2007-03-02: It's Loud in Here


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Rochelle shows up at Noodle Heaven for a bite to eat, and her negation field causes all sorts of problems for the patrons of the sandwich shop.

Date It Happened: March 2nd, 2007

It's Loud in Here

Noodle Heaven

What a crazy week it has been with all the wierdness that has gone on lately. Claudine just wants to have some semblance of normalcy, so she goes back to Noodle Heaven, considering she enjoyed it there, and it was the last time she could remember being somewhat normal. Even if people thought she was a 'truck', or something like that. As such, she cmoes in dressed in a tight fitting black sweatshirt, a pair of snug fitting jeans and some boots as she peruses the menu. She wrinkles her nose and heads on over to the counter, "Um..I'll try the portabella today..on tomato foccasia.." she says before pulling out her wallet from her purse.

Ianto is here already, having settled down at a table over a pepperoni, perchuto, and genoa with veggie and Italian vinigarette sandwich. He seems rather satisfied with it as he's eaten a third of it in such a quick time! The bag of plain potato chips he hasn't opened, and he's got a bottle of apple juice with a sip or two gone.
His thoughts replay the events of last night. He's worried… VERY worried. He doesn't have a good poker face, either. Ever since his walk home last night he's been drowning in worry… people saw him. They saw what he could do. The only salvation he can see is that he didn't know them, nor they he. He hopes Cass won't talk like he asked, but an even bigger concern is that Phillipine woman he first helped to escape. She just took off! He never got a chance to ask her…

Wait! Is that? Ianto thins his eyes in curiosity and looks to the counter. There she was! The girl from last night (he doesn't know Claudine by name)! Good! Perhaps he can straighten this out! "Oy!" he calls to Claudine, waving. "Miss! When you get your food, please come sit with me. I really need to talk to you." He still looks a bit troubled.

Already in the sandwich shop and seated at a table against one wall with a club sandwich sans bacon and with kosher cheese is Namir Dayan. He's sitting with his back toward the counter and is already about halfway through his lunch. In front of him on the table is an open book — Cervantes' Don Quixote — which he peruses idly as he eats, and he's dressed in civilian clothes again today. The gauze on his cheek has been removed, exposing the healing patch of blistered skin to the world, but his hands remain lightly bandaged. Ianto's call gets the Muslim's attention briefly, and he glances up toward the man, then to the counter and the woman there. Hey, isn't that Claudine?

Sean opens the door to the sandwich shop, strolling up to the counter and standing behind the woman already ordering, unsure of what to get. He used to come here fairly often, and was even known to some of the people who worked here, but his lack of available money meant he tended to eat at home, not out - today was a special treat, for a particularly good night of tips, both intentional and "surprise", as he put it. He looked at the menu, and decided on the meatball sandwich - it was fairly simple, but he could remember it being great the last time he was in here. Unfortunately - he said to himself, looking around sadly - he didn't recognize anyone in the shop, employee or patron.

Well that's kinda sorta a familiar voice and Claudine peers back over to the source. Yes, she recognizes him, the speedster who took her out of the building. She chews on her bottom lip as he looks just as nervous as she does, which makes her feel a little bit better. However, she closes her eyes and whispers to herself, "Calm down.." over and over again like a mantra to make sure that nothing rumbles this time, and after a few moments she simply nods. "Yeah..I think I need to do the same.." she says matter of factly while letting out a nervous little chuckle.

Now that she's aware of her powers, she's making a conscious effort to not make things rumble, cause well, she's sort of the epicenter and when things are shaking and you're the only one not shaking..yeah, dead giveaway. She goes to pay for her sandwich, when she looks around once more and spies a familiar man and bows her head. "Um..whatever he wants, I'll pay for as well.." she says, cause he paid for her meal the last time they were here, so it's her turn to return the favor.

She then turns to give Namir a friendly little wave and says, "Order what you want, it's on me.." before making her way over to Ianto's table with her sandwich so she can ease on down. "So, what's up?" she asks, trying to be casual as to not raise suspicion.

It's not often that Rochelle deliberately goes out for a meal; she is of the persuasion that if she does not make it herself, then the food falls into superfluous purchases. Luckily, she finds nothing wrong with these purchases. As she enters the sandwich shop, Rochelle immediately takes in the relative spotlessness before glancing down to her damp, muddy-kneed jeans; after a moment of thought, she keeps moving inside and toward the counter behind the line. If anyone is partial to listening in, it is clear by what she orders eventually that the large brunette is a proud carnivore. Following her movement, in its usual large radius is Rochelle's negation field. Had powers? Probably not anymore.

