2007-12-23: It's Raining Cookies

WARNING: contains Season 3 Material.


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Guest Starring: Dashingly Handsome Cookie Guy, Lame Shoplifter, Cookies.

Summary: Peter and Sylar go shopping very close to Christmas. There's some normal variety of insanity. Cookies are involved.

Date It Happened: December 23rd, 2007

It's Raining Cookies

Shopping Mall - Arkansas


A few days before Christmas is definitely not the best time to go out to the mall for a shopping trip. Last minute shoppers, crazy kids high on the fact Christmas is coming, parents looking for that last small gift for their kids who are unexpectedly returning home for the holidays, and the general craziness of the holidays make it somewhat hectic. Gabriel Gray is currently one of the shoppers, although this isn't really the position he expected to find himself in. Out on a shopping trip for Christmas presents with Peter? Sure, he needed some clothes, and ended up grabbing one or two gifts while he was here, but this experience is very odd and surreal. "What else do we need?" he says, eyes moving over to Peter as he reaches up and straightens his glasses, shifting his bags of clothes from one hand to the other.

It's not just a few days before Christmas— it's actually Peter's birthday. And he's spending it shopping at the mall with a certain serial killer that's making an attempt at reform. And a whole bunch of wild and crazy shoppers. A true test of patience for anyone. At least it's a normal kind of crazy, as opposed to the crazy that these two have probably become accustomed to. How much do they have left. "I wanted to stop by a jewelry store and pick up some last minute gifts… There was one right over there…" he peers, glancing down the shopping center halls. There's a small kiosk outside of that jewelry store, too, selling Great American Cookies.

A jewelry store? Gabriel can't help but look over at Peter, an eyebrow slowly raising, but he doesn't seem to have anything to say. If Peter needs to go to a jewelry store, then they'll go to the jewelry store. He glances down the hall of the shopping center, following Peter's gaze until he spots the jewelry store and the kiosk. "Well," he begins, taking a quick look around, before finally looking back to Peter. "That's.. fine with me, I've got everything I need, I believe."

Two guys shopping together so close to Christmas can easily be dismissed. Two guys going into an open jewelry store might garner a little more of a glance. Not that Peter cares much if they're looking at them odd. He's stuck close by the man for a majority of their trip out, keeping a cautious eye on him, but as he starts to move toward the jewelry store… he decides to take a chance. Reaching into his pocket, with bags hanging off of one arm, he pulls out his wallet and fishes out a couple small bills and hands them over. "Why don't you buy some cookies for us to take back." Can't have cake for his birthday, might as well have cookies. "I won't be too long." But, it would seem he's actually intending to leave the man's side for a few moments.

To guys going into a jewelry store definitely might garner a glance, and Gabriel doesn't want to have to explain to people (and he's pretty sure that Peter doesn't, either) that they aren't buying for each other. No sir. So when Peter suggests that Gabriel goes over to the kiosk to buy some cookies, he doesn't argue. "Okay," he says, accepting the bills from Peter, and turning towards the kiosk. Cookies! The thought that he could easily escape at this point crosses his mind, with Peter letting him to himself for a little bit, but he dismisses the thought. He isn't here to escape.

At the cookie kiosk, where a dashingly handsome young man greets him to take his order, Gabriel browses the selection for a bit. "A couple of those… one of those.. and… " His eyes move over to the cookie cakes section, where they have on display various birthday cookies for sale. After debating for a few moments he decides, hey, why not, and points to one of those. "One of those, too," he says, pointing to a certain cookie cake. It's a smaller one, but it should make due. "Just like that, only the name should be Peter," he says. It occurs to Gabriel that he's buying a birthday cookie for Peter with his own money, but.. being a serial killer doesn't exactly pay well.

Unaware of exactly what kind of sugary treats the other man happens to be buying, Peter puts down his bags and quickly selects out three pieces of jewelry. Nothing fancy, specifically picking from the clearance/sale counter. They're placed into small boxes and then into a small bag. And he pays with his credit card. It takes a little while, and all Peter does to make sure that the serial killer isn't up to no good is a couple of careful glances while he waits for things to get boxed, and for the credit card to go through. Signing the piece of paper, he hands it over to the store and shoves the bag into one of the other shopping bags and makes his way back over to Gabriel.

