2009-12-16: It's the Thought



Date: December 16, 2009


After waking up, Sydney and Hallis have a talk… actually Hallis talks and Sydney writes on a little board.

"It's the Thought"

Lenox Hill Hospital

Sitting up in bed, Sydney is determined not to sleep another day away. With a grape popsicle in her mouth, and knitting needles and yarn in her hands, the therapist silently glances at Afterlife which is playing on television. Morgan Starr seems to have amnesia again… and while the plot may be farfetched, it's entertaining. The police have visited her three times so far, but she's said little claiming one ailment or another, but the truth is she isn't entirely sure what happened.

She'd sent Amy to pick up flannel pyjamas and her knitting for her from her office (which alerted Amy to the fact that she'd been sleeping there again) (she has four finished scarves in her little knitting bag beside the bed) — the one she's working on now is red, white, and blue… very patriotic…

Hallis hasn't left the hospital since Sydney woke up, except to check in at work. Her boss is more amiable than most and since she has her jPhone with her at all times, she's reachable in case he needs something. She's dressed in a pair of slim fitted jeans that are a very dark blue and one of those light colored long sleeved tees that she's been so mad about lately. It's layered over a lacy camisole, making it tres chic, especially for the hospital.

Smiling as she spies Sydney sitting up in bed, she grabs a little cup of apple juice from a cart outside her door and wanders in. The juice is unusually warm, so she places it on the bedside table for later… maybe she'll find some ice. "Hey Sydney, how are you feeling? The doctors said you can't talk very much so I brought you a present." She's being ever so thoughful and from her oversized purse she produces a little whiteboard and a four pack of markers. "Tadaa! Now you can talk without hurting yourself!"

Sydney flashes Hallis a smirk as she she shifts in her bed and straightens her baby blue Mickey Mouse pyjamas. She puts down her knitting and arches an eyebrow at the cup of juice but says nothing as she sucks on her popsicle — it's all she's been allowed to eat so far, but this is her third one today. At least she likes popsicles! She silently mouths the words, "Thank you" as she pops open the green coloured marker. Green is a happy colour with which she draws a smiley face on the whiteboard.

Smiling back at Sydney, Hallis settles into the chair next to the bed and pulls it closer. The legs groan against the floor as she drags it the few feet, but it doesn't seem to bother the young woman in the least. "I'm glad you're awake, I have so much to tell you." She begins, she's genuinely happy that her ex-therapist is sitting up, not breathing through a tube, and actually eating. As much as one could call sucking on a popiscle eating, but it counts. "First things first, I talked to Eric and he said he will be here as soon as he lands. AND I told him that you liked him. He was speechless, so I think he totally feels the same way." She's saving the worst news for later, let SYdney have the happy glowing feelings first.

At the mention of Eric, the therapist's cheeks flush involuntarily, but she keeps sucking on her popsicle involuntarily. She sighs a bit around it though before scribbling on the white board: 'Really, he said nothing? That seems weird." She shrugs a little though and then holds up her pointer finger as she bends down and picks up a scarf from her bag. It's a lavender colour. She thrusts it towards Hallis with a decisive nod before she clutches the marker in her hand again to write on the white board: 'Merry Christmas!' Followed by a doodle of some holly. Apparently she's in relatively good spirits all things considered.

"It was a GOOD nothing, trust me. He's totally into you, you just have to get some time together…" Hallis' voice drifts off as she sees the scarf and her eyes fly wide open. "Oh my god! You made that just for me?!" Then those wide blue eyes begin to water a little and she sniffles, taking the scarf in her hands and rubbing it against her cheek. "It's so pretty, and totally my color." She drapes it around her neck and reaches over to try to give Sydney a little bit of a hug where it doesn't hurt. "Thank you Sydney. I feel bad that I didn't get you anything."

Sydney beams at Hallis' reaction. That's exactly what she was going for. And so she writes on the board: 'I was going to make mittens, but no time.' Although admittedly she's got time now, she doesn't have the pattern with her and scarves are way easier to make. She shrugs a bit before erasing the board and writing: 'Cookies and plate, remember?' And there it is. She remembers more about it all than she's let on to the police so far. Of course, post-surgery grants her a bit of flexibility in this regard.

Hallis wrinkles her nose at Sydney's mention of the cookies and plate and sags her shoulders. "Yeah but that was a little ruined, remember?" Sighing, she gets on to the lesser anticipated subject of the pre-surgery events. "I know you probably don't want to talk about what happened, but we really have to. Have the police been here to see you yet?" She knows they have, on a few occasions, since she caught glimpses of them around the hospital since Sydney's waking though she wasn't certain if they were allowed to question her yet.