"Yes, hi," Ianto says more quietly to Claudine now that she's at his table. "Listen, there's something I really need to ask you. I need to ask a favor from you." The Welshman sounds rather nervous when he speaks, which matches the expression on his face quite well. "I would like for you to promise me… that you won't… say anything. About me, about last night… what you saw me do. Please."

Sakura makes her way into the restaurant, smiling at the name…only to see it's not at all what it seems to be. She tilts her head a little bit but shrugs, making her way to the line and waiting. Smiling, the girl orders — in slightly broken English — a smallish, mostly-veggie sandwich. As it's being made, Sakura pays for her sandwich, and is quickly handed the wrapped sub. "Arigatou," she says to the cashier, stepping away from the general populus and sitting down with her sandwich.

Stefanie makes her way inside, an unseasonably bloomed carnation sticks out of her hair, from above her right ear. She's in a chipper mood despite earlier disappointments, and feels like having a bite to eat… again. She gets in line behind Rochelle, looking at the menu for something vegetarian when… huh? Not only does the carnation fall out of her hair, but it's withered a bit and definately closed up. Stef looks down and picks the thing up, trying to revive it. She's looking at it… this close from performing CPR.. Looking perplexed, the young woman has no other recourse but to place the carcass in the trash. She looks downtrodden… possibly in mourning.

Claudine lets out a nervous little chuckle as she leans forward and nods, "As long as you can promise me the same. I almost destroyed the coffee house I was so freaked out. And um..is that wall still there? Cause if it is..I really need to get rid of it.." she whispers so that only Ianto can hear..unless you have superhearing powers or something. "But either way..what happened in the end? I went to the police to tell them what I know, but of course, I left out all the wierd stuff, like you, and me, and yeah.."

"Thank you," Namir chuckles, smiling, "but I'm almost done here already." Claudine can pay for him some other time. He happens to glance back to the counter when Stefanie and the others enter, and he offers the familiar face a smile — which becomes a little troubled when the flower in her hair suddenly withers. Hmm. He watches as she throws it into the wastebasket, then returns his attention to his book. Namir is seated near enough to the counter to be within Rochelle's negation field, so when he attempts to dull the noise field within inches of his ears and fails, he becomes troubled. Uhm. What? The man's brow furrows.

Meat! Rochelle has it. These veggie-eaters around her are missing out as far as she is concerned; Rochelle makes her way to a central table with what looks like a sandwich straight out of a Scooby-Doo fridge raid. At the very least, she has the common sense to cut it in halves before making an actual attempt to begin eating it. While the woman doesn't have the most perfect dexterity with a napkin, she seems to be making another effort to not look entirely the part of the dirty blue-collar that she is.

Sean sits down with his meatball sandwich and bites off a string of mozzarella cheese that was hanging out the side - and remembered why, exactly, he loved this place. They were definitely not skimpy on the ingredients. He looked around, trying to see if there was actually anybody he recognized; he thought one or two of them might have gone to his bar before it had burned down, but not anyone who was regular enough that he could recall their name. Too bad; it was always nice to have someone to talk to.

He reached inside his pocket and grabbed a copy of Anthony Burgess's A Clockwork Orange, rereading it for the umpteenth time. Ah well, it just meant he could read before work - it was the only time he was sober enough to concentrate on it that he wasn't distracted.

Suddenly, Ianto's eyes widen. "So," he whispers back, but sounding astonished. "That /was/ you! Wow…" Then he adds with a jestly grin, "Remind me never to piss you off, right?" Soft chuckling ensues, but only for a second or two.

"I promise, too," Ianto finally responds. "I have to be honest with you, it makes me feel a little better knowing I'm not the only one out there that has some strange ability." Nervous twitch with a smile, he continues, "I thought you might think I was some sort of freak, you know?" He still keeps his voice to a whisper this whole time.

Stefanie orders her sandwich as well. Something small, since she had that belgian waffle in the morning. She sighs a bit and takes a seat to eat. She looks up and sees Namir, she waves friendly, then galnces around at the faces in the room.

Sakura looks around the restaurant as she takes a small bite of her sandwich, curious as to the other occupants without really getting up and speaking to any. She takes great care not to get anything on her shirt as she eats, to the point of sitting uncomforably close to the table in order to avoid it.