The serial killer trying to reform himself waits patiently at the counter as the hot cookie guy packages the smaller cookies, and then goes to prepare the larger cookie with the happy birthday message on it. He writes it out carefully, with 'Happy Birthday' across the top, and 'Peter!' across the bottom. He looks over to the jewelry store and catches Peter on his way back, but the cookie cake is already beign slid into its packaging and handed across the counter to Gabriel. "Thank you," he says, passing the neccessary amount of cash over, taking his change, and giving the man a nod of his head as he turns back in Peter's direction.

"That's the last of it," Peter admits, with his bags carefully hanging off of one arm, he gets closer to give a smile to the good looking man who runs the cookie kiosk, and then back to the taller man. "Sure need anything else? New shoes or glasses or anything?" He'd already said he was finished, but there's a chance he might have forgotten something. At the same time, someone else is in the jewelry store, asking to see a case of rings to choose one out. While he's looking at it, there's one of those moments… the person watching the case looks away for an instant, and the man grabs it and starts to run. Sloppy, really, very sloppy. Peter's got his back to the store, so he won't see what's happening at first.

"I think I've got everything," Gabriel responds to Peter once he's close enough, keeping all of his clothing store bags in one hand, and the bag with cookies (and the cookie cake!) in the other. "Clothes is mostly what I need. I've had these glasses for a while now, and they've been good to me so far." As he speaks, he happens to glance into the jewelry store just before the man grabs the ring and starts to run. "Hey—" Gabriel begins, bringing a hand up, clothes and all, to point at the man. "He's stealing from that store." He takes a step forward, almost breaking into a run after the man before he stops himself. Can he be a hero? He was for Cass. He takes a look at Peter, because the last thing he needs is for Peter to think that Gabriel himself is running.

"Security!" the woman behind the counter yells as soon as she realizes the store is being robbed. The security guards, however, are not as close as they could be, and there's a whole mess of people in the way. People get knocked down as the man runs for it. Theft! Of course Peter doesn't even think twice before he says, "Let's stop him." Before he hurts sombody! It's like it's the easiest thing in the world. Without using… super powers of course. Though it would be so much easier to just swipe the case from him while he runs— it's also a public display of ability which would go noticed. So instead he just runs— with his bags— after the man. And avoiding the poor people he knocked down.

Well, if Peter's onboard to stop him, so is Gabriel. Any other time he very well would have ignored the shoplifter, going about his own business— but with the fact he's trying to reform himself and actually be somebody, a good someboday, he wants to stop him. He can help Peter be the hero. Carrying his own bags, Gabriel breaks into a run after Peter, taking care to step over the knocked down people, and avoid any others he may potentially run into as best as he can. This doesn't stop him from bumping into someone every now and then, but for the most part, he manages to avoid full-on smacking into someone.

Even if there's more visible displays of ability, Peter probably could get away with small uses of it, but he doesn't even think about it. What he does think about, though is grabbing onto the sleeve of the man's clothes and trying to pull him to a stop. He doesn't stop, but he certainly does slow down, spinning a bit to throw a punch at the person who grabbed onto him. The punch lands solidly, making him let go and take a few steps back. Blood forms on the corner of his mouth, something that won't last long. Whoever this man is, he must really be desperate.

Dashing and dodging through the crowd, Gabriel keeps close to Peter, a couple feet behind and to the right of him. When they get close enough for Peter to grab the man, only to get punched, Gabriel picks up the pace, closing the distance between the thief and himself. Peter was able to slow him down just enough for Gabriel to grab a hold of him with his arm, while at the same time extending a foot in front of the man's legs. Combined? The guy goes down, hard, but he's not going down without a fight. He latches onto Gabriel's bag of cookies, pulling him down as well, and the two of them go down in a heap on the floor, skidding a few feet before coming to a stop. As for the cookies? Well, they go flying into the air, raining down on the people in the immediate area.

