk." He murmurs to his friend. "I can fix you two up with a place to chat if you're feeling like it." The offer made he looks back up towards Sydney with a reassuring smile coming easily enough to his lips. "I'll keep him out of trouble."

"I'll try to stay safe," she answers with a sigh. "Harder than it looks though." Sydney offers Eric that same fatigued, weak smile. "Thanks."

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