"If I thought you were a freak, then I'm one too.." Claudine admits ruefully as she lets out a soft chuckle, wrinkling her nose a little as she continues to eat her sandwich. "And well..be careful. I sort of freaked, cause that wasnt the first time I was shot at..cause those stray bullets yeah.." she says, sighing again as she becomes a bit nervous once more, taking a quick look around to see if there might be someone shooting in this place. With that, the ground rumbles a little, a slight little tremor with her as the epicenter though it stops once it nears Rochelle. Wiiierd. Too bad she isnt paying attention as she closes her eyes, "calm down, calm down.." she repeats to herself as Ianto would feel it..and whoever else is not too far away..

Rochelle couldn't care less about what misses her mouth and gets away from her haphazard napkin wiping. She's already unclean. Examining the other patrons of the shop gives her very little in terms of outward information, and distraction takes over again when another bite is taken of her lunch. Carry on, world.

This is /quite/ bizarre. That mustard gas didn't do anything awful to his powers, did it? Namir is very troubled by this turn of events and, just to be sure, he concentrates his powers into attempting to raise the volume of all the noises in the shop. It doesn't work at first, so he concentrates more, attempting to increase the volume still further. This trend continues until Rochelle moves to her table, taking her negation field to another part of the shop.

Suddenly, every sound in the shop explodes into astonishingly high volumes. Voices all over the shop rise to far above shouting range without the owners of those voices making any effort to scream. The squeal of the meat cutters in the back are nearly deafening. Papers rustling, chewing, the shuffle of clothing — all these things are thrown into the din. It's enough to startle Namir, who panics and is unable to bring the sound levels down immediately.

Stefanie's eyes go wide as hands go to her ears. She looks to Namir who seems to have some idea as to what's going on, judging by the panicked look on his face. She sends him a questioning glance, which could definately be translated into a WTF?! look.

Sean finishes his sandwich - it was fairly small, but filling - and gets up, ready to leave. He takes another look at the small Phillipino woman - he's pretty sure he's seen her before. But, catching himself before the stare would be impolite or creepy, he walks out the door and down the street to work, as ready as he ever is to start a long, mostly boring shift.

"Whoa, okay, calm down," Ianto beckons calmly, trying to be comforting, though the tremors do take some getting used to. "It's alright. Nothing's going to happen. Nothing that I can see." Encourage to keep her calm, that's right.

He does notice Namir out of the corner of his eye and raises an eyebrow. He doesn't know what's going on with him and assumes he forgot his meds today. Just ignore him…

Once things are settled and Claudine collects herself, Ianto finally asks, "So, what's your name?" He does want to know, but the change in subject will do, well, everyone here some good.

Sporfle. The half-chewed bite in Rochelle's mouth suddenly becomes a cough inducer when the air explodes with noise. Considering she has spent her life around loud noises, it is not as horrible. Fingers holding onto her food have clenched into the bread and at least one layer of meat, however. Another sputter comes from her mouth as she turns her head to glance around. "The hell?" Her voice comes gruffly past the remaining cough of crumbs.

It takes a while, but soon things calm down once more as she takes a deep breath so the rumbling can stop. "Claudine.." she says sheepishly while idly running her fingers through her hair as she chews on her bottom lip a little, "Sorry..I've been on edge lately..ya know. But..there's a lot of us. You're not the only one I know..I know of at least two.." she whispers softly before she looks around and raises her brow at Sean.

Okay, he was so kinda sorta staring. Creepy. And then she looks over to Namir and blinks blankly for a few moments, until she winces once more, covering her ears as every sound just got amplified, wincing in pain. Since she's not yetin Rochelle's range, this too causes a panic for the young girl and things start shaking and rumbling as well. Crapness. "What the hell is going on?!?!" she yells.

Sakura swings her legs under her table for a moment, leaning in to take another bit of her sandwich…until she lets out a little yelp, shocked by the sudden explosion of noise, wincing and letting her sandwich fall to the table with a groan.

Stefanie looks around, confused, and glances at Sakura.. Ok, well, more then glances. However, the checking-out of Sakura is interupted by the room rumbling… "Oh hell no. What's next? Locusts?" She's quite ready to get up and leave, but she's no guarantee that it's any safer outside, especially if this is an actual earthquake.

Furrowing his eyebrows, Ianto cringes as the shields his ears with his hands with the sound. Now Claudine's panicked and making the area shake. Not something /else/ now! "Bullocks!" he says sharply before looking back to Claudine. "I think we should go," he suggests.

