Jaden Cain
Jaden Anthony Theodore Cain
Portrayed By Justin Long
Gender Male
Date of Birth June 11, 1985
Age 26
Zodiac Sign Gemini
Aliases J-Dubb, Richie Rich, Billion Dollar Brat
Place of Birth New York City, NY, USA
Current Location New York City, NY, USA
Occupation Professional Slacker, Billionaire Playboy, Musician, Actor
Organizations Evolution Software, Evolution Entertainment, The Pennyworth Foundation (Charity), Jaden & The Chipmunks (Cover Band)
Known Relatives Cynthia Walters (mother), Edward Cain (father, deceased), Charles Walters (uncle), Abraham Cain (grandfather)
Significant Other(s) Janet (Girlfriend), Hallis (Real Doll, Blow Up), Paris Hilton (On Again, Off Again), Jessica Rabbit (Cartoon Crush), Nikki Laredo (Personal Training)
Known Abilities Doppleganging, Measurement Estimation, Dating
First Appearance How To Tell Your Mom She Sucks And Not Hurt Her Feelings

Jaden Cain is the eccentric CEO of Evolution Software (EvoSoft) and resident Professional Slacker. When he's not finding some unorthodox way to run his inherited Fortune 500 corporation, he can usually be found with a bowl of cereal and a cartoon marathon. In addition to being a hot shot billionaire, he's also the lead guitarist in a fairly capable cover band (complete with cult following): Jaden & The Chipmunks. Underneath all of that, though, Jaden Cain is nothing more than a big ol' kid with big ol' dreams and a crapload of money to spend on 'em. Now pursuing an epic acting career, Jaden Cain is learning how to balance his growing company, his personal life, his new career and all of his women.



October 11, 1984. Edward Cain launches his Evolution Software. In celebration, he gets to spend some quality biblical time with aspiring actress, Cynthia "Candy" Walters. That was their only night together. When Edward awoke the next day, there was no Cynthia to be found. No phone number, no anything. So he did the only thing he could possibly do and that's focus on Evolution Software.

Nine months later, on June 11, 1985, Jaden was born. Apparently, Cynthia felt something for Edward because she kept the pregnancy from him her entire term. It wasn't until Jaden was born did she inform Edward of the child. By this time, Evolution Software was already climbing the 'charts' in terms of computer programming and started to make some serious waves. Cynthia didn't ask for a dime. She only wanted Edward to know about his son. She sent pictures, a letter and an assurance that she would keep things quiet. Even from Jaden.

Jaden grew up in a fairly abnormal household. Raised by his mother and her neighbors, he never really had any sort of father figure. Nor did he ever really learn too much responsibility. His mother was blossoming into a fine, B-Movie level actress, which lent her to more late night cable television films than anything actually worthy of mention. All through middle and high school, though, he was the most popular of his male friends as they all seemed to be fans of the Bikini Hero, of which his mother was the buxom star of.

Jaden never really wanted to know about his father. He never had a reason to. He formed a tight bond with his mother to the point where she became his best friend. They spent many nights laughing it up watching her movies and poking fun at each other. All the while, Edward Cain's business was signing contracts all over the place. Their new software programs were revolutionizing the computer imagery and global positioning world, which meant big bucks for Mr. Cain. Contracts with the US Government, Sony, Primatech Paper and others were signed and the money started rolling in. He was on his way to being a software mogul and he loved every minute of it.

School life for Jaden wasn't nearly as fun as his home life. He never really found anything that he was good at. Nothing really seemed to grab him. He maintained a stellar C average and even some of those grades were because he worked his gift of gab on the teachers. It seemed that he was headed for mediocrity and he didn't really seem to mind. He breezed through high school the same way his mother breezed through her movies. One grade after another. He had no high hopes, no real purpose to graduate other than his mom saying he had to.

He did manage to graduate though and his mother was as proud as ever. So was Edward. Not that he was a known person at the graduation. He simply invited himself to the ceremony and watched his son walk across the stage. While Jaden went out to party with his friends, Edward and Candy talked. Edward wanted to use his money and influence to get Jaden into some Ivy League college. Candy didn't want that. They talked. They argued. They threw hissy fits. In the end, Candy walked away with that victory and Jaden could move on to his next destiny, unhindered by his father's interest in his life.


Community College. If there was ever someone that could excel at being in community college, it was Jaden Walters. He somehow found his calling at being something of a 'Welcome to College' guru for the school. It was unofficial, of course, but people (especially freshman) seemed to gravitate to him in terms dealing with people. He was a people person. Always had been. But there really never was anything more to it than that. Not really anyway. Not that he was aware of.

