I. Wynn
Ivory Wynn
Portrayed By Michael Obiora
Gender Male
Date of Birth April 3rd
Age 31
Zodiac Sign Aries
Aliases iWynn, Princeton, Ivy
Place of Birth Richmond, Virginia
Current Location New York City, New York
Occupation Parolee, Ex-Con
Organizations Unwanted Ex-Con
Known Relatives Elizabeth Wynn (mother), Morris Wynn (father)
Significant Other Forever Unloved
Known Abilities Hypnotism
First Appearance A Year Later

Recently paroled from serving a sentence for his past crimes, Ivory Wynn has taken it upon himself to turn over whatever leaf is still possible for him to turn over. He has burned countless bridges and ruined contacts over his years, to the point that he has very few options left. Still, though, Ivory Wynn is a recognizable name in a number of different venues including political and criminal activities. Nobody knows what the future holds for him. Regardless…


He. Will. Not. Lose.



"You're up."
"Up for what?"

Unknowingly assisted by one of his few remaining friends, Ivory's parole hearing went much smoother than even Ivory expected. Due to his extremely good behavior, his repentance for his crimes and his overall cooperation with the D.A. during his trial, Ivory Wynn was released from prison on Feburary 15, 2011.

Only to find out that everything he ever knew was gone. His club, his money, his connections. They were all stripped from him in a number of ways that were beyond his control.

Ivory Wynn has been given a new lease on life. A final chance to take life by the horns and live it the way he should've in the beginning. He has another chance to become the man he's always wanted to be.

Anything's Possible. Right?


The Life & Times of Ivory Wynn - Volume Three



Ivory understands wholeheartedly that he has been given another chance to get it right. He is truly apologetic and sorry for everything that he's done, whether it was under his own control or not and he's striving to put things back in order. His life back in order. He has developed a sense of honor and integrity while spending his days rotting in prison. Punishment for his actions has done Ivory good, which has given him a more positive outlook on life. He no longer harbors the hatred or bad feelings towards anyone in his past. He has moved on and he wants to develop new relationships, rather than focus on the bad. Though, if people were willing to give him a third chance, he would gladly accept it. He does not disagree that he has quite a bit to atone for.

Ivory's time in the slammer has given him a new appreciation for his ability. He made a vow to his mother before going inside that he wouldn't use it and that was a vow he took very seriously. Ivory has come to appreciate that his ability comes with ups and downs and that using it for personal gain only seems to make matters worse. Ivory has become very meticulous with his ability use and has managed to gain control over it rather than the other way around. He is no longer consumed by the Power that it gives him. The advantages that his ability give to him are not advantages if they are not earned.

Ivory has witnessed a great many things during his stint in prison, which has opened his eyes to the Real World instead of the Silver Spoon World that he was used to. He has seen people at the lowest and he wants to never be stuck in such a position as what he has seen. He would rather die than return to prison in any shape or form. He has, for lack of better terminology, officially be scared straight. If that's even possible for someone like him.

Ivory is a much happier individual. While he still feels like he has something to prove to everyone that ever confided in him or believed in him through some form or fashion, he is comfortable with where he is in his life. He wants to be reaccepted more than anything and will probably go through great lengths to find himself somewhere to belong. He has sworn off directly getting involved with politics or the government ever again. Unfortunately…

Old Habits Die Hard.

Evolved Ability

Ivory Wynn has developed the ability of Hypnotism. The ability itself is often defined as using one's psychic abilities to put others into a trance-like state of extreme suggestibility. Those that fall prey to being Hypnotized will find themselves very susceptible to whatever the Hypnotizer has in store for them. Ivory's ability of Hypnotism is as far reaching as his imagination, as he can use it in a variety of different ways and forms, thus allowing him to create an arsenal of Hypnotic Stunts at which to choose from. His body simply radiates with the psychic energies, or a Hypnotic Aura, needed to create the symptoms of Hypnosis and through a variety of applications, he can use these psychic energies to his advantage.

"I used to think being Evolved was a Curse. A punishment for my ill will. Now I see that the Power is a Gift. One that I intend to use. Significantly."


Hypnosis is the mastery of the subliminal and that's where Ivory's true power lies. By attacking the subconscious mind of his victims, Ivory can implant suggestions directly into the mind, which allows him to manipulate them in any number of ways. In addition to direct subliminal manipulation, Ivory is also capable of bringing about a trance-like state over his victims, which opens their subconscious mind even wider and makes them easier to Hypnotize. A common myth is that those with strong willpower cannot be hypnotized. While there may be some truth to this, the fact that everyone has a subconscious mind means that everyone is capable of being hypnotized. It just may be extremely more difficult to those that are highly self-aware.

A key element in Hypnosis, regardless of the style or stunt being used, is a Trigger. Ivory makes use of Triggers to help him keep control of his victims. A Trigger can be anything from a gesture to a word to a sound or even a picture. Triggers can be subliminal or obvious, but they tend to help activate or deactivate the Hypnotic Trance that someone may be in. They can also be used to cause certain actions to take place or emotions to be felt, depending on the depth to which Ivory has implanted them with Hypnosis. The use of Triggers is purely up to Ivory's discretion.

Ivory's particular brand of Hypnosis is reliant on Ivory being in control of his own ability, as well as being of conscious mind and body. Things that effect Ivory's mind or concentration will often have adverse effects on his Hypnotism. With the Hypnosis being directly related to Ivory, trance like states and other effects of his Hypnotism will go away the moment he becomes unconscious. This does not affect the Hypnotic suggestions that have already been placed, though. To undo such things, it will take Ivory doing so or someone with Mind Altering abilities.

