2008-01-25: It's True


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Summary: Cam visits Kory to tell about the strange visitor that came by a week earlier.

Date It Happened: January 25th, 2008

It's True

Secret Lair, NYC

Kory is, after a week away, refamiliarizing herself with the Lair. She's got a digicorder with her, and is murmuring into it as she finds things amiss or at least in need of updating, changing, or fixing. Chewbacca is at her side, quietly stepping when she steps, and nudging her when she forgets to keep scritching his head.

Cam comes wandering into the Lair, looking around as he usually does, searching out Kory or KeLyssa. Seeing the former, he smiles some and hurries over, "Hey."

Kory glances up at the familiar voice. "Cam!" She's really happy to see the little guy. She pats Chewie again, then walks over to give him a hug. "How you holding up, hon?"

Cam hugs Kory back, a little tighter than usual. "I'm ok. But someone came by the house, a lady. Said Niki was ok, but we couldn't see her. That she'd lost her memory and couldn't even remember Micah, and didn't want to see him until she remembered."

Kory nods, hugging him back, tightly. "I know, hon. I'm sorry. I tried to help her remember," she whispers into his hair. "She's scared to remember, but knowing he needs her is making her want to, at the same time."

Cam blinks at that, and steps back a little, "You mean it's true? Micah and I thought she was lying." He bites his lip, and then nods a bit. "I told the lady to talk to Peter, ask him to help her remember."

Kory nods, eyes sad. "It's true, Cam. I found her, and talked to her, and did everything I know how to do to remind her of you both. But she doesn't remember. But she will. I won't give up until she does." At the mention of Peter, Kory can't help but close her eyes, a little furrow appearing between her brows. "Mr. Petrelli is probably not going to be able to help us, though. He's got …some really bad troubles of his own to deal with." She wishes she could go into it with Cam in detail, but it's not a secret she's been given permission to share. "But believe me. We will find a way to bring Micah's mom back."

Cam bites his lip again and nods a little. "Knew you'd help. Didn't wanna tell that lady your name, though, 'case she was a bad guy." He then asks, "Did you show her anything of Micah's dad? Maybe seein' him could help her remember."

Kory smiles down at Cam. "That's smart, and thank you for looking out for me." That means more than she's able to put to words, given several recent events. She knows there's danger, but she never seems to take it into consideration until somebody reminds her, or it's right in her face at the moment. "I've never met DL," she explains. "So I couldn't show her that part. I can only conjure stuff up to show that I know myself or can imagine…but it's a good suggestion. Have you got a picture of him, or can you get Micah to loan you one?"

Cam considers, and then nods quickly, "Yeah, I can probably borrow one from him. Or I'll find one of Niki's, she ain't home to complain anyway and I'll get it back after easy."

Kory ruffles Cam's hair. "I don't think she'd mind in this case if it helps her remember." She considers, pensively. DL almost never gets mentioned. She considers asking, but thinks better of it. "If they haven't moved her out of range, I'll try again to get through to her. Anything else I should be concerned about?"

Cam bites his lip and considers a moment, and then shakes his head a bit, "I can't think of anything more she said, just that Niki got kidnapped but they rescued her and she couldn't remember."

Kory paces, Chewie following her until she returns to Cam's side. "Do you remember her name? Did she leave a card or a number with you? Anything that would help you contact her again?"

Cam blinks, and then shakes his head a bit, "I don't think so. She might've, I can't remember. Micah probably is figuring out who she is, or has already, so I can ask him."

"Or you can bring him by, if you want," Kory suggests, thankful the store is quiet enough today that they can have this conversation fairly easily. "You know I'm always happy to see him. Is he holding up okay? Monica holding up okay? I know this has to be stressful for the whole family." Especially with DL …wherever he is. Kory's own expression is sympathetic. "We'll get his mom back." She glances out the front window, gaze distant on something only she can see. "I never got my dad back. But I promise. I promise I'll help get Niki back."

Cam nods a little agai, "Ok." Then he nods, "He's really really worried. Doesn't even think of anything else. That's how I was when my mom and dad were first gone too. Dunno about Monica, she's… she doesn't talk to me much."

Kory nods. "I'd be really, really worried, too. I was when my dad disappeared." She raises a brow, though, as Cam says Monica doesn't speak to him much. "Is everything okay with you two? No more trouble with social workers or anything, I hope." the last thing this family needs is more trouble.

Cam shakes his head a bit and says, "I dunno. She doesn't like me much, I don't think. She hardly ever said anything to me even before Niki went missing." Then he shakes his head again, more emphatically, "Nope! But bet they'll come soon as they figure out Niki's missing."

Kory frowns, but doesn't comment on whether Monica likes Cam. She only met the woman once in passing, and maybe it's just a case of her trying to put Micah first. "I hope they don't," she murmurs. "And all the more reason to encourage Niki to come back that much quicker." She shakes her head. "I was hoping things would calm down after the holidays, but it just seems that things are getting worse, doesn't it?"

Cam nods quickly and says, "Yeah. But, well, it was *good* before the holidays, so guess most everything'd be worse. Didn't know someone else would disappear on me though," he adds softly.

Kory reaches to wrap Cam into a hug. "Hey. It'll be okay. She's safe, even if she's not totally sound yet. So we'll get her back." She would love to promise the kid she won't vanish. It's on the tip of her tongue, even; but she won't let her mouth form the words. Not when situations keep encroaching, and the danger keeps on growing around her.

Cam hugs back again, nodding a little but just holding on a few monents. "I hope so." He holds on a bit longer, and then steps back again, "On top of all this, got some stupid tests I gotta take at school too."

"Need help studying?" Kory asks, hugging him back as long as he likes. "I make a pretty good study buddy." She scritches Chewie's ears. "I want you to do well so they have no reason to give you any static about your grades."

Cam smiles again at that and says, "Yeah! That'd hlp, sure. Normally Micah helps me, but he's been so worried I don't wanna ask him for help."

"Can't blame him for being worried," Kory agrees. "But I'll quiz you so you ace it, and so Mr. Jones won't give you any crap about your grades." She winks playfully.

Cam grins and nods quickly. "Mr. Jones wants me to join the literature class next year, so my english grades gotta be extra good too, I guess."

"He wouldn't suggest that if he didn't think you had it in you," Kory says, nodding approvingly. "Seriously, he wouldn't. He has no time for kids who don't put any effort in. That means he thinks you've got the smarts. Good going."

Cam smiles a bit more at that and asks, "Really? I'll work hard to get the good grades then." He means it too. He then says, "I better get goin' home, just… wanted to visit."

"Yes, really. You know how he likes to pick on people he thinks are stupid. If he's encouraging you, he believes you've got what it takes." She smiles, though, Kory does, at his determined expression. "Thanks for coming by. I'm sorry I wasn't around last week. My gramma tricked me into thinking she was sick, when all she wanted to do was feed me and take me shopping. But I have about five pounds of cake and cookies to get rid of, so you can stop by for some anytime you like, okay?"

Cam grins and nods quickly to that last offer, "Sure! I'll come by in a couple days for sure!" He steps closer to give Kory another quick hug, and says, "Thanks for talkin."

Kory waves. "Anytime. And don't forget to call and let me know you got home safe."

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