Yelling does not help the volume situation at all, but many customers see fit to shout in an attempt to be heard over the amplified noises. Of course, this only adds to the din that has filled Noodle Heaven. As a bonus, the rumbling sound of the earth is even /louder/ than the tremors would normally put out. Almost as soon as it came, however, the high sound level fades again to normalcy, and Namir squeezes his eyes shut and attempts to keep himself calm. The rumbling of the earth — is that his fault? He's never caused an earthquake before. At the moment, he hasn't quite made the connection between Claudine's presence during this tremor and the tremors he experienced before. Because his eyes are closed, he doesn't catch Stefanie's glance. Maybe if he just keeps his eyes closed, he can disappear. Maybe the shaking earth will stop.

A little whimper escapes the Japanese girl as she looks around the room to see the various customers in some form or fit of distress. She tries to keep her little, shy smile up, albeit still looking nervous over the tremors and continued ringing in her ears.

Rochelle's day has gone from boring to confusing in a matter of minutes. Why did she come out to eat, again? She doesn't move for a few moments, eyeballing the restaurant around her before standing up to go find more napkins. Her squeeze of the sandwich has sent a smear of mustard down her chest.

Claudine winces once more as she wrinkles her nose trying to focus and calm herself down. She couldnt exactly hear what Ianto said until sounds return to normal, but she nods, not even picking up her sandwich as she runs towards the door, making her go within Rochelle's negation field. It's then that the rumbling stops and there stands an embarassed Filipina with her cheeks flushed a bright tinge of red. Now she's really confused..she's still not calm, but it stopped…and now she looks around all wierded out. This day has just gone from normal to wierd..

Stefanie sighs in relief, as the Apocalypse does not seem to be nigh. She looks to Sakura and giggles with a shrug. "Loud noise and rumbles.. Who needs to go to a rock concert?" She says, trying to keep people calm and positive.

The look offered her way draw Sakura's attention up, a little smile offered to Stefanie, "I guess…" Her voice still affected by the accent, Sakura knows her words can be hard to understand, "But…wha' was that?"

Ianto was just following Claudine out, when she stops in Rochelle's field range, and as she's stopped there, he pauses, too, and then he starts looking around with an eyebrow quirked. He suddenly feels quite uneasy, as additionally indicated by the fiddling of his juice bottle and unopened back of chips he carried with him. This lasts for a good number of seconds.

"Um…" he finally whispers to Claudine, leaning toward her a bit. "I think we should keep going now." Then he head motions to the door they planned to use.

As soon as the rumbling subsides, Namir slowly opens his eyes, his face quite blank. There. Everything is normal once more. It's only now that the man feels safe in glancing around, and he spots Claudine as she makes her rush for the door. It's only then that something seems to click. She was there that night during both of the tremors. She's here now, while Alyssa and Marcus — the only other two people with him that night — are not. It takes only a bit of logical deduction. His eyebrows drop slightly in thought, but he doesn't move to confront her. There are better times to do that; she's with someone else. Instead, he casts a glance at Stefanie, then Sakura, and he smiles wanly. "Must have been a strange phenomenon brought on by the minor quake," he remarks idly. Yeah. A fluke.

Claudine lets out a nervous little chuckle as she nods, though her ears are still ringing by that wierd event. "Yeah..let's go.." she says matter of factly before she scurries out the door. She actually tried to make things move this time, but she couldnt..now that's just wierd. Something's wrong, and it's best that she gets out of here….

Stefanie nods to Namir and shrugs to Sakura. "Welcome to New York City. The city that always keeps you guessing." She smiles and takes a bite out of her sandwich, making note to list everyone that passed through her mind when she thought it was the end. She reaches up and fiddles with a pendant and whispers something before taking a drink.

Sakura looks over to Namir, Sakura just nods a little bit, "Hai…it must be…" She's not…totally convinced, but she has no real proof to the contrary, and she just accepts it as the truth. Looking down at the table for a second, Sakura frowns, her sandwich more or less…well…spread across the table in front of her.

When Claudine stops in her sprint for the door, followed by Ianto, Rochelle only passes the girl a wary look as she sits back at her own table, napkins in tow. People are so bizarre. She does pass a seperate look around the shop, but her dark eyes don't pause on anyone in particular. "I have half a mind t'call building inspectors…" Rochelle mutters. The earthquake was clearly the fault of someone passing up on keeping to code.

