2007-07-13: Jaden Begins


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Summary: Jaden and Gene play Let's Make A Deal and the results are, well, super.

Date It Happened: July 13, 2007

Jaden Begins

EvoSoft Research & Development

The lab is dark, but that is a common thing for Gene. Lighting up the whole place makes it burn up ten times the money and Gene prefers to penny pinch on the 'unimportant' things like lighting and having nice digs. This lets him have more money for his interest, his job, and his passion… Which are all the same thing: Creating the impossible.

While it is the work day, Gene is actually not building. While Gene has projects to do, he isn't working to get them ahead of schedule. While there is money to be made, he isn't plotting and planning. Right now, he's just in his chair at his desk. In the comfy computer chair, he sits with his elbows on the rests and his fingers clasped together. Rain failing in the darkness can be seen and heard on his computer as a screen saver, occasional lightning going off at various times. Red eyes and deathly quiet, it seems like Gene's thinking… and has been for sometime.


Oh god. That would be Jaden Cain, Big Boss of Jawsome, entering the lab with his All Access Pass of Sliding through Card Slotness. As he tucks the keycard away, he makes his way through the lab (without touching anything for once) and over to wherever it is the great mind (that doesn't think alike) is seated. He's got a big ol' smile on his face like he's been waiting for this day for like… a thousand and one million hours. Or a trillion parsecs. Whichever is longer.

"Dude. Gene." Jaden gets close and waves a hand in front of his face. "You dead, man?"

There is a second of silence as the hand is waved in his face before Gene blinks and glances up toward Cain. "Jaden." Putting his hands down at his side, the older teen hrms as he glances up. "…Just thinking about current events, that's all. Been one of those weeks. Lights, all on!" With that, the lights turn on. Getting up with a faint grimace, Gene looks over toward Jaden. "So, what begins you down here? Take it this is about the S.W.I.F.T., or something else?"

"Dude. You're totally like George Jetson. Can you like… voice activate my house? Because that would be so sweet. And make the ladies crawl all over me like Linkin Park." Jaden's already switching gears, spinning himself around and dropping down to sit on the table or desk or whatever this damn thing is that can hold his weight. "Yeah. You got it, dude! Definitely here to pick up the SWIFT. I figure you've got it all amp'd up and ready to go." He pauses a bit in the midst of looking around the lab to see if he can catch sight of it. "… Right?"

"Not yet. Unexpected complications came up… It'll be done within the week, I promise." Gene's calm is more than usual, almost a whispered monotone. Gene looks toward the covered trike, which is how Gene left it a couple of days ago. "There will be a smoke canster launcher and a crossbolt launcher, but considering I'm not a master of biochem, you'll have to find someone if you want 'sleep darts' and all that. As for the house… I guess I can when I have the time," Gene offers with a weak smile. "So, when I get this bike made… What do you plan to do with it?"

"Aw man." Snapping his fingers, Jaden just frowns but there's no -real- rush. There's just, y'know, stuff that he wants to do with it. That he's being asked about. "Uh, nothing much. Just cruise around the city sometimes. Y'know… make a spectacle of myself. It's the Cain Way, according to the news and all that, right?" Which is pretty much the truth, if you really want to get down to it. "I don't like driving what the world drives. I'm different."

Blue eyes look down at the ground, though the shadow of a smile plays on his features. Figures. The playboy is goofing around, even in times like this. Gene figures Jaden is planning on doing something stupid with the bike, like crime fighting in a goofy manner… Of course, the man with too much money doesn't know what has happened with Elena or that her father has lost an eye. Should Gene tell Jaden the truth? Gene figures it's not really his place what he should and shouldn't, but he will finally decide to go to Spain with Jaden… If nothing else, to watch over Elena in her time of need and make sure the other two stay out of trouble. Gene knows he's no bodyguard, but a watchful eye and a quick mind is better than nothing at all.

Swallowing as he makes up his mind, Gene looks up to Jaden. "I've decided that if you want the S.W.I.F.T., you need to train in something. Either firearms or close range fighting of some sort. Take your pick, but you WILL be doing one of them. That's my deal. You want my stuff, you need to improve yourself. Push yourself. That sound good?"

"… What."

Jaden Cain narrows his eyes. "Dude. I'm like your boss. Don't I get to just like order you around or something? How come there's deal making? This is not how it happens in the movies. In the movies, the rich dude tells the nerd what to make, the nerd makes it, the rich dude takes it and everybody's happy! Just look at Zack and Screech!" He pauses and realizes what he just said. "… Bad example." Hopping off the table, he crosses his arms over his chest and just frowns up a little bit. "I'm not the physical type, y'know. Do I look like I can benchpress more than a Scooby Snack?"

