2010-06-03: It Was The One Arm Man...



Date: June 3, 2010


Merrick has a dream…nightmare…depends on how you look at it. Some swearing and suggestive material. Please be advised.

Merrick has a really good night that leads to an awesome night of drinking and fun. He has graduated college with a degree in Biology and Physics. He pays for his night of fun with a nasty nightmare…

"It Was the One Arm Man…"


As he looked up towards the sky, Merrick did not see a single cloud in the sky. A soft smile touched his lips as he continued to walk down Avenue A towards the Outlet Vendors. He was in the mood for a new pair of jeans yet did not want to pay 200 dollars for the one's he saw in Ambercrombie.

The streets were filled with people, yet as he walked along the sidewalk Merrick could not ignore the hairs on the back of his neck were standing up as if he was being watched by someone. Merrick turned his head downward and slightly to the right to see if he could see anyone yet alas he could not and continued towards the Vendors.

As he continued on, he began to people watch as he can hear the chaos of the vendors in the distance. His eyes falling on a beautiful woman with fire red hair that gives him a wink. Merrick is about to open his mouth when a man with long blonde hair and very good looking steps beside her. He smiles softly to Merrick as the couple begin to whisper. A charming grin escapes his lips as Merrick began to walk towards the couple.

"Hello." said the beauty. Her eyes looking Merrick up and down considering him…undressing him with her eyes. Merrick grins looking between the two and just as he is about to open his mouth the red headed beauty screams pointing behind Merrick. The reflection of the store window in front of Merrick revealed a large dumpster flying through the air at him. As the dumpster stopped in the air, the air around Merrick's hand began to shimmer. The couple who were going to try and pick up Merrick were gone as he turned around to face his attacker.

Merrick's senses pulled his eyes to a man standing at the mouth of an alley just across the street from him. A fat man, with no hair wearing a dirty wife beater, tattered jeans, and workboots. The man had no face, yet he had an arm of metal from his elbow down to his fingers. He looked like he had been cursed or blessed. Merrick set the dumpster down as the faceless man with the arm pulls a hand full of change from his pocket and flicks his metal hand.

Merrick's eyes widen in fear as the man begins to attack him. His arm goes up just in time as the magnetic shield causes to bounce off him. The power of the attack sent Merrick through the store front window in a loud crash. The two have clearly brought attention to themselves. Merrick groans in pain as he pulls out a large piece of glass from his rib. The faceless man is standing over him. How did he move so fast? He gribs Merrick's throat with his metal arm, as he cocks his head to the side his faceless gaze inches away from Merrick.

The metal hand begins to tighten like a vice grib around his throat as Merrick begins to grasp for air. "No." is barely allowed to escape his lips as the grib begins to tighten more and more when Merrick's eyes cast a downward glance at the arm. He is having a hard time focusing as darkness begins to take him. "No." he gets out again as Merrick grabs the arm and begins to pour charged ions into the metal.The faceless man's metal arm begins to shimmy then vibrate then it….

As the alarm clock goes off, Merrick sits up in a scream. The couple laying on either side of him wake in a start. The red haired beauty asks, "Are you ok?" The blonde male snorts, "dude…really?" Merrick is covered in sweat as he runs a hand through his long locks he lays back down in a thump and says, "Get out." The couple look at each other and can see Merrick is in no shape to have "breakfast" and quickly gather their things and go.

"Fuck my life…I need to get away."

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