The Ivy League
Founder Ivan Leland
Current Headmaster Ivory Wynn, Princeton
Current House of Council Dartmouth
Function Wish Fulfillment, Resource Networking
Type Private
Headquarters Princeton, New Jersey
Jurisdiction Worldwide
Membership Invitation Only (IC)
Recruitment OPEN (OOC)
Contact Ivory Wynn (IC/OOC)

The Ivy League is a privately funded network of individuals or groups that combine their resources and skills to fulfill the wishes of those that may need some type of assistance. Rumored to exist only in legend or shadow, The Ivy League couldn't be more real. It thrives on word-of-mouth, bringing in clientele from all over the world to provide them with the services that they cannot get anywhere else.

While there is no monetary attachment to the service being provided, nothing in life is ever truly, free.


The Lvy League exists for the sole purpose of helping others. Compiled of individuals and groups that are capable of this and that, clients are given the opportunity of a lifetime. They are given the chance to have their greatest desires and wishes brought to life. The Ivy League prides itself on being able to grant these wishes to the letter and take each one as seriously as the last. After all, these are people's dreams that they have in their hands.

Normally referred to as a "catch", there is one thing that the members of the Ivy League ask in return for making dreams come true: A Favor. The only thing that Ivy League requires is a contractual obligation to assist the League in some form or fashion in the future. There is no time limitation on this favor and it can acted upon at any moment after the client's wish has been granted.

The world is so full of everyone out for themselves or out to stop others from achieving their goals, that a faction designed to actually help people is a wild and crazy idea, it seems. The Ivy League wants nothing but the best for all of its members and its clients. They will go to great lengths to maintain their impeccable service record. It will not be tarnished.

Conspiracy theorists will find themselves fighting a losing battle when it comes to the Ivy League. There is no secret agenda. They are not the Illuminati. They are not the Weapons of Fate. They are men and women, just like everyone else, that want work towards the betterment of society and personal goals rather than destroy the world that we currently inhabit.

Make A Wish.


"I had ambition not only to go farther than any man had ever been before, but as far as it was possible for a man to go."


Founded in the early 1900s by Ivan Leland, the Ivy League started out as a secret society composed of some of the nation's, at the time, greatest businessmen and proprietors. They would get together to have meetings and lunches, sharing stories and wishes for the future of their companies or ventures. Soon, it became obvious that one could help another or that someone could use something from another's venture. Doing favors for each other proved to be both effective and profitable, in the long and short term.

Naturally, the original members would spread the word about the meetings and the inner workings of the society, which caused more people to want to be involved and assist others with their ventures, in hopes of getting that same assistance in return. It became a collective. A group of people with the shared interest of making their dreams come true and doing whatever it took to make sure those goals were reached.

These ambitions proved to be the key to the Ivy League's more formal creation. As more people joined, from all walks of life, the network thrived and more dreams and goals could be reached. When Leland passed on, the society fell into the hands of his son, Vernon, who brought about some structure and cohesiveness to the group. He sorted and categorized the members into different "branches" to help keep things focused and organized. It was Vernon Leland who helped shape the Ivy League into what it is today.

It was by Vernon's hand that the Ivy League found its way to accepting "clients" and using their seemingly limitless resources to fulfill the dreams and wishes of these people that needed some help. They were not getting any help from their government or their own families, so Vernon saw this as an opportunity to create an even larger network of resources by which to fuel the ambitions of the members of the Ivy League.

Time pressed on and the mantle continued to pass along from the Leland family to friends of the Leland family and then to others involved with the League. Obviously, the "true" Ivy League of Universities were involved with this "shadow" society and it was there that Ivory Wynn was introduced and inducted into the League by one of his fraternity brothers. He has managed to work his way up through the ranks and is now the current headmaster of operations within the Ivy League.


An organization like the Ivy League, that has the potential to be full of very powerful men and women with even more powerful credentials, is always in dire need of a sophisticated and structured command system. The Ivy League is currently underneath a system very similar to the one coined by the second Headmaster, Vernon Leland.

While the command structure is always up for conversation, negotiation or general reorganization, the basics will always remain the same out of tradition and respect for the founder of the Ivy League, Ivan Leland.

Following the rules and precedents set by the founder and previous incarnations of the Ivy League will ensure that it continues to thrive as the epically ambitious organization that it started out as.


"Leadership is the capacity to translate vision into reality."

The Headmaster of the Ivy League is the one that's in charge. They are in absolute control of the organization and have ultimate Veto power on any and all wishes that are on tab to be fulfilled. They have the final say on all matters involving the organization from clients to members and any punishments that are to be passed out to members caught doing something that could hurt the organization in some way.

Headmasters of the Ivy League are gernally chosen or elected by members of the League every two years. Though, there are times in which the Headmaster can be removed from their position through a very secure and convulted process. When a Headmaster is chosen, they are usually chosen for longevity. The Ivy League runs like a well-oiled machine when the correct Headmaster is in place.

Current Headmaster, Ivory Wynn

Former Headmasters:

  • Ivan Leland, Princeton
  • Vernon Leland, Princeton
  • Adrian Anderson, Brown
  • Stephanie McMahon, UPenn
  • Trent McClure, Princeton
  • Chet Michaels, Harvard
  • Travis Riley, Princeton

House of Council

Absolute Power is not one of the more familiar traits within the Ivy League. Giving any one man, or woman, absolute power would be asking for more trouble than it would be worth, to be perfectly honest. The check and balance system of the Ivy League comes in the form of the House of Council.

The House of Council is the Second in Command of the Ivy League. They have all the same powers and responsibilities as the Headmaster, though theirs is more democratic in nature, as votes are to be taken before any major decisions are made. These decisions could range from accepting clients, approving new members or impeaching the Headmaster from their position at the top of the food chain.

The House of Council is only capable of voting out a Headmaster with legitimate charges or precedence for dismissal.

The House of Council consists of members from each of the different Vines within the Ivy League. However, there is always a Vine that has a controlling interest in the House of Council, which gives them a bit more clout in terms of dealing with Ivy League business and the Headmaster. At no time will the Headmaster and the House of Council be from the same vine, as that eludes too much to absolute power.

Members of the House of Council are chosen by their Vines to represent them and their interests within the Ivy League. Any member that does not represent their Vine in a proper manner will be promptly removed and replaced.


Money makes the world go 'round. In addition to that, it also helps the Ivy League continue to run smoothly and function in the most elite way possible. Money comes in from all directions, through benefactors, investors or even donations. While those that choose to fund the operations of the Ivy League are many, some of them not even full members of the secret society, they do not have any overt power or duties. Though, they do tend to hold the most cards when it comes to the longevity of the League.





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Roleplay Hooks

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  • The Ivy League is heavily inspired by the Hellfire Club and the Kingmaker. Both are from Marvel Comics.
  • The Ivy League will use "whatever means necessary" to grant wishes. They don't consider themselves to be above the law, just beyond its reach.
  • The Ivy League is a safe haven for Evolved.
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