Some people want it to snow on Christmas Eve. This is probably not what they meant by snow. As the cookies begin to rain down on people. An old lady who got knocked down in the small riot gets cookie in her hair, and a kid who happened to be nearby bends down to pick one up, only to get slapped on the hand by his mom. Five second rule! It doesn't count in a mall, apparently.

As for Peter, when the the shoplifter gets taken down by the possibly heroic serial killer, he's got a hand against his bleeding mouth. A mouth that's already healed. Just in time to see the cookies go flying. One happened to go flying right at him. As the man falls to the ground, in a heap with Gabriel, the brother of a flying senator ends up catching the cookie container. The container partially opens, causing him to glance down and read: Happy Birthday Peter!

Blink. Blinkblink.

He looks back up. The man's trying to struggle his way to his feet, but the security guards show up finally. "We'll take it from here. Thank you, sir." Yes. They just thanked you, Sylar.

Gabriel looks up as the security guards arrive, telling him they'll take it from here. "Okay," he says, standing up slowly. He looks slightly confused as he moves a hand up to his face, his left cheek to be exact, where a bruise is starting to form. Looks like he didn't go down without his own injuries. Normally it would heal over, but the Haitian pills do a good job of preventing that. He watches as security drags the man away, bending down and picking up the empty cookie bag before he turns back towards Peter and begins to walk in that direction, noticing that he happens to be looking into the cookie container.

A cookie container that continues to make him blink. Right up until the shadow of a man casts over him. Closing up the container, said cookie cake fully intact, Peter looks up at the man who helped him stop a shoplifter from running off with a jewelry that could probably pawn for a couple grand. "We should probably leave, before they try to take statements." The last thing Gabriel Gray needs is his name on a police report, no matter where they teleported to for this shopping trip. With that said, he starts to move away, to find the exit, keeping his cookie cake and idly making sure all his bags are secure on his arm. "You okay?" he asks, noting the bruise.

"Good idea," Gabriel says in response, nodding at Peter. He falls into step behind the other man, taking a peek into his clothing bag to make sure everything is in there. It is. The cookie bag is completely empty, strewn about the scene behind them (with the exception of Peter's cookie cake), and so he throws it away into the next rubbish bin they come across. "I'm fine," he says, reaching his hand up to his cheek again before dropping it and sliding it into his pocket.

Even though he says he's fine, Peter shifts the cookie box into the hands carrying the bags and reaches over to touch the man's arm. It doesn't last long, but there's a mild warm sensation and that bruise will go away as if it never was. Doesn't get rid of the dirt or grim, but it does take away the pain. Healing straight through his clothes. "You did good," he says, glancing over at him. He's not quite smiling, but… there's a definite look of surprise in his eyes. Didn't run away when he had the chance— and he had multiple chances to. And helped stop a shoplifter.

When Peter reaches out and touches him, Gabriel jerks the tiniest bit— he isn't sure what the other man is doing. He relaxes, though, when he feels the mild warm sensation, and he can feel the bruise and pain fading away from his cheek. Were this any other time, especially without the Haitian pills, this would probably be a very bad idea. But, fortunately, Gabriel's coming to terms with controlling the hunger, and he mutters a soft thanks to the man. As for doing good, Gabriel just shrugs, dismissing it with a toss of his head.

In some ways, it may have been a test. But Peter isn't the type to test such things, so it probably wasn't. Most likely, he just genuinely wanted to help someone who can't really help himself. The bruise wasn't going to cause too much of a problem, really. But no good deed should go without some kind of good positive reinforcement. "The exit's that way. We can teleport back from there," he adds, motioning as they walk, sticking close. There's a glance at the cookie box he managed to save from becoming a casualty of the shoplifter. "Thanks. For the… birthday… cookie." Paid for with his own money. But it is the thought that counts.

Eyes wandering around the mall again, browsing the various shops more for just something to do than actually looking for somethign to buy, Gabriel doesn't seem to have much to say at the moment. After all, it's a brand new day for him, what with stopping a shoplifter, buying clothes, going to the mall with Peter, and actually buying the man a birthday cookie. "Oh," he says, looking up at Peter when he actually mentions the cookie, "I— well— you're welcome. It was your money, but…" He shrugs, trailing off, as he's sure Peter understands.

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