It wasn't until his 20th birthday party did he find out he was something more than just an everyday, normal slacker. A fight broke out between his mother and one of her useless boyfriends on the balcony. He couldn't get through the crowd in time and Bastard Boyfriend smacked Candy down with a drunken fury. She stumbled and went over the railing, but managed to grab on. The drunken fool was intent on getting rid of her though, but it wasn't her time to die. Jaden rushed to the railing, shoving the boyfriend out of the way and reached over to help pull her back up. The drunk boyfriend moved to attack him… but Jaden tackled him to the ground, while Jaden laid into his face with a series of right hands.

Wait. Three Jadens?

With the boyfriend out cold, Jaden helped Jaden drag his mother back up to the balcony. She was a bit too busy clinging to her son to realize that there were three of them on the balcony with her. As the Jadens helped the crowd to disperse, Candy confronted her three sons. Neither one of them could explain what happened and neither could Candy. Their bond was too strong for something like this to break, though and they grew even closer. Candy found herself hugging her Jaden as the other two faded away.

For the next two years, Jaden spent his days training and learning to control this special ability. Not for any other application than using it. Period. He certainly wasn't looking to become some sort of superhero or anything, but he wanted to explore every dynamic of this ability he could. He found that with concentration he could split off duplicates of himself and send them to places near and afar. Then, with even more concentration, absorb the memories of them into his own mind. It was like being two, three, seven places at once. How cool is that?

December 31, 2006. New Year's Eve. The night that everything changed for Jaden and his mother. Edward Cain was found in his apartment, dead, from some highly unnatural causes. Upon his death, his lawyers were instructed to find his son and deliver to him the contents of his safety deposit box. The most important thing in there being his will.

They found Jaden the next morning, sleeping on the floor next to his mother. Both were trashed and apparently on the verge of dual hangovers when the knocking on the door opened their eyes painfully. Jaden and Candy spent most of the meeting trying to sober up, while the lawyers spilled the good and bad news. The bad news was that Jaden's father, Edward Cain, was dead. The good news is that he had left his fortune and the company to Jaden: No Strings Attached.

So this is where everything stands now. Jaden is in the middle of stabilizing his special ability. He's also the sudden new CEO of the new Fortune 500 company, Evolution Software. The news has been broken that software mogul, Edward Cain, is dead and actually fathered an illegitimate child with a somewhat bad actress. Both mother and son have taken on the 'Cain' name, out of respect for the late Edward Cain and the fact that it sounds much cooler on TV.

One Year Later…

As far as anyone is concerned, Jaden Cain has done nothing but run Evolution Software for the time that is considered One Year Later. In all actuality, though, Jaden has been on a non-stop journey across the entire world… at the same time. Jaden's Evolved ability allowed him to be in more than one place at the same time, which also enabled him to take up many different facets of life that he never really had an interest in.

With some poking and prodding from an employee and friend, Jaden found himself studying everything from martial arts to foreign languages to marksmanship to piloting to cultural humanities and then some. It was like he was on a crash course to become something greater than the slacker that he had already proven himself to be. it was a grueling twelve months of hard work, that's for sure. But the many Jadens made it easier on the original, as he didn't do much of anything but engross himself in comic books and superhero movies. Not that he wasn't already an expert, for the record.

Upon returning to the dreaded city of New York, Jaden has taken it upon himself to do more than just make more and more money off the citizens of the world. He has found himself a purpose. A role. He has made a decision that he cannot go back on.

It's Time.

Back to the Future

Jaden Cain disappeared from the public eye for an extended period of time. His recent return to the city, once again taking the reins of EvoSoft from the Board of Directors has proven that he will always return back to his home in order to keep his company under his arm. His disappearance was finally revealed to be for legit reasons, as he was off filming the remake of Back to the Future.

He's so McFly.


Oh The Humanity…


Fresh off his return from trying to jump start his acting career, business mogul Jaden Cain is trying to get his life and his business back in order. With the nation having just fallen out of danger, allegedly, Jaden's biologically masculine clock is ticking like crazy. Thus, sending him on a Quest to find Mrs. Cain(s).

However, even with the alleged peace on the homefront, there may be one terror returning to flap in the night…



Nothing ever really seems to phase Jaden. This isn't to say he's emotionless or anything, but he just sort of has this constant aura of being calm and collected. He may be freaking out in his mind, but on the surface he'll be trying his hardest to remain in control of the situation. This usually leads to him losing control of situations and ending up freaking out anyway, but at least he's willing to put forth the effort to try and, at least, look like he's got everything under control. Which is the case sometimes.

