2008-02-27: It's Time


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Summary: The Ivanovs find out where their daughter is. Time for a family reunion.

Date It Happened: February 27th, 2008

It's Time

Hong Kong, China

They haven't slept in the same place twice in… how long now? Misha can't quite seem to remember. It's been a blurring series of hotel rooms in a battery of foreign countries. They've been just about everywhere she could think to hide them without skimping on the necessities; internal plumbing, running water, central air, relatively pest-free living. It's made both of them weary but until this whole mess gets sorted out and slash or one of them catches a Company-crafted bullet in the head, what other choice do that have? So much for Felix's career. So much for Misha's simple kind of life.

Hong Kong. Dusk. The noise of the world outside of their frosted window seems to suggest that the city is ready to come alive for the night. Mariska lays on her back in the bed, on top of the covers and fully dressed, knees hung over the edge, pale eyes fixed on a ceiling that shows her nothing worth watching but she stares at it anyways.

It's a cheap little motel, barely more than one of those Japanese capsule hotels. The wallpaper is a truly bizarre design - silvery metallic background with stylized wildhorses running wild over it. "Man," Felix says, as he emerges from the bathroom, glancing around. "I never get used to that. It's like….I don't know. The wrong decade entirely. I feel like there should be a mirror ball hanging from the ceiling." He's freshly shaved and showered, dressed in jeans and a white oxford shirt. He settles lightly on the bed beside her, and reaches for her hand.

Without warning, as all good surprises, Mariska and Felix receive a guest. No one knows they're here. Or rather, no one should — not by conventional means. The little girl is smiling in sunny contrast to the dusky Hong Kong outside, the dark hotel room, and the mood of its occupants. She is, quite suddenly, one the floor at the foot of the bed, resting her chin on her arms atop the comforter. "Boy, were you hard to find!" Evie exclaims. "I got good news! Iiif you want it." She giggles. "Of course you do! She's all you want in the whole world, right? Sasha?"

Mariska's smiles come few and far between these days but she tries to muster up something for her husband's unusual observations. It isn't terribly convincing. When her fingers find their way over to meet up with his, her expression deepens by a degree and she actually achieves some semblance of silent sincerity before…

SURPRISE! Sudden apparition! The girl's very unexpected arrival sends Mariska shooting upright and all but scrambling into Felix's lap because — HELLO! — she's, like, right there! "How did— er, where…"

"What the - " Whatever the following monosyllable, Fel gulps it back because you don't swear in front of little kids. "Who….who are you?" he says, having already darted for the gun on the nightstand. He's got it in hand, but holds it limply. Again, no aiming guns at little kids.

"Oh, my name's Evie!" the child figure replies with an animated expression of surprise. "Did I forget to introduce myself? Oops." She dimples. "My parents used to say I'd flunk out've manners school." She plants a fuzzy pink winter cap with a big puffball on top onto her head, tugging it down over her ears. She adjusts it into place, as if it's a helmet and she's preparing for a journey. In fact— "We're going on a trip!" Blue eyes blink benignly at the pair. "That is, if you wanna go get your daughter. The man at Pinehearst said it's time. Uhmm… now, what was the address…"

This is a trick, right? Some kind of trap? That's what a vigilantly paranoid person might think — it's that sort of thinking that keeps criminals on the lam alive — but Misha isn't so much 'vigilantly paranoid' as she is 'naively hopeful'. Once recognition begins to set in, she realizes that the little girl down occupying their room is the same one who told her about Pinehearst in the first place. She's an apparition what can be trusted, right? Her hackles slowly settle and she says to Evie, "Take your time."

"Evie," Felix says, slowly, as if it were a word in a very foreign language. "You're going to take us to get Sasha?" He looks to Misha. "You've met each other before?" He tucks the gun into the back of his waistband, but remains standing, hands dangling rather limp and foolish at his sides.

The girl pauses in her expressive 'thinking' pose, face scrunched up as she peers toward the ceiling. "Uh-huh!" she confirms cheerfully. "Oh, I got it! But before we go, you should know that the Company— " Knowledgeable little thing, isn't she? " —has people in there. But you can just…" Looking at Mariska, she spreads her arms apart and snaps her fingers. "Bam! Right? With Sasha?" Evie's arms flop back down. "Anyway. We're going to Michigan. It's this place called Warren. 764 Bluebird Crescent."

Slowly, Mariska inches her way toward the edge of the bed and finds her feet in order to stands next to Felix like the matched set they've become; two strangers in any number of strange lands, geographically-speaking and otherwise. "«She's the one who came to me the first time… when we found the card for Pinehearst in the mailbox…»" Mariska thinks nothing of slipping into Russin in order to venture the brief explanation. It's easier for her that way. Her eyes, however, remain plastered on the girl at the edge of the bed.

She nods her head silently at what Evie suggests of her ability. "What about you?" she wonders aloud. "What is it that you can do?" She's curious. She can't help but ask. For all she knows, the little girl's a teleporter, too! Wouldn't that be something?

Felix nods to Misha, but he still isn't a hundred percent clear. "What sort of powers will the Company agents have?" he asks, quietly, even as he takes the gun out and checks it over, absentmindedly. He's already moving to get his jacket, awaiting Evie's reply.

"I…" Evie seems to think over her wording before answering Mariska. "…I dream myself places," she decides, but doesn't seem quite content with the explanation. Oh well! She's soon giving Felix a sad little expression of apology. "I dunno," she peers at the weapon, "But they have guns. The ones with darts. They keep them hidden 'cause they scare Sasha. A whole lot." She marches backwards in big ol' fluffy winter boots and smiles. "Ready?"

Warren, Michigan. Unfortunately, Mariska's never even heard of the place, let alone been there. In her little world, there's no such thing as a blind jump; if she's never been or if she can't see it from where she is, she can't go. "I… don't know where that is," she confesses with no small amount of frustration. This is said mainly to Felix but wee Evie is included, too, by virtue of the volume of her voice.

"She can't go where she hasn't been before," Felix explains, quietly. He's got an actual holster - the jacket is dropped on the chair so he can strap the rig on with the unconscious ease of someone who has to do this every morning.

Evie's shoulders slump a little. "Oh." Hmm, what a pickle. She's not privy to the ins and outs of Mariska's power; it seems so easy! "You must've been somewhere close! It's okay, you can drive, right? I'm sure someone at Pinehearst'll let you borrow one! It doesn't matter how long it takes. I'll be there with Sasha the whole time. She knows you're coming! She's excited. But I think she's a little nervous, too." Evie adjusts her hat again for a second, pawing hair out of her face. "Remember, 764 Bluebird Crescent. Later alligators!"

She shimmers into a dreamy blur of blue-and-white polkadot dress and pink hat, and then she's simply not there anymore.


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