2007-02-11: It's Not Paranoia If They ARE Out To Get You


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Summary: Benjamin takes Ramon his promised tax forms, and there's a not so welcoming committee outside for him.

Date It Happened: February 11th, 2007

Log Title It's Not Paranoia If They ARE Out To Get You

Gomez Apartment, then outside in a Queens Neighborhood

After basically scurrying away from Central Park, Benjamin makes his way towards Ramon Gomez's address. He pulls the envelope from inside his coat, smoothing it out as he walks. Wanting to avoid another incident, he stuck to the subway (Probably not smart) and walked. A lot. So it's with some relief that he finds the apartment in Queens. Audibly exhaling, he approaches the door to the correct number and raises his hand, poised to knock. His hand never connects with the door, as he just stands there, looking like a moron. Battling in his head to be polite and hand the tax documents in person, or leave them at the door, knock and run.

That's ok. He's dealing with a telepath, though he doesn't know it. Ramon knows it now, and it's sort of freaking him out, but the long and short of it is…the door swings open while Benjamin is still standing there worrying over it. "You should come in and have a cup of coffee." His greeting, as abrupt and to the point in his own territory as it was in Benjamin's. "You look like you're having a Hell of a day."

Benjamin's eyes widen in surprise, not unlike how a cow looks at an oncoming train. "How did.. I didn't even knock yet.." That's amazing! He clears his throat and extends the envelope, "I'm sorry I didn't get these to you sooner. I finished them last week.. but it's been a hell of a weekend. Not just a day." He looks extremely hesitant to go inside, and he probably .. scratch that .. IS screaming paranoia inside. He can't help it.

"Nnnngh." That's Ramon's answer to 'how did, I didn't even knock yet.' Or some sound like it. He takes the envelope. "You're doing me a favor," he repeats quietly. "You ought not apologize when you are the one doing me a favor." He watches Benjamin and his paranoia. "Only the 16 year old bites."

Benjamin blinks and looks taken aback. "I don't mind.. Uhm.." He takes a step across the threshold, "I don't want to be.." What's the word? Oh yeah, "An inconvenience. I know this is without warning, but." He exhales, trying to calm himself down. "You'll want to go over the papers. I don't think I missed anything. If you have any questions, I might not be available," because I'll be at the freak hospital goes unsaid, "but I included the number of an associate who I've worked with for twenty years. I trust him to do right by you."

Ramon takes the papers but doesn't open them. He's studying Benjamin for a long long moment. "You look like you're in some kind of trouble," he rumbles at last. "You have helped me and my family. What can I do to help you and yours?" His dark eyes are steady on Benjamin's. The man just stands there like some sort of very calm mobile rock.

"I'm /really/ sorry, but, can I take a raincheck on dinner or the coffee. I don't want to offend you in anyway," Benjamin says, and there's nothing BUT an honest regret about his words. "This is just.. a really bad time for me lately." He takes that step back out into the hallway. He takes a steadying breath, "I don't want to be any sort of.. trouble for you or your family.. so… " Leaving his home was such a bad idea today. There's no farewell, he simply turns, and runs for the exit. The man just doesn't have the mental fortitude to really deal with everything at once.


Huffing for breath, Benjamin comes out the doors of an apartment building. A little too fast. Almost like he's running from someone. Poor guy hasn't the faintest clue as to what just might be in store for him. He bends over some, hands on his knees as he catches his breath. He's not the most active of sorts.

Waiting with Angie beside a large black SUV, Anders puts out his cigarette as he sees the doors open. "Mister Winters! Can I have a few moments of your time?" this said as the big man walks over, double-time, to come up alongside Benjamin, "It won't take long, Mr. Winters, I just have a couple of questions."

The man is dressed like the a government spook, all smart black suit, shaven head, sunglasses, the works, though he does seem to be sporting a shiner of a black eye.

For a couple of minutes Ramon just…stood on his stoop, holding his taxes. Then he put them to the side, eyes narrowing. He doesn't know what's going on, but he knows Benjamin's a good man. And he knows the guy is scared to death. Half of him says 'don't get involved'. The other half grabs his cell phone. He sprints down the steps and looks up and down the street for the man, a frown of concern carving the lines even deeper in his face than normal.

Angie is dressed like… herself. Goth-tastic. She follows after Anders at a slow pace, before noting Ramon coming out of the building Benjamin raced out of. She turns then and heads in that direction.

Benjamin blinks and looks up, bewildered and more than a little wild eyed. There's a little voice in his head that tells him that now might be a good time to run. Yet he doesn't. When Anders approaches, Ben backpedals. Away. He looks from the man to Angie to the SUV. Yeah, this doesn't look good. "Ah.. Miss Alvarez.. I was just going to call you.. when I got back.." Then something clicks and he looks accusingly to both woman and spook, "How did you find me? Have you been /following/ me?"

"We are asking the questions, Mister Winters," Anders replies, nodding to Angie as she goes to confront Ramon, "As good faith I will tell you you were under surveillance and that we are here to help you handle your recent life changes." He moves to stand in front of Benjamin, smiling, "If you would be so kind as to join us in our vehicle, we can go through the formalities and get you some assistance."