He's a talker. That's what he does. He's not particularly suave or smooth or fast talky, so much as he's just good with words. He's charismatic, is what he is and he uses this to his advantage as much as possible. Beyond that, he comes from a generally laid back lifestyle. He comes standard with the usual slacker sensibilities: irresponsible, addicted to fun, unable to commit… that whole nine yards. He applies this to his life and tends to just take the days as they come.

He's very slow to anger. In fact, to the point where it seems like he's never really angry. He holds grudges though and will make sure to seek revenge on those that may hurt him or his mother. She's his best friend and he'll do anything for her. Everyone else is, in a sense, expendable. Not in a ruthless or heartless manner, though. It's just the way things are. He's not a malicious dude, but nor is he exactly in the running to become a great hero. He looks out for himself and his Mom and those are the best interests that he cares about the most.

He possess a sense of wit and sarcasm that's probably only rivaled by a man known as Peter Parker. So look out.


Jaden Cain has the ability to Replicate Others or create Dopplegangers. Jaden can psionically create physical constructs of anyone he can see or imagine. The subjects, however, must exist in 'real life', in order for him to be able to do this. The psionically created constructs are identical to the originals in every way, right down to the genetic code. This makes it nearly impossible to tell the Dopplegangers from the Originals. Once a Doppleganger is created, Jaden has a myriad of options to which he can choose from in regards to using this doppleganger to his own ends. Dopplegangers are created with an instantaneous telepathic and empathic link to Jaden, giving him complete control over the Doppleganger. Dopplegangers are also connected, genetically, to the Originals, which allows Jaden to have limited manipulation of the Originals to a certain degree.


"Anything You Can Do, I Can Make You Do Better."

Stunt Name Stunt Description Stunt Level
Control You Based in a classic voodoo concept Jaden can create a Doppleganger and control it psychically. This control over the Doppleganger creates a pariah effect around the Original thus allowing Jaden to puppeteer the Original via the Doppleganger. While the Original remains Self-Aware they are unable to control their own physical actions until Jaden relents control over their Doppleganger or the Doppleganger no longer exists. 2
Deja You The act of creating a Doppleganger for the purpose of reflecting against an Original subject. Done in the same vicinity as the Original, this Doppleganger will immediately mimic everything the Original Subject is doing, unless otherwise controlled by Jaden. 0
For Your Eyes Only Jaden can create Dopplegangers and use them to see through the eyes of the Original. By putting his spirit into the Doppleganger, he can see what they see. 0
Friends of Yours Through focus and concentration, Jaden can actually create multiple Dopplegangers. While he's only capable of entering his spirit into one of them at a time, he does have the mental capacity to control all of them telepathically. 1
Hurt You Sort of a contrived voodoo concept, Jaden can use a created Doppleganger to cause the Original to experience pain. Anything done to this particular style of Doppleganger, the Original will also experience the painful effects of. Wounds and injuries on the Doppleganger will also end up on the Original. 1
I Can Hear You Now Jaden can create Dopplegangers and use them to hear what they hear. By putting his spirit into the Doppleganger, he can listen in on whatever they are listening to. 0
In Your Head A crude form of mental suggestion, Jaden can create a Doppleganger and throw his spirit into it, long enough to "think" certain thoughts or "implant" thoughts into the Doppleganger's mind, which would also enter the mind of the Original. Jaden cannot make them do anything, specifically, but he can definitely make it seem like they should. 0
Inside You Upon creating a Doppleganger, Jaden has the option of throwing his 'spirit' into the Doppleganger construct. This gives him complete control over the Doppleganger, from the inside. This also allows him access to memories, thoughts, dreams and anything else that the Original may know up to the point of Doppleganger creation. While possessing the Doppleganger, Jaden's own body is inert. Also, once Jaden removes himself from the Dopplganger, he loses the connection to the Original's mind and may or may not remember what he's done as the Doppleganger. However, the Original will remember doing it. 1
Just Like You By imagining or seeing a particular subject, Jaden Cain can psionically create a physical construct of said particular subject, resulting in a Doppleganger. The Doppleganger is identical to the Original in every way, including genetic code, abilities and other features. 1
Love You Jaden can use a created Doppleganger to cause the Original to experience pleasure. Anything done to this particular style of Doppleganger, the Original will also experience the pleasurable effect of. Drugs, Alcohol and other 'feel good' products will also share the effects between Doppleganger and Original. 0
Made You Look The act of a Jaden Doppleganger playing the role of Jaden, unbeknownst to anyone until Epic Reveal. 2
Me You Him Her Jaden has the ability to create modified Dopplegangers. These can be of himself or others, but mainly just consists of cosmetic changes. Manipulation of eye or hair color or clothing. Minor alterations. 1
Me Jaden can create Dopplegangers of himself. With them being of the same genetic code as the Original, it could serve to be a new body for Jaden or just a standard Replicate. Either way, Jaden has complete control over the Doppleganger. 3
Not You Jaden can instantaneously create a Doppleganger in the heat of the moment in order to shield himself from physical harm. It appears for no longer than 30 seconds, before it dissipates back into the world's ether. Any damage taken to the Doppleganger is transferred to the Original. 0
Part of You Jaden can create Partial Dopplegangers, which allows him access to whichever body parts of the Doppleganger he would like to use. Psionically created, they are puppeteered by Jaden's mind. Using this could grant him access via retina scans or fingerprint identification. 1
You Animal Jaden has the ability to create Dopplegangers of animals. These animal Dopplegangers come with the same features as Humans. 0
You're No Good Unstable Doppleganger creation comes in the form of creating an "evil" Doppleganger of the Original subject. They tend to be the opposite in personality of the original, harder for Jaden to control and capable of their own thoughts. These Dopplegangers are usually identified by a pointed goatee (on males) or scandalous cleavage (on females). -1
You're On Your Own Jaden has the ability to create Dopplegangers that stand alone, by severing the initial telepathic link between himself and the Doppleganger. These Dopplegangers will exist, think and believe they are the Original for as long as they are in existence. Jaden can, however, retrieve control of them at any point. 1
Your Choice Jaden can create a collection of Dopplegangers of any particular, or multiple, subjects with the intent of hiding the Original within the Doppleganger swarm. 0
Your Funeral Being psychic constructs of Jaden's mind, he's capable of creating Dopplegangers that are not fully physical. Existing in an intangible, but visible form, they are incapable of any physical feats, lack the genetic connection to the Original and cannot play host to Jaden's spirit. They do, however, still fall prey to Jaden's telepathic control. 0
Your Toys Jaden can create Dopplegangers of Inanimate Objects. Much like Dopplegangers of Sentient Beings, he is capable creating a perfect replica, all the way down to the material that it is made out of. He is unable to move his spirit into inanimate Dopplegangers, but he can still manipulate them with his mind. 2


