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Casting: Anton Yelchin
Date of Birth: ♊ June 1, 1989
Age: 22
Place of Birth: Culver City, CA
Occupation: Intern / College student
Registration Status: ☐ UN ☒ REG
Theme Song: "Title" by Artist
Hooks:NOW NetworkNightlife ✔ Entertainment ✔ College

Part of the crew of Nightlife, Jake Levenstein helps make the visuals pop. What does "pop" mean? He'd be happy to explain it to you… at great length.


Ever since he appeared in his first play back in grade school, Jake knew that performance art was his thing. While the parents just saw mediocre writing and acting and applauded politely, he understood that this was the first step toward the cool stuff on TV and in the movie theaters.

He planned to pursue an acting career, but not right away; he'd heard some stories about child actors having a rough time of it. As it turned out, he wouldn't have gotten much of anywhere anyway with his voice cracking the way it was. While he waited, he continued to study, and found that he had an aptitude for behind-the-scenes technical work— and, conversely, that he couldn't quite nail the patience and precise control required to be in front of the camera. An established star might get away with going maverick, but it just wasn't something you can start out doing.

Most recently, he's taking a semester away from USC for an internship at the NOW Network, doing special effects work for Nightlife. He thinks the whole vamps-and-wolves-and-drama thing is kind of getting overdone, but at the same time, that's become part of the challenge for him: to make it look better than all the others. Whether the actors act better is their problem, not his.


2011-08-27 — Your Other LeftBorrowed for Good Little Girls, he covers for Katie (sorta) when she stresses out between takes.
2011-08-26 — Take Me Home TonightVan is up front about his philandering. Jane may or may not take anything seriously.


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