Ramon doesn't really figure Angie's part of the trouble right away. He sort of stands on his tiptoes and is trying to get a license plate on the car. His cell phone is flipped open to the 'notes' section. He's not calling 9-1-1 yet, because he doesn't have much to tell them yet. He's not far from his house even. He's just…doing his thing.

Poor Ramon. Angie's middle name is trouble. She moves on up to him, not staring as to give away that fact that he's her destination, at least not until she's close enough to see the white's of his eyes. Smiling, and believe you me, that's taking a lot of effort on her part, she tosses her head and asks, "Excuse me… ah… do you have the time?"

Wordlessly, Benjamin stares at Anders in disbelief, before stammering out, "I was told I could think about it… and what y.. that's just illegal! I'm not a terrorist, you can't wiretap me! I didn't violate the Patriot Act!" Blue eyes wide as he regards Anders, he decides to give something a try. He looks at the man, trying to will him to sleep. Just.. close your eyes. You want a nap right?

"Its Back-Off-O'Clock," Ramon growls, not even looking at her. He tries to step around her. Trying to see those plates! Busy here. Even he can display a little New Yorker attitude after all. "Or Fix Your Own Watch O'Clock. Take your pick, Miss."

When he feels the first yawn coming, the spook grumbles, "I have asked you to come along quietly," he says, as he reaches into his jacket and pulls out a nasty looking revolver, "Now I must ask you to come along and stop this silliness, Mr. Winters. I am short of time and I have no desire to wound you."

"Get bent, geezer," Angie snarks and, well, touches Ramon. Its sort of subtle. Like she's just lashing out at him, giving him a proper New Yorker shove, but the touch carries a withering sort of effect with it. Should she hit, the man's extremities are going to start going numb and then rigid. If, anyway.

"That.. it.. almost wor.. Holy mother of," Benjamin says, eyes right on the revolver. If it weren't dark outside, one could see the color draining from his face. His adam's apple bobs as his throat works. ".. Alright.. don't.. shoot." His eyes never leave the gun and he holds up his good arm in surrender fashion.

"Thank you, Sir. Now, if you'd follow me to my vehicle, we can discuss exactly what needs to be done," Anders says, smiling, "I should advise you, sir, that we are a peaceable and benevolent Company and that this is fully out of the ordinary for us, you understand." This said as he gestures towards the SUV with his free hand.

Oh it hits, if only because the 'geezer' wasn't really expecting a shove from a little thing like Angie to be more than an annoyance. The moment he feels the effect he hisses and stumbles back from her. "Madre de Dios!" he hisses, staring at his own hands as he finds he can't move them. And…his feet. As he falls over. Dark fury fills his eyes as he stares up at her.

"That's for the attitude, bitch," Angie says, jutting a chin out and down at Ramon. "Later sweetheart." She smiles then, truly pleased with herself and starts back to the SUV. Calling, as if greeting an old comrade, to Winters, she says, "Benji… good to see you. You coming with?"

"Somehow.. I'm beginning to doubt that," Benjamin says sourly in retort. He takes a step to follow after Anders, debating on giving his ability another stab. But is it worth it? He turns his head to look back after Angie.. then notices Ramon. "HEY!" he calls out, turning his whole body in that direction. "What did you /do/?" For the first time he can remember, something like anger is being felt. That earlier debate? Had, decision made. He stares /hard/ at Angie, focusing.

"I'm sorry, Mr. Winters, we did /try/ to do this peacefully," Anders says when he realises what Benjamin is doing (after all, what else /could/ he be doing, staring like that, also, Anders feels emasculated today..) "You're pushing both my time and my patience." he concludes, before bringing the heavy pistol hard down, aimed at the back of poor Benji's head, a classic Wyatt Earp pistol whip, if it hits.

Ramon swears. A lot. In Spanish. He's dropped his phone, and he can't move his feet, and they're kidnapping Benjamin. What can he do? He /tries/ again to seek out that license plate number. His mouth is set in determination. Even a few numbers. And then he realizes…maybe he can do a little more. Maybe he can pick something up off the driver or the woman to follow up on later. Cautiously, he just…concentrates on them. It always just /happened/ before, like hearing them in talk right next to his ear. He's never tried to do it. But he's trying now.

Angie doesn't so much as look back at Ramon. She gives Benjamin a confused look, scrunching up her shoulders… right before Anders pulls his move. Rolling her eyes, she doesn't say anything. But Ramon gets to hear what she doesn't say, 'Not one damned thing can go right today. Seriously. Bob's going to have my ass.'

The pistol does indeed connect with the back of Benjamin's head. It's.. almost comical yet sad, the way he lilts to the side and slides down to hit the pavement. He never saw it coming.

Sighing as he throws Benjamin over one shoulder and carries him over to the SUV, Anders opens the door with some minor difficulty, "What the hell does this guy eat?" he asks no-one in particular, before throwing Benji's ass in the back seat with Niki. One far more primatively paralyzed than the other, "Hokey powers ain't much of a match for a good pistol at your side." he murmurs, sniggering.

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