When Sakura's eyes go to her ruined sandwich, so do Namir's — and now he feels bad. /He/ may not have caused the earthquake directly, but he's sure that the explosion of sound didn't help Claudine to /not/ cause tremors. He's therefore indirectly responsible. "Can I buy you another?" he asks the Japanese girl, still smiling faintly. His own sandwich (what was left of it) is a mess as well, but he's lost his appetite. Rochelle's interjection earns her a glance and a wider smile. "I don't think it's the building's fault."

Sakura shakes her head a little bit, "Iie. I can…afford it." She still, occasionally, has to stop and wonder about if she's saying the right thing in English, but a smile is offered to Namir for the offer. She starts to get up, collecting the bits of the ruined sandwich, keeping it all on the wrapper at least.

Stefanie smiles and watches, scratching her head as she tries to remember where she's seen Sakura before.

Rochelle lifts an eyebrow across the top of her food, which is now in her mouth once more. She does chew most of this bite before answering Namir. "If not that, then we're losing the old pipes again. Hopefully the place don't explode."

"And wouldn't that just be the icing on the cake?" Namir's smile has grown dry, but when he glances at Sakura, the expression softens. When she rises, so does he, shaking his head. "No, I insist. Let me buy you a replacement." It seems he will accept no arguements. Stefanie is spared a curious glance, the earlier incident with the carnation rising to the forefront of his mind. Hmm. Something is /definitely/ strange in the shop today, and he isn't the source.

The girl pouts a little bit, not used to people countering her argument, but as Sakura scoops up the wrapper and her sandwich, she offers a little nod to Namir, "If…you have to." Again unsure if that's the right phrasing, the Japanese girl looks a bit confused as she takes the trash to the bin.

Stefanie finishes her sandwich and stands, taking her waste and discrading properly, recycling what she can. "I need to go home and tell my dads about this."

Cake? Cake sounds good about now, but Rochelle has to finish lunch first. She gives Namir a small squint and snort in response, a hint of a smirk on her face before she occupies herself completely with her food.

Sakura blinks, looking at Stefanie for a moment. Not sure she heard the girl right, she asks, "Dads?" Her head tilts just a little bit, kind of confused after operating on the assumption that everyone's family was pretty much the same.

Namir nods a little, then moves to pick up his own garbage and book, the latter of which is tucked into a large overcoat pocket. "It's the least I can do," he tells Sakura. When Stefanie moves to make her exit, he studies her a moment before smiling. "It was a pleasure to see you again, Stefanie, even if it was brief." And full of loud noises and shaking earth. Ha.

Stefanie chuckles and nods as she stands by the trash receptacle. "Yes. I have two dads. Long story. Short version is, Mom died when I was 8, then Dad met some guy.. and now they're both gay.. which is good since it'd be awkward if one of them were straight." She smiles. She nods to Namir. "Same here." she says nervously to the police officer.

Sakura giggles a little bit at the short explanation, "Oh." She feels herself blush a little bit, offering a shy, nervous little smile to Stefanie. She can't help but look over the girl curiously, shrugging her right shoulder and saying, "Then, sayounara." She offers a little bit of a bow to Stefanie, smiling a little bit as she gets out of the girl's way.

Namir smirks at Stefanie's explanation. Most interesting! He turns to the employee behind the counter — many of them are still trying to scrape things back together after the minor earthquake — and mutters something quietly to the boy. Some money is passed to him, and then the Muslim gives a nod to Sakura. "Your sandwich is paid for." A nod to Rochelle. "I'd better be getting home. Enjoy the rest of your day, both of you." And with that, he turns to head out. He needs to get home and stop the buzzing that's started in his head.

Sakura finds herself bowing again, this time to Namir, she says in a bit of an excited voice, "Arigatou!" The girl's smile remains, even spreading a little bit though she remains fairly shy around the group of strangers with which she witnessed a rather…odd day in a sandwich shop.

Stefanie giggles and returns the slight bow. "Catch ya later!" She says.. "Gotta tend to my garden.." Still feeling bad about the carnation… A garden? in February?
Stefanie has left.

"Nani?" She says as she looks back at Stefanie, who by now is out the door. Shrugging a bit, "It's cold…to have a garden?" The girl shrugs a little bit, settling on the fact that her source of an answer has left. Instead, she offers another little bow to Namir, if simply because she really feels bad about him paying for her, before padding over to the counter and snagging her sandwich.

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