Jaden Cain has a lot of people that surround him. They've been categorized into different sections via this guy's crazy mind. Some people have even managed to make it into two groups, which means that Jaden must really care about them. Anyway, this is just a list of all those wonderful people that Jaden loves to spend time with. Or is forced to spend time with. Oh, these are just people, dammit! Read on!


This is Candy Cain, Jaden's Mother and BFF. They are inseperable, to say the least. They enjoy the same things, same lifestyle and both are still new to this whole being richer than everyone else thing. Still, though, they are grounded enough to not showboat. They're much rather squander their funds on fun times and parties. Recently, though, Candy's business-mind kicked in and the creation of Candyland Studios was brought to the forefront. Over the past year, Candyland Studios has blossomed from a local production studio into an up and coming powerhouse. Go Mom!

Note: Candy Cain is open for Application. Please contact Jaden on game to audition for this CRUCIAL role. Also, she dorked Christian Bale. ICly. Awesome Canonical History Fact! Had two previous incarnations, one Evolved and one Not.


This is Crazy Uncle Charlie, Jaden's (obviously) crazy uncle. He's about the closest family that the Cains have, being Cynthia's brother and all. He's a freeloading, out of work, but talented comedian that happens to be related to one of the richest families ever created on the face of the planet. Jaden and Uncle Charlie get along, very well, as they both share the same sentiment about a hard day's work: Don't Do It.

Note: Much like his sister, Uncle Charlie is definitely open for application. It would be fun to see the whole Cain family running around the grid. Optional Evolved status.


Abraham Cain is the father of Jaden's deceased father, Edward. For years Jaden didn't even know of his grandfather's existence, mostly due to tampering from the evil dictators that tried to steal the company from him. However, when Jaden approached the accounting department about an account he never knew existed, he found that it was money paying for Abe Cain's living arrangements. Jaden yanked him out of the retirement home and put him in his own place. He's now one insane, old school bachelor that provides the Cain family with dangerous ideas and long ass stories. Rumor has it he used to be an inventor.

Note: As with the rest of the Cain Clan, Grandpa Abe is also up for application! Obviously, his personality is basically Doc. With whatever twists and turns the potential apper may want to make. Bam!


