2007-09-28: It Suits You


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Summary: Aspen is on the rounds to play catchup with those involved in the previous evening's snafu.

Date It Happened: September 28th, 2007

Log Title It Suits You

St. Vincent's Hospital

Benjamin is laid up in a room at St. Vincent's in Hartsdale following the events of the previous night. Thanks to the anesthesia, pain medication, pain, hell, everything that goes with being stabbed in the freaking lung, he's just now coming back around to the land of the conscious. He's in decent shape, but he's not moving anywhere for the next couple of days. The knife had to be removed surgically, and the damage repaired. As he's been out of it since last night, he hasn't been fully brought up to date on just WTF happened. He's still trying to process how he got from Point A, to Point B.

A well-dressed agent of the Company — immaculate, in fact, a sure sign that she wasn't part of the events of the prior night — walks straight past Benjamin's room holding a clipboard, on a brisk mission to elsewhere. That would be Aspen St. James, in a charcoal pencil skirt and a vivid blue sweater that is probably cashmere. A few moments later, her direction changes — she finds herself halting in the doorframe of his room, instead. "Well, so much for that," she murmurs in her proper British accent, a hand on her hip, before she waltzes to Ben's bedside. She glances at her clipboard. "Mr. Winters? Benjamin Winters? Ben? Benjiiii?" Sing-song and irritated at the same time? A talent. A talent for being acutely annoying, that is. "Are you awake?" Aspen lifts a brow. "Please tell me you're awake, your neighbour just perished from severe burns and my list is getting a touch short."

There's a groan, yeah, Benjamin's awake. His eyes open as he looks in Aspen's direction, then widen in recognition. How can you forget that woman, even if she was only met once? It was an impressionable meeting you could say. "You," he says in a quiet tone, sounding out of breath. "m'wake.." Neighbor. Perished. Wha? "Burns? Was there a fire?"

"Oh, don't tell me you don't even know," Aspen says with exasperation, taking a step back and rolling her eyes. "Well, that's lovely. Yes, there was a fire," she snaps matter-of-factly, continuing to explain with impatience. "Destroyed a good lot of the facilities. At least fifteen people are dead — sixteen, now, counting that member of security next-door — and that's only that we know of so far. So, there you have it, be glad you were out for the fiery parts. What is that, a chest wound?"

Benjamin tries to move a little by sitting up, "Shii.." is all he gets out before some things start coming back to him. "Sylar.. Level five.. Son of a .. did we get him?" Collapsing back against the bed, he thinks staying put is probably the best thing he can do.. and judging from the pain? The only thing for now. "He let out the cryokinetic, that's what I remember before." There's a pause as he tries to focus his thoughts, "I got stabbed." So chest wound, that would be a yes.

Aspen makes zero moves to help Benjamin or advice against undue movement. What does she look like, a nurse? She's sans the costume today. (It's been known to happen.) "No, Sylar is at large, as is Kellie and three of the inmates from Level 5, no thanks to any of you. What's the last thing you recall? Some of the security feeds were a bit … spotty, you see."

"Dammit," Benjamin mutters. Yes, he just swore. That's twice in twenty-four hours, bad mojo going on kiddies! "Was with Elle.. Identity, went down to Level 5. Sylar was there, he had just let out the cyrokinetic. Tried to put him out, couldn't." Closing his eyes, he catches his breath, finding the simple, automatic act of breathing to be a total pain. "Church was down there, Armstrong was hurt."

"Interesting," Aspen says in a bored way which belies her complete lack of interest. Evidently, those details were not helpful. "Well, once you're feeling up to task, I've been alerted that all agents not assigned to the escaped inmates will be tracking our tagteam duo of Kellie and Sylar. Good luck with your knife-wound. I'm sure you'll have many highly heart-wrenching therapy sessions to come with Doc Eames. If you see someone waltzing in to kill you, do press your emergency button next to the bed. No one will get to you in time, though."

Benjamin just sort of stares open mouthed at Aspen. "Funny.. I don't remember you being this heartless. Is this a new thing? Because it's not a good look for you," he utters sourly in response to Aspen's nasty tone. She was rather bubbly that first meeting. "And don't worry, as soon as I can, I'm back on the job." This is serious business to him.

"Oh, you thought that was the real me? Muffin," Aspen coos, saccharine. "Wounded angry puppy is a good look for you, I'm sad to say." She starts to saunter back toward the door, looking back over her shoulder with a wily grin. "Good show with that attitude of yours, though. I mean it," says the rampant liar who is Aspen St. James. If that's even her real name, given the fact that she's a rampant liar. "We'll need all the conviction we can get if we stand a snowball's chance of making this right."

Benjamin's brows knit and he flashes a dark look at Aspen. He's learning people and things aren't as they seem when affiliated with the Company, but still. "I'm here for a reason, aren't I?" Here meaning his employment. "I can't just run away, not when maybe I can make a difference."

Aspen lingers at the doorway, her blue-green eyes narrowing ever-so-slightly, peeling back the layers of Benjamin's meaning. "Of course you are," she answers flippantly after a moment. "Aren't we all here for the same reason?" The woman's lips start to curve in a grin just before she takes off at a brisk pace down the hospital corridor.

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