Considering Ivory's high level of control over this ability and the incredible potency of it in the first place, Ivory is immune to the effects of Hypnotism himself. Whether or not his Hypnotic Aura allows him some defense against other Mind Altering abilities is unknown. What is known is that Ivory's Hypnotism allows him to be a Master of Manipulation.

Unlike some mental abilities, Hypnotism is not a perfect science. There are times in which his Hypnotic suggestions are not strong enough to actually stick into the brains of those that are being targeted. His particular brand of Hypnotism is limited to the manipulation of the Hypnotic Aura around him. The aura only exists when he's conscious. Also, while he has multiple ways of producing Hypnosis (touch, voice, his dreamy eyes) all of these things can be combatted with general objects. Blindfolds, gloves and blasting Blink 182 through a set of earbuds can all be useful in protecting oneself from Hypnotism.


Contrary to what may be popular belief, Ivory's Hypnotism affects the brain in a different way than true Telepathy. To be perfectly honest, it's a poor man's Telepathy. Those with such ability would probably be able to swat away Hypnosis the moment they feel a stray suggestion enter their mind. This would, of course, depend on how well trained they are in their ability. However, Hypnotism tends to send immediate red flags to the Telepathic brain in question. This is not to say Telepaths are immune, but they do pose a bigger problem than others.

One of the key limitations to Ivory's Hypnosis is the inability to rewrite anyone's moral fiber. While everyone is capable of doing certain things, there are key instances in which targets will not be able to carry out commands that are brought on by Ivory's Hypnosis. Ivory's Hypnosis preys on what is already there. For instance, should Ivory try to make someone act like a Dingo and they've never seen or heard of a Dingo, they would be unable to carry out this action. There are certain things that Hypnosis just won't be able to make people do.

Another limitation on Ivory's Hypnotism is the amount of people that he's capable of hypnotizing. The heaviness of the Hypnotism is related to the number of targets and vice versa. The more powerful or deeply engrained a command of Hypnosis is, the less people he can actually Hypnotize with it. For example, distracting a huge crowd with a light hypnosis to make everyone look at him, instead of at a bank robbery, would be a piece of cake. However, the catch is that this is a momentary Hypnosis that would dissipate in less than two minutes. On the other hand, creating deep Hypnosis in particular subjects would take an extreme amount of focus and concentration, meaning that he can only have a few of these 'loyal subjects' at a time.

In more specific terms, at the present time, Ivory can have no more than three Puppets under his spell. What is meant by Puppets are those that are deeply underneath his spell with little hope of coming out of it on their own. Should any of these Puppets be released through some other means, then Ivory's total would free up automatically. Ivory would, of course, sense that he's lost a Puppet.

As far as commands go, they are more fluid. Even while having Puppets Hypnotically Enslaved to him, Ivory is still capable of temporarily Hypnotizing others for limited periods of time. Momentary hypnotism has no upper limit, as the Hypnotism will fade on its own after a certain duration (i.e. by the end of the scene). Ivory, though, is still capable of creating short-term Hypnosis suggestions and implanting them in the minds of up to ten people. These short-term Hypnosis suggestions will also fade, on their own accord, after about a week, leaving the victims slightly disoriented, but unclear of what they were Hypnotized to do or even that they were Hypnotized at all.

Bonus Feature: Constant victims of Ivory's Hypnosis may find themselves very susceptible to Ivory, in different ways. It may or may not be possible for overexposure to Hypnosis to have lingering manipulative effects such as Ivory's voice causing immediate Hypnotic Trances even without his expressed use of Hypnotism.


This Is My World


The Friends, Foes and Females of Ivory Wynn…


"I was stupid to think I could get away with the things I've done. In the short time I spent in prison, I've seen things that you wouldn't believe. I don't ever want to go back there. And I will do everything in my power to make sure that never happens again. I don't expect forgiveness right away. Or at all, really. Don't really deserve it. Somebody upstairs has given me One More Chance. I refuse to blow it."


New Music Coming Soon.

RP Hooks


Ivory Wynn has a very decorated past with Politics, Criminals and Evolved. It is possible that he knows people from all those walks of life and beyond. Those from his past that would like to reconnect with him are always a good option for promoting RP. He is also a past student of Princeton. I'm very open to anything or anyone from his Past attempting to reconnect.


Former Females

Ivory Wynn has always been something of an addict when it comes to women. Which means that he has all kinds of females from many of his Before available to come back into his life. Whether they are old characters or new ones devised from our combined creativity, I'm very much interested in reclaiming some old relationships of yesteryear. Perhaps rekindling old flames or creating new flames through established connections will open up some more RP avenues. Old Therapy dames are definitely included in this.


You don't become what Ivory Wynn became without making some enemies. Whether they are from one of his previous 'lives' or they are from his need to survive in Prison or if it's just some people that don't like him because of his sexy blackness… I'm always interested in getting down with some enemies. It's always good to have somebody to go head to head against in some form or fashion. Makes attempting to become victorious even more fun.


Definitely looking for someone to play Ivory's parole officer. I have personal preferences, but I'm also interested in seeing what I could come up with if someone is interested. Could turn out to be something very interesting! Depending on what we come up with! To make this even more enticing… I bet you could even swing making this a Support character. Oh ho!

In addition to the officer character, there are many other reasons to get into a scene with Ivory, that could come from him actually -being- on parole. Have a gander at some of the terms of his parole for some scene ideas.


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