  • "I'd ask if you've ever played but you look more like you graduated from the Paris Hilton School of Prada than XBOX University."
  • "Ahem. Now let me think; I think boy right here needs a shrink; Cuz the last time I checked, real rappers didn't wear pink; This dude stinks; No seriously, come and smell him; The last time he took a bath, was graduation from grade seven; Look at his face. It's all: You said you wouldn't tell 'em!; But that was before, I clicked ignore on what he's tryin' cellin'; Don't get it twisted, I love this guy's outfit; It's everything I ever wanted… to wipe my ass with; That was a little drastic; Perhaps a little harsh; I'm just surprised that he can move, the way his draws are starched; I'm gettin' a little parched; I might just grab a soda; Never talented will you be… yes, I'm the hip-hop Yoda; I'm not just rollin' ova'; Because you learned some slang; Everything you 'bout to say, I heard on Pootie Tang; So here's ya' mic back, I just hope it works; They already heard the best, so come give me your worst."
  • "Okay, Cutie. Your Mission, should you choose to accept it, is to be in utter awe and amazement of what you're about to see. If you do not at least attempt to squeal with girlish delight, the iMF agency will disavow all knowledge of your actions and you will forfeit the match."
  • "Your Highness. I humbly present to thee, the greatest tool in the land. May it protect you and never drop calls."
  • "I didn't answer the question because it's a no brainer! You see, while the Avengers as some amazing friends and some irredeemable insects…. there is one crucial factor that you are failing to interject into his question." Pause. "… The Goddamn Batman."
  • "The trick is, while Tony may be cooler and less of a gloomy gus, the fact of the matter is that Batman cheats. So, everything that the Avengers even tries to throw at the Dark Knight is gettin' straight swatted son! Swatted!!"
  • "Talking leads to Kissing. Kissing leads to My Place. My Place leads to the Dark Side."
  • "Heya' Hallis? It's 1 AM and you're still wearing clothes. Slow night?"
  • "Hey! No getting smart on me! I hired you for your body, not your brains!"
  • "I can totally get her a job! I know like more people than Kim Kardashian has ass!"
  • "Plus, when Janet sees my chest during make up sex, she's totally going to think you have the major hots for me and that'll cause all sorts of trouble that we don't need, right? Right. So, despite your hidden desire to see my epic chest of greatness, I'm afraid I'm going to have to pass! Out of respect for your sister!"
  • "Oh! Well, if the woman of my dreams doesn't want this EPIC and EXPENSIVE SUPERMAN ICE CREAM CAKE then I guess I'll just have to take it up, up and away!"
  • "So, here's what's going to happen, Young Lady. You're grounded. For two whole weeks you can only go out with Yours Truly. Oh and Parker. But that's it! No boys!"
  • "Tangerine! Yes! I'm here, of course! My girl is shot! That's bad! I'm here to make it better! Tangerine is totally a common flavor… when you're Jaden Cain! I know you too well to not bring Tangerine! Can I spend the extra points on hospital bed sex?! I cannot believe you got shot! Do you know who did it?! I will kick their ass! Do I get sextra points for kicking their ass?!"
  • "This is my traveling stash. I call it: Optimus High."
  • "All that work and you're wearing pants. LAME!"
  • "The only unsuspecting female patient I want is you, Janet."
  • "Oh, that would be totally awesome. A sequel to one of the greatest stories of all time! The City Mouse, The Country Mouse and the Church Mouse. Haha! I smell a new cartoon!"
  • "Careful. You can't be breakin' stuff. I gotta' use this body."
  • "Um. Duh? Hottie Girlfriend having to ask her Boyfriend if she can come in? Hrm. Fail. Something's going to have to be done about that.
  • "Sounds like you guys need your own reality show. I mean, on Raising Cain, we always end up having to have a mediator come in and facilitate the conversation when we disagree. Sure, it's not the same issue as I have with my Mom and her need to go Braless every day, but I feel where you're comin' from. Sometimes, I just wanna' strangle her!"
  • "They can try if they want. But I will straight Gandalf these fools."
  • "This message will not self-destruct, but it will make a very annoying buzzing sound if you do not turn it off and begin your mission in ten seconds."



  • Jaden Cain's physical and edible weakness are Scooby Snax
  • Jaden and Candy are BFFs. This bond cannot be broken.
  • Jaden's cartoon obsession both hinders and assists with all aspects of his life.
  • Jaden's religion is Kryptonian. "In Zod We Trust."
  • Ripley's Believe It or Not says: "Jaden Cain has one true ability, beyond his evolved power. He can literally look at a female and guess their exact measurements, without fail."
  • Jaden Cain's vice of depression is Yoohoo Chocolate Milk.
  • Jaden now has a Naked Mole Rat for a pet. He keeps it with him at all times. In his pocket. His name is Rufus.
  • Jaden is the leader singer and guitarist for Jaden & The Chipmunks, a nationaliy known cover band modeled after the classic cartoon characters.
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