This of course is met with a frown. Sydney doesn't want to think about it and it doesn't seem like recollection will help things at this point. With a sigh she shrugs before writing: 'They came. They asked. I said I wasn't up to talking but told them B came in crazy-like, grabbed my throat, and you hit him with a broom.' She shrugs again. Body language is telling in and of itself and has a message of its own. Pressing her lips together she studies Hallis intently before erasing the board: 'What exactly happened anyways?' Her eyebrows furrow. She remembers pieces, but the anaesthesia still makes her feel off.

"Basically what you said, he came in and just went after you." No mention is made of Lena, Hallis doesn't want to say her name out loud or even refer to her involvement, just in case the police are listening somewhere. "You went to lay down, but you came out just a few minutes later and you were fighting with your grandma. You wouldn't let me call the ambulance… but I did anyway, right after you passed out." She furrows her eyebrows together in a deep frown of concentration as she tries to put the right words together. "If anything ever happens like that again… I'm not going to listen to you. I'm going to call 911 as soon as I can. You'll have to chop my arms off to stop me."

Sydney sighs again and erases the board before writing: 'Would've done the same thing if the roles were reversed.' She finishes her popsicle and places the stick on the beside table next to the juice which has a number labelled on it causing the therapist to wrinkle her nose. She sighs again before erasing the board and writing: 'B made bail. Cops told me. Got out today.' At this she furrows her eyebrows before whispering, "There's a restraining order…"

Blinkblinkblink. Hallis didn't think he'd make bail so quickly, perhaps she was just hoping for a few more days. Licking her lips, she sets a grim expression on her face and nods. "Don't talk. There's no way for him to know that you're here unless he tails Amy or me… but we never really leave the hospital and I hired security. He'll never be able to find you in this place." The young socialite points to the men in black standing outside the other blonde's door. "Did they tell you that they're charging him with attempted murder?"

Wearily Sydney nods. There's little to say to that. She's safe here. For now. But he knows where she works. Where she lived. He seems determined enough. These things gnaw at her thoughts. Finally she erases the board and writes: 'I heard he's been charged with attempted murder. He apparently has a rap sheet.' Yup, the cops told Syd more than usual. They want her testify. It seems that in that five year gap in their seeing each other he'd been up to his usual tricks with other young ladies. All charges were battery. Nothing as extreme as attempted murder…

"You have to testify, Sydney. I will be. I'll be with you the whole time." Hallis urges, leaning forward in her chair slightly and clasping her hands together in front of her. There's more, her demeanor practically screams it. "Please don't get mad at me, but I did something." She looks into Sydney's eyes, silently pleading with her not to get upset. "I called your grandparents and talked to your grandma. By the way, she's a bitch. I think I found someone that I dislike more than Miss Bad Hair Day." She didn't say hate, but the feeling is there.

Sydney frowns further. How can she testify? The defence will ask her professional opinion and she'll honestly say Bryce wasn't in his right mind, or somehow they'll make her come off as crazy and deluded. She can't imagine testifying, but beyond that, Hallis talking to her grandmother! She crosses her arms over her chest defiantly.

With the show of aggression from the injured woman in the bed, Hallis' chin quivers just a little. "Please don't get mad Sydney. I thought they'd change, I thought they'd be sorry for telling him where you are. I didn't expect… to be talking to the biggest cow on the planet." She didn't want to talk ill of the other woman's grandmother, but the old woman was just so infuriating. To her credit, Hallis keeps control of her temper while trying to explain. "I didn't tell them where you were. I only told them that you almost died because of Bryce, then I told them if they ever wanted to talk to you again they'd have to go through me first." Almost as an afterthought she adds, "Eric too… he's right ahead of me in line in stonewalling them."

Sighing again, Sydney erases the white board to scribble quickly, 'I don't want them knowing ANYTHING. We don't talk anymore. I called for an explanation.' She didn't get one. Instead she got a series of excuses made for the assailant: 'Somehow I strangled myself. Apparently.' She erases the board and continues to frown, before writing again, 'You told Eric?'

"I told him what happened. He saw the news, he was worried. He had to know you were okay. Seriously Sydney, do you really think you'd be able to keep something like this from him?" Hallis sighs and slumps back in her chair, sliding down slightly to give herself the worst possible posture in the world. "Don't worry, they don't know anything. Just that he almost killed you. How the hell did you ever live with them? I would have been a raging heroine addi—- Oh wait, I still could be.. But it's for totally different reasons!"

'It was on the news?!' she scribbles with a wrinkled nose. So much for a life free from notoriety. Sydney could spend days connecting why she ended up with Bryce and all of them have to do with her grandparents. With a slight frown, she shrugs before writing again, 'Alcohol. Parties. Double-lives. Used to be a goth.' The list could go on as to how she lived with them it's a long list.

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