"You don't NEED to be strong to be an effective martial artist. There are some styles where it's all about redirecting a person's energy. Akido is a style that even old ladies can do. Besides, if you want to be like Batman, learning how to throw a good punch wouldn't hurt, right? Besides, if that isn't enough, girls like a guy that keeps fit. Heck, the girls have been noticing me more when I go out jogging and I'm… well, me." Gene knows that he really cannot force Jaden to go with the plan. But maybe with the use of logic and reason, he can try and motivate him to go ahead with the deal. Unlikely though, considering Gene is, well, Gene.

Jaden's hard pressed to try and find defenses to all of this. But somehow, his willpower stands out. "… Wait. What? Who said I wanted to be like Batman? Do I look like I'm trying to become a secret crimefighter that rides around on a cool bike and punches out villains on a nightly basis?" He starts to sweat a little bit, as if he's trying to figure out how he got into this position in the first place. "I mean, really. How could I, Mr. Jaden Cain, get away with that? I'm just a stupid kid that got lucky when his father died. I'm no superhero…"

Gene's response is simple. "But you could be. You have the power. You just haven't refined it." With that, Gene sighs and turns away. Maybe he put too much into Jaden for the time being. "Just forget about it… Maybe I was out of line there." With that, Gene moves over toward the bike. While Gene does show his spine when he feels it is really really important, this would not be one of those times.

Uncovering the S.W.I.F.T. once more, Gene begins to take work on the trike using the tools and parts that are already close by. He works fast, but then again, Gene is one of the best in what he does. "Just for the record, talk to Elena as SOON as you can. It's important."

Jaden frowns a little bit, not really wanting his secret to be out that fast. He's just a idiot kid that doesn't really need to be swinging from rooftops trying to bring justice back to the city that never sleeps. "I mean, don't get me wrong. I'd love to like Batman. He's all dark and mysterious. Being broody brings in a whole different breed of fine hunnays." He laughs and follows Gene over to the trike. "But I'm just a little too WILD AND CRAZAY to pull that off with a straight face, don't you think?" He pauses and hears the words Elena and Important. In the same sentence. This cannot be good. "Uh oh. What happened? Is she okay? Does she need a raise?"

"I don't want to talk about it… But she and a few people went through a tough time recently. She'll likely need some time off after the Spain trip," the young man states, figuring that if should be up to Elena herself to decide what to share. While his peers are free with their information, Gene is always the opposite. He never lies, never bluffs… But always uses his right to omit or be silent.

The inventor gets a small wielding device, beginning to fuse together wires as he hooks in a few electronic systems here and there. One of Gene's lifesaving GPS here, sound system there… "Straight face? Of course not. You'd be your own person doing your own thing. As I said, the martial arts was just something to think about. After all, being rich has it's downsides too. Sometimes people DO try and hold rich people for ransom, you know that right?" Gene seems to be exercising another right of his… to be the pessimist of the group.

"Yeah but…" And suddenly there's two Jadens. "Which one of us…" "… would they actually have?" Jaden has no problems showing off his abilities to Gene. As far as he remembers, he's already shown that he's able to be multiple Jadens to the world. Or at least Elena's friends. Who are starting to become his friends. Or something close to that. "Listen. I'm just saying…" And the second Jaden disappears without even a sound. "… violence doesn't solve anything."

The geek doesn't talk for awhile, the sound of melting metals and sizzling plastic filling the silence. He doesn't turn back to Jaden, but the duel voices is enough to prove their point. "I suppose so, Jaden… I guess catching you might be harder than your average pretty boy, huh?" The weak amusement fades swiftly enough in the quiet that Gene allows once more. Thankfully, it's only a second or two before he goes on.

"I wish the world didn't operate on violence… I really did. But it's just part of who we are as humans. When a person is a jerk, you like it when they get hit by someone else. Because you feel they deserve it. There is always someone feeling like someone deserves to be hit. Somewhere an ocean away, or even within this city, there's likely someone that wouldn't mind hitting us just because of who we are."
Pulling out a device, Gene tests out the currents in the stuff he just hooked up. All good. "People that live by the sword, die by the sword. But that's only true because evil people are stopped only when there is someone to stand up to then. I suppose… It's part of why I am where I am."

"… Someone to stand up to them." Jaden looks off to the side, getting more ideas to add to his already crazy mind. This is starting to come together. He really should push this The Knight project. Even more. He kind of starts to get closer to where Gene's doing his work, peering over his shoulder to see if he can figure out what's going on. "So. What if, hypothermically speaking, I /was/ to take you up on this martial arts stuff? How fast could I learn how to kick someone's ass?"

Gene shrugs, still not looking back as he works. Being a true intervert that horrible around people, it's easier for Gene to talk to people when he's not looking at them. He seems to be putting wires together of different colors, hooking the systems to the main electrical grid that is linked to the battery of the S.W.I.F.T.. Considering it's a SpecOps car, it's a hybrid. Not only does it mean a quieter engine at lower speeds, but it's Earthfriendly too! "I dunno, it depends on fast you learn and how much experience you've had in the past. Don't ask me, I can't throw a punch to save my life. I figured I'd do some training of my body first. After all, I've still being adjusting to this New York air and all that. Been bad enough to make me puke at times."

