Jade Eastly
Portrayed By Miranda Cosgrove
Gender Female
Date of Birth August 2nd, 1991
Age 18
Zodiac Sign Leo
Aliases None
Place of Birth Los Angeles, California
Current Location New York City, NY, USA
Occupation Student
Known Relatives Gina (mother, absent), Ronald (father, absent)
Significant Other You Wish!
Known Abilities Crushing Male Egos/Finding Guys Cute
Themesong 'Just the Way I Am' - Skye Sweetnam
First Appearance I'm Not Even Supposed To Be Here Today!

A drifter who hails from California, Jade is a professional bum without aim or direction in her life, but a dream of visiting Europe firmly in her goals. She takes temp jobs wherever she can get them to earn money to get her a little farther down the road, which is usually accomplished by walking down the interstate with her thumb out. Her skills include such things she's picked up as surfing, beach volleyball, and an uncanny knack of avoiding the come ons of lonely truckers.

More recently, she's made her way to New York where a variety of circumstances has led her to the discovery of Evolved people. Having met a number of them, Jade's world has become a menagerie of unusual circumstances and being on the run with her new 'sister', Lena. Though things don't seem to be going their way, the abrasive teen does her best to keep her chin up and soldier on.

Even more recently, the teenager has moved out on her own once more, having left the Petrelli safehouse, living apart from her 'sibling' Lena. Having managed to obtain her GED, she's now taking basic courses at a community college with money gifted to her by Jaden Cain. Don't ask her what degree she's going for, because even she doesn't know.

The Diary of Jade Eastly



  • "Lena is fucking *out*."
  • "I didn't get her wet! She was dancing and I think she peed herself!"
  • "Lena. Lena. Hey, Lena. Lena. Do you know where the ocean is?"
  • "Jade is English, you retard. If I was Japanese, m'name'd be… Something that sounds like egg-foo-yung. It's a stone, look it up."
  • "Nine years. If I don't eat and I sleep on a cot in the back." - On how long it would take to buy her dream car on her current salary.
  • "I did quite a few things I regret that night. Touching your slimey skin was only one of them."
  • "Guys? I don't quite know how to say this… I don't know where my shirt is!"
  • "You know, you're a lot better looking when your mouth isn't moving to ruin it."
  • "Did you guys call my boss on me? Just because I pulled down his pants?"
  • "You better not be naked in there!"
  • "I'd be the most fabulous fat woman you've ever seen and you know it. I'd just get an extra-wide surfboard I could sit on so I wouldn't have to strain my cankles."
  • "This mean I can have my job back? 'Cause I'd rather not have to use my college money for gas. …I don't do cleaning."
  • "Is the Spanish food there different from the Spanish food we have here, or is it just Taco Bell everywhere?"
  • "Oh, how would you know! You've never been there. …If you've been there and you never told me, so help me God, I'll-"


  • Recently, Jade's name and history have been erased, much to her dismay. She was only mollified from beating her best friend with a hammer over the matter upon learning that their new identities made them sisters in the eyes of US law.
  • Jade isn't as cynical as she lets on, but she'd never admit to any inner optimism.
  • She doesn't show affection, per se. Instead, Jade prefers to verbally, and sometimes physically, abuse those she likes. So if she's snarking insults at you, it might be an indication that she likes you.
  • Her favorite food is shrimp, her least favorite? Chocolate. Seriously.
  • As used to Hollywood is of having actresses play younger woman, this might be the first time a woman's character is older than she is. (By two years.)
  • Jade was somewhat inspired by the character Fin, from Stoked. Don't watch it, it's pretty awful.
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