Jaden Cain's raising an eyebrow. "So wait. You want me to learn how to kick ass, but you're not going to teach me how? What, do you want me to send one of me off to overseas? Get thrown in prison and learn the hard way of how to survive with my hands and feet?" As he finishes asking his rhetorical question, he pauses and seems to think that may or may not be a good idea. "Actually…"

"I can't really teach you martial arts. Look at me, you really think I could punch someone?" Of course not. Shoot someone? Well, that's a tale for another time. Gene gives a faint smile as he continues to work. "But there are tons of people. Heck, with your money, you likely could get a world class trainer. Like Bruce Lee's son. Except, you know, not dead."

"Eh. Maybe. But they'd probably want to know why I need to know martial arts too. People are nosy." Jaden just sighs, not really sure if he should be doing this kind of thing. He shrugs and just goes about changing the subject. Since he's started to walk around the lab again. "Hey. You ever hear of… memory cloth? I think I read somewhere online about it…" Here he goes trying to press the nerd for some information.

"I could make you a glider that would be light and able to easily hold your wait and someone else's… But it wouldn't be memory cloth. I don't even know how I could make the stuff. As for why you are taking martial arts, just tell them you are doing it to be like Batman. You already dressed up like him before, so there's your excuse," Gene points out. He continues his work, figuring the next subject of conversation from here. "If you want a grappling system, I could make one that is connected to your belt, but it would weigh about ten pounds. That's the only way I can have it tow more than two hundred pounds and have a good line that won't run the risk of snapping on you."

Jaden smiles and frowns at the same time. "Alright. How did you know this was what I was trying to do with all this stuff?" Crossing his arms, he turns around to lean up against something that won't break for once and he tries to play it cool. Which is, well, kind of hard for him sometimes. "I mean. Is it that obvious? Do I have a Who Wants To Be A Superhero tattoo on my face or something?" He's actually starting to think this might not work. If the nerd dude figured him out in less than a week…

"The stuff that you want is painfully obvious in purpose. You don't ask for body armor if you're going stakeboarding. It's okay if you really want to do this stuff… Not like I didn't already save Elena's life a few days ago." There is an awkward pause as he realizes he accidently let that slip. "Sorta. Kinda. Ask her about it." With that, Gene gets to work on the S.W.I.F.T. some more, putting on panels and starting to get the touch screen installed with a protective cover on it for when the bike is parked out somewhere and turned off.

"Great. There goes the whole secret identity angle." Jaden sighs and plops himself down on the floor. Frowning up, he just can't help but to be throwing a small fit. He just can't ever do anything on his own. He's always got to have help. Batman doesn't need help. He's not Batman… yet. "You're not gonna' tell anybody, are you? I mean, you can totally be Alfred?"

"Hell no, I ain't nobody's butler. I'm like the cool guy that knows Batman's secret but doesn't tell anyone because he's awesome too. Like that Fox guy. Except instead of old and black and I'm young and white," Gene points out as he takes out a button that didn't press right again, getting some sandpaper to smooth down the edges a bit. "Besides, I'm expecting you to not tell people that I make terminators and super bikes in my past time, so I figure we're even now. But if you want to be a superhero, seriously, get some training. If you really do this for real, you'll thank me. And if you do it for fun, then you'll look nice and showy."

"Deal." Jaden says, heading over to try and offer Gene a handshake. "You make the toys, I'll train and together, we'll turn Gotha--" Pause. "--New York back into a city that the nation can be proud of." Smiling to himself, Jaden's finally about to be on his way to the big top. That package he sent to Viola a couple months ago will serve some purpose after all.

Gene takes the handshake. "Sounds good. If you see Elena before I do… Let her know I'm sorry about what happened to her father. I know she'll try to say otherwise, but I'm partially responsible for it." Gene, master of saying the wrong things. Thankfully, he changes the topic somewhat. "Who knows, maybe if we really buckle down, we'll be able to make a real difference." With that, Gene sighs as he turns toward the S.W.I.F.T., paling slightly. That nasty sick feeling and headache are both coming again, better get Jaden out. "Hey, if you want this thing soon, I'm gunna need some time alone… Nothing personal."

"Dude. Relax. I totally understand." Jaden says, taking a step back and holding out his arms. He folds them over I Dream of Jeannie style. "Until we meet again, Lucius." And with a head-nodding blink, Jaden disappears out of thin air. The whole damn time? It was Ditto. What the hell, man. What. The. Hell.

"What the… Damn," Gene offers with a weak smile. "A guy like that… With a power like that. Maybe he could be one of the most powerful of us ye-" The inventor doesn't finish his words, just collapsing over on the S.W.I.F.T. before he slides off to lands on his back unconscious. Despite being out for a couple of hours unexpectedly, the S.W.I.F.T. is finished in time. After all, Gene keeps his words and almost never breaks a deadline.

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